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TURMEL: Yvon Denis in two courts on marijuana charges

Von: KingofthePaupers (johnturmel@yahoo.com) [Profil]
Datum: 21.05.2010 04:39
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JCT: Yvon Denis was in Quebec Superior Court in Mont
Laurier on Friday May 14 2010 on his POLCOA to prohibit
his charges being raised in lower court on Monday May

As I had warned, Judge Martin Bedard pulled exactly the
same stunt that Judge O'Connor pulled on Gary Pallister
to duck the issue, refusing to hear it for lack of
notice of constitutional question even though Yvon told
him it was a 601, not constitutional!

So Yvon's going to file a Notice of Constitutional
Question pursuant to s.95 of the Quebec Rules on the
Federal and Provincial Attorneys-General that a hearing
with respect to NO Charter right will be heard and
they're only getting constitutional notice of no
constitutional question because Justice Bedard said to.

With that Notice of Constitutional Question, Yvon will
file a new "Return of Motion to Prohibit" for June
28th, the date the Crown had originally wanted
everything delayed to in the first place, or sooner.

So I changed the first line of the Notices of Motion in
our polcoa, beren and quash kits to:

"TAKE NOTICE THAT this non-constitutional application
will be heard.."

Now a judge has no excuse to say it's constitutional
and if he does, we can answer: "No, Your Honour, if you
take a closer look at line one..."

Regardless, Yvon is now back down below getting his
case put off pending the return of the motion to
prohibit above which hasn't been dismissed.

From: Yvon Denis <yvonjr@...>
Like your style John but let's take it to the next
level. Remove "motion to prohibit" and replace it with
"This is not a constitutional challenge and we are sick
of your ignorance" then we can ask the judge: Just
answer these questions.

JCT: No, we're looking for 1 smart judge, so we'll be

Where in law can I find that a law can be absent at
some time and not absent at other time. I know the
governor in council can do all she wants. all I am
asking for, is for you to tell the all world this
truth, stop being a hypocrite. >

JCT: Our beef is not with Governor in Council, it's
with the Ontario Court of Appeal judiciary.

So Yvon's report before Provincial Court Judge Valmont

Yvon Jr Denis: I had a good day in court. Told the
judge I was upset by their system. I told him about the
bull they were trying to pull on me in superior court.
He asked the crown what this was about. They sent
someone to get my superior court file. The judge read
the files. That is  when I was inspired and I let them
have it. Pulled out every punch that can be found in
our arguments. I honestly believe he wanted to drop the
charges but I told him I wanted my motion to be heard
before I would have my charge dropped at preliminary
inquiry. It ended with the judge looking at Crown
without one word, the crown looked at her papers,
lifted her head, the judge with eyes expression got her
to look down again, and she said 9 september. The Crown
confirmed my conviction that the superior court had not
dismissed my motion.

JCT: So Yvon's case has been put off to Sep 9 so he can
do his POLCOA prohibition coming up in June.

And the best part of it all is that in Quebec, the
court sells copies of the of the tape so you can listen
to your presentation. In Ontario, we have to bring our
own tape recorders.

Derek, make sure every guerrilla lawyer in Ontario has
an audio-recorder in their holster they don't even have
ask permission to use anymore.

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