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Pain Clinic Doctor Arrested!!!B. H. Luts08.06.10
Pain Meds without the "extras"me@here.com08.06.10
Liberals are the spawn of Vietnam era draft-dod...Coward = Liberal08.06.10
Valium & WDme@here.com08.06.10
18 years of meth useAssembler07.06.10
WD & Eulogyme@here.com07.06.10
Is this true or falseme@here.com07.06.10
The revolution continues. Your participation is...David07.06.10
The revolution continues. Your participation is...David07.06.10
Akron police investigate black teen mob, 50 bla...Peter Principle06.06.10
Miley Cyrus & Wanda Sykes (REDUX)Flint06.06.10
Valiuim and Xanaxme@here.com04.06.10
Federal agents arrest dope dealing doc!!B. H. Luts02.06.10
More than 100 busted in rx drug slapdown!!!!!B. H. Luts02.06.10
Watson ValiumShatteredSoldier02.06.10
The very best song to listen to when smoking cr...Dr de Bauche01.06.10
Unexpected Goodness of and by 777 (not a joke)birdhaldol31.05.10
OT MRI versus X-ray, for drugsme@here.com31.05.10
Anyone here that used to be on a.d.h. 10 years...Mesila 33331.05.10
nj coppingjared mercer29.05.10
80mg Oxycontin and 10mg Lortabs for sale!james keen28.05.10
Opi w/ds GREATLY mitigated by Gamma-hydroxybutrateDoctorRon27.05.10
When The Wrong Type of People Show up at Your D...James E26.05.10
A good daylucky26.05.10
** Tylenol No. 3 and Lenoltec No. 3 with CODEIN...Friendlydog25.05.10
80mg Oyxontin for sellKavin Sky25.05.10
OT Valium and Xanax for muscle spasmsme@here.com24.05.10
Buying 1,4bDr. Ron23.05.10
Defeating OROSDr. Ron23.05.10
Why?Pete Zah23.05.10
LIVE: Stop ELITE Pedophile Clan in Lithuania an...Drasius Gyvas22.05.10
IS IT POSSIBLE...? (testing)Doomed Soul22.05.10
strictly 4 my ADH niggahzjared mercer22.05.10
OT, another MRI questionme@here.com21.05.10
OT-Detroit cops kill 7 year old childAlchemist21.05.10
LIVE: Stop ELITE Pedophile Clan in Lithuania an...Benediktas G.20.05.10
Got some Hydrocodones for sell.skyfire20.05.10
Getting an MRI requires drug use!me@here.com19.05.10
OT--Roky Erickson is at the Fillmore this Thurs...Sparrow 1319.05.10
Opiate withdrawl restless leg syndroneme@here.com18.05.10
Doug Waring (aka Doug Malcolm) in Chicago/Don't...Chuck18.05.10
Bupe PAWS do NOT LET UP!xeno18.05.10
Ani't this some shit?Alchemist17.05.10
FS: read insideJohn Smith16.05.10
trolls make their sadass appearance AGAIN...kontac15.05.10
Duck-Taped Kitten/Lizard Demoral Addict Problem...Hymn14.05.10
Reliable IOP with OXY's, Adderall, and other ha...ShatteredSoldier12.05.10
Reliable IOP with OXY's, Adderall, and other ha...ShatteredSoldier12.05.10
OSOLUTION4U@GMAIL.COM SCAMMERS ! ! !me@here.com12.05.10
Nice PDF on test-nuking effects of chronic opia...TX-01212.05.10