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Effin' health problems

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Datum: 21.10.2006 08:47
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Why do drug addicts deserve health problems?

Their only sins are greed and envy.

F****g clean bastards in the world, like the corrupt dictators of
Africa, don't have health problems.  But they're responsible for the
genocide of half the people in their respective countries, and eat
their pristine food on silver plates, and drink the water their
countrymen don't have, in effin' golden chalices.

Now a f****g drug addict, who doesn't want to hurt anyone (except
maybe themselves), they have to get effin' diabetes, heart conditions,
kidney disorders, liver problems, brain damage... the list goes on,
and on, and on, and on.

I've already got half of those conditions (not 100% yet) but all of
these problems are creeping up on my drug-addled, alcohol-soaked body.

I just want to feel a little better than normal consciousness affords
me right now, and I have to f*****g pay for that with my life?


How can the owners of a major alcohol and tobacco company get off free
from this kind of immolation, while us (the drug addicts) are
generally well-meaning folks, albeit a bit more emotionally unstable?

F****g catch-22.  We should make these lobbyists and entrepeneurs pay
for sitting on top of an empire that kills a lot of good people daily,
just because they don't have the emotional stability to control
themselves, when faced with psychoactives.

Hell, lets say if drugs disappeared off the face of the earth.  And we
had to choose whether we want to keep the people who control the Death
companies like Tobacco and Alcohol, or the people who fall victim to
the Death trades...

I'd go with the people who fall victim and use the goods that the
Death companies sell.

Why?  Well these people may not respect themselves;  but they do tend
to respect the well-being of other people.  This is what matters most.

And the big whigs?  Just give me the effin' money, and the rest
doesn't matter.  Even if thousands of people die every day as a result
of addiction (hello Tobacco, hello Alcohol), just give us the money.
Bring in the money and make the countries who control these Death
trades rich.

And that means YOU... Donald Trump.  So you don't drink or smoke, that
makes you better than us?  F**k you.

How do you feel about the folks who can't control their gambling in
your casinos?

For you would not be a big whig without them.  You hypocrite.  I hope
you read this, and I hope this guilt stays with you, for the rest of
your life.

You help people go to Pawn shops to sell gold and jewelry, just so
they can keep their gambling habits alive.  I've been to Atlantic
City, I've seen those seedy places.  You bloody hypocrite.

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