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Speed damage?

Von: ermac77@abc.com [Profil]
Datum: 17.10.2006 08:21
Message-ID: <6ts8j2198cnbcqaa6r69k14573gbjnqtmh@4ax.com>
Newsgroup: alt.drugs.caffeine alt.drugs
Been nearly a couple years since my last hit of speed (at which point
there were zero euphoric effects, and 100% psychosis, and other
horrifying effects) and was hoping the strange cardiovascular symptoms
would go away in that time.

I still, however, have chest pressure and chest pain and radial pain
in that whole area quite often.  I also have pressure in the head,
numbness in the jaw, palpitations, etc.

I get these symptoms without caffeine, but most noticeably when I use

My question is, would there be any medical test you could get to
determine whether or not you have a damaged cardio?

What is the likelihood of damaging your cardio with amphetamines, at
the age of 22 and 23?  I didn't even use that much, it's just that it
seemed I was extremely sensitive to their effects.

I'm 25 now, been clean almost 2 years.  These cardio symptoms have not
gone ANYWHERE, and I'm really starting to get pissed off and fed up
and confused about the state of my health, and my life, as a result.

I'm a stubborn bastard and I have been using caffeine and other
stimulants (had the brutal amp addiction as we all know) for years, to
self-medicate an attention deficit problem.

I have SUCH incredible difficulty with believing that caffeine is
causing cardio distress with me, and yet it seems that it is.

What can I do?  I do not want to give up stimulants.  I f****g need
'em, to begin with.  Life goes too fast for me without stimulants, and
I can't keep up.

What can I do to find out whether or not I have heart problems?


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