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Someone left a Book of Mormon laying around so I opened it and began
browsing and one of the first chapters I came across was titled

Joseph Smith was a charlatan, and it is really hard not to notice the
whimsical names he gives to his characters.  The most obvious is the
angel Moron(i) who visits him in a dream and tells him the location of
the golden plates.

Wikipedia gives the following lineage of the person known as Ether as

Moron --> Coriantor --> Ether

Moron and Ether are obvious, and Coriantor is simply a variation on
the spice known as coriander.  The chemical ether's drug effects were
already well-known in the early 19th century,  and the concept of an
'aether' that filled space had been around for some time before that.

Being a former psychic, Smith knew how to play people, and I think he
was just seeing how far he could exploit people's gullibility, until
at some point he had acquired a cult following and simply took
advantage of it, sort of like an early Obama.

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