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TURMEL: Half Debra Hughes' vaccinated kids didn't get autism (Dr. Andrew Wakefield)

Von: KingofthePaupers (johnturmel@yahoo.com) [Profil]
Datum: 03.06.2010 16:14
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Debra Hughes: The Spectator reported last February the study linking
autism to the MMR vaccine was flawed; that Dr. Andrew Wakefield
provided false elements in the study;
Jct: What kind of clap-trap is "provided false elements" supposed to
DH: that he callously disregarded the children used in the study;
JCT: Did he disregard their health? Their safety? No, he disregarded
the kids! Whatever that means again. I know it's possible for a
scientist to disregard the mice in his study, but to "callously
disregard" his mice is a tough allegation to back up.
DH: and, finally, that the Lancet, a top British medical journal,
retracted the report of his study as unethical.
JCT: And we all know how independent the medical journals are from the
DH: for not following clinical guidelines.
Jct: So they can't challenge the results so they challenge the
procedure, ambiguously so far. What guidelines.
DH: tens of thousands of British parents did not vaccinate their
children, and childhood diseases, until then, almost vanquished,
JCT: By 100%! Horror of horrors! Without providing a number to compare
to the tens of thousands who didn't get take the shots, even a 100%
resurgence need only be from 3 to 6 cases. Quite the resurge. So
again, the critique is baseless.
DH: Subsequent studies, the article said, found no proof connecting
autism to the vaccines... numerous studies confirming the doctors have
not found a connection between autism and any vaccine.
JCT: Same lame alibi used by every judge looking with his eyes closed
to "see no evidence." I'll trust one person who says he sees before
1000 who say they don't.
DH: I vaccinated my kids because I had the shots myself and do not
have autism. Both my daughters have had the vaccines and only one has
JCT: She's certainly proven the point that the vaccine didn't cause
autism in one of her daughters. Har har har har.
DH: I do not think the vaccine causes autism.
JCT:  Instead of seeing one autistic child as evidence of vaccine-
caused autism, she sees the other non-autistic child as evidence of
its safety. Maybe she's wrong about not having autism too.
DH:  Andrew Wakefield conducted the experiment at a child's birthday
party, after lawyers paid him to do it, paid the kids for their
JCT: Right,  the kids who gave blood for his "not-taking-the-vaccine"
control group had a party. Terrible methodology? That she'd use this
cheap smear in her case just validates that it's a cheap smear.
DH: He compiles a report based on this unscientific experiment,
JCT: Getting the control group blood at a party isn't unscientific, He
got lawyers to pay for a party is smart.
DH: maintains the belief the findings are valid, even losing his
licence at the cost of this belief.
JCT: Because those who cannot also see have taken away his telescope
doesn't mean  he has to change his opinion of what he saw. Sure, Debra
may not have that much scientific integrity and would change her
opinion if told to but she's no scientist and has no scientific
integrity to lose. He had to get his control group blood somewhere and
if choosing kids from a party wasn't scientific enough for Debra, I
have a real science degree and it's scientific enough for me to throw
a party for kids giving blood to an experiment.
DH: Don't believe everything you hear.
JCT: Don't believe everything you read.

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