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OBAMA: " 'No I can't' ", con't: (3rd Edition)

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Datum: 28.05.2010 09:02
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OBAMA: " 'No I can't' ", con't: (3rd Edition)
27 May 2010, 17:49 PST, 3rd Edition
DEA WATCH: http://www.deawatch.com

Earlier this day someone wrote: "Today Obama publicly admitted that, "We (his
Administration) waited too long to step up (to the plate)". This has been the story
of the Obama Administration since it began... and it is also the story
of every DEA office that Leonhart has managed."

As a white male I concede that part (but not all of the blame) for our two incapable
African-Americans' (Leonhart and Obama, both of whom are the first to serve in their
current positions) inability to perform their jobs to the needs
of the American people... is the fault of our white fathers...

We can hardly expect Leonhart and Obama to perform as if they were white (they are both
half-white) when as blacks they and their elders were never permitted to hold high, senior
jobs of responsibility. Leonhart defers,
procrastinates, hems and haws, and delays because she doesn't have an executive,
decision-making mentality... she has always been protected and shepherded by accomplished
white managers who did much of her work for her.

And like Leonhart, Obama defers, assigns, transfers and delegates because he, too, fears
taking charge and declaring, "Damn my critics, full speed ahead."

Blacks will never perform as competent executives until we whites -- and particularly, we
white men -- stop holding blacks back and allow them to serve, evolve and function in
responsible positions... Because if we continue to have a
society where anyone can become DEA Administrator or President of the United States, but
we also continue maintaining a society were blacks and women are over-protected (or
prevented) from thinking and acting like leaders, our agencies and
our country will be in trouble (just as they are right now) when unqualified people (due
to the historical imitations placed on their social evolution) are appointed or elected to
our highest offices.

For the two years I listened to Obama's campaign speeches I heard him repeat over and over
again: "Yes we can!". But since he has been president all I have heard him admit
-- and most humiliatingly this morning -- was, 'No I can't'.
To hear a president of the United States for the first time in our country's history state
that he cannot do something, or that our country cannot do something (to fix a problem)
was humiliating to watch and hear.

SOURCE: http://www.deawatch.com

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