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US in the drug sales biz

Von: M (amell.m.50@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 02.06.2010 20:46
Message-ID: <4b1c0ee6-fcb5-4821-90a2-736fdb46340f@y21g2000vba.googlegroups.com>
Newsgroup: alt.drugs
What? A real shocker, huh? The US government selling drugs! Unheard
Well I think most here will acknowledge that the US has long sold
illicit drugs on US streets, but now it appears we're in the
cultivation and marketing arm of the worldwide heroin trade for good.
Except that it'll remain illegal for years to come..
There are to many things leading me into this..
First look at the war in Afghanistan and the poppy fields everywhere
then note that the US has no intentions of eradicating those fields
any time soon if ever. The claim is for "hearts and minds", but if it
were our hearts and minds our hearts would be ripped right out and our
minds used to slave in prison industrial shit..
They tell us all those poppies are sold directly to the Taliban to
fund the war against US and NATO forces, but how stupid does one have
to be to see right through that?
If you were a farmer growing any crop and selling it to the enemy
don't you think the US Government or ANY government for that matter
would have your fields burned to the ground before you could utter
Jack Spit? Of course they would and anyone who thinks otherwise is
either naive or stupid in the extreme or both.
So where are all these drugs going? US and European streets of course
and why? To make damned sure there will always be plenty of fresh new
faces to house in our prison industrial complexes next year and the
year after that and the year after that. Industry needs live, warm
bodies to slave for 25 cents per hour otherwise those prison factories
would just dry up.
What better way to keep the coffin cots of prison full than to create
a whole new crop of new addicts every year?
It's not that tough to get inmates off the stuff even though it's
easier to get heroin in prison than out. Just put them in solitary for
a few weeks and you suddenly have a young, healthy, newly convicted
slave laborer, but to keep them slaving it would be just as easy to
slip enough heroin into the prisons to keep the slaves happy. Most
addicts if they KNEW there was plentiful dope inside prison walls in
exchange for working 15 hours days would likely be standing in line to
get arrested. We wouldn't need a police force anymore. Just put up
posters in any crappy area of town, "FREE DOPE AND JOBS!"
That's right.. Want a newer, better source to get high? Just go knock
off the nearest liquor store then stick around once the law arrives
and don't worry about the latest Miranda ruling and your right to
remain silent. Hell, just come right out and admit it.. "I DID IT! Now
give me my cell and needle copper...I know my rights!"
Why not just legalize it and tell anyone who wants a double duce a day
all the gotta do to join is to commit any crime, anywhere and wait for
law enforcement to show up and you're set.

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