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Coffee consumption?

Von: ermac77@abc.com [Profil]
Datum: 13.10.2006 12:31
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Newsgroup: alt.drugs.caffeine alt.drugs
What would be a problematic "degree" of coffee ingestion, as far as
one's physiological health is concerned?

Right now I'd put daily consumption at 4 cups, although I'm using it
for the stimulant effect (as opposed to just morning wake-up) so that
means consumed within a 3 hour time frame, so I can get a decent buzz.

I make the coffee strong, so between the 4 cups I'd estimate 500mg of
caffeine, possibly even 600mg, depending on the brand of coffee.

Although this should be taken into account:

I've had up to and beyond 500mg of caffeine every day for years on
end.  My tolerance is so high, I can't really get the desired effects
without going to the 500mg plateau, within a few hours time.

Recently, I have gotten some strange, undesirable effects from this
level of consumption, although it should be noted that I screwed
myself up on amphetamines 2 years ago, and have had strange effects
from *ALL* psychoactives, ever since then.

I would think that, even though I'm a recovering amphetamine addict
(that's a MASSIVE burden on your cardio, as we all know), my heart can
handle 500mg of caffeine.  I'm not even using the synthetic kind
anymore, I'm just drinking the coffee as a catalyst for creative
endeavors (Voltaire used to drink 50 cups a day)...

I just have a tough time believing that 4-5 cups of coffee, slowly
ingested over 3 hours, could be damaging my health.

Hell, if some people can smoke and drink coffee, at the same time, all
day every day, I would think my heart could handle this.

What do you guys think?

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