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American Patriot Answers the Call to Jihad - Christ Wars Bushite Enemies for the Love of our Living God

Von: Johnny America (noemail987@hotmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 07.12.2006 22:55
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Christ Wars Bushite Enemies for the Love of our Living God


/ / This is clearly the greatest, most powerful audio
recording of all time. "That's what Law is". Strange eh? \ \


Strange Weak


/ / It was great. That was a God moment, and the
corporations don't want you to see God moments like that.
Because it truly illustrated how much THEY pay..  \ \


US troops teach Iraqi civilians how justice 'works'

Nature of Good and Evil



Heaven is a Place on Earth
- or -
I Guess I'll See YOU in Hell

/ / "It appears that the torturing [OR RAPING] of Iraq's
children is now a part of the Bush cabal's "policy" of
"bringing democracy, liberation and freedom" to the Iraqi
people.  This goes way past just simply outrageous.  [And
directly what is officially known as Satanic.  Again, a
godless dumfuk bushite terrorist is Your Life's ENEMY.
Help a People Person by killing a 'lawless' bushite
terrorist, for a loving living Just God in a left as
dead, forsaken Christ. Love God, kill a bushite. Thanx.] \ \

Again, I can only BEG Americans to hunt the zionist media
elites down in America who ACTUALLY publicly support such
cruelty against God and Humanity, and destroy them with a
joy  as  true  love for Life in your Heart exists, if you
believe.   Ungodly  bushite terrorists are truly EVIL, as
un-American  demonic  liars  for  G.W., plain and simple.
See,  in  Winnipeg,  the pro-bush, pro-wars, pro-bombing,
pro-torturing zionist CJOB radio station, tells US as the
silenced  majority, Hero Hugo is our enemy instead, while
LITERALLY  thieving millions from the poorest kids in our
city  with  their lottery heists.  We pay with our STOLEN
lives, while they party as satanic LIAR bushites, zionist
blood-soaked  holocaust  denying  Christian  killers like
it's  1099.  Again, I BEG YOU, yes..  YOU to phone up the
REAL  criminals  and  ask  if  WE  can  now  openly  talk
FACTUALLY  about  their  personal  contempt for our dying
teen  soldiers,  made too weak as stupid to know any life
better than dying for nothing but their hatred for wisdom
as  freedom  is  Godly.   Again,  they make no attempt to
defend   our   suffering   community   by  allowing  open
communications.    They   run   continuous  'for  profit'
commercials  during  the  weekends!   It's a 'talk radio'
station,  that  takes  next  to  zero  in open line phone
calls,  but  for  their  five  or six routinely repeating
anti-Jew  zionist  falsehooders, that apparently, make up
the  1.5  million  or  so  -  hard  of  hearing dead line
listeners in Manitoba.  Be a friend, if not a blind enemy
to everything.



[see, "Stand Together, or Don't" to understand how they
at CJOB criminally practice to PURPOSEFULLY deceive our
victimized innocent selves.]


A Just Cause

law of the land - we rule

king of the jews

A Just cause can be achieved where it is practiced.  Join
me  in  joining others to this masquerade of wonders, and
then  let's  get  the  work that needs to be done to make
ourselves  better.   We  need  a  coast  to  coast  radio
broadcast  where we can talk directly on what needs to be
done  to end the stupid man wars, and also, assist in the
direction  of making the arrests of those responsible for
the  terrorist  crime  cover ups of 911, and other things
outstanding.  Just do it.



I'm Awake

The  ONE and only God of Creation's Son, BEGS the PEOPLES
of  Earth  to  assist our Humanity in hunting to kill the
'lawless'  bushite  terrorists  for  the  love of a dying
America.  These demons of the Air Force for example, have
repeatedly  slaughtered  INNOCENT  women  and children in
Afghanistan  and  Iraq,  captured  on film while cheering
from  their  safe  havens  in the sky.  THEY MUST DIE for
their  crimes  like those proud and strong infant killers
of  Haditha.  The psychotic child rapists like Lieutenant
Boudrou,  who  haven't  even  been  arrested,  let  alone
executed  by  ANY  real soldier, must be hunted for death
religiously.  The UNARRESTED British soldiers who proudly
filmed  beating to death young barefoot children, must be
immediately  executed,  and  ANYONE,  ANYWHERE who voices
their  escape  for  such  demon  behavior.  Anyone in the
bushite  forces  who doesn't support such executions, and
the  return  of  ALL  stolen  assets of our beloved Iraq,
shall  die  by the hands of the American man, I shall see
to it.  To, with love, kill a thieving bushite terrorist,
is  to  defend  the  innocent  they  target for murder as
disciples of the very real antichrist responsible for the
treasons of 911.

/ / Now, we know, for example, that, over the past three
weeks, coalition and Iraqi forces have conducted 58
targeted raids at death squads.  As a result, they have
detained eight death squad leaders and more than 180
members.  Yet, John, the killings continue.  \ \

See how these demons LIE to America?  Do Marines gun down
any  and all Aegis employees who run death squads against
helpless  children  on  Baghdad  streets?   Do  they KILL
thoses  caught  red  handed  trying  to  kill  Marines as
zionist  nazi  pigs?  [NO THEY BREAK THEM OUT OF PRISON!]
Do they kill anyone responsible for US witnessing on film
them  bombing  OUR  women  and  children walking out of a
mosque  while  grunt  cheering?   Again,  these  soldiers
choose  to commit these crimes against creation to assist
in  G.W.'s escape for mass murder on 911 back in New York
City.  Traitors to all.  Anyone in the air force is worth
killing  without  doubt.   They  do nothing but CHOOSE to
indiscriminately  murder  members  of  our  families with
radioactive  toxic waste that will murder US for millions
of  years.   See the bushite, YOU kill it for the love of
our GOD held in contempt by corporate media control.

Death  to  the bushite, death to our enemies so GOD says.
We,  the  gods  of  Creation, kill bushite for breakfast.
Glory  to the highest order.  I am Death to bushite who I
hunt for Humanity's pleasure, and I would recomend you do
the  same  to defend your innocent family.  Praise Christ
you  dumfuks,  and  join  me  in  gloriously  killing the
zionist nazi vermins.


How Far Will An Iraqi Kid Run For Water?

What a JOY to GOD it is when you kill such bushite hatred
for our species.  Again, I BEG, hunt to kill a bushite
today for the LOVE of a GOD held in complete contempt by
corporate mind control.  A good bushite, is a dead
bushite, halted from victimizing our innocent selves.



/ / They were confronted by about 100 settlers in small
groups, who started chanting in Hebrew "We killed Jesus,
we'll kill you too!", a refrain the settlers had been
repeating to internationals in Tel Rumeida all day.  \ \

Who  Killed  who?   Stupid,  nazi  atheist criminals, who
believe  the  Messiah's rising from ashes for the Peoples
of Israel, is just a tall tale to frighten US masses into
slavery  for  the zionist holocaust never minders.  (More
like  US  masses  into  gloriously  hunting the murderous
ungodly  thieving  bushite  down  to  death for being the
sworn enemy to the Son and the Father.  The enemies of US
innocent, the enemies of Man.)


/ / President Authorized Abu Ghraib Torture, FBI Email
Says - The NewStandard \ \

/ / CIA acknowledges Bush signed secret directive on
interrogating terror suspect - Americas - International
Herald Tribune \ \


But  a, the demon antichrist said to do so, would destroy
America's Soul.  But, Christ asks again, who really gives
a  fuck  for God in America?  Which "American" tries even
to phone CJOB, or the pro-bush Coast to Coast radio hosts
to   demand   free   time  communications  for  our  just
betterments?  Which is a man of men in the cowardly dying
bushville of freedom hating war mongers?

/ / Supreme Court refuses to halt transfer of [INNOCENT]
US citizen facing [lawless bushite] death penalty [to
'cover up' their demonic crimes against Life]\ \

/ / Dramatic video of British soldiers on the front line
shot by the [godless as demonic bushite] troops

WARNING:  The footage shot by British soldiers in
Afghanistan is graphic and the soundtrack includes strong
language that is unsuitable for minors \ \

See, bushite enemies will murder anyone innocent for a
stolen nickel.

/ / there is growing evidence that the IDF leadership,
including the chief of staff's office, authorized the
firing of cluster munitions against the areas in southern
Lebanon struck by these weapons.

A commander of a Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS)
battery said they had fired many rockets against targets
north of the Litani river, and that those targets had
been described as "General Staff targets." \ \

Yah, but..  It's the General Staff that have decided they
alone  will  find  out  who  okayed the CONTINUING crimes
against GOD, privately, behind closed doors.



A Demon Enemy of Mankind Spews it's Poison

"We are very much impressed and encouraged by the
stability which the great operation of America in Iraq
brought to the Middle East," Olmert said as he sat next
to Bush in the Oval Office.

See?, the zionist's hope is to create permanent war until
it  owns all as victim to slavery through censorship.  Up
on  a  cross somewhere Olmert would have you suffering as
the  Messiah  forsaken.   Steal your home, and everything
you  value  as  yours.   Zionism  is  antithetical to the
Jewish  religion,  for,  as  Hillel  teaches us, to treat
others  as  we  would  treat  ourselves,  would leave the
innocent dying in some ungodly nazi concentration camp by
the will of the Zionist criminal.

With innocent God loving Jews, Olmert would victimize for
being  committed  to  the Jewish cause of treating others
with  equal  rights  granted  through  self  respect.   A
respect   zionists  have  no  cognitive  association  to,
because their mentally handicapped.  Ignorant for lack of
hating  everything within themselves, they deteriorate to
what  we  have  today.   Ungodly  thieves,  rapists,  and
murderers,  escaping  the  Jews  wrath  of  obedience  to
Justice for God as US innocent is everyone included.

U.S.  Supreme Court Judges leave [INNOCENT] U.S.  Citizen
To Death After [bushite enemy, the] U.S.  Military
``Demanded'' the [INNOCENT] Man Be Executed [to 'cover
up' their treasonous crimes as disciples of the for real
demon antichrist.]

Unjust  as  they are ungodly my friends, bushites are our
enemies  as  murderers  of  Americans.  Praise Jesus, now
pass around the ammo.

Please, GOD begs

Please,  People of Humanity, don't allow these thieves to
continue victimizing ourselves in your name.  Support the
call  for  censored  Johnny  Wizard being allowed to talk
openly   on  America's  national  coast  to  coast  radio
program,     to     challenge     with     reason,    the
criminality/irrationalisms of the ungodly faithed bushite

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners

American  soldiers are being terribly mislead by the Bush
administration  to  undermine  freedom  for Americans, by
suggesting an effective war strategy is to ignore all the
911  evidence,  and  go  off instead to blindly blame bad
Afghans  or  badder Iraqis, as an insult to all honorable
police services; I WILL not have it.

Again,  it's  the  most  wicked  evil I've ever heard of.
"These  kind  of  situations  are completely untrue." And
yet,  no they're not.  They just say that, and expect YOU
to fall into doubt.



Largest US Church says Bush behind 9/11


Christ Returns

Innocent American to be 'legally' murdered by death sentence

/ / The Romanian Minister of Justice [Razvan Radu] has
sent so far five requests [to the illiterate dumfuk
bushites,] referring to [the soon to be MURDERED INNOCENT
AMERICAN] Munaf.  \ \

/ / "In 36 years practicing law[..] I had never before
seen or heard of a death sentence being handed down
without deliberation or consideration of the merits,"
Riordan said in the statement filed in Washington
yesterday.  \ \

America!,   defend  Yourselves  against  these  "lawless"
pro-bush  false accusers who would murder an AMERICAN for
their personal contempt of your TRUE commitment to defend

These  two  MURDEROUS  soldiers  that threatened an Iraqi
Judge  to  unjustly  order the murder of a FOUND INNOCENT
AMERICAN  CITIZEN,  through  falsely  alleging  they were
acting  on behalf of a Romania we never knew, without ANY
found  basis,  MUST  be  hunted  down  for  EXECUTION  as
TRAITORS,  by  a  Free World fighting-proud People Person
Jury  Trial.   See?,  this  is  why  the  Magna Charta is
actually  a  smarting  good  thing really, and US killing
bushite is like almost...  a bad religious experience.

An  AMERICAN  CITIZEN  that  ALL found leaderless bushite
dumfuk  anti-American  terrorist  forces  act nothing for
defense in.  An American!!!  If I've said it once, let me
say  it  again,  get  us  on the national radio to defend
ourselves  against the true enemies of Freedom absent not

/ / That's called lying and cheating in order to suppress
the vote, and it's illegal.  And the Republican party
admits they're doing it.  \ \

We  want  our  say, so to better our chances with warring
righteous  debates!   all to fairing greater intelligence
on  our  knowledge  base in reflection to preserving life
through  progress,  not heading blindly in the dark dying
through  the  middle  ages  again  all  for the Congress'
continuing  'failures'  of  witnessing  much  of  nothing

28-Year Career CIA Official Says 9/11 An Inside Job
Highlights missing Pentagon trillions as potential motive

Koolaidman.mp3 liarandathief.mp3 goodoljesus.mp3
binLaden.mp3 http://topplebush.com/music.shtml

Trillions  lost  at  the  Pentagon,  nothing here folks..
ear-marking 15 billion dollar special give away favors to
whomever,  CJOB  radio  couldn't care less if they tried,
privatize publicly doled military misadventures to a, for
cash  profit  LAWLESS mercenary force of grunting savages
who commit war crimes against GOD go continue un-accosted
by the penny an dime dying true patriot warrior wannabers
no,  move  along  and watch instead, satanically ignorant
bushite  greed,  thieve  some  more innocent peoples left
forsaken  stead.   Stay  the  course blindly this can not
hold for any.

It's just dumb to stay numb to the crimes wrought against
American   freedom  by  these  losing  as  contemptuously
'lawless' terrorist liars who hide behind our flag, while
bright  light  committing irrational murderous crimes for
pro-bush  thieves  robbing us blinder than Life is truly.
Desecrating the honor of ALL GOOD MEN who love their once
happy  family,  desecrating  Perry Mason, a Jesus, or the
Great   Elvis   Presley  by  private,  for  death  profit
mercenary  force  Aegis.   Aegis,  an American tax funded
operation  to  KILL  themselves over as the stolen from!.
Art   Bell   AND   George  Norry!   INVITE  US  ON  GUYS!
b-u-dd-d-i-e-ss.  You'd better, or America just might get
yeas  for  being  the  defense  to  Liberty we are freely
broadcasting  24 seven.  With, or without your sanctioned
approval fuckheads.

Let the words of wisdom in there by oUr influential magic

Believe  we  can  achieve justice by returning all stolen
assets  to Iraq by taking directly from those responsible
as  stealing  it,  and  war  crime  trialing all pro-bush
commanders   responsible  for  issuing  blatant  criminal
orders.   Including  an  international  police  effort in
communicating  our  publicly  investigated conclusions on
who  is  still outstanding as not arrested for the crimes
of nine eleven, (911), back in New York City on September
11,  2001,  where  a  crime  against Johnny's America was
committed in bad judgment.

In response to the TREASONOUS George W.  Bush enemy of us
innocent, leaves all of US as concerned about the further
loss  of  American  life and liberty - going un-abated by
CJOB   and   company.   The  bushite's  continuing  blind
servitude  to  a flag that has been pirated from America,
by  a  den  of neoconic zionist thieves, will not hold my
friends.   One  can  not  war freedom's cause for reason,
without an answer to Justice through Law eventually.  And
Souls  be  damned  if  I must now get out to take a moral
stand  for  the  preservation  of  our fellow man in this
morass  of  a  bushite's lawless stupidity, wrought on as
we've  witnessed,  by the real evil demon antichrist liar
of  famed  folklore  with God screaming for mercy through
the  love  of  an  only son,.  in part anyway.  Wow!  Mr.
bush why don't you take a bow already!  You've managed to
piss  off  the  entire Earth species, including myself as
King of the Universe

/ / the Romanian Ministry [..] has stated that the
Romanian court had not empowered any ['cleverly hidden'
ungodly dumfuk bushite terrorizing] American officer [,
to murder INNOCENT Americans on their watch] [...] \ \

Imagine  that:   the  lawless  bushite  enemy  States  he
represents  Romania  wants  no evidence of the real crime
scene  made  public,  to  decide  it's  death sentence be
brought  against a found INNOCENT American citizen, while
the  Government  of  Romania  publicly  states  JUST  the
opposite on behalf of US Humans!  Can you say who blindly
'okayed'  the  undermining  of  America  with  the  under
reported  as  barely  spoken  Military Commissions Act of
now,  documented Willful treason is FOR REAL?  I knew you
can, and you really should.  So says Johnny America!, the
perpetually,  Patriot  Johnny  American Award winner, THE
living   Creator  of  this  challenge  for  the  sake  of
believing in something better than Our Mr.  bush Jr..

/ / while the American [, bushite dumfuk lieutenant
Robert Pirone, speaking with a not yet named partner
bushite termed only as a muted military "General"] stated
under oath he alone had been authorized by the Government
[..] \ \ to state the found innocent American citizen
should not be allowed to seek Justice for America as
ourselves.  Patriotic Americans must not be allowed to
speak in their own defense, or to use old school, absence
of evidence forgone conclusions, clause the EVIL
antichrist bushite farces are unaccountable to every One
gunning for the Universe...  ha hea..  heeh.  Christians
and Jews!  bag a war criminal for an undying Love for
God's America why don't you my brothers to Man as family?

Unjust as they are ungodly, bushites are our enemies.

The  bushite  betrayers  to  The  American Flag are never
fighting  to win as rightly as they do when justly dying,
instead  of US fallen further as forsaken innocent murder
victims,  to  their  ungodly  as  demonic evil treachery.
Sell  outs for tyranny to except censoring our free world
to  be  shackled  by lawless acceptance of torture, rape,
and  murder,  leaves  us  messing in with a whole reap of
trouble,  for  here comes the ringer, Johnny Wizard, sent
in from up north, to raise a little hell.

I'm running as President!

If  George  W.  Bush steals American rights to be treated
fairly as a "Freedom Hater", then he MOST CERTAINLY is no
longer  working for US, but as a double agent traitor for
the  terrorist  network  al-Kiduh.  Laden doesn't dispute
this  either,  and,  from what I understand, neither does
Saudi Arabia.  Being a terrorist to everybody must really
suck eh George?  Let's talk about it, let it all out man.

Johnny  America,  is  a  Free  World  believer,  open for
questions,  while  we will together bravely pursue George
Walker  Bush  by  all  legal  means for the crimes he HAS
committed  against  our  Humanity  in  my stolen name.  I
didn't  vote  to  give  up  my  Rights  to  Mr.  Bush.  A
forsaken  America  wracked  by  a bushite's war mongering
'profitable'   design   failures  on  the  meaning  of  a
continuing  intelligent existence, being ourselves, gears
me  to  rise  up  in defense of the Human species for our
dying  benefits  as  a  falling America.  I love America.
Politicians  do  not  own  the  rights to a fair trial be
stolen  from any true believer(s) in freedom.  Join we or
me  to speak truths internationally for the benefit of us
learning  something.  Be a buddy, if not a blind enemy to

An  American  nation  without  a  disciplined  belief  in
Justice  or  God,  is  a  nation that will fall to terror
under its own will power.

Johnny America


MSNBC - 86% Think Bush Should Be Impeached

The majority of the people want impeachment but the
Democrats have already sworn to protect Bush.

Flashback: Howard Dean Says No Impeachment Of Bush
Flashback: Democrats Won't Try To Impeach President
Flashback: Pelosi: NO Impeachment


Israel, We Bless Thee



Count The Votes - The MCA Torture Bill Didn't Pass

/ / Am I missing something or did the Military
Commissions Act pass the Senate using fuzzy math? Please
explain to me how 65 votes out of 99 Senate votes cast
equals two thirds majority? Seems they missed by one
vote.\ \

Now, I would suggest the Coast to Coast radio network
would broadcast for anyone who disagrees with the math,
to call up. Otherwise, we have here a give away opening
for an anywho coup. Let's fix that. Support King Johnny
for President and CEO of Earth Co.! A new company I'm
starting up. Join me on a ground floor opportunity to
soar to the stars with an idea that transcends all

Love Yah!


/ / He doesn't dispute dropping fragmentary grenades into
rooms of civilians, and then shooting the survivors
[including infants]. What he [as bushite] disputes is
that they were unprovoked, and that they did it on
purpose. [...]

So if this [dumfuk bushite] soldier [enemy] is telling
the truth, they did kill multiple [GOD LOVING INNOCENT]
civilians, it's just they didn't KNOW they were
civilians, nobody "begged for their lives", and he
reported up the chain of command immediately. \ \

The child killer there even went so far as to say that's
what all Americans [the soldier] dooz in blind lifeless
dying praise to the, for real antichrist enemy of all
Creation. Which of course, includes themselves as
thieves, but they don't yet see it that way, nor do they
ever sometimes - do they friends?

Take care.

Phone Winnipeg's CJOB and ask if now, Winnipeg can have
an open, honest discussion with the facts on their
refusals to defend our community by openly communicating.

Thanks in advance. Later babes.


/ / In an emergency request filed Friday in U.S. District
Court in Washington, Munaf's attorneys claim his rights
to a fair trial in Iraq were violated when he was
convicted without being able to present evidence in his
defense -- or to see the evidence against him.\ \

/ / o Associated Press. "Romania not informed of Iraq
trial of suspect in kidnapping of Romanian journalists",
International Herald Tribune, October 14, 2006. \ \

/ / Romania repeatedly has asked the U.S. and Iraqi
authorities for assistance to solve Munaf's case. \ \


/ / Summarizing: Tal Afar was forcefully evacuated,
ruthlessly bombarded, brazenly captured and laid to
waste....but no sign of Al Qaida? As Colonel Reilly said,
"They went into hiding".\ \


israelis call Gaza massacre 'price tag [against innocent
as God is]' for [NOT] launching attacks

/ / Hardly surprising coming from the same group who used
white phosphorous against fleeing civilians, and dropped
millions of clusterbombs on Lebanon hours before the
truce. \ \


/ / What does the world think of American hypocrisy when
the US government, drowning in the blood of tens of
thousands of its innocent victims, cries "justice" as the
president of Iraq is sentenced to death for killing 148
people for trying to assassinate him? \ \


UNDERSTANDING CHRIST - Death of a President


Exit strategy: Outlaw lawlessness. Murder, rape, and the
thieving of billions from America as STILL wrong.



New Music Video : bin Laden didn't blow up the projects

What do we gotta do to get MTV, CNN, and CBC to play



They say of Saddam, he will be murdered because he okayed
a judicial judgment be enforced to put down a criminal
group fighting for sole control of oil, a group that were
trying to overthrow Iraq's entire government, to leave
everyone else without. And when innocent people's lives
were jeopardized, Saddam called a halt to firing.
('Kurds' war 'Kurds' because both sides tell each other
their fighting for the same Homeland, when in truth, it's
just war mongers trying to grab up more oil for
themselves privately with mercenary forces. While
children die in Iraq, they to this day, drown in money
horded.) While America and Israel Generals working with
LAWLESS South African death squad goons and Aegis are
committing the worst war crimes known of in History,
against the Innocent as ourselves unfairly represented.
Like bushite child killer Sattler ordering the murder of
more than 250,000 innocent people in Fallujah as just one
example of many. Bushite as enemies to Humanity, are
TRULY ungodly, and worth destroying to defend the
innocent they target for mass murder as Satanic liars.
Death to the bushite, death to Humanity's purposeless
cowardly enemies of Johnny, God and Life. Death to the
pro-bush torturers, rapists, and war profiteering
THIEVES. So would say, my America.

Soldiers: try calling the pro-bush radio station, CJOB,
and ask them to stop thieving from our community, and
demand they allow open, honest, intelligent discussions
on their contempt for the Canadian flag. Thanks. P.S. You
may have to wade through 45 minutes of their for profit
commercials. Fuk, on weekends, when People are home from
work, they run continuous commi crap to take even further
more silenced.





/ / According to The New York Times, the provision
closing the Office of the Special Inspector General for
Iraq Reconstruction as of Oct. 1, 2007, was tacked on at
the last minute to a complex military authorization bill
by staffers of Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif, chairman of
the House Armed Services Committee. Maine Republican Sen.
Susan Collins, chairwoman of the Committee on Homeland
Security and Government Affairs, said it's a "mystery"
how the provision became part of the final conference
committee version. \ \

More than twenty bushite from Bremer's CPA have been
indicted for thieving billions from American dumfuk
soldiers dying instead as cowardly soring losers. Losers
who have so far refused to kill the ENEMIES responsible
for 911, instead murder US, the People indiscriminately
as Zionist enemies of Man as the truly ungodly. Death to
the LIAR bushite, death to Humanity's thieving enemies.

The principle terrorists for 911 being, Bush, Rumsfeld,
Condi, and General Ahmad.


Bill Maher AND Hannity!: Impeach Bush Already

/ / Bush told an interviewer that Chief of Staff Andrew
Card had been the first person to let him know of the
crash. Card was saying, Bush explained, "'Here's what
you're going to be doing: You're going to meet so-and-so,
such-and-such.'Then Andy Card said, 'By the way, an
aircraft flew into the World Trade Center."' \ \

/ / "Andy Card came and said, 'America is under attack.'" \ \

/ / Half an hour after the first plane hit, Bush told the
children, "Hoo! These are great readers. Very impressive!
Thank you all so very much for showing me your reading
skills. I bet they practice, too. Don't you? Reading more
than they watch TV? Anybody do that? Read more than you
watch TV? [Hands go up] Oh that's great! Very good. Very
important to practice! Thanks for having me. I'm very
impressed." \ \

/ / White House staff members claimed that Bush remained
with the children so as not to "upset" or "alarm' them. \ \




Before the West was Won


Christ Gloriously KILLS bushite enemies for the dying
Loves of our precious forsaken GOD

/ / Residents insisted that Abu Deraa did not live in the
neighbourhood and that during the raid US and Iraqi
forces arrested eight people, all civilians including an
elementary school teacher. There is no Abu Deraa here --
all of those detained were innocent civilians, \ \

They, the bushite enemy, are IRRATIONAL. You can't reason
with willingly MUTE cowardly traitors, who as dumfuk
bushite grnts war humanity for rapists and torturers, to
die warring Our Freedoms to help criminally escape those
PERSONALLY responsible for mass murder in New York city
on September 11, 2001. A good bushite, is a dead bushite
halted from victimizing our innocent selves as the
THIEVING enemy. The TRUE enemies of US all. God included.

/ /"Torture does not stop terror," it said. "Torture is
terror." \ \ Committed by enemies of God and America.
Kill a bushite for Christ's Love why don't you my Patriot

Johnny America "Die bushite die."

/ / [...] a senior official in the Sadr movement, denied
that Abu Deraa was in the Mehdi Army. "I have heard of
Abu Deraa, but he is not a member of the Mehdi Army,
which is only a defensive force to protect our people and
sacred places," Naim al-Qaabi said. "Even if this person
existed, they should have come with an arrest warrant for
him and not just storm in with their guns like that,
killing innocent people." \ \

The same is transpiring with NATO. REAL War criminals who
ARE hiding behind the big desks of NATO must be all
brought to Justice through reason by honorable freedom
fighter fire power actions (G-D is JUST).

The War Crimes:

/ / killing at least 93 civilians, a Pentagon official
said, "the [INNOCENT] people there are dead because we
[THE ENEMY BUSHITE] wanted them dead." The reason? They
sympathized with the Taliban.[, by supporting the FBI.]
When asked about the Chowkar incident, Rumsfeld replied,
"I cannot deal with that particular village." \ \ The Son
of Man Prays every day: "Die bushite die."

Ordering these IRRATIONAL murder strikes against PRO-FBI
villagers. The 'public' officials responsible will
PUBLICLY face murder charges, and upon being found guilty
for lawless terrorism, as we surely will, their rightful
death sentences televised internationally. With free open
called public dialog through the whole process of Justice
working to truly defend our Freedoms for Johnny's
America. Die bushite die.

/ / [...] said [Army Private Matt] Guckenheimer, an
assistant gunner with the 10th Mountain Division at Fort
Drum. "If there was ANYBODY there, they were the enemy.
We were told specifically that if there were women and
children to kill them." \ \

/ / Eric is right. These dumbass nazi punks murder
innocent folks, and say the victims were pro-FBI Taliban,
while Tenth Mountain Division soldiers confess to
indiscriminately murdering whomever. Women and children
specifically, Matt, from the Tenth, confesses to actually
targeting by lawless bushite military command. Instead of
killing its demonic commander, the bushite enemy murders
OUR LOVE ONES. Please, I beg, hunt to kill a bushite
to-day.\ \

Art Bell and George Norrie are demon liar enemies of
Freedom to speak justly as America. They censor
intelligent American discourse, while advocating the
further sacrifice of American teens for the Zionist LIAR
anti-Jew spew. Both need to be tried for willful treason
by censoring American phone calls with their demon lies
no longer left in disguise. Art Bell for example now
tells US, the audience, he was against starting the
IRRATIONAL Iraq war, but now supports the further robbing
of our Humanity by the ENEMY zionist neocon, because
"we're there". But, his words spoke then are not lost to
some void now. He forbade any discussions on the matter
in HIS america in the bushite lead up, and hung up
relentlessly on anyone who tried to raise the important
life and death issues, then laughed daily like today
while American teens are still sent lawlessly to their
rightful deaths for the love of dumb-yah, the TRAITOR
responsible for 9/11.

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners

American soldiers are being terribly mislead by the Bush
administration to undermine freedom for Americans, by
suggesting an effective war strategy is to ignore all the
911 evidence, and go off instead to blindly blame bad
Afghans or badder Iraqis, is an insult to all honorable
police services.


/ / "The American people already know what a magnificent
job the men and women of their armed forces are doing
here, and we continue to be grateful for their continuing
support. But they should also know that the men and women
of the armed forces here have never lost a battle in over
three years of war. That is a fact unprecedented in
military history." \ \

America lost when COWARDLY American men refused to stand
up for Justice By demanding the arrest of those
responsible for 9/11, and instead, supported, in silence,
the murder of now, totaling more than a million innocent
PEOPLE. Please, I BEG, seriously, seriously, in godly
pride, gloriously KILL an offending lawless bushite
terrorist to save the lives of our innocent Loved ones.
Example: The not yet, justly shot dead Bushite grunt
Green of the 101st Airborne Division's 502nd Infantry
Regiment: "I came over here because I wanted to kill

/ / When I arrived in February, Green's battalion -- the
101st Airborne Division's 502nd Infantry Regiment -- was
losing an average of about one soldier per week. Whenever
I asked how many of the nearly 1,000 troops posted there
had been killed so far, most soldiers would just frown
and say they'd lost count. \ \

Who really cares for these ungodly bushite terrorists? A
cowardly amerkan bush bitch enemy, who refuses to
HONORABLY kill terrorist traitors who torture innocent
people in same uniforms, or who bomb indiscriminately
women and children on purpose 'for profit' Sattler,
Blount, Mattis, or Russell, is good dead as halted from
further murdering members of our innocent God loving
families. Death to the irrational bushite dumfuks, death
to the blind enemies of everyone. They, the bushite, war
God as our Humanity for the bushmob's "escape" of true
accountability for murdering thousands of Americans in
New York City with General Ahmad. Enemies of freedom in
America, enemies of You, enemies of me, enemies of every
life form even in distant galaxies.

Take Gods Word for it:

Bag a bushite and all day long you'll have good luck!

Peter Popoff, present on all "Christian TV Networks" is
openly Satanic. How much money does that demon nazi fuker
need anyway? You pay him for "God" favors. Fuck you, I'm
no slave.

I do this stuff for life's free Love.



/ / We here suggest a repeat of the elections without
using them Islamic religion, the sect, or the doctrine in
them, that is, separating religion from politics. \ \


Demon crimes committed against God as our Humanity

/ / "What's shocking and, I would say to me, completely
immoral," he said, "is that 90% of the cluster-bomb
strikes occurred in the last 72 hours of the conflict,
when we knew there would be a resolution, when we really
knew there would be an end of this." \ \


Archive for the 'Countdown/Keith Olbermann' Category


As Can Be Imagined


/ / We shouldn't be all that surprised the Democrats
didn't filibuster the awful bill, which also expanded the
definition of "enemy combatant" to include anybody who
"has purposefully and materially supported hostilities
against the United States." \ \


So, those who supported blindly blaming the Taliban along
with bin Laden for 9/11 while closing outstanding public
inquiries are demon liars, who in materially supporting
hostilities against the United States by refusing through
censorship to Publicly support the arrest of those
responsible for killing innocent Americans - became
willingly, bonafide cahooting terrorists, true bad guy
"enemy combatants". According to theses allegations they
throw at US together as God in innocence. Unjust as they
are ungodly, bushites are our enemies. If you steal
American savings your a thief, if you lie America into a
war to die US all as a lawless bad guy without
leadership, your George W. Bush, a mass murdering 'for
profit' terrorist, and no matter what "high" office he
claims to be true representor for, he'd still be guilty
of TREASON against the good old, red, white, and blue.

The Military Commissions Act - Question And Answers
http://www.rense.com/general74/mil.htm -


/ / You have no rights. He'll tell you who is guilty
without any evidence to form your own conclusions, and if
you disagree with him, he'll call you the enemy, the
terrorists who aren't with him on his blanket assertions
against God as the innocent. he blames for crimes while
shutting down criminal investigations. that would
normally pursue the actual true evil doer(s). \ \



/ / In a 'signing statement' released when he signed the
2007 Defense Authorization Act on Oct. 17, the president
listed two dozen provisions in the act that he indicated
he may or may not abide by." Those provisions restrict
his ability to hide funding for wars. Congress wants all
the costs to be up front and verified, and the president
obviously does not. \ \

Again, THIS IS TREASON. How can it not be? He, Bush,
ENEMY OF AMERICA, doesn't want TAX money allocated for
defending Americans soldiers to be TRULY accounted for.
Oh, and guess what?,,, Soldiers are DYING for lies, no
longer in disguise.


/ / OLBERMANN: "I want to start by asking you about a
specific part of this act that lists one of the
definitions of an unlawful enemy combatant as, quote, 'a
person who, before, on, or after the date of the
enactment of the Military Commissions Act of 2006, has
been determined to be an unlawful enemy combatant by a
combatant status review tribunal or another competent
tribunal established under the authority of the president
or the secretary of defense.'

"Does that not basically mean that if Mr. Bush or Mr.
Rumsfeld say so, anybody in this country, citizen or not,
innocent or not, can end up being an unlawful enemy

JONATHAN TURLEY: "It certainly does. In fact, later on,
it says that if you even give material support to an
organization that the president deems connected to one of
these groups, you too can be an enemy combatant. And the
fact that he appoints this tribunal is meaningless. You
know, standing behind him at the signing ceremony was his
attorney general, who signed a memo that said that you
could torture people, that you could do harm to them to
the point of organ failure or death. So if he appoints
someone like that to be attorney general, you can imagine
who he's going be putting on this board."

OLBERMANN: "Does this mean that under this law,
ultimately the only thing keeping you, I, or the viewer
out of Gitmo is the sanity and honesty of the president
of the United States?"

TURLEY: "It does. And it's a huge sea change for our
democracy. [...] \ \



/ / AMY GOODMAN: What do you mean "get-out-of-jail-free"?

JONATHAN HAFETZ: Well, under the War Crimes Act of 1996,
any official, including CIA, or contractors who engage --
who violates the Geneva Conventions, including a
provision known as Common Article 3, which provides the
baseline of protections to individuals in U.S. custody,
prohibits cruel treatment, torture and outrages on
personal dignity. Under the War Crimes Act, if you
violate Common Article 3 --

AMY GOODMAN: This is U.S. law, War Crimes Act?

JONATHAN HAFETZ: Yes, this is U.S. \ \

Who wants a kidnapping torturing thief, to escape
American accountability? No, really, who does?, a rapist?
Certainly not an honorable police officer. These traitors
to Freedom who put together the ungodly bushite act, need
to be arrested as such, being our enemies, granted a
public court proceeding, then upon finding themselves
guilty, as we would, executed for treason.

Unjust as they are ungodly, bushites are our enemy.


/ / Even a cursory examination of the Zionist enterprise
and statements by its practitioners provides ample prima
facie proof that Zionism is, has been, and will always
be, racist. \ \


Law of the Land

The un-elected Bush regime now states cowardly Americans
have no longer any legal rights to defend themselves from
unlawful arrest if commanded without reason by the
lawless as godless, bushite enemy LIARS. Are YOU
fooled?.. I didn't think so.

Justice for God and Johnny by starting on a world wide
public campaign to allow US speak openly against Our
accusers on the crimes of the treasonous bush regime.
Followed by arrests, trials, and subsequent PUBLIC
executions against those who ordered/committed the
murderous crimes of 9/11, and the torture, rape, and
indiscriminate killing of Arab Peoples to enrich traitor
P2OG Rumsfeld.


Johnny Wizard has been arrested by irrational bushite for
threatening the life of antiChrist enemy George W. bush,
and with the bogus warrant made to undermine the true
FBI, used the action to make fraudulent accusations in
respect for Johnny's love of Children. Don't miss out in
the trial of the Century!

We've Been Overturned?

A Delay in proceedings doesn't have to equate to only
prejudice to defend on made 'public' accusations, it is
also the time pressured away from the UNDISPUTED demand
for Justice on behalf of DYING Canadian soldiers. Justice
delayed, is Justice denied from US falling undefended
People victims. Whose lives, OURS, the Crown in my case
is arguing as irrelevant. YOUR LIFE.

I'm not accused, nor do I accept I was seeking to possess
argued illegal materials, and I can easily prove that, as
does Canada's Sharp decision, upon any reading, grant
allowing the defense to explain intent. Again, I can only
urge you re-read my motions in respect to what can be a
difficult subject. Without intent alleged, the crime, if
it occurred, is in those who are responsible for such
expressions. A place of knowledge about the real crime
scene, OUR child exploitation units seem to have little
on no interest in concentrating on. Likely because
they're not required to understand why we have laws, only
to implement them half hazardly as idiots sometimes.
Defending children is what this action against me is
truly, for, where was/is the two, boastfully proud,
pro-bush accusers so called by law, interest in defending
these 20 year olds they as LIARS claim to be a ridiculous
ten or twelve? I need a right to defend the false
allegations of the Crown in relationship to the
conclusions they have unbelievably drawn, typically, from
what I understand, rarely exposed to the public as
sexually sadomasochistic, and certainly upon any public
review, a detriment to defending real children left
unprotected by such ungodly belligerence for my, let's
all get irrational bushite instead with a godly true,
argued defense for US, the fair minded Public.

As you've successfully argued, the Prosecutor/Crown's
purpose for existence in Our court rooms, is to defend
the Public. Instead, the Crown is moving to assist the
mass murder of literally hundreds of thousands of
innocent souls, because of her personal contempt for
Justice, her well paid job, our Country, and all of
Humanity's lives who continue to die for "intelligence
failure" George W. Bush, and his thoughtless disciples
who publicly demand evidence is no longer a requirement
to imprison anyone who is good or evil. So, I want access
to all evidence the two pro-bush 'police' officers have
official plans to sell - as my legal STOLEN gear - the
two therefore THIEVES!, no...? Huh? We need real
leadership right about now. Justice for Johnny.

Lend a Hand.





"If not for me, do it for Yourself."

Christ Crossed




/ / According to U.S. intelligence sources, at the end of
June 2001, the FBI intercepted two phone calls from
Grossman in which he told the called parties to "stay
away from Brewster Jennings . [Plame's TP SCRT Cover to
nab REAL terrorist WMD proliferators by using GOOD
policing freedom skills - with logical arguments,
warrants, and everything!] . . they're the government . .
. they're nothing but a cover." One of the calls was to a
Pakistani Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) top agent in
Washington. \ \

So, the ISI was warned by the White House clandestinely,
in June 2001, 'some do gooder cops are on the prowl
defending our interests, looking for REAL terrorists who
jeopardize Freedom's cause, so, you'd better watch out
for America's will power, US might get US, and boy, then
we'd be in for one big hell of a surprise!,. eh?. Are you
still with me? Hello? Is someone else on this line? ...
Yyyou'll never catch me.'

Marc "Johnny America" Grossman "Any country that doesn't
go along with US will be paying a very heavy price."


Well, my friends, the pro-bush enemy faction seems to be
losing more of US to their demonic con game. America's
ENEMY, George W. Bush has still escaped public
condemnation, for fear America would see itself
apparently. Unholy is the heinous war criminal, America's
George W. Bush. PERSONALLY, responsible personally for
9/11 [Ahmad], Iraq [UNrestrictED access BEFORE a god's
child was needlessly murdered by mindless bushite cancers
for curious Georges (["'secret Intelligence failures.'"]-
unRESTRICTed..!), or, how about, give'em weapons to kill
whomever "dat's what a Jew would do" Israel, interspersed
with officially sanctioning lawless kidnapping and
torture while just saying it's not feeling anything,
denying Humanity, HUMANITY!, a RIGHT.! to a fair hearing
of 'public' condemnation in our Courts of Thee. THEE !#!#
UFk$! DO NOT LET 'them' DO THIS T-O Y-O-U-! When the
demon bush tells US he supports treating all Humanity
unfairly to defend "democracy" by 'trumping' Our
troublesome Magna Charta, or wordy worthless
Constitutions, while claiming to be a believer in Evil
while he 'grabs' for absolute power, YOU'D BETTER Believe
you have something more than idle concern, for REAL. As
Life, I am committing to hunt the 'lawless' bushite
terrorists down to teach US all about a real freedom in
the silently dying Universe we share. Suffering unjustly,
all yous EQUALLY dying. I take mostly pity in the DYING
JUSTLY falling bushite, too cowardly to kill IT'S
commanders [like from in the now mostly brain dead Tenth
Mountain Division of Afghanistan, or Saudi Wahabbi Buford
Blount's, Third Infantry of Iraq, or Elvis desecrator
AEGIS' godless TRAITORS] who order it to murder the
INNOCENT to thieve from instead as our enemy. To Forsake
god, and freedom for America, by supporting the escape of
the demon antiChrist George W. Bush by it's cowardly
betrayal of speaking no defense for those who continue
becoming more bushite victims. Blind stupid, and
intolerable are the cowardly muttering self destroying
'lawless' bushite murdering rapists and torturers.
Enemies of America, enemies of God and Johnny, and
enemies to themselves. For real. Arrest for Public Trial,
George W. Bush AND CO., the demonic, thieving enemies of
America. And then maybe, we can move on to something
greater with a much needed rest from all this death and
suffering wrought on by YOUR, your personal inaction.

Your Forsaken King,

Johnny Wizard

P.S. Please, a child to God begs, phone Winnipeg's CJOB
and ask them if they shall allow US in Manitoba to
honestly speak the facts on why Canadian kids continue to
die for their deliberate treasonous lies as a willful
betrayal to our dying communities. ASK THEM. No? Too much
trouble to phone a 1-800 number? Fuck you too then.



/ /Sure we can be counted lucky that only so few
Canadians have died thus far, but when will the sacrifice
of Americans, Afghanis, Iraqis, and soon to be Iranians
with the Syrians, along with more than fifty other
countries officially marked for death by the lawlessly
irrational bushite terrorists, be more than YOUR willing
to bare? \ \


/ / The Crown's interpretations of my possessions are not
my expressions!!


The Judge through this whole thing out for the defense
without any consideration offered to OUR COURT!


Since I am representing myself on these particular
criminal matters, Legal Aid is not required to lend
assistance on the grounds that I'm not co-operating with
the system as it operates through professional Barred
representations. [I am eligible for walk in consultations
but nothing of the sort of assistance I am requesting]
Considering the complexity of my judicial matter, I would
request legal assistance from the Court in these
following areas. \ \



/ / On the same day that President Bush lectured the
United Nations on democracy and threatened Iran and other
countries, [..] White House and congressional leaders
continued their negotiations over the exact language of
new legislation to legalize torture by the CIA \ \THE

The demon enemy of Creation, Our Mr. bush Jnr., the FOR
REAL antichrist ENEMY of GOD and Johnny, also mentioned
with HIS OWN treasonous WORDs, such action AS HIS would
work to destroy America's soul. And that he'd never do
what he did that VERY SAME DAY.. . under cover! Evil is
the deceived disguised. Support our suffering God, or go
to 'paradise' in bushville, where lawless bushite
illiterates will decide your meaning of dying for it's
sadistic pleasures and stolen comforts.

Please, help me gain some recognition man oh man, for, I
got a good plan to get ourselves out of this mess, but,
do YOU want to hear such needed considerations?


/ / So yes, George, Your Highness, please, take your
torture and go. It isn't working. While you're at it,
take your signing statements and all the cute titles for
programs that mean the opposite of what you name them,
and give us back our Constitution and our country. \ \


/ / He said Rumsfeld at one point threatened to fire the
next person who mentioned the need for a postwar plan in
Iraq. \ \

/ / The Army's budget this year is $98.2 billion, making
Schoomaker's request a 41% increase over current levels. \ \

Not possible therefore, right? Unless there is some huge
increase in evil bushite lawless impropriety, thieving
furthermore sillily.

/ / This whole idea of putting our hopes and energies
into "leaders" who tell us to seek common ground with
fascists and religious fanatics is proving every day to
be a disaster, and actually serves to demobilize people. \ \



'The applause for Hugo went on and on, so much so, that
US, The People, had to be quieted down..' For fears,
pretty soon, The People would be seen arising against the
un-elected war mongering demon tyrant.



/ / PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH, 'the DEVIL': We do not
condone torture. I have never ordered torture. I will
never order torture. The values of this country are such
that torture is not a part of our soul and our being. \ \

/ / we can already hear [the antichrist liar demon bush
regime] saying that in order to defeat the terrorists and
end the turmoil, he may again have to [continue to]
resort to death squads, torture, and covert operations. \ \

Aegis is found completely responsible, according to the
Pentagon [see Nick Roberts at CNN with video tapes
available where they proudly DESECRATE ELVIS] for
murdering innocent PEOPLE for 'free' cash from bush's

Hugo Chaves "What happened in Iraq?, in Lebanon?, in
Palestine? [..] What a capacity to lie!, the empire and
Israel firing on The People! [..] You can wonder if those
People were granted the right to speak what they would
say, if they were given a microphone"

The Demon witch 'no cease fire against the INNOCENT'
Condi, speaking of Hero Hugo addressing Our World,

"The address was not becoming a head of State."



/ / The decision to go to war was taken without a
indictment by the US Justice department and corroborating
statements by the FBI to the effect that Osama bin
Laden's al Qaeda was behind the attacks. It was taken
without an indictment issued by the Justice Department.

At eleven o'clock, on the morning of September 11, the
Bush administration had already announced that Al Qaeda
was responsible for the attacks on the World Trade Center
(WTC) and the Pentagon.\ \ While according to Senator
Dashle, the demon bush and chainy were PERSONALLY working
to CLOSE outstanding criminal investigations. DIRECTLY
ACCOUNTABLE FOR OBSTRUCTING Justice. (Not puppets without
free will as some detractors would allege.)



/ / With those personally responsible for making those
easily verifiable faulting surmises with the evidence the
Crown holds, in all likelihood, still blabbering
corporately un-accosted, the completely blind support of
indiscriminate mass murder, in thoughtless praise for war
criminal traitor George Bush Jr., their supreme no
nothing about squat leader. \ \


And they say Johnny is crazy..

/ / George Bush needs to be removed from office for being
medically and psychiatrically unfit for office under the
25th amendment. Then he needs to be tried for war crimes.
Only the profoundly irrational can fail to understand
that we as a culture are now normalizing torture. What a
sick and scary world he has created, and he needs to be
removed from office. NOW. \ \


Latest Johnny Jesus pronouncement against the Cult forces
of the real evil demon antiChrist, Your Mr. bush Jnr.,
don't miss it!



Bush Goes Retro to Avoid Prosecution

/ / Under the Nuremberg standard, Bush is definitely a
war criminal. The US Supreme Court also exposed Bush to
war crime charges under both the US War Crimes Act of
1996 and the Geneva Conventions [...] The fact that
retroactive law is prohibited by the US Constitution adds
to Bush's shame.\ \


/ / Even worse than impermissible, any retroactive law
(technically known as ex post facto law) is in direct
violation of the Constitution, Article I, Section 9, and
Paragraph 3 and is illegal.\ \


UNCOVERED: The War On Iraq http://www.truthuncovered.com/

This movie is exceptional in respect to what the bushited
forces are blindly doing in Iraq absent true leadership.


Know Thy Enemy - Christs Comedy of Error - Truly amazing audio




http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/761781.html [HAARETZ!]

/ / "What we did was insane and monstrous, we covered
entire towns in cluster bombs," the head of an IDF rocket
unit in Lebanon said regarding the use of cluster bombs
and phosphorous shells during the war.

/ / Quoting his battalion commander, the rocket unit head
stated that the IDF fired around 1,800 cluster bombs,
containing over 1.2 million cluster bomblets. \ \

In addition, soldiers in IDF artillery units testified
that the army used phosphorous shells during the war,
widely forbidden by international law. According to their
claims, the vast majority of said explosive ordinance was
fired in the final 10 days of the war. \ \

These crimes demand war crimes trials leading to public
executions of those directly responsible. (Condi, Bush,
Rumsfeld, Perez the Devil, ect.. Remember these children
they continue to MURDER, are innocent, and loved by God
and me. Death to the bushite, death to Our enemies.)


28-Year Career CIA Official Says 9/11 An Inside Job
Highlights missing Pentagon trillions as potential motive


"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners

American soldiers are being terribly mislead by the Bush
administration to undermine freedom for Americans, by
suggesting an effective war strategy is to ignore all the
911 evidence, and go off instead to blindly blame bad
Afghans or badder Iraqis, as an insult to all honorable
police services.

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners

Bush undermines freedom for America by not supporting US
following the crimes scene leads at the real 911 murder
scene. Instead, blinded soldiers are being led to
undermine the apprehension of the actual terrorists, by
suggesting the Taliban's demand to bring forward evidence
to form Mr. Bush's conclusions on who is good or evil, is
a freedom stand they don't have the real courage or
strength to uphold. So, they lie to God as enemies of
Man; unholy are, the bushite enemy.

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners

Blind soldiers are being made to believe evidence is no
longer a requirement to form someone's guilt for
something, a conclusion on whether someone's good or

Johnny Jesus, "Can't have freedom without justice,


/ / BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (Sept. 7) - The owner of DataUSA
Inc., a company that conducted political polls for the
campaigns of President Bush, Sen. Joe Lieberman and other
candidates, pleaded guilty to fraud for making up survey
and poll results. \ \

/ / "We challenge this official conspiracy theory and, by
God, we're going to get to the bottom of this." \ \

/ / [...} "one official who called for Israel to respond
to Hezbollah rockets strikes against the strategic port
city of Haifa during the 34-day war by "getting rid of a
village in Lebanon". \ \

/ / "But the United States does not torture. It's against
our laws and it's against our values. I have not
authorised it and I will not authorise it." \ \

This is a terrorist act, no? It says later, 'but
dishonorable CIA 'officers' can forgo all American law as
dedicated disciples of the ungodly REAL ANTICHRIST.' No

/ / At the NSC meeting held on February 1, 2001, Rumsfeld
disputed Secretary of State Colin Powell's advocacy of
"targeted sanctions." "Sanctions are fine," Rumsfeld
said. "But what we really want to think about is going
after Saddam." \ \

No interest from day one to follow the crimes scene leads
to defend American "freedom".

/ / Should we Americans fail to disassociate ourselves
from the racist, genocidal, warmongering nation of
Israel, the world will be forced to subvert our economy,
attack our people and pray for our demise. We gain
nothing from helping Israel to attack humanity. \ \

/ / Moreover, there were 79,691 ballots cast on Election
Day and, according to the minutes of the Board of
Elections, the unofficial results were certified at 12:40
AM, only 5 hours and 10 minutes after the polls closed.
The mentally retarded man would have had to examine, and
clean as needed, four or five ballots per second, which
calls the whole story into question." \ \

Voids the verdict it does. But what importance does
corporate America hold evidence as a requirement that the
disenfranchised are being denied fair representation?



Coast to Coast


I challenge the Coast to Coast radio network staff on
behalf of America, demanding free open line
communications on these, life and death issues of
Americans held in contemptible silence. Art Bell and
George Norry are enemies of American dying soldiers as a
matter of FACT. Art and George are America's ENEMY. They
want to get killed American kids for the liar neocon, I
say f-ck you zionist nazi whores. America, take back


Op-Ed: Rumsfeld Declares War on Us

/ / The "who" Rumsfeld is talking about is himself.

Rumsfeld is the "who" that is right, and everyone who
disagrees is not only wrong, but a danger to freedom. \ \


Blanket Immunity from War Crimes When Criticism of
Cluster Bombs is "Anti-Semitic"

What is a war crime among ungodly nazi enemies anyway


Statement by the Patriarch and Local Heads of Churches In


/ / "What does the Lord require of you, to act justly, to
love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God." (Micah

This is where we take our stand. We stand for justice. We
can do no other. Justice alone guarantees a peace that
will lead to reconciliation with a life of security and
prosperity for all the peoples of our Land. By standing
on the side of justice, we open ourselves to the work of
peace - and working for peace makes us children of God. \ \

See?, they got some Lord fellowed in the Book too.
Violets are blue.



/ / Supreme Jurisprudent Khamenei's pledge of no first
strike against any country by Iran with any kind of
weapon, and his condemnation of nuclear bombs as
un-Islamic and impossible for Iran to possess or use, was
completely ignored by the Western press and is never
referred to. \ \

See?, forces for the bushite necon peenackers, don't want
Justice for Peace because as the cowardly treasonous,
they mindlessly pronounce the assisting in the escape of
the bushmob for the crimes of 911 - by war mongering our
Humanity for irrational sacrifice. Unholy are the bushite

/ / Stars and Stripes reported that as Ford's tank left
the area, US Army Captain Michael Bajema "ordered another
three rounds fired from his own tank, gutting the

"There's a psychological effect of going into an area the
enemy owns [residential buildings] and causing so much
damage. I think that will pay dividends", Bajema was
quoted as saying. \ \

Yeah, kill a bushite, to save the lives and property of
our innocent selves. This Bajema guy seriously needs to
be arrested, tried, and executed for treason. It
confesses that murdering innocent people in residential
communities will pay dividends in more dead Marines. Who
really cares right? EVIL is Dumber than dumb.


Israel Condemns Israel


Millions of land mine cluster duds ungodly Israel has
thrown into 170 towns of Lebanon to murder innocent
children with for decades. Along with radio-active toxic
waste that will suffer G-d's Humanity indiscriminately
for untold generations. Terrorist Crimes the Israeli
State with corporate bushite News america claimed
repeatedly, are worth targeted execution of themselves

Where are the free to love Humans stole to I ask you to
join me in demanding the execution of the bushite
zionists responsible for releasing millions of American
made land mine cluster duds that will murder as
TERRORISTS do, indiscriminately for decades. Perez, the
DEVIL, along with corporate news zionists, hold those
crimes deserve immediate executions with targeted strikes
against the purveyors of true EVILNESS. Please I beg,
give G-D mercy. Don't forsake ourselves. Hunt the
zionists by sacrificing a few moments of your busy day to
call Coast to Coast radio hosts for respect of dying
American soldiers lives, and every time those zionist
enemy traitors hang up on YOU for TRUTH TELLING, will be
yet another call for ALL able bodied Americans to rise up
against the murderous enemy traitors for crimes against
GOD in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, and elsewhere.


Demon bush has funded the rape, torture, and enslavement
of millions of innocent people. Please the Son to God
begs, don't let those responsible escape Freedom's
demand, we're all the good guys from The Book don't you

I am angry with American cowardice to face down these
bushite terrorist enemies on our magic TVs. I am angered
with American refusals to support the protections of our
Human species by denying war criminals further weapons to
kill our children with. I am angered with American
corporate news professionals who forbid the support of
Justice's FBI, and their conclusions on who masterminded

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners


/ / "If Hizballah fires Katyushas, we have to deliver a
severe blow to Lebanon's infrastructure, black out
Beirut, cut off electricity, turn off the water, destroy
bridges, halt industry and flatten entire villages. If
there is horrible damage in Lebanon, they will say, 'The
Jews are crazy,'" Yishai explains. \ \

This is EXACTLY what I've been writing on. The zionist
god haters, want Humanity to blame the unrepresented Jew
for their treasons against God, their betrayal to Life.

http://houston.indymedia.org/news/2006/08/51710.php -


/ / Would not allegations of murder substantiated without
evidence, be false? And would not therefore, the
slaughter of innocents, blamed for terrorism without a
shred of evidence being known universally, be acts of
mass murder committed against US interests? Or for the
true believers, terrorism inflicted against G-d? (And, is
this not why defining "Terrorism" was forbidden in the
recent "Terrorism" conference in Saudi Arabia?) \ \


/ / The bushites are sorrily, simply not qualified under
the dire circumstances they've assaulted ourselves into
for mugger war profitizing, as leading US to be dying
undefended while failing miserably on my behalf to demand
Justice as freedom is truly. \ \


/ / Many Palestinians are arrested arbitrarily. For
example, from February to March 2002, approximately 8,500
Palestinians were arrested arbitrarily. In many cities,
all Palestinian males from the ages of 15 to 45 were
rounded up and detained or imprisoned. Palestinians were
blindfolded, handcuffed tightly with plastic handcuffs
and forced to squat, sit or kneel for prolonged periods
of time. Mass arrests and detention of this type have
been condemned by Amnesty International as a breach of
human rights. \ \

/ / What can the bushites do now in Iraq, that they
couldn't do before the needless murder of untold
thousands upon thousands of innocent people with loving
families? Before dumping thousands of tons of
radio-active toxic waste as enemies of God's children?
Only to rob, maim, and destroy God's great work through
Love. We had complete unrestricted access throughout
Iraq, and Saddam was offering the national media for bush
to pontificate, while not refusing dialog for any
suggestions. \ \




ATTENTION: All American Patriot Warriors


/ / Nazi zionists don't provide evidence, because we all
know they're thieves and liars as the primary function of
their illegitimate existence. \ \


/ / "It would be ... accurate to say Israel has never
been required to repay a U.S. government loan. The truth
of the matter is complex, and designed to be so by those
who seek to conceal it from the U.S. taxpayer," writes
Richard H. Curtiss, [...] But the so-called Cranston
Amendment, which has been attached by Congress to every
foreign aid appropriation since 1983, provides that
economic aid to Israel will never dip below the amount
Israel is required to pay on its outstanding loans. In
short, whether U.S. aid is extended as grants or loans to
Israel, it never returns to the Treasury." \ \

Did you know that many people in Israel, live in abject
squalor? I've seen people needing to live in what could
only be described as a garbage dump because the
BILLIONIARE Zionist American welfare takers, don't think
they should be provided help. And 'giving' Jews in
Israel, are extremely hard to come by. For who would
willing intend to suffer others as an enemy to life and
G-d? WEll, the tyrannies of zionist Israel would without
apology. And so, where are the voices of Jews in Israel
demanding fair treatment of the innocent?, the ungodly
'State' steals from? We are all Jewish victims then


ATTENTION: All admirable soldiers and police officers

The demon antichrist enemy of GOD rushed illegal wmds to
Israel to bomb cars and apartment buildings among other
war crimes. KNOWINGLY. Now, today, the demon has
determined that American tax payers will dole out the tax
money to rebuild what was destroyed only weeks ago.
Hundreds of millions of dollars given to the likes of a
Halliburton? So, why do Americans let this demon war
criminal get away with murdering so many innocents like
themselves left forsaken? Support US TODAY you idiots.

Again, I will remind all admirable soldiers and police
officers: CNN, CBC, and FOXNews has forbidden our truths

be broadcast in support of Justice for ourselves. WTC7.
Zionist corporate medias are deliberately working to
mislead our kids to have them willingly sacrifice their
lives in further blind support of the real terrorists
that committed the crimes of 911. As according to the

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners


Israeli Soldiers "Shoot to Kill" at Israeli Anti-war

This "bilin.wmv" video from Mishtara.org depicts true
nazi grunts, enemies of the Jew, indiscriminately
shooting our family in the town of Bilin. We need
American Jews to assist Johnny in hunting each and every
IDF soldier visible, so to be brought to Justice for war
crimes against our Humanity, then, gloriously executed
for the love of God. The routine inhuman callousness
expressed by the IDF, witnessed for the World of a
complete void in human empathy for the innocent they
victimize like the nazi SS did, expresses these ungodly
Israeli goon enemies truly worth gassing. Enemies of the
Human race. Enemies of all religious faiths. Enemies to
the King of Jew. When the world learns of the criminality
of theiver Israel, will be the day, that soldiers of the
world together will demand, a freedom for all Peoples
found through just causes, not dying victim for the liar,
nazi zionist enemy forces who claim we, the Public, don't
deserve evidence to form their ungodly criminal
conclusions. What would an atheist "Jew" be doing living
in Israel, but to openly except itself, as a criminal
betrayer to all alike?

America's national radio program, "Coast to Coast", had
yet another, atheist, pro-bush guest to spew their hatred
for the human species on recently, and the neocon zionist
said that he was an atheist, pro-Israeli who supports
stealing Christian land unjustly as a thief to , all
because he was born with Jewish features. [The nose he
told was a dead give away.] Again, zionists are not Jews,
but enemies to all of life itself, enemies of a freedom
they can't comprehend for their contempt of our Humanity
is rightly their unjust condemnations against we, YOU god
means. False accusers. NOT JEWS. NOT JESUS. They, Nazi
WAr Criming Israelis state, 'we were all secretly vying
to destroy the criminality of nazi Israeli occupation',
therefore 'they're' justified in indiscriminately
murdering anyone. The censoring corporate news zionist
nazi is an ENEMY of freedom to be America, and fighting
it, is to love yourself as worth something.

All you got to insist is in having our measured thoughts
heard, but realize, CNN, CBC, and FOXNews won't
acknowledge that we're listening for our betterments.
They refuse to read our emails, take our calls, or
acknowledge what is widely understood.

Example 1:

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners

Example 2:

Nazi Israel, as per-usual, dishonorably failed to live up
to their word in respect for our lives. Alleging
Hezbollahs violation of the agreement on cease-fire, that
they broke, was someone else's fault. While, TYPICALLY
not providing one shred of evidence for their baseless
allegation. Which does not prove their claim outright
false, it just leaves US unsubstantiated as worthy of
convictions in our beliefs on fairness for all parties.
But the corporate media refuses to hold our rights in
respect. Against war crime behaviors like in Qana, or
when the bush regime war crime party sent more American
paid for weapons to kill innocent people with. Mass
murder these nazi enemies are responsible for don't you
know who you are my friend? Where is the evidence Nazi
Israeli enemies pronounce against YOU as the innocent
victim censored then over and over? Christ wishes to
defend US by killing you un-arrested MURDERING zionist
nazi demon liars.

How can a "High Court" conclude in Israel to absolve
itself of all responsibility to do the right thing?, the
just thing? It should be realized this following article
is printed in Israel's largest national newspaper, and
the writer sees no reason to respect yourself enough to
query further with the demanding questions. Why? Because
real Jews know the actions of a zionist thief are
criminal, it's just the Humans don't get easy ready
access to the, they'll fire anywho, national zionist
media reducers. (I'm the Son of Man and I!, can't even
get a fair shake.)

/ / At Tuesday's High Court debate, the state said it had
no objection to extending the construction ban, but said
it was opposed to razing the illegal structures that had
already been completed or were near completion. The state
also said it saw no cause to evict individuals who had
already moved into their apartments. \ \

/ / the council's legal advisor warns the council
engineer that entrepreneurs are constructing "entire
buildings without permits, with your full knowledge and
in total disregard for planning process and the law." \ \

This building was done on stolen grounds, admitted even
by the Nazi State's own legal council. A lawyer claimed,
the mayor of Bil'in, sold him 60% of the town, so he's
perfectly within his rights to rip off as many jews as
possible. [hundreds of millions in total it is said the
pro-bush zionist scored from the stupider '"Jews"'] Never
considered in judgment that the mayor never did such a
thing, or could, for land is managed collectively owned
by the communities, so nothing short of widely
deliberated - publicly - with an honest paper ballot
voting process would be the least first step to make such
things really happen with community consultations. But
not from the EVIL foreign land of Nazi Israel with their
UNGODLY zionist judges. No, the "Judge" has let the
American welfare recipient land squatters, take up
possession until America pays them, a 100 or two thousand
dollars to re-vacate to someplace elses, while the
"Judge" works it out for sometime later by sending in IDF
nazi grunts now to fight back the unarmed godly freedom
believers with real bullets from Satan. Enemies to God,
enemies to Humanity. Let's put Ourselves in Power, then
send the real Marines in there to take these lawless
UNGODLY bushite nazi savages OUT!~.

I challenge the Coast to Coast radio network staff on
behalf of America, demanding free open line
communications on these, life and death issues of
Americans held in contemptible silence. Art Bell and
George Norry are enemies of American dying soldiers
matter of FACTLY. Art and George are America's ENEMY.
They want to get killed American kids, I say fuck you
zionist nazi whores. America, take back America.


/ / Since then, the idea that any of the victims were
insurgents has been challenged, both by Iraqi survivors
and by some American military officials familiar with the
case, noting that the victims included 10 women and
children and an elderly man in a wheelchair. \ \

Bush bitch enemy forces, child killing women haters, are
still mouthing off to humanity about their complete guilt
regarding the war crime accusation that is firmly
established by their own ungodly confessions, and yet,
somehow, not yet PROUDLY executed by an American Patriot
law giver. Get to it brother. To kill a 'lawless'
bushite, is to save the lives of innocent people they
openly target for murder as Our enemies. Death to the
bushite, death to America's TREASONOUS enemies who war
America to assist in the escape of the bushmob for 911.

/ / Riyad Awad, director of the Gaza-based Health
Information Centre, the killings of Palestinians is
becoming a "macabre daily routine". "Not a day passes
without the Israeli army killing an average of five or
six Palestinians, mostly children and women and other
innocent civilians. Israel feels the world is giving it a
mandate to kill and maim at will," he said. \ \

But, but, but.. CNN, CBC, and FOXNews never said so

/ / Yet a secret list compiled by the Lebanese
authorities, and leaked to the Lebanese newspaper
al-Safir, has revealed the names of 67 men known to have
been kidnapped by Israel and its allies during 18 years
of occupation. Thousands of others are missing. \ \ Along
with more than ten thousand innocent Palestinians.

But, but, but.. CNN, CBC, and FOXNews never said so

/ / How South African hit men, Serbian paramilitaries,
and other human rights violators became guns for hire for
military contractors \ \

But, but, but.. CNN, CBC, and FOXNews never said so




"Don't turn you back and look the other way. Shoot a wolf
in the chicken coop today!"


Losing its morals and marbles: Israel's fight in Lebanon
- Losing http://www.aljazeera.com/me.asp?service_ID283


The De-Zionization of the American Mind

/ / One is that God gave that land to the Jews, and the
other is the Holocaust. The first one is deeply insulting
to people who are profoundly religious, \ \





/ / Israeli activists with International Solidarity
Movement (ISM) have uploaded a video of the shooting of
Lymor and the initial violence of the Israeli military in
Bil'in on Friday, August 11th \ \

These demon zionist nazis are not Human! To think
zionists would proclaim these American made monsters were
god loving Jews! Let US, as the Humans, hunt each and
every zionist visible in this video down for prosecution.
Do it for Christ, do it for Love, do it for God and
Family. Death to the bushite, death to the enemies of our


/ / Think: Any real man would kill an enemy bushite to
save the lives of the innocent they admittingly target
for plunder to please the neo-con God haters. \ \

/ / 11.00 - an hour before Dan Halutz decides to sell his
stocks, an IDF tank drives over a large explosive. Two
hours after the start of the event, a second major tragic
event is taking place. A Merkava II tank with its crew of
four drives over a very powerful explosive just 70 meters
north of the border. The lethal explosive is estimated
around 200-300 kg. The four soldiers are declared missing
in action. 12.00 - the IDF Chief of Staff, sells his
stocks. \ \

Halutz is not Jewish! Would a Jew kill a Jew for
financial gains? A neocon zionist, sure, a bushite
American cop killer, well of course, but not a REAL Jew.


/ / (Beirut, August 16, 2006) - Massive amounts of
unexploded ordnance (UXO) resulting from 33 days of heavy
fighting in Lebanon threaten civilian life and limb,
Human Rights Watch said today \ \

What is a war crime?, and is it possible that a war crime
could be committed by an American funded nazi zionist
neocon God hater right in front of everyone as some kind
of ungodly dare - that Americans are too weak to defend
themselves from lawless tyranny? Oh really.?


/ / Ramon added, "In order to prevent casualties among
Israeli soldiers battling Hezbollah militants in southern
Lebanon, villages[/ers] should be flattened by the
Israeli air force before ground troops move in." \ \

Demon Ramon MUST by executed by the Jews as a nazi war



/ / In addition to antiquities, the Israelis went so far
as to "steal fertile Lebanese soil and transport it to
settlements in northern Israel," a brazen act
investigated by UNIFIL's leadership. "Israel has admitted
the removing of Lebanese fertile soil from some areas
inside the occupied border strip of South Lebanon to
settlements in the occupied Galilee," \ \




/ / Islamabad neglected to blacklist Jamaat-Ud-Dawa (JUD)
or freeze its assets, allowing the al-Qaida front to
continue to operate legally inside Pakistan's borders.
Authorities have traced money for the British sky terror
operation back to the JUD charity.

Sources say Scotland Yard is furious that terror-war
partner Islamabad failed to dismantle the Pakistan-based
terror infrastructure that supported the London bombings. \ \


Israel comes to America: ADL-TRAINED LOCAL POLICE

/ / "I was harassed, beaten, and shocked with a
Tazer-like gun in my front yard before my wife and
children, and then abused for 6 hours by the ADL-trained
local police," explains American Free Press journalist
and Republic Broadcast Network talk show host Christopher
Bollyn on the RBN website. \ \

This is what America will further go to, if YOU,
PERSONALLY, make no effort to defend ourselves from
zionist tyranny. Justice for God, Justice for Johnny,
Justice for America - SoldieRS: let's now get the bushmob
for 911 - please. Or, die as cowards, we'll decide.


/ / It would be great disservice to millions of those who
raised their voices against the war to punish Ehren. He
symbolizes the conscience of majority of our humanity. A
guilty verdict would be immoral and unnecessary. No
justice would be served by sacrificing one more innocent
human being at the altar of War Party. \ \

Do not let the bushite enemy forces deny such a brave
patriot warrior his cherished freedom and beliefs in a
great America.

/ / Carter: I don't think that Israel has any legal or
moral justification for their massive bombing of the
entire nation of Lebanon. What happened is that Israel is
holding almost 10,000 prisoners, so when the militants in
Lebanon or in Gaza take one or two soldiers, Israel looks
upon this as a justification for an attack on the
civilian population of Lebanon and Gaza. I do not think
that's justified, no. \ \


Bombed Ambulance driver miraculously survives to tell
humanity about the secret aims of the nazi imperialists.

/ / Shaulan, who has worked with the Red Cross for 13
years, is also training manager at the headquarters. He
said that minutes after his ambulance was bombed, another
ambulance nearby that was collecting injured people was
also bombed. \ \

/ / The articles goes on to describe how Israel, as part
of this agreement, initiated a series of low-key attacks
in Gaza and Lebanon to provoke reactions from Hezbollah
and Hamas. \ \

/ / Israel's assault on Lebanon was planned before
Hezbollah attacked and was aimed at driving a wedge
between the different faiths in the country, a delegation
from the World Council of Churches says. \ \

/ /when Bin Laden was in Sudan, and the government there
wanted to turn him over to the US, Madeleine Albright
argued that the US could not take him, since there was no
criminal indictment against him. \ \ No evidence for
anything she meant.


/ / First of all, not all terrorists are muslim. Second,
Islam is a religion, not a race. Anyone of any race can
choose to follow Islam and to commit Islamic Jihad. Let's
not make the situation worse by pointing fingers at the
color of someone's skin. \ \







Church body condemns Israel

/ / "We came back from Lebanon sharing the impression
that this destruction was planned. And if the action by
Hezbollah was the trigger, this was a planned operation
all ready to go,"\ \


A Real One of All Things


/ / The corporate news media is force feeding the notion
that Pakistan's ISI helped prevent the terrorist bombings
of U.S. aircraft. In fact, as our sources have confirmed,
ISI supported the very groups that are said to be behind
the plot[...] \ \

Others too have come out with this, 'it looks like this
last big terrorism bust, was actually a real one of all
things. It's too sloppy with the blatant ISI-Qaeda-ISI
hanging all over it. The bushmob might actually go down
on this one, if more evidence should arise linking the
let escape ISI from 911 to carry on, with yet another
attempt at murdering undefended Americans left dying

Give finally, Justice for Johnny and the nine-eleven


/ / Here's our proposed "new normal": [...] 3. An
International Criminal Court trial in The Hague with
indicted George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Dick Cheney, Donald
Rumsfeld and all their neo-con advisers and facilitators
in the docket. \ \

We also need a massive overhaul in Our news channel
prioritizing, including to add censorship free, open line
public communications. Done to gain value in learning
from the art of conversations. We need still to
appreciate the values of a free society where Justice is
above all, the measure of our success to communicate
openly. It's like we, the TV'ed People, aren't even alive
enough to care we're treating ourselves unjustly; by the
rich TV peepals having no reflecting concern, about what
you or me with the poor dead soldiers truly think about
further dying victims enslaved by the intellect of the
demon antichrist, Our Mr. bush Jr.. I demand CNN, CBC,
and FOXNews explain themselves on why they have forbidden
America's Sons and Daughters to learn from the FBI: Ahmad
funded 911's Atta. Why do they not care for US soldiers
suffering losses to life I ask you seriously? People are
actually really dying for the bushmobs lies. While were
told were doubtful on forming any conclusive conclusion
about definitely supporting evidence to form our
decisions about something so serious as waging war on the
backs of the who cares dying poor. Bastards. Ozzy rules.


Fatal Strikes: Israels Indiscriminate Attacks Against
Civilians in Lebanon



I'd like to nominate DemocracyNow.org for some kind of
award regarding this news broadcast. Only one of many
others, that provide us a dedicated production to values
in respect for ourselves, the interested party.

Democracy Now


Human Rights Watch has fully documented crimes against
Christ by Nazi Israel. IDF Nazi commanders must be
arrested, tried, then executed for their war crimes
against our Humanity.

They, the Zionist pirates of Israel, the nazi antiJew
enemies of God's Creation, have targeted the innocent
Peoples of Lebanon with willful indiscriminate attacks
using land mine cluster duds, and hundreds of tons of
radio-active toxic waste that will suffer our Humanity
with cancers in the region for millions of years. Please,
I beg, I plead you to support my calls for Justice
regarding the antiJew bushite losers. The criminal
actions of the Pentagon's re-arming of the zionist
neocons, are crimes against us, the Peoples of the Jew,
and I demand a voice for our grievances. Now.

A Just cause can be achieved where it is practiced. Join
me in joining others to this masquerade of wonders, and
then let's get the work that needs to be done to make
ourselves better. We need a coast to coast radio
broadcast where we can talk directly on what needs to be
done to end the stupid man wars, and also, assist in the
direction of making the arrests of those responsible for
the terrorist crime cover ups of 911, and other things
outstanding. Just do it.


ISRAELI Labor MK: Stop fighting at once


/ / "I don't want to get into it," he said. "Don't drag
me into the political battlefield. There were pressures
applied via the media. Writers, and I don't know who sent
them or who gave them the moral authority to push the
fighting, said that Hizbullah must be defeated. First of
all, Hizbullah won't be defeated, and second, it can't be
done in three days," said Yatom, who served as head of
the Mossad in the past. \ \




Largest US Church says Bush behind 9/11


A Just God

Again, it's the most wicked evil I've ever heard of.
"These kind of situations are completely untrue." And
yet, no they're not. They just say that, and expect YOU
to fall into doubt.

A Real One of All Things - Terrorism by the Bush Administration




Again, I will remind all admirable soldiers and police
officers: CNN, CBC, and FOXNews has forbidden our truths
to be broadcast

in support of Justice for ourselves. WTC7. Zionist
corporate medias are deliberately working to mislead our
kids to have them willingly sacrifice their lives in
further support of the real terrorists that committed the
crimes of 911.


IDF Nazi general: Troops lacking food can steal from Lebanese stores





/ / This has led to fiery rhetoric on the part of
Hezbollah and its supporters, which has been exploited by
Israel and the United States to paint Hezbollah as an
organization dedicated to the destruction of Israel.
Nothing could be further from the truth. Hezbollah has
stated that its goals are the removal of all Israeli
forces from Lebanon, the Golan Heights and the return of
Palestinian refugees to Palestine. Hezbollah also
continues to demand the release of Lebanese and
Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails, some of whom
have been imprisoned for nearly 20 years. It was the
prisoner issue that led to the most recent outbreak of
violence between Israel and Hezbollah. \ \


/ / Events since escalated into a mass conflagration when
Hezbollah resistance fighters captured (again, not
"kidnapped") two IDF soldiers who apparently illegally
crossed the UN-monitored "blue line" into Lebanon as
they've routinely done almost daily after withdrawing
from the country in May, 2000. \ \


/ / But the whole of Isaiah 58 is a reminder that God
requires charitability and respect for all people,
especially the less fortunate. It is clear that the State
of Israel is not the same as the spiritual Kingdom of
Israel promised to believers regardless of their ethnic
background. \ \

Four short clips of things Americans never see on TV

/ / It wasn't and someone with courage ran it on TV - in
Israel. Then, thanks to Canada, it was aired in North
America. You will never see it on a US network \ \

/ / Shortly after 9/11, Odigo was taken over by Comverse
Technology, another Israeli company. Within a year, five
executives from Comverse were reported to have profited
by more than $267 million from "insider trading." \ \

Shelters for Jews, None for Israel's Arab Citizens

/ / ..the well-known Israeli historian Benny Morris
acknowledged in a 2004 interview with the Israeli daily
Haaretz, "A Jewish state would not have come into being
without the uprooting of 700,000 Palestinians. Therefore,
it was necessary to uproot them. There was no choice but
to expel that population. It was necessary to cleanse the
hinterland and cleanse the border areas and cleanse the
main roads." \ \

Cleanse Humanity of our Humanity for the ungodly zionist
anti-Jew Love hater.

/ / obtained by The Nation, reveals that Blackwater
included profit in its overhead and its total costs,
which would result "not only in a duplication of profit
but a pyramiding of profit since in effect Blackwater is
applying profit to profit." The audit also found that the
company tried to inflate its profits by representing
different Blackwater divisions as wholly separate
companies. \ \

/ / Cluster bombs, incidentally, are only illegal when
used against civilians, not against military targets. And
since Israel has declared that there are no civilians in
southern Lebanon anymore, the problem is solved. \ \


911 war criminal Condoleezza Rice 'no cease-fire against
the innocent'

Reason to rid Condoleezza Rice for our decision making

/ / "We are very afraid from all the bombings," said
Ramadan, a 12-year-old boy in the park. "I hope they
stop. This is all we want now." \ \

/ / "We left our house because they are bombing
everything in the civilian neighborhoods," she told IPS.
"They are killing all our children. What human would ever
do this kind of thing?" \ \

911 war criminal Condoleezza Rice 'no cease-fire against
the innocent'


George Galloway Blasts Sky News as a Pro Zionist Media


/ / Al-Mash'hadani accused the American forces of
standing behind terrorist attacks in Iraq, saying: "The
occupation is the first and last cause of the problem, it
has overthrown the [former] regime without a plan, it has
suppressed the state with no reason, it has led to the
resistance and it has infiltrated it, it has brought
Al-Qaeda to Iraq..." After approving the statement that
"American occupation troops stand behind some of the
terrorist attacks," he described today's Iraq as
"Americastan." \ \


Bush said. "Millions of Lebanese civilians have been
caught in the [indiscriminate] crossfire of military
operations because of the unprovoked attack and
kidnappings by Hezbollah."

It is Israel who instigated this war with lawlessness,
and keeps it going by refusing cease-fire, to murder the
godly and innocent as enemies of God's Creation.


Israeli children sending gifts of hatred

I beg armed American men, to hunt religiously ungodly
zionist bushite nazi vermins to save the lives of our
precious loved ones.


They go, "Yah, but we were elected.", yah, but you didn't
tell us you were going to be a traitor when you took


/ / ``Defense officials told the Post last week that they
were receiving indications from the US that [bushite]
America would be interested in seeing [Nazi] Israel
attack [Syria] Syria,'' the newspaper reported. [for some
whatever never tried negotiation 'unattainable'.] \ \




"Hizbullah is not anti-Jewish. I repeat, they are not anti-Jewish."



On The Zionist Israeli Nazi Liar

No democracy or religion is going to vote in rights
inferior to the supreme nazi zionist enemy. A "Jewish
State" is a State where all GODLY people are treated
equally with respect and honor. As according to Hillel.
That is not the practiced tyrannies of the zionist
Israeli liar, therefore Israel is not a Jewish State.
John has spoken in our own image, while Israel continues
to victimize the innocent unjustly.

Enemy of the Jew Israel, demon liars who kidnapped
innocent people prior to beginning these most recent
ISRAELI war crimes against Humanity in Lebanon, has
repeatedly committed UNGODLY acts of first degree murder
by TERRORISM. In Qana, we say, they have footage, shot
from GROUND LEVEL at about 356 yards from the event, that
someone unknown shot from that sovereign area somewhere a
rocket at sometime, nowhere near where they admit
deliberately hitting our children with bombs. So? Demon
enemy zionists say, Hezbollah is present in Lebanon as a
proven liberating force that brought about true
democracy, while opening schools and hospitals that
served everyone equally. So? Death to the zionist nazi
Jew haters for killing OUR God's LOVED children with
their blatant DEMON LIES. The twenty plus Syrian farmers
that zionists say were top secretly weapons dealers
worthy of first degree murder, we say, G-d says, zionist
LIARS are enemies to Freedom and America. Now, antiGod
Israel is bombing dense residential districts without
even bothering to warn anyone, while barbarically,
trumpeting unchallenged on CNN, CBC, and FOXnews on how
despicable their terrorists acts are of indiscriminate
amerikan zionist nazi celeb, who states those crimes
don't deserve war crime trials followed by the RIGHTFUL
public executions of OUR ungodly enemies. Death to the
bushite, death to the enemies of Jewery. FOXNews is
clearly to all, an enemy of America. FOXNews looks to
deceive "Marines" who don't have the intellect to defend
America from 911's bushmob. Ask the "lawless" demon
enemies of Creation what is a crime anyway? Targeting
cars?, apartment buildings?, power plants? ASK THEM!
Look, what good are U.N. forces if they're not prepared
to defend the innocent of Lebanon? Nazi zionists don't
provide evidence, because we all know they're thieves and
liars as the primary function of their illegitimate
existence. When the multinational forces come in, are
they going to hunt down the ungodly purveyors of
injustice and lawlessness? We can only hope the King of
the Jews, Johnny Wizard rules - forever and always,

Trial for Treason to Sean Hannity for alleging HIS lie
again, that Iran states the Holocaust never happened.

FOXNews "We read all your email." (realize this con.)

http://www.arabnews.com/?page=7&section=0&articlew354&d=4&m=8&y 06

/ / But who talks of the Israeli abduction of a
Palestinian doctor and his brother from Gaza that led to
the eventual capture of these soldiers? Who even bothers
to mention the fact that 10,000 Palestinian prisoners
languish in Israeli jails? \ \

The UN resolution doesn't contain wording to include the
kidnapped innocent People ungodly Israel holds captive,
for Bolton's UN, doesn't want to the truth to come out
that Israel's attack against God was/is completely
unjustified. This didn't start with the capturing of
criminal IDF antiJews on lebanon soil, it started when
Israel victimized the innocent to steal or torture from
US as the ungodly. A free democacy doesn't vote to
victimize themselves as the enemy. Zionist nazi holocaust
deniers do though as enemies of the Jewish State of
Israel To-day.


/ / Look, CNN, CBC, and FOXNews KNOWS the bushmob did
911, [VIDEO of WTC7 is forbidden on all OUR corporate
news broadcasts] and will smile to us ALL while lying to
American Soldiers who die cowardly as teenage dumfuks for
the satanic neocon LIAR enemies of God. \ \

American Commanding General Casey has pronounced that
American Marines are now on the hunt for those who run
death squads in Iraq. Aegis. P2OG. Aegis is remember, a
rumsfeld favorite to, down and around through
destabilizing the region, death squad American Marines
too for huge financial profit at their made purposefully
costly failures, paid for by Foxnewzed American citizens
who rightly, just don't know any better about the
murderous war profiteering tactic of truly demonic enemy
savages. Hoar-yah. Death to the bushite, death to our


/ / So do some others: Iraq is slipping towards a civil
war which could see the division of the country,
Britain's outgoing ambassador in Baghdad has warned the
government. \ \

Poppycock. The terrorist attacks are almost always done
indiscriminately in support of the enemy bushmob
continuing. Killing Marines. Oh well, who really cares
anyway, right? They killed more of US, than they of them.

/ / Trust me please. CNN, CBC, and FOXNews corporate
managements know, bush and the neocons did 911, but as
the contemptibly ungodly, it's only YOUR LIFE they are
willing to sadistically sacrifice for more criminal ill
gotten gains as the TRULY Satanic. \ \


911 Bush "We must bring Justice to those who would attack

/ / Everyone in southern Lebanon is a terrorist and is
connected to Hezbollah, roared Israeli Justice Minister
Haim Ramon on July 27. \ \

No, Israeli Justice Minister Haim Ramon is a nazi war
criminal, who will be tried for execution publicly by US,
the Kings and Queens of Jewishness. Makes you think what
other crimes against G-D zionist nazi Haim Ramon is a
part of in the UNJUST cover ups eh?

No democracy or religion is going to vote in rights
inferior to the supreme nazi zionist enemy. A "Jewish
State" is a State where all GODLY people are treated
equally with respect and honor. As according to Hillel.
That is not the practiced tyrannies of the zionist
Israeli liar, therefore Israel is not a Jewish State.
John has spoken in our own image, while Israel continues
to victimize the innocent unjustly.


A enemy bushite terrorist threatens to kill a waking
American Patriot Warrior.

/ / One of them, a Sgt. Raymond Girouard, has been
accused by Private First Class Bradley Mason of
threatening him before he testified about the May 9
incident: "If you say anything, I'll kill you." \ \

Easily kill the ENEMY bushite instead my brave American
Patriot Brothers. Do it for America, God and Christ as
Love is worth defending. Rapists and torturers will not
be classified "lawless" by the ungodly bush regime of
rapists and torturers.



/ / "There were no questions posed to him about
communication problems between police and firefighters in
the towers, or why New York City had its emergency
response command center in World Trade Center 7 after the
complex had been the target of the 1993 terrorist
attack," they wrote. \ \

The Emergency Response Command Center in WTC7? Don't let
these enemies of America escape the wrath of the American
Patriot MEDIA Warrior, the TRUE, the JUST, AND THE FREE.
How can not someone there then, be made aware that
explosives are being set throughout the bushite building
of emergent questions on commanding, could be secretly
coming, terrorist response times? blink.. blink. How much
longer must we wait, while rumsfeld sends more Americans
out to die further running Johnny's America from 911 as
cowards? I am braver than brave, and stronger than
strong. I've been called allot of things, but cowardly
like bushite amerka goes, is a path I will not tread
willingly into bushite slavedum. It is Justice I lay
claim to defend, my rights to not be denied Freedom for
this shared world, as a gift worth everything I am as a
living righteous human being. Corporate America might go
willingly to except no Justice for themselves regarding
911, but I won't ever. For, that wouldn't be just
cowardly treasonous, as ungodly behavior, but what could
also be, dead to themselves for not loving Creation as
freedom is our Humanity. You can hate me, but to hate
working for Justice in a dying world, is a dead end road
leading further into a lawless tyranny of losers losing.
Being cheated further down to watching for corporate news
America to die again some 'other' unknown unjustly, not
spoken for as a real person who was truly cared for. Then
it's over.

Be a winner! Talk to Winnipeg!! Bravo!!!

The 911 terrorists must be arrested to save ourselves
from misery. American pleads for Justice fall on deaf
ears censored by our fascistic national media channels
because 'they', 20 or 30 guys, claim we're not at all
listening to what they haven't officially allowed
considerable for our important life and death decision
broadcasts - involving US surviving with their refusals
to live up to Our expectations.

Freedom is Justice.


/ / Gillerman, at a pro-Israel rally in New York,
thundered, To those countries who claim that we are using
disproportionate force, I have only this to say: Youre
damn right we are. \ \

God, my friends, please support our calls for justice
against the true 911 perpetrators.

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners

(BIG SNP get the full version!?)


"I stress that I have not carried out this act, which
appears to have been carried out by individuals with
their own motivation. ... I have already said that I am
not involved in the 11 September attacks in the United
States. ... I had no knowledge of these attacks."


The Benderman Cause

A Canadian Soldier's Life Held in Contempt - The Verdict

LET IT BE KNOWN - Propagandized stupider than the fates
will allow

Realize, CNN and CBC have received this post, yet,
continue to treasonously lie to dying soldier families.

Nazi Israel - The Judgment of Jesus

Unjust as they are ungodly, bushites are our enemies

ATTENTION: All admirable soldiers and police officers -
Realize, CNN and CBC have received this post, yet,
continue to treasonously lie to dying soldier families.

It was great. That was a God moment, and the corporations don't want
you to see God moments like that, because it truly illustrated how
much THEY pay..

Christ Returns: Innocent American to be 'legally'
murdered by death sentence

How Far Will An Iraqi Kid Run For Water? - A good
bushite, is a dead bushite, halted from victimizing our
innocent selves.

American Patriot Answers the Call to Jihad - Christ Wars Bushite
Enemies for the Love of our Living God

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