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** Tylenol No. 3 and Lenoltec No. 3 with CODEINE (30 mg), NO MINIMUM! ** $$$

Von: Friendlydog (friendlydog@cyber-rights.net) [Profil]
Datum: 24.05.2010 08:55
Message-ID: <f60abd5a-e3ac-40da-b43f-2756d6090845@11g2000prw.googlegroups.com>
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Hi everyone,

I have a limited supply of Tylenol No. 3 with Codeine (30mg) and
Lenoltec No. 3 with Codeine (30mg) that I do not need anymore.

They both contain the same ingredients, just different brands.

Please contact "friendlydog (at) cyber-rights (dot) net" if

There is NO MINIMUM AMOUNT that you need to order, feel free to ask
for 1 at a time. No samples.

Fast, discreet shipping and tracking number available.

Thank you

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