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TURMEL: Doctor drops Exemptee Alf Crilly after Health Canada harrassment

Von: KingofthePaupers (johnturmel@yahoo.com) [Profil]
Datum: 14.05.2010 01:24
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--- In MedPot-discuss@yahoogroups.com, "alfcrilly" wrote:
Hi everyone so HC totally screwed me with their interference first
they dropped my dosage without consent now my doctor advises me to
find a new doctor he doesn't want to deal with the MMAD. I am in BC
does anyone know a doctor here accepting patients? I may have to go to
Ontario but closer would be better of course. thanks Alf

Jct: It doesn't say much for doctors' hypocratic oath. A doctor must
do his best for the patient except when he has to deal with the
Ministry of Health at which time he'll follow the Health Canada
pharmacist's diagnosis and prescription.

Here's what I want you to do. Prepare a letter to Health Canada
describing what happened and we'll make them tell us what you should
do. Maybe you'd like a list of doctors who precribe marijuana in your

When the letter is perfected demanding the things you'll need, then
you'll have the grounds for your judicial review of what they did to
you. It's a good fight. Derek's chomping at the bit wanting to go
after them for doing the same thing to him but his doctor lost his
cool while yours made his decision cooly.

So write the whole story with dates. 1. On Jan xx, this, 2. On Feb xx
that, then read it to someone so anything new that hits you can be
included. Keep adding until the story is pretty complete. Give me the
whole story so I can craft a demand that's going to make for a good
cause of action.

Honestly, Health Canada's disheartening doctors from participating in
the program  might be a ground for the MMAR to be found
unconstitutionally flawed. Sfetkopoulos knocked the cap on exemptess
per grower fouling the MMAR, Beren knocked the cap on growers per site
making the MMAR not work, and our case could knock them "making the
MMAR not work" by harrassing doctors over their prescriptions.

One interesting question would be whether the doctor had to explain
his prescription to another doctor or to a layman? Bet it wasn't
another doctor discussing your case.

This is so sleazy that it deserves to make the news as only going to
court can make the news. Get your stuff written and I'll steer you
through a judicial review that may get a declaration that their
"deterrence squad" made the MMAR unconstitutional too until they stop!
Har har har har.

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