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TURMEL: Elisha McDermott POLCOA in Edmonton reports

Von: KingofthePaupers (johnturmel@yahoo.com) [Profil]
Datum: 19.05.2010 19:14
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JCT: More guerrilla lawyers from the Alberta Regiment
taking the field:

April 27
High there=) I have 2 attend court this friday. I left
the judge with the impresshion i was going 2 find a
new*lawyer... Probly shouldn't have done that..
But I was in need of some more intelligent words for
this friday as i was hopein 2 have this defence filed
already. This case is super old and i don't want 2
piss "theman" off by standing there with my hands in my
pockets. any ideas would be apreciated... red

commpacorders@... wrote:
You're not filed yet?? You have no cards if you haven't
filed. My advice as I told you months ago was to file.
You know Todd, ask him to help you file, not tell you
to plead guilty! Get filed Red!! What's the Problem?
Derek Francisco

=( LOl really, I was hoping for some new documents.. I
have the orignal doc here=) will go NOW and make this
shew fit=9
We are all not guilty =0) Seems i am handi cap here, i
was under the impression there was MORE to file.......
thanks for the shove in the rite direction. red

April 27 2010
High there all=)
Went down 2 court house twice! I had wicked EASY Time
filing the POLCOA motion! Ladies were MORE than happy
to help staple stamp and sign it! Candi also offered 2
look for alberta precident legalese. Finished POLCOA
was 50 pgs will be heard @10 on FRIDAY.
Almost pd 25 bucks to get it oath'd=( I didn't file the
"PASS"=0( i think along with my dr note I will have to
save that for later =0)
Made short work of another long dreary day in alberta.
Thanks a ton for the push in the rite directions, sorry
if i come off AS handi*capp, just not all here =0) ~red
ps if my brain wasn't attemping 2 escape i might find
that skype prOgram
I no i need 2 learn=0) not intentionaly trying 2 come
off as a complete slacker.

Thanks so much for all the help SO far =0) This motion
is flawless and perfectly laid out! Thanks for the hard
work and talent you spent on this =) super proud 2 have
this hott little number on my side it's kic ass! Well
dun All !
I was runing for a law office and i kind new all the
kool kids down at the courthouse had a OAth so i ALMost
told Mrs'$25 to bite me but i bitt my ginger lips and
said NOTANKS... =0) I have pd 4000 bucks and recived
heartache and woe, very leary of men in suits. I am
workin on skype, tommorow moring after the CROWns
office i will cave and install it=0) Gotta learn
something FAST! ~red

May 6 2010

High all =)
So as the story goes.. I showed up @ the court house at
2, which turned out GREAT because I was only 5 mins
late and the MEETING had almost begun without ME! I no
this should sound messed up but what unfolded was the
best hand-holding contest ever!
Dear madam Just'us was the SWWEETEST Ever, explain'd
"really slow" 4 times even how i need 2 give 14 days
"Superman"(fedreal~prosCuter) was MORE THAN HELPFUL
about how i now need 2 master aka:learn case and refine
MT position in this legal paperwork. I do not appear
like i have one foot in the grave therefore i'm not
"SIC", i honestly believe i'd have 2 be wheeled in
before the crown would accept anything less than
medical document! losing my "lawyer" was the best thing
i could have done, the entire tone of that room was
that of a WHOLE new world.
BUT i was definitely reassurred that Crown would STILL
take my "guilty" plea and even expunge it from my
record? I could hardly speak, i was crap and if it
wasn't for Roman weilding POL COA..
Yvon your speech is PRICELESS! The points R there =0)
Roman used it FOR REFERANCE! works AWESOME i feel so
sorry for the judge!
May 28 is the next hand holding contest where they make
sure this case is solid like they aready KNOW it is!
KudOZ Derek! Your help is wicked, this pass is THE BEST
GOLDEN TICKET EVER! Thanks John! without U i'd never
had even a clue. So there's "homework" and i will have
the opportunity to "worry about it all SUMMER" but i c
the lite at the end of a long dark tunnel...

JCT: It must feel good to find out that like the JP 2-
year period of invalidity caused by Parker / Hitzig rulings,
you're in the "Stupid Gimme" 6-year period of
invalidity caused by the Parker / Sfetkopoulos-Beren

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