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Coffee in Vietnam

Von: Frito Pendejo (frito@pendejo.com) [Profil]
Datum: 20.02.2010 08:07
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I was in Vietnam a few months ago and while the people are very nice and
try very hard to please Americans, they seem to have a problem with coffee.

I actually prefer tea to coffee, but for some reason this Asian nation
is lacking in tea.  Coffee shops are almost non-existent outside the
tourist zones, and what coffee can be found is a variety known as
Robusta, which is extremely strong and bitter.

Vietnamese don't seem to drink coffee themselves, since it is an
expensive luxury, so they don't realize that Americans are addicted to
the substance, so their coffee service is a bit off.

For example, there is a coffee shop next to a popular travel agency,
where hundreds of drowsy Americans board buses at 6:30 in the morning,
so naturally 8:00 is a good time for the coffee shop to open.

Vietnamese also don't understand that Americans like to sip their coffee
slowly, which means keeping it hot for an hour or more.  So they serve
the coffee in PLASTIC cups without lids, which are too hot to handle at
first and the contents that don't splash all over the place quickly grow

That's about it.  I'm not trying to offend Vietnamese people, just
providing some feedback, since they seem so intent on making visitors as
happy as possible.  To be perfectly honest, I would have been much
happier with a good cup of coffee or tea than the thousand offers of

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