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I had a dream last night...

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Datum: 17.05.2010 07:05
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I had a dream last night

Want to hear that dream?

I was drowning in a sea of liquor

And I washed up on a beach made of cocaine

The sky was made of LSD

And every tree was made of marijuana

But the cops pulled me over

But they did not arrest me

They sucked my dick

And when they were done draining every last drop of cum out of my

God came down from heaven,

He said to me, "Marilyn Manson, we will no longer spell the word
'God,' 'G-O-D'

And I said, "How do you want to spell it, God?"

And he said: "Give me a 'D!' Give me an 'R!' Give me a 'U!' Give me a
'G!' Give me an 'S!'

"And what does that spell?"


-- Marilyn Manson, "God is in the TV"

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