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On Praying, Fucking, Sucking And So Forth - Excercising And
Activiating To Music Timed To One Thirty Seventh On The Metronome -
Fisting And Punching People With Your Clenched Hands And Crasping Or
Clasped Knuckles - Phlooching Out And Fisting The Vaginal Cavity,
Rectal Cavity, And Mouthal Cavity - The Importance Of Kindlyness And
Teamwork - Phenomenal Elegance - Plurlbalescent / Plurablescent Nature
Of Negative Punishments And Positive Rewards - Timed Persuasive
Mosture - Keeping Every Thing And Everybody In Harmony And In Synch -
Deep Sea Ocean Trench Off The East Coast Of The United States - The
Shelfs Systems And Trenches Systems - Side Bender Currents - Making A
Large Swimming Pool - Stagnasis - Black Powder 'String' Fuses - Black
Powder 'Cap And Ball' Pistols - Zircon Diamonds, And Other "Radio
Active" Gem Stones, Etc. - Higher Temperatures Develop More Useful
Energies For Making Babies - Geiger Counters And Their Usefulness -
Novice And Amateur 'Rock Hounding' Rock Collectors Clubs -
Decontaminating Your Self With Ocean Salts - Ancient Dry Lakes -
Hydrolific Pressures From Water Falls - Underground Lakes - Baha
Mexico - Finding Good Rocks With 'Radiological' Salts Kiddies Bullets
- Plastiques, Explosives, Radiological 'Bullets', 'Nuclear
Detonations', And Decontaminating Yourself Of Radiological Salts
Kiddies - Sledgehammering Continents And Land Areas Where Lesbianists
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On Praying, Fucking, Sucking And So Forth

You are rewarded for praying Nam Myeo Ho Ren Ge Kyeo. You are also
rewarded for fucking, sucking, tounging, licking, fingering, dicking
or massaging your dick against a woman's bun bun, or inside of her
butt hole, where there are lots of sensitivities buttons that get her
clicking and eroteming and orgasming, or against her titties to get
her eroteming and orgasming, and so on, and for palming or massaging a
pelvital button, or the love and joy stick, the dick, or a love button
or love patch, igniter switch, or whatever nerve sending touch
sensitive love joy button there is embedded into your body, in the
pelvis, groin, vagina, and in the musculatures of the groin, pelvis,
and vagina, with the palm of your hand, and so on. You also get
rewarded for throating a woman with your dick, as there are lots of
love buttons in her mouth, and throat, lips, and so forth. Men also
have love buttons in their lips, throats, tounges, mouths, butthole,
and on their body, and those buttons also get clicking, and turning on
and off, and sending sensitivities messages or signals, nerve pulses,
up the eroteming nerval system and up the orgasming nerval system. You
get rewarded for dicking men and boys in the throats, and in the
buttholes, and their bodies, just as you get rewarded for dicking
women. There is no discrimination in this area, and every one is
equally rewarded for their meritorious acts of dicking others, women,
girls, men, and boys.

Why are you rewarded for praying Nam Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyeo, and for
dicking, fucking, and sucking, bumbeying, or moving your vaginal
bumbey package against a woman's sexaling body parts to erotemize your
self, and the woman, and for breasting your titties, i.e, rubbing your
titties against or flopping them against and massaging them against a
woman's butty butt or against her other sexaling body parts to get you
and your friend sexually erogenized i.e., sexually stimulated,
erotemized, and orgasming, and for other sexaling activities that help
you and your friend and friends to produce purifying sexaling

You are rewarded for your praying and for your fucking, sucking,
dicking, and so forth, for helping to get every thing and every body
going at the right pace in synch with every thing and every body else,
for every body in my universe who is working for me, to keep them
moving in harmony, perfectly meshed and in synch and in a timed
persuasive mosture, with each other, so as to keep my universe
standing up, strong, wholesome, robust, healthy, well, and fine. You
are rewarded for praying as well as for sexaling, as you help move my
children along as they do their work, as you pray and as you sexal and
spray out energies from eroteming, from erotistically orgasming, and
from sexually orgasmically convulsing, i.e., phlumetting, while you
shatter out and spray out purifying energies in all directions, that
will clearify and erase your karmic markups, and the karmic markups of
others, all around you, for millions and more of miles, way out beyond
where you are activiating and religialing, i.e., sexaling.

Your dicking, sucking, licking, titty massaging others, and so forth,
will get wonderful and wholesome, GODLY, purifying energies shooting
out of your bodies, and the energies shoot out at rates of speed that
also help my universe to keep synchronized, and to move along at the
right pace for it to be able to stand up and remain stable and solid,
durile, strong, wholesome, pure, and a nice place to live in.

Every one who works for me, has a rate of speed they work at, a life
pace, or life spin. We all have a pace of life. In some cities, it is
fast and hustling. In some places, it is slow and whimsical. My kids
work according to a rate of speed that is metered, and they keeps
every one moving as best as they can, according to this metered pace.
The metered synchronized pace that my children work at the rate of is
one thirty seventh and one fifth, approximately, on the metronome.

If you help to push my kids along at that rate of speed, or a rate of
speed that is close to it, as you pray at a metered synchronized pace
and rate of speed, and as you fuck, suck, and so forth at a metered
synchronized pace and rate of speed, then you are rewarded with angel
dusts, or purifying energies faerie dusts that my kids daub on your
head, and throw buckets loads of over your head and body and that they
wash your insides out with and that they wash your body, inside and
outside, with as they shower them all over you on the outside of your
body, and all around in your body on the inside of you, which then
help to clean you up and clearify your karmic markups, cleanse your
karma, and purify your life, making you a shining, radiant, pure and
holy being, though you may not notice at first, as we are too filthy,
karmically speaking, to notice the changes, as our karma is too thick
and mucky to allow us to feel the changes that are taking place in our
karma and life.

I have a gradient scale for how close you keep people moving, and at
what rate of speed you help to push them along, and as you help to
push my kids along, so that they can do their work, you are rewarded,
in accordance with my gradient scale, with more angel dusts or
purifying energies for better preformance, and with less angel dusts
for poorer or less effective performance. You have to do some thing
that will help my kids move along at a metered pace, so that they can
get their work done. Praying Nam Myeo Ho Ren Ge Kyeo sets off a time
frame synch. A time frame synch is the metered click, click, click, of
the metronome. This time frame synch or metered pace, that you achieve
while praying, Nam Myeo Ho Ren Ge Kyeo, will help keep every one
moving, at the right pace, if you pray it in a rythym and at a rate of
speed that will synch up with a metronome at one thirty seventh and
one fifth, approximately. Your efforts to help keep my kids working
and moving at a consistent rate of speed, will get rewarded, thus for
praying, Nam Myeo Ho Ren Ge Kyeo, you are rewarded, with purifying
energies, that my kids dump on you.

Your efforts for fucking, sucking, licking, tounging, titty whipping
or banging your titty nipple against the vagina of a woman or girl,
dicking, fingering, palming, and so forth, all get rewarded, if you
try to keep every thing in synch with the metered pace of the
metronome at one thirty seventh and one fifth, approximately. The
gradient scale also applies, of course, as you are fucking and
sucking, etc., so the better the job you do of keeping your pace at
one thirty seventh and one fifth, approximately, the higher your
rewards will be. Your rewards are the same, more or less, for both
praying and for fucking and sucking, and my kids sprinkle and dump
angel dusts, purifying energies, on you as a reward. You also get
markups that are meritorious, and you are rewarded with a better and
happier life.

Further, when you are orgasming, and eroteming, or pushing out
energies as you orgasm, and erotem, you will be pushing out energies
that shoot out at consistent rates of speed. These rates of speeds of
these energies are in concordance with our pace of life, they all
perfectly mesh with the paces of life that my kids keep. The energies
as they pass out, and push along through time and space, at synched up
and consistent rates of speeds, all help to keep my kids moving along
as they do their work and tasks, and they all help to keep our
universe, standing up, strong, healthy, wholesome, well, and fine.

Chaos breaks the legs off the foundation to our universe, and our
universe begins to creak and moan, as it begins to crumble, slide,
twist, and tumble downwardsly. Making chaotic noises, and chaotic
movements, detracts from the harmonics of our universe. Your breaking
glasses, and breaking skulls, and legs, and arms, are also chaotic
events producing, in most cases, and they will detract from the
perfect synch up of our universe, as leg bones and arm bones, skulls,
fingers and toes, begin to splinter, as you apply pressures to them,
you get negative markups for your actions. A record is kept of every
chaotic action you take, or make, and if you make enough chaos, in
your lifetime, and in your following lifetimes, then you will suffer
from your poor records of performance for keeping my universe standing
up, wholesome, healthy, happy, and well.

Every scream you cause to be vocated or vocalized, is recorded, and
the intensity of the scream, and yell, and crying out in pain, plus a
lot of other factors involved, are all recorded by my kids, and you
get negative marks for that kind of performance.

The love making oooohs, and aaaahhhs you cause to be vocated, are
harmonic appeals of soothing restfullness to the spirit, and to the
mind, are also graded, and you are graded on how well you can cause
others to produce them, and your scores are kept, and if you are a
lousy performer, with more negatives than positives, you'll end up
with a lousy life, as a result, as you are rewarded in accordance for
your positive performance, as well as for your negative performance.

Helping to keep all of my children working in harmony, and doing their
jobs and tasks, at a metered pace, will be rewarded, not only with
angel dusts, but also with a better life with more positive fortune,
as you recieve positive points or merit points for your collaborating
with my children, and working to support them, and more fun as your
life becomes graced with more positive merits and as your rewards
begin to pile up, and more good things begin to go on in your life.

If you sit on the side of your chair and have a pair of drum sticks,
or are using a bongo drum, or calypso drum, with the long tube belly,
or stack, a long barrel tubed drum, or if you sit at your drum set, or
set up your electronic drum pads, and begin pounding away, in a
syncopated manner, for your pleasure, just drumming away, with no
notion in mind as to any thing other than achieving a nice rythym for
you and your friends to listen to, if you happen to be with friends,
your merit points will be near zero, and your efforts will not rate on
my gradient scale, as your actions will not be in accordance with my
program for a better universe for all people, and for my kids to live
and work in.

If, however, you have the attitude, "I wish to support John's kids,
and syncopate myself while I'm drumming, so as to be supportive of
John's kids, to help John's kids work in a syncopated manner, doing
all I can to support John's kids", then, your merit points as you
drum, will go sky high, through the roof, and you'll get meritorious
benefits for your efforts, or merit points, and good marks, for your
efforts. It's like helping kindly old women, who are frail and in need
of a helping hand and support, cross the street. If you act in a
kindly and charitable manner to help support those around you, you get
meritorious points for your efforts. These efforts of your's, however
kindly, regrettably, though they are kindly efforts, are not the kinds
of efforts that we need, my kids and me, need to keep my universe
standing up, and moveing strongly. For efforts that support my kids
work environment, and that lend a hand to them to help them to get
their work done, your meritorious efforts marks will go through the
roof, and you'll be blessed with angel dusts, i.e., purifying energies
that help to clean up your karma, and erase and clearify your karmic
markups, or marks that record your bad and cruel, or negative actions
towards others, and towards your self. You can kill your self, and
cause grief to others, as a result of your departure, to my Epcot
Center, and that rates negative marks and negative points markings or
markups for you.

When you try to do any thing, that will help to syncopate my children,
and to make my children's working environement more syncopated, and
rythmical, with your concentrated mind, and determination to make that
a reality, in other words, a prayerful attitude in mind, hoping to
make John's children's working environments syncopated, and rythmical,
and in rythym with every one elses', i.e., all of my other kids'
syncopated working environements, then with that attitude of
hopefulness, or a prayerful attitude, than, you are rewarded for your
efforts, and determination, and as you drum away, or pound and beat on
your calypso drum, or on your metal Bahamian or Tinian, or Haitian, or
Jamaican, drums, or on your dresser drawers, if your mom does not
mind, as you pound away, keeping your mind set on your determination
to keep all of my kids working in unison with each other, and helping
them to keep in syncopated harmony, all in perfect flux, and perfectly
meshed in timing, with every one else, as they work for me, then your
rewards and positive points markups, will be very high, and you'll be
rewarded by my children, with angel dusts that they daub on your
forehead, and dump all over you, from their barrels they carry full of
angel dusts, or purifying energies to clearify your markups from your
karmic markup piles, kept inside of your body, kept in storage in the

If you listen to music that is syncopated to the timing of one thirty
seventh and one fifth on the metronome, or closely syncopated to it,
you will be rewarded for merely listening to it, and you'll receive
faerie and angel dusts, purifying energies, as my kids daub them on
your head, and spray them all over you, inside and out.

Your markups are inside the molecules inside your body, but they are
also out side of your body, in every molecule, nearly, going way out
to the very farthest edges of my universe. We will eventually get to
all of them, and purify or clearify and erase all of your karmic
markups, the notations and records that my kids keep on you, and on
your activities, and eventually, we'll get them all, and your life
will then be full of grace and happiness. It will be a long time
before we get to all of them, as you and I and every one in my
universe, have been here, and enormous length of time.

As you drum, or skip, or dance, or do areobics, in syncopation, with
the attitude that you want to keep all of John's kids in step, and in
synch, and in unison and harmonicly meshed and in perfect flux with
each other, or perfectly meshing with each other, and every one else
who works for me, whether you drum, skip, dance, or do areobics, it
does not matter, if your mind is set and determined to help my kids,
with your efforts, you will be rewarded for your efforts, no matter
whether you skip, jump rope, dance, or areobically excercise.

As you sexalate, if you keep in your mind that you wish to keep all of
John's kids in syncopated harmony, perfectly in flux, and in unison,
just as when you are drumming, or skipping rope, or dancing, or
playing basketball, or playing tennis, or badminton, or any sport,
with your movements all timed, and in perfect syncopation, when you
sexal with the right attitude to keep John's kids in synch, perfectly
meshed in perfect accordance and flux, with each other, and with every
one else, you will be rewarded grandurally, that is, grandly, or in a
grand or very great manner.

Excercising And Activiating To Music Timed To One Thirty Seventh On
The Metronome

Music timed to one thirty seventh on the metronome, and one fifth, or
as close to one thirty seventh on the metronome that you can get, is
okay, and it will help you to dance, play tennis, play sports, do
areobic excercises, and other types of activities, at that pace that
we need to keep to help keep my kids working smoothly, and you'll be
graded on your performance, and on your attitude while you are
dancing, or excercising, and the more intently you concentrate and use
your mental energies and mental control to stay in synch, and in step,
the better will your scores be, and the higher your marks, and the
greater your rewards of purifying angel dusts and purifying energies
that my working and unionized kids will pour and spread all about you,
inside and out, and all over you.

Sexaling itself is a religious act. Yes. That's true. But, if you
sexalate with this powerful prayerful attitude, or hope in mind, with
your determined mind, and your concentrated mind, as you sexalate, and
help others to sexalate, and help others to erotem, orgasm, phlumett,
and shatter off wonderful energies from orgasming, eroteming, and
phlumetting, your positive points and merit marks, and many other
types of scores my kids keep on your efforts and behavior, all of them
will go higher than any one can see, way out beyond the furthest
galaxy that you can possibly see from your bedroom window, with your
telescope. They'll go out to the futhest edges of my current
univerese, and even beyond the barrier walls, holding up our universe,
that my kids put in, to keep our universe standing up, stable, strong,
and durile or durable and with tensile integrity.

Any action for helping my kids do their work, syncopated, and in
unison, and in harmony, will be rewarded, with angel dusts, and with
positive marks and score points in your records that we keep on you
and every one else in my universe. Your sexaling actions get rewarded,
far more than any other activityating, as your sexaling actions are
the most needed actions, to keep my universe, pure, durile, holy,
sacred, free from negativities, healthy, wholesome, stable, and
constantly in a state of improvementing.

Most people go around destroying things, and causing chaos. We, my
kids and I, need people who are going to help improve the
wonderfulness of our, my, yours, my kids, and all of my other kids,
wether they work for me, or not, meaning, all of my guppies, who are
like you, my relatively normal kids, as well as  all of my abnormal
kids, the abominants kids I've got, that go around thinking it is
funny to eat people, and to pull them into their mouths, and crush
them in miserable pain and agony, like my elephants abominants kids do
to relatively normal human beings kids of mine.

Fisting And Punching People With Your Clenched Hands And Crasping Or
Clasped Knuckles

You all have been bad kids, all of my guppies, all of you who do not
work for me and go around thinking, 'Oh, gee. Aren't I special.' My
guppies are these minded people, who are arrogant, who talk back to
their mama's and to their papa's, and to their relatives, and brothers
and sisters, and to their friends in school, and to their teachers.
Later in life, they become worse, and they talk back with their
actions of being mean to each other. As my guppies grow older, and
become older people, they start fisting others, and that means,
punching people, hitting them with their clenched fists and hard
knuckles, and hurting them when they pound on their face, or on their
stomach, or on their body some where, and break bones, and tear
muscles, and stretch ligaments with their pounding each other.

Phlooching Out And Fisting The Vaginal Cavity, Rectal Cavity, And
Mouthal Cavity

Fisting is a word used by some people to mean, to insert your hand
into the vagina of a woman, and gay people, homosexually driven
people, fist each other in the butt hole, if either men or women, or
in the vagina, if women. Some people find it interesting to fist each
other in the mouth, by sticking their fist inside the mouth of a
person, pretending it is a dick or a dildoe. You need to phlooch out
the neck muscles, and billow them up, or poof them up and out, and
that will help them to gently relax, and then become expandable or
stretchable, as when they relax, they will easily stretcth out, and
there will be some give, or freedom of expandingness. The neck muscles
then become easy to stretch and push on from the inside with out
hurting the person. It then is easy to insert your fist into the
throat, to massage the inside of the throat, and to use your hand, or
fist, to tickle the igniters, and triggers that set off love buttons
and bells, and whistles, that help women and men to erotem, orgasm,
and phlumett.

Fisting by inserting your fist into the vagina of a woman, when it is
relaxed, and after you've massaged if for many hours, and after it
begins to billow out, or poof out, and then open wide, and then you
can see inside of it, and from the entrance of the vagina, there is a
clear gaping cavity, you can then insert your clenched fist hand into,
to massage the inside of the vaginal cavity. Doing this is very nice,
and is very exciting to do, to help women and girls to erotem, orgasm,
and phlumett. You can phlooch out the butt hole, by massaging it, for
several hours, and it will begin to poof out, and expand, and you'll
see a nanny gate face on it, and that means, it will begin to look a
little bit like a vulva, or the vagina of a woman or girl when at
rest, or exposed between a woman's or girl's legs as she is sitting or
relaxed with no panties on or with no or few clothes on and nothing
covering her hips, pelvis, lower pelvis, pelvital ridge, crotch and
groin, butt and butthole and lower back, there by exposing her butt
and vagina. If you compare a vagina with a phlooched out butthole, you
will see they resemble each other, slightly. There is no vaginal
cleavage of course, around the butthole, but there is a slight
resemblence between a phlooched out butt hole, and a vagina, or vulva,
none the less.

The Vagina And Vulva Compared To The 'Nanny Gated' Butthole

What is the difference between a vagina and a vulva? They are more or
less the same, but the vagina includes lots of parts, inside as well
as out side. The vulva is outside, basically, only, as far as I
understand and remember these things, now. When you massage a
butthole, long enough, it will begin to look like a vulva, or vaginal
face. That's called the nanny gate, or on the male, the male butthole
vagina, as I've spoken about it, before. On the woman, it is the
female butthole vagina, a double 'immitation vagina' for the real one,
as I've mentioned. Men's and women's buttholes are the same, and they
both look like 'immitation vaginas' as I've also mentioned, after you
phlooch out the butt hole of either the female or of the male. Once
you phlooch out the butthole of a man or of a woman, it will poof out,
and expand, and the butthole entrance and cavity will become relaxed,
and easy to insert your clenched fist into, to then push up your fist
into the butthole cavity, and massage it, once the person has cleaned
out the butt hole cavity and once it is clear and free from debris
matter, or food matter, and rotting food particles, and fleshy foods,
or hamburger meat and so on. Phlooching out the vaginal caivity takes
a little longer, but with patience, you can phlooch it out, and then
fist, in this manner. If you phlooch out the butt hole, and rectal
cavity, you can fist your male friends, and your female friends, and
every one, once they have cleaned out their poop hole, and made it
free from rotting debris, will enjoy mutual, and reciprocal, fisting.
Fisting in this way, for sexaling, is alright. Fisting in the other
way, for beating people up, is not nice, and you are given poor marks
for your actions of nautyness, meaness, and cruelty towards others.

Over the long course of time, you all have been naughty at one time or
another. I have many ways to fix you, and to retrain you, and to
rehabilitate you, but you always go bad, and sour, again, as that is
your main drive, or driving internal force in your lives.

The Importance Of Kindlyness And Teamwork

Why have all of my guppie kids all gone south, or in other words, gone
down the road towards unkindlyness? Because, as I've explained, you
forgot what the Love Of GOD is. My religion will help people to
understand what the Love Of GOD is, and that will help keep them on
the correct path of kindly actions towards others, and it will help
them to understand and remember that teamwork to help my working,
unionized kids to keep our universe healthy, strong, durile, standing
up, stable, a safe and happy place to live, and a wonderful place to
live, is very important.

Doing things that support my kids working efforts, will be rewarded,
and doing things that detract from the harmony and syncopation of the
metered pace of my kids who are working, and that slows them down, and
that causes dischordance, will not be favorably rewarded, and you'll
become a female schmuck, or a male schmuck over the length of time, as
you live on in my universe. A schmuck is an unlikeable person.
Sexaling is the most important thing there is for us to do, other than
feeding ourselves correctly to keep us healthy, and excercising, and
leading a balanced, well regulated life, listening to your mama and to
your papa. My religion is based on sexaling, as sexaling is the most
holy and pure activity we can participate in, or do by ourselves.

All the bullshit propaganda of the Lesbianists, that Jesus said this,
and that Buddha said this, and that God will save you if you do this,
and so forth, is pure balooney, bullshit, and made up nonsense. I,
GOD, will not do any thing for any body, unless you help me and my
children to make this universe, a more kindly, and a more wonderful
and prosperous universe for all of us. If you do, I will have my kids,
bless you with angle dusts as they daub them on your forehead, and
then pour barrels of angel dusts over you, as they dump barrels full
over your head and body, for your extra good work, sexaling, in
syncopation, with my kids working rythyms, and in rythym with their
syncopations, flux, and their phenomenal elegance.

Phenomenal Elegance

What is phenomenal elegance? It is their keeping harmony with each
other as they work and keep every thing in order, in my universe for
me, GOD.

You can not escape from this reality of your good actions and your bad
actions being recorded, as my kids keep records on every one, and we
make certain every one is rewarded for their good actions, and we make
certain that every one recieves as close to what they deserve, to help
balance things out, in accordance with their markups, for their bad
actions. If they are bad, they will not meet nice people, and they
will meet naughty people, and not so nice things may begin to happen
between them. If they are good, and if they try to help my kids, as
I've explained about, they will get rewarded, and they will slowly
begin to break away from keeping company with bad people, and they
will gradually ascend to higher rankings or status, and then they will
begin to lead a better life, and they will begin to escape from
meeting with bad people, and the good kids' lives will become blessed
by my kids, as my kids begin to sprinkle angel dusts on the good kids,
and daub the heads of the good kids with purifying energies, and then
dump purifying energies all over the bodies of the good kids who
listen to their mama's and papa's, and sexal with them, and as they
sexal with their mama's and papa's, and sisters and brothers,
relatives, neighbors, and others, the good kids help my kids keep this
universe running smoothly, in harmony, in flux, perfectly meshed, and
in perfect syncopation. Mama's, papa's, sisters, brothers, relatives,
neighbors, and others, all get their heads blessed with angel dusts,
purifying energies, for their good actions along with the good kids,
you, I hope, of course, too.

Plurlbalescent / Plurablescent Nature Of Negative Punishments And
Positive Rewards

This is very important for every body to understand. I have my
working, unionized kids reward the good people, and I have my working,
unionized kids keep records on every action of every one of you, and I
have my kids make sure the bad kids, meet with what they deserve, or
some thing close to it, which may not be too nice, most of the time,
and I have my kids make sure that the good kids, all meet with what
they deserve, or something close to it, and that is usually always
something nice. It may sometimes not be something conspicuously nice,
but it is nice, usually, or positive in nature, always. The bad kids
will get rewarded by something that is negative in nature, always,
usually, or plurlbalescent. What does plurlbalescent mean? It means,
it might not be noticably negative, but it is still negative, in
nature, in essence. This is a topic we can discuss, another time, or
you can ask my kids for more information on it, when you go in and
visit them, with your mama's and papa's, sisters and brothers,
relatives, school teachers, principal, costodians, janitors, school
workers, and others.

We have had too much chaos of late, and for quite some time, and it is
now time to slow it, and bring it to a halt. We are going to produce
positive harmonic concordances that will assist my kids as they work,
and that will help them to stay working in harmony with each other,
with your fucking, sucking, eroteming, orgasming, your shooting out of
purifying energies as you orgasm, and erotem, and with the increase of
the oooohs, and aaaahs, you help to produce, with your practice of my

We have to bring an end to the moronic violence of the Lesbianists. If
that requires a lot of my children, making lots of babies, and lots of
energies, and percussive forces, when you set off a fracturable rock
bomb, then that is what it will take, as you blow Washington DC and
the Baltimore metro area off its ocean ledge, and into the Atlantic,
with that fracturable rock bomb, if it is big enough. Yes, there will
be lots of painful, ouches, and screams, and so forth, but it is
trite, compared to the violence these idiots have been perpetrating,
over the long span of time that they have been in my universe.

We have been here for a very long time. It is nearly impossible to
figure out how long, other than with mathmatical computations. Our
brains will burn out, if we try to figure it out in our heads. It does
not matter how long we have been here. It does matter what we do while
we are here. You are not going any where else, and you are all staying
in my universe, so you will all drop your pants, and your dresses,
remove your shoes, socks, clothes, underwares, panty hosees, and
panties, disrobe, and begin helping others to make lots of ooohs, and
aaaahs, and lots of eroteming and orgasming energies. That will be the
begining of your getting into line with the rest of us, here in my
universe, my kids who work for me. As you eroto with each other,
you'll get graded on your performance, and you'll get paid by my kids,
once you join our country, as I've explained about, before.

Timed Persuasive Mosture

What is a timed persuasive mosture? It is just keeping every body in
synch with each other, persuasively and accurately moving along,
orderly, in an ordered fashion or manner, and with every body in rythm
and syncopated with each other.

Mosture is a type of motus, or motion or fluidity of movement. The
timed fluidity or fluidness of my kids working along in synch with
each other, is critical to having every thing in my universe, standing
up and sturdy, with every thing holding together, as it should be.
Otherwise, if my kids and their work get out of synch, things can come
crashing down, and things can come falling apart, and we do not want

This is a big universe, and we have a lot of people in it, my kids,
and you wouldn't believe how many kids I have. Anyway, they all have
to stay in syncopated, fluid motion, with their paces of life
perfectly meshing with each other's paces of life, to accomplish their
jobs and tasks, in an orderly, and in a fluid movement, harmoniously,
and without delays.

The persuasiveness is accomplished with the help of your sexaling, and
by your keeping pace, and synching your sexaling activities, and the
movements involved in your sexaling activities, and by your spraying
out your energies, as you erotem, orgasm, and phlumett. The
persuasiveness is also accomplished by your keeping pace in unison
with others while you are praying the syncopated phrase, Nam Myeo Ho
Ren Ge Kyeo.

Every thing is timed, and so as you activiate, or carry out these
activities of sexaling, eroteming, orgasming, phlumetting, as well as
the movements involved in sexaling, and as you pray, your synching of
your movements and sounds in time and in pace with the syncopated and
metered metronome click, click, click, at the timed pace of one thirty
seventh and one fifth, on the metronome, approximately, helps to
persuasively move, or persuasively drive and push, every body about,
and along, as they do their work for me, in their many syncopated
paces of life, or life spins. I have many children working at
different life spins, as I've mentioned before, and each group of them
has a different pace of life, or time spin. Your activiating, as
explained, helps drive them along, each at their own pace of life, or
time spin, perfectly meshed with every other child of mine, also in
his or her, and at his or her own particular time rate of speed, time
spin, life spin, or, pace of life.

Every one and every thing must move along in perfect flux, or
perfectly meshed with every body, and with every thing that is going
on in my universe, on every possible level. There are many levels
where activities are going on, and many people are working at
different life spins. Every one, no matter what level they are on, and
at no matter what life spin they are living at, must stay in flux,
perfectly meshed and in perfect harmony, perfectly syncopated with
every one, else.

You are rewarded for your helping to move my kids along, in perfect
flux perfectly meshing with every one and with every thing that is
going on in my universe, with your efforts at sexaling, and with your
praying, as explained, earlier.

In our new society, which we will create, you will score earning
points, and every thing you do, as you sexal, and so forth, and as you
pray, is scored, and a record of your capabilities, or excellence, or
lack of excellence, is kept. You are paid according to your work
performance, as you sexal, activiate, pray, erotem, orgasm, and
phlumett. Also, you are graded on how well you get along with others,
and on how well you try to harmonize and then sexalate with others.
You score earning points, accordingly, and you get paid, according to
how well you perform.

Keeping Every Thing And Everybody In Harmony And In Synch

Explaining how this works, how praying, fucking, sucking, dicking and
hugging, etc., helps keep every thing in synch and in harmony and how
your efforts are rewarded, is a tiny bit more complicated than my
simple explanation, but that is it in a peanut shell.

For those Lesbianists hiding among you who do not wish to surrender,
you Lesbianists will find we are not going to be acting kindly towards
you. All of you Lesbianists, where ever you are in Washington DC, or
hiding underground, or in Paris, or in Rome, Peking, and so forth, you
will be dealt with harshly, as we need to put a stop to your
activities, and a "maybe" is not acceptable in this case. We are not
going to allow you to continue your chaotic, nonsensical, violent
activities one moment longer, and we will blow you up flying high up
into the sky, and off the ocean ledge down below you, in Washington
DC, as we sink your Washington DC area into the ocean, along with all
of Northern Virginia, and the ocean coastal area of Maryland and
Baltimore, along with large parts of the states of Virginia and
Maryland, out to West Virginia, as that area settles down into and
below the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, after we bomb it with one or
more of my fracturable rocks weapons for mass removal of Lesbianists
from the face of the earth and from their hiding places under the
surface of the earth. The Lesbianists in the Washington metro area and
hiding under it, had all better surrender to my kids, or they will all
get their pants and clothes blown off and shredded from their bodies,
if they do not, as they are given a free ride out and up into the
upper atmospheres of our planet, and then, beyond. All other
Lesbianists had better surrender, too, or they risk getting a free
ride out, as well.

Deep Sea Ocean Trench Off The East Coast Of The United States

There is a trench that extends south wards from Washington DC, some
times reaching 25 miles out in some places, and in other places, it
reaches out to eight hundred miles from the shore. In the north, it
reaches out in some places, 85 miles out to one hundred and twenty
five miles out, to three hundred and fifty five miles out, to eight
hundred miles out in some places, in the south.

It is fifteen miles deep when you go out forty five miles off the
coast from Washington DC and from the Chesapeak Bay. The ledge bottom
is found about three and one half miles down, and the mouth of the
opening continues for ten miles, approximately, downwardsly, on the
western side of the trench. The It has a gaping mouth, and it opens up
and lets ocean water inland, under the continent, eighty five miles
down below Washinton DC, three to six to eight miles wide, from top to
bottom, from the underside of the top of the mouth, the bottom of the
ledge, to the bottom of the mouth. From under the nation's capital, to
the south, it travels to over eight hundred and eighty five miles. To
the north, it travels three hundred and thirty five miles, to six
hundred and fifty miles, to about nine hundred and fifty nine miles,
inland under the continent, depending on where you wish to locate the
edge of it under the continent, northwardsly. It travels to the west,
inland, three hundred and thirty five miles, to just over eight
hundred miles, depending on where you find the edge of it. It travels
inland further westardsly, the further you travel north. It is
slightly over one thousand and eight hundred miles from north to
south, in total, as you'll discover, once you explode enough, and
after you explode large enough fracturable rock bombs, over Northern
Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Baltimore, covering the metro area

The U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Coastguard know about the trench, or parts
of it. They are not allowed to discuss it with anyone. No one is
allowed out there, to research it as it is off limits to just about
every one. Some navy personel of high rank, and coast guard personel
of high rank, are allowed out to take soundings, every now and then,
with their Lesbianists' staff members, and Lesbianists' personel in
the Navy, and in the Coast Guard. The Soviets, at least, Boris
Yeltzin, Vladmir Putin, Mikhael Gorbachev, and Zelda Gorbachev, know
about it, and so do all the other Lesbianists. They can confirm it, if
they wish to play ball with me, and if they wish to save their asses,
after they decide to surrender to my children.

The Shelfs Systems And Trenches Systems

The shelf estends to under Lexington Kentucky, at about ten miles
below it. It is five miles up under Chatanooga Kentucky. It is five
miles below Washington D.C., in some areas. It is three miles below
Baltimore Maryland, in some parts of the city. It is eight miles up
below Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. It is fifty five miles up below, or
under, West Chesterfield, New York. It comes up to eighteen to thirty
miles below McLean Virgina. It is eighty eight miles below Norfolk,
and the mouth, downwardsly, is five to ten to fifteen miles wide open,
in a downwardsly direction. It some areas, it can be found below Ohio,
and under Indiana. It crosses under the West of Kentucky, and into the
south of Illinoise, five to ten, to thirty miles. It is a variegated
trench system. It extends to Tennissee, parts of North Carolina,
Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and to under parts of
Northern and Western Florida, and is open out and into the Gulf of
Mexico. The whole area of Eastern U.S.A., is sitting on an open shelf,
trench system, and there is water passing below it, and out into the
gulf, in several areas, over to eighty five miles west of Corpus
Cristi, Glen Garden, population eight hundred and fifty, which south
of Galveston, and north of Corpus Cristi, between the two cities.
There is a mouth eigty five miles south of Tampa Bay, Florida, in the
Gulf of Mexico. There are several openings or mouths to the
underground fault line system, and deep sea ocean trench system, and
shelfs systems, and water is passing from the Atlantic to the Gulf of
Mexico. There is also a trench system in the north, under Niagra, that
extends southwards, several hundred miles, and it has many branches to
it, and it extends into this system of shelfs, trenches, and under
continental water flows.

Side Bender Currents

What is a side bender? It is a current comeing out of the mouth of an
opening, from under a continental shelf system, that allows waters to
flow out. As the water flows out of the mouth, the outlet current of
water, it flows very forcefully in an outwardsly direction, and it
pushes the water out with great force, generally. If a submarine is
traveling in the vicinity of a side bender, the submarine may get hit
broadside, and that will often turn the submarine topsy turvy, and
around facing the opposite direction it was traveling in, or another
direction, not the one it was traveling in, most often. The crew will
get swung about inside the submarine, and they will fly through the
cabin, and pounce off the floor to the ceiling, and hit the ceiling,
and then hit the sides of the corridor they were walking along in, and
finally end up on the floor when the submarine rights itself, with its
balast, and you'll get many sprained or stretched ligaments, and
broken bones, arms, wrists, fingers, legs, knees, ankles, feet, toes,
necks, backs, hips, spinal injuries, and other injuries. It can leave
a crew of a submarine nearly one hundred percent, injured and in a
ship's hospital, or a Navy or military hospital for recovery. Side
benders are often called upwellings of currents by the Navy, but that
is not generally the case as they are not upwellings, but they are
side pushing currents, that come flowing out from under continental
water flow openings, horizontally. There may be some upwards lift
involved, if there is a reason, such as a mouth is angled at a slight
sloping angle, as it releases the flowing waters out from its tube
like cavity or hole.

Crew members and military passengers of Naval submarine vessels are
generally told not to talk or discuss any thing about side benders
with non Navy persons, and with persons unrelated to their ship or
unrelated to their ships voyage, as the governments of the world, do
not want any one to find out about side benders, and they do not want
people, geologists, marine geologists, undersea deep sea ocean studies
researchers, or others, to research and investigate side benders. It's
a big secret, these side benders, and that's what the marines, and the
navy personel are sworn to keep, or face a fireing squad, on
insubordination, or on some trumped up charge of spreading naval
secrets, acting as a foreign spy and receiving money, or something
like that. Naval personel will generally obey orders, and not discuss
side benders, or other 'secret' information, with any one, as they
risk losing their job, and they might face a fireing squad, or a
hanging patrol, sometimes called a marching platoon, or a hanging
platoon, a group of soldiers commissioned to carry out orders to hang
some one who is in the military. If you pay a naval officer or
enlisted person, or other person with Naval submarine duty, such as
some marines, and others, enough money, they may be willing to share
some information on side benders, and information about what they know
about side benders. Some persons who have had Naval submarine duty,
may genuinely not know any thing, such as crew members who are never
assigned to submarines that travel near side benders, on a regular
basis. Some times family members of enlisted persons and of Naval
officers, are allowed to travel on submarines, for fun and excitement,
as a special reward for their papa's or mama's duty on a submarine.
Some of these family members have also had some experience with side
benders, such as those who have traveled on submarines along the
Marianna's trench, or other trenches, not listed, neccessarily on
global maps, but none the less, which are there, and that are near
shelfs systems under sunken continental shelfs, or under sunken
continents, but that eject streams of water, nonetheless.

Our maps and globes of the world are incorrect, the ones we buy
through bookstores, or from map publishers, as nothing that would
indicate sunken continents, large sunken islands, and related
trenches, or other related features, are not going to be indicated on
them. The Lesbianists do not want you to find out information that
could provoke you into researching, under water features, that they do
not want you to know about, as your fictious understanding they have
taught you, of the surface of this planet, and its history, is bogus,
and any thing that would conflict with that, is certainly not going to
be indicated on a map they would publish, and the map will be wiped
clean of all traces of any thing that conflicts with the 'global'
history of the earth, as the Lesbianists teach it, in geology courses
for high school students, and below, and above. The global geological
history they teach must coincide with their fictious propaganda about
Adam and Eve, and "Lucy" the ape woman, the supposed mother of all
people living on this planet, and about this earth being only 9
billion years old, or thereabouts, which is a bold faced lie, and
other such bullshit notions they have fed every one to swallow, and
have forced them to accept, and that they force people to use as
primal notions to base scientific research on. The geology of our
planet is much more complex than the Lesbianists are letting on to,
and there is much to learn about planetary geology, as these planets
have been around a very long time, and many things have happened, over
and over again to them, and many things have happened to our 'solar
systems', and star formations, and star systems, that people need to
know more about, to get a realisitic understanding of our universe,
its history, and its many complexities. In time, we will learn much
more about all these things, and you can attend courses that my
children have set up for every one, to teach people about our
universe. You need a day pass to visit, as I've explained about,
before, and then you should swear in, and become a citizen of our
country. We have yet to declare this planet ours, but in time, we
will, once we have finished and put an end to the problems associated
with the Lesbianists, all of their shenanigans, and their malarkying
around. One day we will declare this planet ours, and my kids will
take charge of everything, and they will appoint people to posts of
duty, and to positions of responsibilities.

Making A Large Swimming Pool

People should begin moving off and out of the area, around the
Nation's capital, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and
North Carolina. We'll have a big swimming pool there, with lots of,
mostly uninhabited, tiny islets, or hill tops and mountain tops, after
all of the current residents die, and pass on and transel over to my
Epcot Center, after one of our compatriots, or groups of them,
detonate enough of my fracturable rock bombs. People will have to
watch out for hungry sharks, after they swim inland, above the sunken
landscape, looking for corpses to eat, and to scavenge, as lots of
Lesbianists' corpses will come floating up from underground hangouts
and cities of the Lesbianists, under those parts of the U.S., and from
under the Gulf of Mexico, from under the sea floors of the Atlantic,
from under the Niagra trench systems, and from under other trench
systems in the Eastern U.S. This is not a joke, by the way.


Salts kiddies in stagnasis is when the salts kiddies are in their
salts kiddies crystals cages, in a hibernative state, in perfect
equilibrium, to keep them alive and well, for as long as possible.
Salts kiddies crystals cages sciences help you to understand many
things about how things work in nature. Please read over my notes on
my bulletin board.

Black Powder 'String' Fuses

Take a spool of sewing thread, and use Elmer's glue to coat the
string, and run the string with a thin layer of Elmer's glue coated on
it, through a bucket of black powder gun powder, which you can order
in the mail, over the internet, or pick up at an antique musket or old
style 'cap and ball' musket rifles and pistols retail stores.

Elmer's glue and gunpowder will combine to form a minor plastiques
explosive, after the salts kiddies mix it up, eat each other up, pee
and poop out lots of stuff that is highly explosive, as they get busy
making babies, except when gunpowder is used in large quantities with
Elmer's glue, to form a major plastiques explosive. Benzine will help
this along, with diesel fuels, as well, and with chlorine, we can see
some major plastiques explosives in the making, as mama's and papa's
begin making lots of children, as they begin mixing it up, and as they
all begin pooping and peeing out body fluids that is food for others,
that will contribute to the powerfulness and explosiveness of the

After you make your string fuse, and let it dry out for a couple of
weeks, then coat a rag or muslim cloth in oil, or grease, or a mixture
of turpentine, gasoline, diesel fuel, and grease, with benzine, and
make a paste, and use that paste to coat a thin cloth, such as a
muslim cloth, and then let that set and dry for a few days, and then
wrap a few sets of 'string fuses' together in a bundle, and place them
inside the cloth. It will become a very powerful explosive, in itself,
the more gun powder you use with it.

Test it, to see how fast it burns once it is wrapped in a cloth coated
with a mixture of grease and fuels. The thicker the grease, the slower
it will burn. The thinner the grease mixture, by adding more
turpentine, or benzine, or paint thinner, the more rapidly the fuse
will burn. You will have a very powerful explosives cocktail, with
this mixture, so be careful. You have to be very careful with what you
combine, as you'll be bringing together very explosive elements, when
you mix these fuels and liquids together with gun powder on a string.

A few string fuses, wrapped in a well soaked cloth, with a mixture of
these liquids and the axel grease, will make a type of plastique
explosive, that can be used as a shape charge, or a mouldable, or
shapeable, explosive, that is good for blowing doors off hinges, such
as at pharmacies, or banks, and for blowing locks on private homes'
fences to pieces, such as can be found at the White House, at 1600
Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, D.C., at the entrances and exits gates
of the White House where guards are on constant duty patroling the
area for security purposes. An initial explosive, a detonated
fracturable rocks bomb, small in size, may cause a concusive force to
cause the guards to black out, and pass out, and then sleep for a
while. Be very careful with the size of the bomb, as we do not want to
level the homes and buildings surrounding the White House, or across
from it in Layfayette Park. After you put them to sleep, with your
initial blast, you can test the shape charge on the nearby fences, at
the White House.

Black Powder 'Cap And Ball' Pistols

Most black powder cap and ball pistols and rifles, muskets, sellers
and retail outlets can be found on the internet, and some gun shops
carry black powder, as well as the detonating fireing caps, for black
powder rifles, and pistols. Many of them do, and you can purchase the
black powder and copper detonating, ignition caps, for useing in your
cap and ball pistol, or musket, or other, more modern, hunting rifle,
that allows you to use black powder, and detonating copper caps that
slip on a small round fireing ignition nipple that is made out of
steel, and has a hole in it, to allow the percussive explosives in the
firing copper igniting cap to ignite on impact with the hammer on the
weapon, when it slams down on it, and the flames from the igniting
explosives mixture, glued to the inside of the firing copper cap, then
ignite the black powder, that was rammed down the barrel, or packed
and tamped down in a cylinder of a percusive black powder cap and ball
pistol. The caps are fairly useless, unless you wish to add them to a
fuel oils, chlorine formula, and let them sit in the fuel oils
mixture, and that will help develop plastique, as well.

Higher Temperatures Develop More Useful Energies For Making Babies

The copper in the cap will also allow for a higher temperature in
burning, when the fuels mixture ferments after a few weeks. Magnesium
in the cap as well, will also help to raise the burning temperature of
the fuels mixture, and with some black powder added, and with some
chlorine added, your plastiques recipe will become even more useful.
These higher temperatures will help to produce energies that will be
conducive to baby making among the fracturable, or rupturable, and
percussive, rocks radiological salts kiddies. You can then add a
handful or more of powderized amethysts, or turquoise, that you can
purchase in bulk, on Ebay, for some small bulk quantities, and also
emeralds are useful, as they all have fracturable rocks kiddies
embedded in them, and fast asleep, in stagnasis.

Zircon Diamonds, And Other "Radio Active" Gem Stones, Etc.

Zirconium is a mineral that they use for the fake diamonds they sell
with the trade name, Zircon diamonds, or Zirconium diamonds. You can
powderize them, and use them for a good amount of fracturable rocks
explosives, large and fast family making, salts kiddies, for a
'nuclear' party, and a send off to the eastern coast of the United
States, before it is blown off the coastal ledge it sits upon, and
then sinks below the ocean waves, if you strike it hard enough, with
one or more of my fracturable rocks babies making, "nuclear" salts
kiddies bombs. You'll need a few handfuls of Zicon diamonds,
powderized, to make a nice fracturable rocks, babies making bomb. You
can mix turquoise, emeralds that are mined and sold in bulk quantities
on Ebay, amethyst, and the other rocks that I've mentioned, along with
powderized 'sand' from the beach. Argentina, and Venezuela, Baha, and
Southern California are good places to collect useful sands, full of
fracturable rocks, salts kiddies, that a geiger counter will detect,
if it is a sensitive enough geiger counter.

Geiger Counters And Their Usefulness

They are not too hard to build, but you will have to look in your
Popular Mechanics magazines, for the details on how to build a "geiger
counter". Some mining stores, and mining outfitters stores, may be a
useful places to order or purchase a geiger counter, if you are on a
family budget. You might find one on the cheap, on Ebay, that is still

There are some kits available, if you look hard enough, to use to
build your own geiger counter. A mining outfitters store, in South
America, or in Central America, or in Utah, or in Nevada, may be able
to help you locate a kit, to put together, if you go in there, and
pretend you want to go out and look for interesting rocks, and you
need some information on where to look for interesting rocks, so go to
a mining outfitters store, or to a rock hounding club, or rock
hounding retail store, for looking at beautiful stones that rock
collectors, or rock hounds, have found, and made available at the
store. Usually the store owner will have his or her suppliers, on name
cards, and you can get in touch with them to get more information on
where to look for interesting rocks to test with your geiger counter,
since you are facinated by radioactive elements in rocks, and you are
interested in finding some, for a collection you wish to start.

You might want to pick up some primer books, on minerals and rocks,
gems, and gemstones, from Amazon online, or from a local book store,
such as Barnes and Nobel book store, which has a few useful books on
rocks, mineral rocks, gems, and gemstones, that you can find when you
are out rock hounding. Desert Outfitters in Las Vegas, a miner's
outfitters store, that also provides useful tools to rock collectors,
such as rock hammers, and hand held pick hammers, for chipping away at
rocks, to see what is under the surface of the rock, or under the peel
of it, the outer layer, as well as terrain maps, and outfitting
supplies, tents, and sleeping bags, and so forth, has these types of
books, and lots of maps, and maybe they can help you find useful kits
to purchase, to build yourself a geiger counter. They also sell geiger
counters for about three hundred and fifty dollars or so. Sears used
to sell Geiger Counters, and they still can order them for you, I
think, through their catalogs. On Ebay, you can find many reasonably
priced Geiger Counters. How well the geiger counters work, the ones
people sell on Ebay, I can't say, so you'll have to talk with sellers,
and see what they say about the geiger counters they are selling to
others on Ebay, or read about them in old copies of popular mechanics,
and in trade publications for the mining industry.

Novice And Amateur 'Rock Hounding' Rock Collectors Clubs

On Sahara, east of Las Vegas Boulevard, there is a rock shop, which is
about two and one half, or so, blocks down from the intersection, on
the north side of the street, and they have information, as well as
lots of primer books, on rocks, and on geiger counters, and where you
can find them. They are well connected to the local rock and gem,
minerals and gems finding, or rock hounding clubs. You can meet their
members, and go out with them, on excursions, as they know where to
find just about anything.

There are similar clubs in every major city, and in lots of smaller
cities. Mining towns of course have lots of mining outfitters stores,
and they probably have geiger counters for sale, so you can use it to
find some very nice, fracturable rocks, along coastlines, or in
ancient dry lakes and seas, sediments filled, rock hounding areas.

Decontaminating Your Self With Ocean Salts

Acidic ocean salts in ocean water will help eat up the radiological
kiddies that find their way into your bodies, and that make you feel
ill. It might take several weeks for initial recovery, with you taking
large amounts, several teaspoons or more, as much as you can handle,
in your diet, every day, for up to three to eight years, to thirteen
years, for severe contamination, and for full recovery. Other things,
such as nutmeg, and oregano, in a salty tea brew, will also help you,
and marijuana in the salty tea brew, will further help you. Berries
can also be of great benefit for recovery from radiological salts
kiddies contamination.

My kids have a recovery kit, that will help you recover from an
overdose of radiological salts kiddies, after a major birthing event,
and that kit will help you fully recover. You need to join our
country, and swear in, and become a citizen, to be given one of these
kits to help you for your recovery. They can provide you with
information, of various kinds, once you swear in. They have you swear
in as full time citizens, now, except in special cases.

Ancient Dry Lakes

There are many ancient dry lakes, up north, in the colder areas, of
Manitoba, and around the edges of wet lakes, you'll find areas that
dried out, a long time ago, and you'll find interesting things in the
sediments deposits under the surface soils of the earth, that have
covered most areas, and that come in to our atmosphere, and then
deposit themselves onto the surface of our planet, as they are blown
in on the solar winds. A few feet of top soil may cover the dry lake
areas, around the edges of these lakes, and the soils depths may reach
to twelve feet, to fifty feet, to sixty or to eighty of more feet, in
some areas.

Once you hit the sediments layers, around the edges of these lakes,
outwards to eight to fifteen miles, to thirty miles or further, out to
up to eight hundred miles, as in the case of Lake Erie, and that lakes
region, the Great Lakes, that all use to be one large salt water sea,
but is now, a fresh water set of lakes, you can begin looking for the
radiological bullets of the previous catastrophes in my universe, that
shot out radiological salts kiddies, into the sediments rocks of
mineral stones, and sand. Gravels might contain some "radioactive"
fracturable rocks, and you can tell which are the useful ones, with a
geiger counter. There are still salt water lakes up in Manitoba, Lake
Huron, and some others, that used to be part of Lake Erie, and all
part of the Great Lakes, when they were a large, salt water sea, but
which are now, no longer part of that lake region system of lakes, as
fresh water now fills up the Great Lakes from under ground water
systems of fresh water flows.

Hydrolific Pressures From Water Falls

Hydrolific pressures, from water falls, primarily, help to erode and
carve out and build the under continent open areas of water flows,
that flow under the continents, and that dump their waters by
traveling underground, in culvers, and channels, and in trenches
systems, and then flowing out and into the oceans, resulting in side
benders currents and flows.

Underground Lakes

Hydraulisis is one type of water pressures. Hydrolific pressures are
those pressures created by water beating down, steadily, as water
falls from higher to lower places, creating underground holes, and
large open underground cavities, and water holding vessels, aquafirs,
and underground lakes in the underground rock layers. Lots of cities
sit on top of such underground lakes, on the crust of the surface of
the earth, or very near to them. The lakes are often ovular and
rounded in shape, from top to bottom. Many former water falls, are now
low lying, and flat, and there is no water fall on the river, except
for minor, cascades, such as found in the Grand Canyon Rift Valley
down the Colorado River, and out into the Baha area.

Baha Mexico

Baha is a good place to go looking for interesting, "radio active", or
radiological rocks, fracturable rocks with radiological salts kiddies
sleeping soundly, embedded into other rocks, after colliding with
them, in a hail of radiological rocks bullets, after a planet or a
galaxy, or a large nebular star system, or a cluster of them, were
detonated, by some fool with a huge and powerful, home made bomb. This
happened, often, in the past, and still, today, it happens, now and
then. Bits and pieces of the radiological rocks will come flying in,
and then embed themselves into other rocks, as I've explained about,
before. We've had so many catastrophes in my universe, that our
ancient rocks, are peppered with radiological rocks that are embedded
in them. Off the coast of Baha, is a good place to go diving, looking
for rocks that were washed off shore, as waters flowed down the
Colorado River, trinities of aeons ago, when this planet was still a
young planet, maybe about one fifth the way through its infancy, after
reforming, again, after its last major impact that shattered it to
pieces, for the umpteenth kazillionth, plus more, time. This
shattering and reforming, has been going on too long to count, and
obviously, there is a large amount of mixturing going on, with debris
from other star systems, galaxies, nebulas, and so forth, floating in,
and becomeing part of our planets, all around and about, on solar
winds. You'll find rocks on the inside of the Baha coast, and on the
outside, as well, and along the Baha coasts. You might have to dig
down thirty of fifty feet, to a few hundred feet to find them, maybe
eight hundred feet, or sixteen hundred feet, or further, but you'll
eventually find something useful with lots of radological bullets
embedded in the rocks.

Finding Good Rocks With 'Radiological' Salts Kiddies Bullets

You can find interesting rocks, also on high hilltops, such as in the
Andes, the Himalaya's, the Swiss Alps, high mountains in Austria, and
in Germany, high hill tops and mountains in Iran, maybe in Afganistan,
and the very high hill tops, that are generally old hills, in many
countries. They will usually have, if they are very old hill tops,
lots of rocks scattered about that are very old, and that have lots of
fracturable 'radiological' salts kiddies 'bullets', from previous
detonations around my universe, and other related kiddies in them, as
well. You can also find them along ancient river beds, and along dried
up desert gulley washes, in the valleys between the mountains, in
areas where tall, old mountains exist. You might have to dig down into
the underlying layers of rocks to find really ancient rocks loaded and
peppered with ballistic radiological 'bullets', tiny fragments of
radiological materials that went shooting out upon detonation of
nuclear materials, elsewhere in my universe. Lava or basalt rocks, may
also contain large numbers of radiological salts kiddies, and other
types of kiddies related to radiological salts kiddies. Iron stone is
a basalt rock, granites are also, and samples of them may be loaded
with radiological salts kiddies, etc. Geiger counters will let you
know if your sample rock material is pacted full and loaded with the
tiny radiological 'bullets', or just partially loaded with them,
depending on the response from the geiger counter. Many types of
radiological materials, the bullets fragments, may not register on
current day geiger counters, as they are not set to the correct
radiological energies frequencies and currents settings to be able to
detect them in the rocks. There are many types of radiological rocks
in my universe, and current day geiger counters are set to pick up the
currents and frequencies of the energies from only a few types of
them, and there are thousands of types of radiological materials, so
the older the rocks that you find, the more likely that the loads of
radiological materials in them will be high in not only the types of
radiological materials the geiger counter can detect, but also, in the
types of radiological materials the geiger counters are not set to the
frequencies and energies currents of. Such samples of rocks materials
with large amounts of fracturable rocks, radiological 'bullets' inside
of them, will yield massive explosive potentials, if you raise the
heats energies of your explosives formula, to near solar temperatures,
as I've mentioned about.

Plastiques, Explosives, Radiological 'Bullets', 'Nuclear Detonations',
And Decontaminating Yourself Of Radiological Salts Kiddies

Please see my web pages for information on making plastique, along
with metals fragments, and high temperature burnoff minerals mixtures
explosives to produce the energies needed to produce nuclear
detonations. Field chemists and explosives experts should be
consulted, as they will probably know more about the temperatures at
which different metals and minerals burn at and they will be more
helpful in providing you with accurate information on different alloys
mixtures, and the temperatures they burn at, such as the new US Mint
US dollar coins, that will burn at extremely high temperatures, at
about one fifth to one third the temperatures of solar temperatures,
when ground into fine dusts fragments, and then after fermenting them,
and then mixing the fermented particles in with the petrol fuels,
chlorine, and gun powder, etc., plastiques explosives formulas, as
I've explained about, to some extent, in my notes on my Gurkian Age
Gurkian Way bulletin board. Be very careful when testing, as you may
find the results extremely hazardous. See my kids, for more
information, as I've explained about, on my bulletin board. Ocean salt
will help to decontaminate you of radiological salts kiddies. A two
hundred pound man will need about three pounds of ocean salt on a
daily basis, to live healthfully. To decontaminate yourself, you will
need more than that, to properly get rid of the radiological salts
kiddies in your bodies, after you've been working with radiological
salts kiddies, and testing the explosives potentials, for some time.
See my bulletin board for more information on the 'salts kiddies
sciences' to help you to understand what is going on in so called,
'nuclear detonations'.

Sledgehammering Continents And Land Areas Where Lesbianists Live,
Hiding Below

Here are a few places to place some other fracturable rocks bombs on,
to make them fall in, and collapse down onto the layers of rocks,
below, and then puncture the ceilings of the cavernous cities the
Lesbianists have made, down below those lower rocks layers. Topango in
the South Pacific near the Marianas, the area midway between the
Ryukyu Islands and Haha Jima, Chichi Jima, and Iwo Jima, where you
will find a sunken continent, Wellington New Zealand, Peking,
Falklands, Urals Mountains, Chile thirty miles north of Concepcion and
eighty miles east of it, near the Argentina border, and the Kamchatka
pennisula, which will split and collapse in the center of it, midway
down the penninsula, if you hit it hard enough. Lesbianists will come
floating up, if their bodies can fit between the tons of debris that
will fall in on them, as you smash the land sites that sit on top of
ocean shelfs, and on open lakes below the land, some miles down from
the surface, in some cases, and further down, in other cases.

It may be hard or impossible to deliver a nice bomb below the ocean
above or onto the top of the sunken continent below the ocean, between
the Ryukyu Islands, or Okinawa, and the islands of Japan, called,
Chichi Jima, Haha Jima, and Iwo Jima. If one can be delivered there,
you'll crush the continent below the surface of the ocean, and that
will cave in on the cities, there are more than one there, that are
below the protected shelf layer of rocks, above the cities the
Lesbianists have there, below the sunken continent, to live
comfortably in. The other places aren't so hard to hit. It is just a
matter of local interest, and urging of the people there, to take the
correct action to help us to resolve this problem, of Lesbianists
living below us, all around the globe, in their honey comb, bee hive
like canival of cities.

A canival of cities, is a large collection of cities that is located
in such a way as to make it easy to get from one place to another.
They are conveneint for them to live in as they are well placed, and
spread out evenly, using the full extent of the area, as efficiently
as possible. The Lesbianists have a canival of cities under the lower
rock shelf layers, that are above them, and that help to keep them
protected, warm, dry for the most part, but not always, and that are
convenietly located each one in a bee hive like, configuration, well
placed, with a well designed, layout, with central cities, and with
satelite cities. It is well designed and resembles in part, Melbourne
Australia, which was laid out, planned and designed as a modern city.
The Lesbianists of course, think Melbourne is puny compared to their
accomplishments, and of course, with the technologies they had and
have available to them, from time to time, they made good use of every
inch of space they have available to them, under the lower hard rock,
but leaky rock layers above them.

My kids have places and locations maps of all the best places to
locate your home built fracturable rock bombs, and so please pick up
the information from them, after you have sworn in, as citizens of our
country. Also, please see my earlier notes on the sciences that
support a correct understanding of radiological particals based
fracturable rocks explosives and other helpful and useful explosives
you'll need to set off the fracturable, also called, rupturable rocks
bombs, i.e., the so called 'nuclear' detonations.


Did you know that nearly 99.9999+ percent of the earth's crust, or
mantle, is formed from space debris that has floated in on the solar
winds? It's true. Only about 0.000001 percent of the top soil is from
local vegetation, globally speaking. The rest of the top soil comes in
from above, blown in on the solar winds, as debris from other planets
that have been destroyed, crushed, or blown to pieces by idiots with
very large bombs, that demolished whole galaxies, or multiples of
galaxies, in a few milliseconds, as the instant they blew up, they
were so well made, or constructed, and so powerful, they instantly
blew up the whole area of galaxies the planet was located amongst.

If for instance, you fill up one third of the large tourist
attraction, the meteor crater in Arizona, with one of these fuels and
rocks bombs, and ignite it, you'll disentegrate all of the Milky Way,
and some what more than that, in one attempt, by my estimation, if the
fracturable rocks bombs were made well enough with the fuels bombs, to
burn at near or close to, solar temperatures, and if there were enough
materials in the fracturable rocks, to get lots of mama's and papa's
making lots of babies, relatives, and others. There are lots of
different types of salts kiddies in fracturable rocks, and there are
other types of kiddies, the radiological kiddies, which are sometimes,
but maybe are not always, grouped with the fracturable rocks kiddies.
There are many types of kiddies living in radiological rocks. When we
send high heats waves energies, and other types of energies into the
fracturable rocks, we can get many types of kiddies to begin making
babies. If we get enough of the different types of kiddies to begin
making babies, we will have one fine and dandy, explosive shower of
baby making events. You can get further information on this topic from
my kids, and if you tell your friends to check in with my kids, and to
swear in, and become citizens of my and my kids' new country, along
with other people who are swearing in, and becomeing citizens of our
new country, my kids will make certain that every one is protected,
and no one is caught outside, when the bombs go off, as my kids will
tractor you and all the other citizens in, with my kids advanced
teletransportation technologies, before any one can get hurt by the
bomb or bombs blowing up, locally, or in their areas. That means, my
worker unionized kids are very quick on getting people into the
encapsulated living environment every one is living in, below the
ground, that my kids built for every one to live in, until we get this
problem straightened out, and until it is safely over with. People can
continue to live in the encapsulated living environment, after it is
over, as we are going to start a new economic and social system, and
we are getting started, down below, where my kids are keeping the
encapsulated living environment, well taken care of and well managed.

Later on, we'll worry about who comes out, and when, as we have plans
for every one, to begin working inside the encapsulated living
environment, which is very well designed, and bomb proof, of course.
Once every one gets accustomed to the new way of living, in accordance
with my religious principals, and in accordance with our new working
and living programs, when people have saved up enough money, they can
pool their money, and acquire a lease for land up above, on the
surface, and then with more money, they can have nice places designed
for them, and built for them, with your input and with your
instructions. You will need to study designing homes, and layouts of
homes, for large numbers of people, as you will be required to live in
groups of people, as the old systems of living, one husband, one wife,
and so forth, is out the window, and now we are going for group
living, with many members to your groups. When you have got the
maturity together to live in large groups, and to sexal with many
people in large groups, then you will qualify, and then with lots of
earned income, pooled together, you and the members in your group, can
then move up and live on the surface, in your well designed home,
which my kids will use their technologies to build for you.

This is how we are going to clean up our planet, and get started with
a whole new system for living and working with each other, as GOD's
children working and living together, begining here, and spreading,
slowly, across and throughout my universe, as we bring others into our
program, all across the universe, from end to end, from top to bottom,
and from side to side, and in every nook and cranny of my universe.
All of my kids, you, who I am speaking to, will learn to live and work
together, supporting my worker unionized kids, in our new global,
united, and universal society, we will begin to build, on this planet,
first, and then later, every where else. I am the mother and father of
all of you, and of all of my worker, unionized kids, as well, all of
my kids who work for me, of course, and of all of my living beings,
and of all of my animals. We are going to get this big family of ours,
together, and we, the human beings, will begin to clean up our
universe, by sexaling for a living, and with many other living by the
points systems programs, and other projects. We will also begin to get
our heads on straight with religious activitiating, in other words, by
participating in religialing, in groups, or by oneself, in the
encapsulated living environment, first.

As we move along, in time, we will develop our working strengths, and
character, and some people will qualify, eventually, for working in my
religious brigade, once they realize and understand who I am, i.e.,
GOD. Others, who do not give a darn about what I am doing, may do as
they like, as long as they are citizens of our country, and as long as
they enjoy what they are doing, and as long as they add to the welfare
of all people in our society, universal wide, as we build it, larger
and larger, for all of my children, no matter who they are. We will
one day have all of my children, working for me, and if they do not
like working for me, they still have to pay the fees for the resources
they use, just as I have to, and that means, there is a charge for
every thing we use, and it is detucted from our pay checks. Every one
gets a pay check, if they work, and if they are disabled, they will
get earnings to support them, for as long as they need to be
supported, until they are regroverated, healthy, fit, mentally
prepared, and willing and able to participate. Those who do not wish
to participate, will work in jail cells, and prison cells, sexaling
for a living, with animals, as I've mentioned before, and at carnival
and entertainment centers and districts, we will eventually set up,
first on and also inside of this planet, in 'encapsulated' carnival
and entertainment parks, and later on and within, other planets.

We are going to have all my children working for me, eventually, as
I've spoken about before, and in time, most people will wish to work,
and when they are mentally prepared to work, they will enjoy their
working, most likely, as sexaling for a living, is not a unwholesome
way to earn a living, and it is a pure and holy way to earn a living,
and a pure and holy way to spend our time, as part of our new working
ethics environement. For more information on this, please see my
worker, unionized kids, who handle the information hot lines, in our,
and your, and their, as well, encapsulated, living environement, which
they have built, maintain, and manage, for all of you, and which they
are continuing to build and expand on, for the rest of you, who have
not checked in with them, yet. My worker, unionized kids have their
own places to live, inside of the molecules that are used in building
your living environment, and in your bodies, and in the molecules
outside your living environement, as well. They live in all of the
molecules, all over my universe, and they work in them, as well. They
have their own universes, that they live in, which are all contained
with in the molecules in my universe. It is a little more complicated
than that, and so see them for more information on it, if you are
interested in learning more.

Disintegrating The Milky Way

The Milky Way is made up of not one galaxy, but of several thousand,
of different sizes. We don't have the technologies to see too clearly
to distinguish the different galaxies that are within the borders of
the Milky Way, nebular star system and nebular star cluster system,
another way of saying that the Milky Way is a collection of many
nebular star systems. Nebular star systems can be considered similar
to galaxies, but maybe not always, as there are exceptions to every
thing in most cases, any way. We are of course part of the Milky Way,
I suppose you could say that, but we are far out on the outer fringes
of it, and we are not any where near the center of it, and we have our
own galaxy we are a part of, and it is not part of the Milky Way, so
technically, we are not part of the Milky Way, although we might like
to think we are, since it is an expansive set of star systems, and
star clusters, nebular systems, and other types of solar bodies
systems, and it covers over us, and beyond us, sort of over layering
us. Be that as it may, we do not want to blow up or disintegrate the
Milky Way, as we are in a way, part of it, or at least, we are
encovered by it. Encover means to be covered over by something and
encased within it, or to be encircled or surrounded by it.

Captain Off The Bridge.

John Francis Ayres
And Children

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Ninety Eight (98) Percent, Or Even Higher, Go Unreported, And Are
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Miscellaneous Information - Your Orders Are To Kill The President Of
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Lay Order Of People

I have no lay order of worshippers, who participate with me, in any
thing, or in any way. Why? Because, that's like me, the captain of the
ship, coming into a town of persons who I don't know, and then saying
that I'm the authority over them. No one is going to listen to me, and
no one should be expected to listen to me. I wouldn't attempt any such
thing, and so as the captain of my ship, my religious order, I have no
authority over lay persons. I have nothing to do with lay persons,
what so ever. I will never have any thing to do with lay persons,
unless they realize that I am GOD, and that I am the mother and father
of all human beings, and all animals, and all living beings. No one is
going to recognize me as GOD, for a long time, as no one has the karma
to recognize and understand that I am GOD. Lay persons are free to do
as they like, and I have no regulations concerning them, in my
religious order. My children may have many regulations, for non
religious order people, but I don't have any thing to do with that.

Donations For The Sake Of My Ministry

The only thing is, that, as I said before, if a person recognizes and
understands that I am GOD, and that I am the Mother and Father of all
human beings, all animals, and all living beings, then they are free
to donate cookies to me, or clothes, or wearables, socks, and scarfs,
or coats, sweaters, or slacks, neckties, and so forth, cakes, or
cupcakes, baked items, or financial contributions, or chairs, and
furniture, beds, linens, tables, office furniture, phones, phone lines
wiring, electrical wiring, plumbing items, housing items, for building
up a house, paved drive ways, mason or rock walls, surrounding the
property, or a set of dormitories, or a prayer sexaling room, or a
prayer ceremonialing room, or a swimming pool, sauna, bath house,
toilet facilities, bathing facilities, laundering facilities, a root
cellar, a molds and funguses workshop, a brewery workshop, or any
workshop for helping to educate others, the land to build these things
on, or money, or whatever. If some one recognizes and understands that
I am GOD, then it is perfectly alright, to donate any types of items,
or any thing of value, that would assist my ministry to get up and get
running. As yet, no one has understands or recognizes me as GOD, and
that I am GOD, and the mother and father of all human beings, all
animals, and all living beings, so as yet, I have not heard from one
person, not a letter, or a phone call, other than an occasional wise
cracking person, mischief maker, or a person or persons who are
worried, and then complain to me, or rather, to my answering machine,
typically, as I don't pick up the phone, now, as I had one person
calling who was a bad kid of mine, and he was just looking for
trouble, and since that, I just ignore all complaints, or wise
crackers, or mischief makers, and so on.

Nollicking Foolish People

Some people do not like me wearing my GOd cap, that is one of those
specialty base ball caps, but with 'GOd' written across the front of
it, and they might hate me, especially some South American or Central
American Hispanic types, who have primitive and backwards religions
and filled with local lore and ancient tales of demons, and goblins,
and gooney bears, or ghostly ghouls, or other superstitious ideas and
notions of things that go 'boo!' in the night, and try to scare or
hurt people, as there are plenty of folklorish tales of such things,
in primitive cultures, that thrive, even at the current time,
nowadays, in large cities, even, and these types of people might want
to kill me, and when they knock on my door, with their gun in their
pocket, or in their hand, machete or knife behind their back, I just
ignore them, and I don't even bother to get up from my work bench,
i.e., my bed, to see who is knocking at the door, as I know already,
they have nothing to do with my monastic order, and because they have
nothing to do with my religious ministry, or with my setting up my
religious ministry.

Just last night, some group of people droped by, and banged on my
door, with the tip or barrel of a weapon, and it was rather hard
sounding, and I just ignored them, and after a few minutes, or so,
they went away, and they haven't come back, yet. I don't think they
will, and even if they do, I don't think it will amount to any thing,
as I may have occaisonal visitors or harrasment calls, now and then,
but that's all they are, and I just won't allow my self to be bothered
by them as they are unimportant, and my goof ball kids, are just too
nutty to figure out that I am GOD, and that they are my kids.
Nevertheless, these goof ball kids are here or there, and I get lots
of compliments about my hat, and usually, if not always, the person
giving me the compliment wishes to steal the hat from me, and then rob
me, in any other way, he or she can, and then beat me up, if he or she
can. Well, I can't let these types of things get to me, and I just
ignore them, as I walk by them, and I don't reply or return any
statements to them, except a polite, 'thank you' if they gave me a
compliment about my hat, but that's about all, and I might mutter
something, like, and well, so that's just another one of my goof ball
kids, or something to that effect.

Nollicking And Nollygaging

Nollicking means idiotic and foolish people who are wasting their
time, for accomplishing nothing. It's like, nolly gaging, but
nollygaging, is just wasting time, foolishly, and while you are
nollygaging, you are looking for some way to make a profit, from your
use of your time. Scanderously, you try to extort money from others,
or force others to give you money, you do not have any right to.
That's nollygaging, as I can recall, at the moment.

Goof Ball Kids, Their Mischievousness, And Maliciousness

Well, I have all kinds of kids, and many of them are malicious, if you
give them a chance, so I just stay away from all of them, as I know
most every one of my children, is malicious, from time to time, if
given the chance, and I think that applies to all of them, regardless
of their age, at some point in their life, they will commit crimes of
one kind of another, against others, and not think much about it,
except that, they just had to take care of that, as they wouldn't be
happy, if they hadn't. Okay, so every one of my kids, at one time or
another, will do goofey or goof ball things, and not think much about
it. That's the way it is. There is nothing to be surprised about, as
every one, and I don't care who they are, every one, does things they
shouldn't do.

Me, personally, I get angry, and say nasty things, and make myself
sound gruff, now and then, and maybe I shouldn't, but I just feel
compelled to do that, when I have a righteous conviction that some one
deserves my speaking up and telling them off. Well, you feel sorry
about it, afterwards, if you hurt some one's feelings, but then that's
the way it goes, and no one is perfect, so it's just. Let's try to
live and let live, and live together in peace, and cut out the
naughtyness, and stop the mischiefness, if we at all possibly can, and
apologise if the opportunity presents itself. That's always the best
way to handle things. Most people, after they kill someone, can't
appologise, and young girls and boys, and older girls and boys, think
nothing of killing people, or having some one killed, for them, and
then of course, there is no way for any one to appologise to the dead
person, since that person is in my Epcot Center. Well, we can't do too
much about that, can we, but we can try to be kinder, and not kill as
much as we feel we must to be happy.

More Than Ninety Five (95) Percent Of The Homicides In The World, Some
Times As High As Ninety Eight (98) Percent, Or Even Higher, Go
Unreported, And Are Therefore, Not Investigated

It's too bad that we kill others, and torture others, but that's the
way my goof ball kids live in my universe, and despite what people
might wish to think, to the contrary, it happens every day, in every
city, town, hamlet, county, district, or where ever. My goof ball kids
are killing people, right and left, and there are just so many deaths,
the police don't hear the ninety five (95) percent of them, or so, as
they never learn about it. The percentage of homicides the police do
not hear about, is perhaps just a little higher, but in any case, no
one should be surprised, as that is how my goof ball kids get along
with one and each other, and they have been getting along with one and
each other, that way, for a very long time, already, so it will not
stop, any time soon, and that's just the way things are, for now. The
Lesbianists are responisible for just about eighty five percent of
those homicides.

Labrynthine Cities Below Us Where Lesbianists Live, And Laugh At All
Of Us

The Lesbianists living below us, in their cavernous, labryinthine
cities, that are below the hard rock layers, well below the oceans,
and other bodies of water, far below the continents, go around, and
mess with every one, and they play with people, and they think they
have the right to amuse themselves by useing the citizens of this
planet, any old way they like. They go around, and set up phoney wars,
and they watch the citizens of each country, kill each other, on their
commands. The Lesbianists enjoy playing these kinds of games, and they
set up civilization after civilization, and they bring it along, and
help to develop it, and when they get it to a high enough level, they
feel a sense of accomplishment, and then they watch and amuse
themselves as they destroy what they built up, and the people who are
living, unawares of them. The Lesbianists think it is funny, that the
Lesbianists feed the lies about our universe, and the lies about
science, to every one, and the Lesbianists think they have the right
to bafoonerize every person who comes into our world, as a tummy baby,
who is on his or her way in, and in fifty to eighty or so years, is on
his or her way out.

Why Do Continents Sink? Why Do Land Masses Rise?

Load transference technologies, and partical transference
technologies, redistribute the loads on the internal network of
underground cities the Lesbianists live in, to keep them perfectly
centered, when ever there is a major uplifting, or down plunging, of
continental mass, rocks, and earth, that would cause continents to
sink and continents or land masses to rise. Movements of 'earthen
matter' or rocks and dirt is accomplished with load transference
technologies, and other technologies, such as partical dismissive
technologies, and partical remissive technologies. This way, a planet
can move, inwardsly, as a continent sinks, after the underlying rock
layers are washed away due to hydrolific pressures, and not destroy
the underground labrythine cities. My kids also use the same
technologies, and other technologies, for maintaining the integrity of
their underground encapsulated living environment.

The sinking of the continent pushes downwardsly, and as it falls, it
exerts high intensity pressures on the underlying layers of rocks,
stones, pebbles, sands, sediments, clays, metals, minerals, and so
forth. The pressures will normally push downwardsly, and outwardsly,
and shifting of materials, occurs, and land masses rise, as a result.
When you have an underground city, or collection of them ringing the
planet, when the pressures occur, and when the materials begin to
shift, you redistribute the materials, using advanced sophisticated
technologies, that will shift the particals in the directions they
need to move, and distribute them so that they will not interfere with
the structural integrity of the undergound labrynthine, and perfectly,
geometricly laid out city dwellings and living habitats. It's high
tech stuff, and so if you don't understand how partical dismissive
technologies work, or if you do not understand how partical remissive
technologies work, you will have a hard time understanding how this is
accomplished. There are other technologies, that also must be
employed, to work in an integrated manner with the partical dismissive
and partical remissive technologies. All of these technologies,
working in an integrated manner, will perfectly redistribute all the
particals of rocks, and so forth, that need to be redistributed. The
technologies keep the ring of cities perfectly centered within the
earth. If there is a need for downsizing of the interconnected
labrinthine layout of cities, that is also accomplished with these
technologies. Downsizing may occur for any number of reasons. I've
briefly explained what can happen as comets and asteroids pass by our
planet, at amazing speeds, and that we can lose some or part of our
planet, mountains, terrain, and lakes full of water, with a pass by,
by a solartoid, or planetary sun, as it wizzes by at a phenomenal
speed. Once the planet restabilizes, the downsizeing process begins.
Even though there may be continental shifts, of uprising and down
plunging events, and large, cometary passbys, with the technologies
that are available to the Lesbianists to use, on a 'for lease' option,
the integrity of the underground labrynthine layout of cities, is kept
in tact, as best as possible. The technologies that accomplish this
for the Lesbianists, that keep their cities perfectly situated, are
not on lease, any more, and they have lost their lease on the
technologies that would allow them to keep their cities perfectly
protected, and perfectly centered. Some areas may not be too livable,
for them, as leaky ceilings cause waters to accumulate, below, and
they must trudge through salty ocean water, knee deep, in places, and
in other places, the water is too deep to allow them safe passage down
one tube, or trammel system transportation pass through tube, to a
city or to cities which were previously accessable.

The Leases On Their Technologies Are Expiring

The leases on the technologies that they have been using, and that
were assigned to them, after they swore in, and pledged to live on
this planet, and pledged to sexal for a living have been expiring for
some time, already, and will continue to expire for some time, to
come. Because this was a newly formed planet, before they arrived, but
after it recongealed, after it was shattered to pieces by a passing
cometoid that ran smack into it, as I've explained about, or touched
on, a couple of times, before, see my notes on the web, once the
planet stabilized, and became a livable planet, they first needed to
live underground, where they could live, and slowly over time, adjust
to the types of solar radiations, and other factors that they would
need to adjust to to be able to one day come out from down underneath
the surface of the planet and begin to live above ground. The rock
layers, land, and bodies of water above shielded them from potentially
harmful radiation. The living area below, also had built in protection
systems to help protect them from the radiative energies that could
harm them. After they adjusted to the conditions of the planet, they
could come out, and as they continued to sexal for a living, other
technologies would allow them to build large cities, for them to
habitate in, as they continued in the sexaling for a living program.
The cities that my kids built for them, that my kids have the
permissions to use for these programs, are now down under the rock
layers, all crumpled up, or they have passed into the molten core, and
have been spewed out, as basaltic lava, as the Lesbianists did not
hold to their pledge, and they broke the law, and the maintenance of
their above ground cities, was terminated. With continental
uplifitings, and downplungings occuring, over the long period of time,
they lost their cities, and now they have only the underground,
initial landing zone area, dwellings and habitats, that have down
sized, some what, since their initial landing for occupation of this
planet, in the sexaling for a living program. They broke all the
rules, and they developed their own sham governments on this planet,
and they went about, causing mayhem and destruction, every opportunity
they got.

The leases that they signed on to, and that were assigned to them,
that they had on the initial landing zone technologies, as well as all
their other leases, that were assigned to them are now in the process
of being cancelled. That means, that, their underground cities are
being shut down, slowly over time, - thus the leaky roofs - and they
will have to move out, and move to the surface, as the underground
systems, begin to falter, shut down, and fail, one after another.

This happens to them, repeatedly, life after life, and the end result
is they destroy them selves. The hideous, hungry animals they
illegally brought from other planets will get lose, and then they will
help to hurry the demise of their world civilization, which means,
every one of the Lesbianists will die on this planet. After the
Lesbianists destroy themselves, they will end up in my Epcot Center,
and they will come back out as tummy babies, to tummy mommies and to
tummy daddies, who have karma that matches up with theirs, and then
they will repeat their old mistakes, again, and again.

As the usefulness of the Lesbianists' underground labrynthine cities
declines, as leases expire on the technologies that were assigned to
them, and as other leases, will also be expireing, over the next few
years, to ten or twelve to fifteen years, to thirty eight years, to
fifty nine to sixty to eight five years, and then finally, when the
last of their leases expire, some time, not too long after that, up to
two hundred to eight hundred years, or so, and then there are still a
few that will remain active, until every one is expected to move out,
within a few thousand years, eight to eleven thousand years, as they
must be given time to build up their own new civilization on the
surface of the planet, where they can all live, together, now that the
facilities below will be totally closed off, and shut down, and no
longer useable to them, as they will be locked out, and prohibited
from entering them. Once they are completely out, my kids will then
remove all traces of the underground cities and underground
facilities, so that there is no chance of any one ever useing them
again. The Lesbianists will then begin living on the surface, full

Late Night Amusement Activities For The Lesbianists

Currently, as a regular sport or preoccupation, the Lesbianists go out
regularly, at night on hunting parties, after exiting from below up
through secret stairways, that lead up through police stations, and
through fire departments, and through some military barracks, and
through National Guard barracks, castles, buildings owned by royalty
such as a king, or a queen, a monarch, dictator, despotic ruler, or by
dukes, earls, princes', princesses', public buildings, government
buildings, and through banks, hospitals, morgues, cemetary parks,
schools, parochial schools, college campuses, college buildings,
universities, university facilities, movie theaters, dance halls,
auditoriums, disco-techs, sports stadiums, ball parks, parks,
indigenous peoples' tribal reservations, port and harbor facilities,
port authority landing zones, free trade zone districts, political
districts such as Macau and Hong Kong, bordellos, brothels, drinking
establishments, cocktail bars, lounges, late night restaurants,
physical fitness centers that stay open 24 hours a day, YMCA's,
YWCA's, Greyhound Bus stations, train and railway stations, air ports,
national parks and forests, BLM lands, islands owned by Lesbianists,
Riker's Island, Staton Island, Alcatraz, islands that have military
forts' and bases that are active or semi active on them, private
residences owned by Lesbianists, and through businesses owned by
Lesbianists, through twenty four hour a day businesses owned by
Lesbianists, Walmarts, K-Marts, 'Toy's 'R Us', Wendy's, Jack 'n The
Box, McDonald's, In-'N-Out' hamburger chains, sushi restaraunts, late
night restaraunts, hotels, motels, churches, mosques, synagogues,
military bases, public and private museums, BINGO establishments,
pachinko parlors, billiards halls, race tracks, gaming and gambling
establishments, and many other Lesbianists' controlled facilities,
buildings, and so forth, above ground, and they capture and abduct
people, then bring them back into their underground lairs, and then
the Lesbianists torture them, barbecue them, and then cannibalize
them, for food, in their underground lairs. The Lesbianists enjoy
torturing people, and eating them, and these abductions go on,
regularly, all around the world, and the torturing, barbecuing, and
eating of the above ground residents, below ground, goes on all around
the world, beneath the surface of this planet.

There are over thirteen billion of them, and the number is even
higher, still, as I did not have that number correct, either. It is
higher than that, and that means there are a lot of hungry mouths to
feed, in the future, after they lose their leases, unless they get a
new civilization built, which they never do, as they do not like to

They will come out, at night, regularly, and abduct people, and then
carry them into their underground lairs, and then cannibalize them.
This will grow more and more busy, as they strive to remove every one
they can from the surface of the planet. After they have removed
enough people, they will begin to live on the surface in the homes,
and cities that are there, already. There are too many Lesbianists to
live comfortably on the surface of the planet, and they are too lazy
to build their own civilization with homes, an economy, and so forth,
so they will inevitably begin warring against each other, until there
are only a few left, and then they will meet their end, when their
exotic and deadly animals that they brought here for their personal
amusement, strike at them, and kill them, for food.

The only way one can find a way out of this predicament, is for each
one of you to join my country, swear in, and become a citizen. The
Lesbianists in turn, must surrender. If they do not, at a certain
point in the future, we will begin to dismend them, and sent them to
my Epcot Center. When that will occur, I don't know, but it could be
as far off as a few thousands of years from now, as we have to give
them the time, and a chance to build a new civilization, with homes,
and parks, etc., working together with the people who already live on
the surface of the planet. We cannot cut short the allowance they must
be given, in fairness - as the leases continue to expire, and the
leases protect them, to some extent - to make efforts to mix with the
people on the surface, and to come clean, and to tell it all, and to
appologize, and then to work in peace and harmony with the people who
currently live on the surface of the planet. They will have to share
their knowledge of the sciences, and they will have to help to educate
every one, and they will have to teach the people who are living on
the surface, the sciences that will allow people to regroverate their
amoebes, and other cells in their bodies, and to rejuvenate their

There is not much chance of that happening and of gaining their
cooperation, so we will have to be on our guard, and we will have to
look out for ourselves, and make sure none of us are abducted by them
as they attempt to diminish the population living on the surface of
the planet by reducing the numbers of normal people living on the
surface of the planet, as the Lesbianists begin to get busier,
abducting people, and eating them, one after another, to make room for
them selves, on the surface of the planet.

Never the less, my kids are not allowed to act prematurely, and my
kids are not allowed to begin dismending them, just to stop them from
doing what they typically do, after they lose their leases. So, it
will be several thousands of years, before this topic comes up for
discussion, and action is taken. These are not normal circumstances,
and so the dismending of these people, may begin some time after their
final leases expire, if they present them selfs as a problem to the
rest of us, living on the planet.

Our War On The Lesbianists Must Continue

This means, we have a few options, here, and the best option is to
just get rid of them, and destroy their underground cities, and
destroy the Lesbianists, world wide, before the Lesbianists get much
more of a chance to abduct, torture, and cannabalize the citizens
living on the surface of the planet. Thus, our war is now only
begining, and we must continue to eliminate them, as they will only
cause mayhem, and destruction, for those of us, living on the surface
of the planet, as the Lesbianists abduct, and capture people, then
torture and cannibalize them, in coordination with their Lesbianists
friends, who run this planet. The Lesbianists' activities aimed at
destroying the populations of the planet, is guaranteed to increase,
as the years pass. That means, we must continue with our campaign to
destroy the Lesbianists, and we must continue to work to bring an end
to the control that they have, over every one on this planet. We can
also concentrate on destroying the Lesbianists, underground, by
dropping the home made 'radiological' explosives weapons down into the
ocean depths, and down into the depths of the deeper lakes, onto the
leaky ceilings below, where the Lesbianists are living, to crush them,
and to drown them all. In the meantime, every one must join my
country, and swear in, and become citizens of our new country, as I've
explained about, before.

The Valderizing Lesbianists

The Lesbianists do not teach real science, or real geography, or real
history, or real mathmatics, or real chemistry, or real anything, and
they fool every one with their bogus religions that they either made
up or corrupted, and valderized. Valderized means, they vandalized it,
and sprayed grafitti all over it.

Well, that's the way the Lesbiansts get their kicks, and they are just
a bunch of grown up children, valderizing every thing they can, and
disrupting every thing, and every bodies' lives, just for their own
amusement, and cruelish fun and games, such as feeding former
Lesbianists to my abominant kids, who are need to be fed, and who are
smart, and devious, and who destroy humans, and eat them up, and spit
them out, and treat them terribly, while the Lesbianists watch on, in
amusement, as they see people like Bill Gates, or Steve Irwin, and
others, eaten up and then tortured, as I've mentioned about before.
Valderize all they may, and be cruel all they may, we are all now
finally finding out about their treacherous and horrid behavior, and
now we are going to put a stop to it, permanently, and that means we
will kill every one of them, and send them all to my Epcot Center, as
I've explained about before.

Now we know we can cave in their cities, below the leaky hard rock
layers, way down below, if we hit certain areas, hard enough, with a
nice big hammer, such as one or more of my 'nuclear' bombs, the
fracturable rocks kids bombs, with fuels oils, burning at extreme high
temperatures, and with percussive shock forces, these, mixed together,
will get my fracturable rocks kiddies, making lots of babies, and with
a large enough fracturable rocks fuels chlorine, and metals that burn
at high temperatures, nearing solar temperatures, we will see some
very explosive 'family making' adventures, among my fracturable rocks
kiddies, and their radiological relatives and friends.

We know where to hit some of their locations, to drop a few miles of
more of continental shelf down onto the tops of their ceilings that
will then fracture their ceilings, and cause massive damage, as oceans
of water fill up their labrynthine and very well laid out cities,
below us.

Who Do We Kill, First?

Mr. George Bush, Jr., Mrs. Barbara Bush, Jr., Mr. George Bush, Sr.,
Mrs. Barbara Bush, Sr., Mr. Ronald Reagan, Mrs. Nancy Reagan, and lots
of their friends, and nearly the whole crew of politicians in
Washington DC, are all Lesbianists, and I want you to kill every one
of them, and send them to my Epcot Center, and I want you to place the
fracturable rocks bombs, in the right locations, and then drop a thick
layer of continental shelf, down onto their ceilings, their ceiling
that are below the water that is between us and them, and that is
below our continental shelfs that we live on.

We can hear the water down below, if we have the right types of
listening devices, and if you find the right places to place your
fracturable rocks bombs over, then it may be easier to drop your
continental shelf, down through the water, below you, and down further
onto their ceilings, the hard rock layers below the water, that is
below your continent, swirling about.

Now I want you all to study this, and find the right places to drop
your continental shelfs, down through the water layers below you, and
onto their ceilings, so as to smash their ceilings. I've given you
some hints, already, as to where you can place the fracturable rocks
bombs, and my kids also have given some people more information on
that, and so we have lots of people, who are interested in solving
this problem of the Lesbianists toying with you, one life of yours,
after the next life of yours. It is time we brought their mischief,
and non sense, and cruelty to a halt, and it is time we put on the
brakes, and slammed down on the brakes real hard, and at the same
time, slam down on the ceilings of the Lesbianists labrynthine
cavities, below you, their cities that they have laid out in perfect
symetrical, geometric shapes, like perfectly shaped, honey combed
behives, with central cities, placed symetrically around the globe, in
a perfect geometric layout, and with spokes or corridors reaching out
symetrically, to other central cities, and to satelite cities, that
they have well planned out, and have well laid out, perfectly, below

Hydrolific Pressures And The Labrynthine Cities Below Us

Because of the hydrolific pressures, they can never keep the ceilings,
perfectly dry, and they are always in trouble, trying to fix leaks,
here, there, and every where. Now it won't take too much to bring the
whole place down on them, flooding them like rats in a cage, below the
water line, as a boat slowly sinks with a rats' cage on a table, with
rats in it, slowly into and below the ocean waters.

The ones above, such as George Bush, Jr. the current president of the
United States of America, and his wife, and his supposed family and
relatives, and all his close Lesbianists' friends, should now all be
killed, point blank, with your fracturable rocks bombs. I hope that is
perfectly clear, and I hope you all understand what the situation is,
and that it is an intolerable situation, and we are not going to allow
them to toy with us, any longer, and we are not going to let them
amuse themselves, any longer, and we are putting an end to their
games, now.


Now that we know where we stand, we have nothing further to argue
about, and so let's get to our tasks, as soon as we are ready, and
prepared. Okay? Good.

Local Area Prayerful Collection Site

A collection site is where people gather to pray, and to sexal and to
purify each other. It is not a site where people ask for offerings, or
where people as for any thing else, involving money. It is a sexaling
park, and a prayerful sexaling park. That is the meaning of collection
site. A collection site is where people collect together, to sexal and
purify themselves, and while they are at it, they make sexaling
efforts to help to purify others, by shattering and showering out
megawatts and tons of radiating, purifying energies.

We have a local area park, at the corner of West Tropicana Ave. and
South Decature Blud., a local BLM piece of land, that some people like
to camp out in, that I go out to, to bless, and to purify with my
religious ceremonies, now and then. I claimed that area, and all other
BLM lands that I could claim under Gurkian Law, and all other land on
this planet, that I could also claim under Gurkian Law, such as other
parks and forests managed by other government agencies, or private
lands, supposedly owned by rich people, and lands around the world,
that I have a right to claim, under Gurkian Law, and all that land, is
now mine, under Gurkian Law, and I can use it in any way that I need
to use it, regardless of what other people, think.

Aerobic Taichi Practice

I am busy, now and then, purifying that parcel of land, at the corner
of West Tropicana Ave. and South Decature Blvd., with my religious
ceremonies, that I conduct with my religious prayer hand signaling
statements and with my use of my ability of arerobic Taichi, for
religious ceremonies, as I seem to have recalled a lot of areobic
Taichi, as well as some other forms of Taichi, that I knew, before, in
previous lifetimes, but I am only interested in using it for practical
purposes of religious hand prayer signaling.

I'm very clumsy when it comes to aerobic Taichi, but any way, I enjoy
it, and it is good excercise for me, and the more I practice, the
better I get, but it will be zillions of years, before I get any where
near good at it. I practice the arerobic Taichi while I make my
religious hand prayer signaling statements.

I don't teach Aerobic Taichi. I only use it for my prayer ceremonies,
when I am on my feet, and not on my back, mostly, even though, I do
use a short version form of it, while lying on my back, or, while I am
on my side, I use a very short form of it. Anyway, it is fun to do
Aerobic Taichi, and that makes my prayer ceremonies, for me, more fun.
When other people learn to prayer signal, they will naturally pick it
up, as well, as every one has studied to some extent, Aerobic Taichi,
and other forms of the martial arts, and my kids will release the
knowledge that is stored in your memory banks, as you need it, once
you begin practicing, for women, as a priestess, or for men, as a
priest. It is not like the Taichi you see people doing in China, or
Taiwan. It is a specialized form of aerrobic Taichi for use while
performing hand prayer signaling. It is not used for fighting, but it
is the basis for Taichi, and you can train in martial arts, while
employed as either a priestess, or as a priest, and it will be useful
to you to know, before hand, as it will make practicing your martial
arts, that much more interesting.

I'm not hiring any one, now, or just yet, or any time, soon, as far as
I know, as my kids do all the interviewing, and I have nothing to say,
about who comes knocking at my door, to be interviewed.

Campers, Camping, Sexaling And Purifying The Area, And Useing The
Parcel Of Land That I Publicly Claimed For My Setting Up Of My

Now, on that parcel of land, there may be campers, now and then, who
want to camp there, because they want to find out more about my
religion, and so they come out to Las Vegas, now and then, and they
camp out there, on that parcel of land, at the corner of West
Tropicana Ave. and South Decature Blvd. Since that land is where I am
going to set up my initial ministry, when the time for that comes, I
am preparing it, with my religious purification ceremonies, and there
doesn't seem to be any troubles, with any one telling me not to go up
to my property, that parcel of land, and there is no one trying to
tell me that I can not bless my property, that parcel of land.

Now, if other people wish to come to that parcel of land, and wish to
sexal on it, and thereby purify that parcel of land, they are more
than welcome to come to it, with their camper trailer, or caravan bus,
and they can maneuver into the area, and set up a tent, and campsite,
but there is no water, or any thing else, so you have to come prepared
to rough it, if you wish to come in your camper van, or caravan bus,
or in a camper trailer, or with a tent, or with other types of
sleeping and living gear.

Straightening And Cleaning Up The Area

You can straigten up the area, and clean it up, and make it nice, for
many people to pull into, to join together, and to sexal together, and
with your purifying energies from your sexaling together, you are more
than welcome to stay there, as long as you like, and as long as time
permits, and as long as finances permit.

I have nothing there, except for my now and again, Aerobic Taichi
practice and the energies that are imbued into the area, there, from
my religious hand prayer signaling ceremonies. There are no structures
of any kind, and I am sometimes there, busy purifying the area, with
my religious ceremonies, so if you and your friends would wish to come
to that area, and also help to purify it with your sexaling energies,
than you are more than welcome to come and visit there.

Donating Your Sperm, Sexaling Spittle, Perspiration, Vaginal Juices,
Titty Juices, And All Your Sexaling Juices

You men and boys may by all means, donate your sperm juices, sexaling
spittle, and other sexaling juices, your perspiration you generate
while you are sexaling, to the site, and you women and girls may by
all means, donate your vaginal juices, your titty juices, your
sexaling spittle, your perspiration you generate while you are
sexaling, and all of your sexaling juices to the site, as they all
will help to purify the property that I intend to set up my ministry
on, as they all contain many, holy, pure, sacred, powerful cleansing
energies, and GODLY energies in them, and they will help purify the
land, and the environment for ages and aeons to come. All of your
eroteming and orgasming energies will go shooting throughout your
bodies, and they will find their way throughout your bodies, and out
of your bodies and brains, and into the environment, and into your
bodies' sacred and holy spillages, as I've discussed about before.
Your bodies' spillages, as well as your perspiration, your pee, and
your poop, not to mention all of your other juices that are produced
as you sexal, erotem, orgasm, and phlumett, become pure, sacred, holy,
powerfully cleansing, and GODLY, while you are sexaling, eroteming,
orgasming, and phlumetting. Your pure, sacred, holy, powerfully
cleansing, and GODLY energies find their way into all of your bodies'
spillages, and so please donate them to the site, in appropriate

Building A Latrine

Please employ some one to dig a latrine, and to fashion benches to sit
on so as to be able to dump your poop, and pee your urine, into the
latrine trenches. Manage the latrine, with care, and employ healthful,
tactical, and sanitary techniques to use it safely. Provide hand
rails, to grasp, so that no one will slip off and fall into the
latrine. Provide barriers so that no one can accidentally fall into
the latrine. Use your common sense when providing 'tactical' safety

You need not fashion an over hang, as there is no rain to speak of, in
Nevada. You do not need a supported roof, or enclosure, as they will
only become stench ridden, and no one will enjoy useing them. There
are to be no enclosure walls, or sides, or backs, so as to enclose the
odors of the latrine, and confine them to an air tight area, where
they can accumulate, and cause explosions, accidentally. They need
only be deposited into a safely dug, latrine, and then allowed to
filter down into the soil, and then allowed to vapor up into the
atmosphere, freely.

No doors should be used, and no barrier walls should be employed, when
fashioning the outside framing of the latrine facility, itself. That
means, there are no hiding places in the latrine, where people can
hide, and be prevented from entering, or exiting from the latrine.
Only hand rails need be supplied, and only barriers that are suitable
for keeping people from falling into the latrine, need by provided.

Steps may also be provided, to a raised platform latrine, which is
more sanitary to use, than a level to the ground, latrine. There
should be no walls, and no blind spots when either ascending up the
stairs or when descending down the stairs. Women, girls, men and boys,
should all use the same facility, and there is to be no fraternizing.
Fraternizing is playfully tearing up at the opposition, or at people
who you do not like.

Tearing up at the opposition means, you are trying to over throw the
person, and dispose of that person, into the latrine. Over throwing
the person means to be using reckless abandonment when dealing with
another. Reckless abandonment means to be recklessly risking the life
and limb of another.

There will be no frolicking at the latrine site. Frolicking is when
little boys, and big boys, and little girls and big girls, play around
and provide possible hazzards to others. You will not behave in a
hazzardous manner towards any one, at any time, or you will be asked
to leave, and to not come back.

There will be no play time allowed for children, as this is a
collection site, and that means it is a holy site for holy activities,
so leave brats at home, and do not bring any one who drinks alchoholic
beverages, or who acts unwholesomely, to the collection site. This is
a private site, and a prayerful collection site, and that means, you
are coming there, to pray, and to make love, and to sexal, as GOD's
children, so as to purify the site. You are not allowed to act
randomly and with reckless abandoment. Randomly means, without proper
self control and restraint. This is not a gay fashion, show or parade,
and we will not tolerate reclusive, or unwillingly unwholesome

Reclusive means, unwilling to participate for the stated purpose of
purifying the area. Reclusive means, caution and carelessness is
thrown out the window, and you are acting in an irresponsible manner.

Unwillingly unwholesome means, first, unwillingly means, non
cooperative, private, or sordid. Sordid means you are acting in a
selfish manner, and you are not acting in a responsible manner for
self and for others.

Unwillingly unwholesome means, thusly, that you are acting in a
selfish manner, irresponsible manner, uncaring towards others, and

Unwholesome means, you do not care about the life and limb of others,
and you would just as soon shoot a person you argue with, as talk to
them for a friendly chat. Many of my kids, are very unwholesome, and
will just as soon, talk to a person, as shoot the person. You will not
act in any such manner.

Any unsafe or prohibited latrine construction will be ticketed on
detection, by me, and you will be asked to rework the facility. That
will be on the ticket, and please comply, if you and your friends who
built it, will be so kind. If you do not rebuild it, you will be
asked, with your friends, to leave the site, as you are acting in an
irresponsible manner. You will not be allowed back to the site,
without your showing proper repensive behavior. Proper prepensive
behavior is an attitude of appology, as well as the acts of appology
which means, you will take appropriate steps to see that the work is
or has been redone, in the manner as required by safety laws, as
stated by my children, under Gurkian Law. Either me, or my children,
will leave the ticket, and you will be required to fix what ever it is
you need to fix, or you will be asked to not stay and conspiriate at
the collection site.

Conspiriate means, to participate freely with caution and care for the
sake of others. Conspire is also the same, as conspiriate.

You will be asked to not stay and conspire at the collection site,
means, the same thing. It means, you will not be permitted to
participate freely with caution and care for the sake of others. That
means, you will be asked to leave, and you will not be allowed to come
back, if we, my children and I, and other attendents, as well, can at
all help it.

Attendents are people who participate in the collection site
activities, and they are people who take responsibility to make sure
every thing is done, properly, and safely, with the sake and safety of
others, in mind.

The Home Depot has many nice and useful janitorial equipments, and so
it will not be difficult to build a safe and luxuriously clean, and
handy, latrine, that is safe to use, for all people, of all ages.

Luxuriously clean, means, it is kept sanitary.

How do you keep a latrine, sanitary? You keep it clean and sanitary by
venting the air out, freely, with no blind spots, either underneath or
above, where pockets of air, and vapors can accumulate.

No partitions will be installed that will create a blind spot. A blind
spot is an area where light can not penetrate. Therefore, your
construction materials, must be perforated wood, or grated steel. You
can weld together, if you know how to weld, a very nice, grated steel,
latrine, that will be safe to use, by every one, of every age. You
will need the correct strength of supportive steel poles, to handle
the weights of the persons accessing the latrine, and of the latrine,
as well. You will make certain to build it well, and to support it
well, with firm foundations, of concrete or steel plates.

Any deviation from safe practices for building latrines, will be torn
down, disassembled, and the persons or person responsible will ethier
be asked to leave, or will be asked to appologise to the memebers of
the collection, sincerely. If the person acts in a responsible manner,
and appologizes, sincerely, and appropriately, then the person will be
excused, with out further, charges being leveled. Further charges will
be leveled by my children, if my children detect further, reckless
abandonment on the part of any person, participating and acting in a
reclusive or recklessly abandoned manner.

Glue People Begun 'Cleaning' Agents

Cleaning the toilet seats of the latrine, will also help to keep the
latrine luxuriously clean, and sanitary. You should clean the toilet
seats and parts of the latrine, with common household detergent
agents, as at this time, we have no choice but to use the unwholesome,
Lesbianists' manufactured, ajax, spic and span, lysol, and other such
'glue people begun' agents. Glue people begun agents means, aerosols,
and other unwholesome petrol fueled compacted or pressurized sprays,
or detergents, that help the Lesbianists to begin the process of
turning human beings into glue people. Glue people, in this instance,
does not refer to glue, but it refers to tar. Tar is an adhesive
substance, and their intent was and is to turn every human they can
find into tar people.

We have no choice but to use the local distributors selection of
cleaning agents, but in time, we will one day, have all that
straightened out, after we demolish the Lesbianists' hideouts, under
ground, and after we kill them all, or welcome them in, as
'surrenders', with appropriate, remorseful, penentant attitudes.

Removal Of Latrine Wastes And Disposal Of Latrine Wastes

Latrine wastes materials shall be removed, and supplied to local pig
farmers, who can then use the materials, for feeding the animals. Pigs
and hogs love to eat away at latrine wastages, and no one knows that.
Chicken also enjoy eating human wastages, as well as ducks, geese, and
other fowl. Horses and burroughs also enjoy human wastages, if it is
healthy enough, with large amounts of vegetable mass in the diets of
the human beings, whose wastages are carried to the farms for
spreading about in the hogs and pigs, barrels. A barrel is a place
where wastages are loaded, up into trucks for delivery to a sewage
farm, or a place where farmers can use the wastages, that the hogs are
finished with, as fertilizers.

Hogs and pigs use a roped off area, for eating wastages, and employees
keep track of the unloaded wastages, and the spilled wastages from the
hogs, and then the spilled wastages from the hogs, are then moved to a
separate area, for pickup by carriers of farmers. Foods grown at farms
using hogs and pigs wastages are useful and nourishing to humans, and
other animals.

No fees of any kind for loading and for carrying away wastes to hog
and or also pig farmers, should be levied by truck drivers, as drivers
will earn a tokenous gratitude tip from the hog and or also, pig
farmer. An appropriate payment to the driver and deliverer of the
human wastes to the hog and or also pig farmer, should be paid by the
hog or also pig farmer, unless the farmer is cash strapped. Cash
strapped hog and pig farmers may be given money compliments by the
people at the collection site.

Money compliments are small awards, or minor payments, out of
gratitude to the hog and pig farmer, for his or her useage of the
human wastes from the latrines. Money should be collected, regularly,
if hog and pig farmers are cash strapped, and then given to the hog
and pig farmer, out of gratitude to him or to her, and presented,
tokenously, or as a gift payment. How much should be paid, depends on
the expenditures of the driver, for his or her services, and for the
use of his or her, vehicle, and for its whollyfied maintenance.

Whollyfied means, the regular maintenance that will allow the truck or
vehicle to run at tip top conditon or shape, for the life of the
vehicle, figuring it proratively.

Proratively means, spaced out, and paid proratively, or over the
period, at regularly spaced points in time, over the given span or the
useful life of the truck.

Discussions regarding this, and discussions for compensations, should
be held at the collection site, and at the delivery site(s) for
delivery of human wastes, by all parties, concerned, regarding all of
this, and the primary collection site attendants, the persons elected
by the attending or participating persons, at the collection site, who
show the greatest interest and sense of responsibilities, at the
collection site and with regards to the collection site, and with
regards to the collection sites' safe, healthy, and wholesome
management, must attend the discussions, and must deliver their sound
judgements as to who is to be compensated payments for their
participation in the removal and distribution of the wastes from the
collection site, to the hogs and pig farmers, and as to how much
should be dispensed, per each removal and delivery of human wastes.

Participating persons at the collection site, should elect attendants,
and the attendants should regularly check on all points for the safe
management of the collection site. Participating persons means,
persons who are there for sexaling, and for depositing their holy,
pure, sacred, powerfully cleansing, and GODLY sexaling juices at the
collection site.

Nevada Power, and all other vendors, are not participating persons,
and should not be construed as participating persons, regardless of
what they might wish to think, and if they have any complaints, I
authorise the killing of all persons who disagree, and persist in
arguing that they are valid participants, despite their not
participating in your holy sexaling, activities, as individuals, and
not as company employees. No company employee, or personel of any
kind, may participate, except as an individual, lone, and wholeseome,
participating, sexaling agent.

A sexaling agent, is a person who is participating at the collection
site to assist in the purifying of the parcel of land, on which I will
build my ministry, with the assistance of my children, by their
participating in sexaling activities, and by their depositing of their
sexaling juices upon the grounds of the parcel of land.

How To Disperse Your Juices

Sexaling outdoors will normally require that persons are naked, and
juices will naturally find their way to and into the ground. Men,
boys, women, and girls, all must be naked, while sexaling outdoors,
except for those persons who need to be on the move, such as male
attendants, who will need to go around, periodically, checking on the
points of interest, to maintain the soundness and integrity of the
collection site, and of all things related to its operation and


Clothes may be worn, at times while not sexaling, as particapating
persons, decide.

Scarves, hats, and minor shawl like garments, Roman, Turkish, or
Russian togas, or other comfortable sexaling apparel, for women and
girls, to protect the dermal surfaces of the wearer of the scarve,
hat, minor shawl, or other apparel, are allowed to be worn, while
sexaling. We need every inch of dermal surface, bare and naked, if
possible, or at least, accessible, to allow for maximum eroteming
sensitivity, touching, massaging, tickling, and so forth, to heighten
the erotic levels of excitement, and thrills, eroteming, orgasming,
and phlumetting.

Men and boys may wear light weight garments, such as Roman, Turkish,
or Russian togas, or other garments that do not interfere with access
to sexaling buttholes, dicks, and so forth, for men and boys to be
able to maximize their sexaling enjoyments, erotic attachments, their
purposeful eroteming enjoyments, orgasming thrills, and pleasures.

Erotic Attachments

Erotic attachments refers to their titties, dicks, buttholes, mouthal
holes, tounges, and other touch sensitive, eroticable and orgasmicable
body parts.

Purposeful eroteming enjoyments means, their steady minded,
determined, and sustained sense of attaining to the highest levels of
eroteming enjoyments possible.

Leveling The Area

Some minor leveling of the area, for maximum use of the area, as an
automobile and camper trailer, caravan bus, travel trailer, campsite
park, will need to be done.

There are many tiny hills, and a few large ones. There is much dirt
that can be removed, from the middle of the site, all the way back to
the rear edge of the site.

There is a hilltop trailor park, past the edge of the rear of the
parcel, and there will need to be built a very durable, and strong
retaining wall, to keep that hillside, shored up, and to keep the
trailor park from crashing down the hill side, after slide begins, and
creep causes the trailor park to fall into the open area, that will be
needed to be excavated, all the way to the rear of the park.

The grade or slope of the hill, need not be steep, but can be at a
relatively low angle of ascent. An angle of between ten to twenty
five, to thirty degrees, in graduations, from front to back, can be
accomplished, with little difficulty, and with no disturbment to the
trailor park, or disturbment to the integrity of the trailor park.

We need not seek any permits for construction, as I do not recognize
the Lesbianists' governments, on this planet, and if any person shows
up who says he or she is a county or city planner, inspector, or
whatever, you are to immediately kill the person, and deliver three
fivers to the persons' head, as that person is a Lesbianist attempting
to interfere in my religious activities.

All activities at the site are to be done, without any interference
from any public or other authority, and all costs for all changes and
alterations to the site are to be financed by the local construction
companies, who are working on the hotels industry, and they will cease
immediately their work on all construction, private housing
construction, casino construction, and all other towers construction,
or work construction, other than the basic infrastructure needed to
support the present population of Las Vegas, Nevada.

We are taking over this town and you all will begin to prepare to
vacate this town and hand over all of your construction equipment,
now, or face your companies and your private persons destruction with
my fracturable rocks bombs, begining with the New Orleans Hotel, and
all related hotels, and casions, bars, and restaraunts. That means,
every gambling establishment is to shut down, stop construction, and
vacate this town, now, immediately, post haste, if you wish to live.

You will be destroyed if you refuse to follow orders. We are putting a
stop to the non sense of the Lesbianists begining with Las Vegas,
Nevada, Henderson, Pahrump, and all parts of Nevada and the Southwest.

You will disband your operations and hand over your companies, such as
the water bureau, the power company, the gas utility company, and
every other company, including all supermarkets, grocery stores,
malls, and so forth, every last business in Nevada, and the south
west, to the participants at the collecting site, to take over and
then properly manage, until all residents of Las Vegas, remove
themselves, to my kids facilities.

Is that understood? You are all resigning and moving into my kids
place, underground, surrendering, and moving on for those who are not
Lesbianists, but who wish to vacate this area, as this area is in
whole, now, a religious grounds.

That means, that I will require the participants at the collection
site to take over every thing, and to bring the news reporting
stations to their knees, and force them to report the news, that every
one is to retire to my kids underground, fortress, and they are all to
remove them selves from Las Vegas, now, post haste, immediately, other
wise, we will have a fractuable rock bombs throwing contest, to see
who we destroy, first.

You must surrender all your holdings, owned property, equipments, and
every thing else you call your own, and hand them over to the
participants at the collection site.

Is that understood? "YES SIR!" had better be your answer, or you will
find yourself on a one way ticket to my Epcot Center, with no return
ticket, guaranteed, for however long it takes, to find you tummy
mommies and tummy daddies.

I don't think there will be many volunteers, in the near future, as
you are all abominant kids of mine, and the only kids people will ever
bare, for some time to come, are abominant kids, and animals, and
animal humans abominant kids, so I do not think you'll be leaveing my
Epcot Center any time soon, if you resist and if you force us to kill

Is that understood every body? Good.

The penalty for not complying is death. Do you understand what I am
saying? I hope so.

The Party Is Over In Las Vegas, And In The World

The party is now over, in Las Vegas, and at all casinos and gambling
establishments, as we know you are all cheating, and we will kill
every single last one of you to close you all down.

Who Is Staying And Who Is Leaving, Etc.

You will close down all of your establishments, world wide, and lock
the doors on them, and then demolish them, post haste. Is that
understood? I hope so. Either you do it, or we will do it. Do you
understand that, now? I hope you do, because we are going to demolish
every one of your establishments in this town, if you do not demolish
them, yourselves. Every last one of them, all houseing, except for
those noted in my children's compliance statements, which you are all
to recieve, all trailor parks, with some exceptions, all every thing
is to be removed, with only the basic infrastrastructure for heating,
lighting, water, sewage, medical, hospitals, medical clinics,
pharmacies, and so forth, food markets, services industry, HUD,
Welfare, SSI, and other operations for the welfare of persons who are
here, who can not leave, or who will be staying for some time, and who
will be needing the services of those agences, construction companies,
lighting companies, electric infrastructure installation and
maintenance companies, as well as gasoline supply and distribution
vendors, diesel fuels supply and distribution vendors, restaraunts,
and telephone. That means, all humans are leaving, except for those
person who are to stay on, as indicated in my childrens' compliance
statements, and except for those who wish to stay on and participate
in spilling their pure, holy, sacred, purifying juices, and those
wishing to participate in purifying my area, all of Las Vegas, Nevada,
the valley and beyond, in time.

Rules For Hospitals And Clinics, Etc.

There will be new rules for hospitals, and clinics, and my kids will
see to it, that the new rules, are followed. There will be other
rules, as well, and my kids will see to it, that they are followed, as
well, or persons who wantonly disregard them, will end up in prison,
underground. My kids have not only a living environment, they have
prisons, as well, jail facilities, and many other things. Check with
them for a fuller list, of what all they have in the way of
facilities, as many are very nice, and there are great possibilities
for improving your health, and rejuvenating your bodies, etc.

My kids have a full list of who is to be leaving, who is to be
staying, and by when people are to be leaving, and where persons
staying, are to be moving to, as we clean up this area.

All of you had better check with my kids, especially, you Lesbianists,
but not only them, you religious fanatics, as well, and every one
else, of course, or you, especially the Lesbianists and religious
fanatics are at risk here, but not too much, the others who are to
check in with my kids, risk dying, perhaps, prematurely, and then
ending up in my Epcot Center.

My kids also have lists of who the people are who will be recieving
all the properties for taking them over, which properties need to be
demolished, who will be demolishing things, and how to remove those
things that you must remove, and to where you will remove them, and
dispose of them, and in what manner you will dispose of them.

You will hand over every thing, and you will all comply, and those who
are required to hand over their properties, after complying with
removal demands, will hand them over, and then will move out and into
my kids place, in accordance with the time schedule that my children
have for you to follow. You are required now to check in with my kids,
get every thing sorted out, and learn all the details, and then

Those who do not follow these orders risk an early and, fortunate for
us, timely meeting with death, and entrance to my Epcot Center for a
long stay.

Erecting A Partition Blind On West Tropicana Ave.

The roadway, West Tropicana Ave. runs east to west, and west to east,
and it is advisable to erect a pertition blind, so as to not disturb
traffic, that comes down the side of the road, the parcel of land sits
on, at very fast speeds, with people rubbernecking to see what is
going on, as many people will possibly end up flying into the area,
with their automobile, truck, gravel carrier, or eighteen wheeler
spinnning and turning over, out of control, and then sliding off the
roadway and into the collection site.

The traffic is very fact on West Tropicana Ave., and with the interest
of the local area residents, who will learn about the collection site,
and the activities at the collection site, there will be many hazzards
arrising as a result. Some persons may decide to stroll through the
area, to steal purses, or wallets, or cameras, and so forth, as there
are many poor, indigent, or hopelessly poor, persons, in the area, who
do not have any work, and who can not feed themselves, and they need
to steal things, to sell, to earn a living.

Such people should be spoken to, and fed, and then warned not to act
in an unrighteous manner, which means, please do not steal things, or
damage the property, or any thing on it, and please do not get into
fist fights, over insults, and disagreements with participants, about
who is GOD, and so forth. There are many impoverished persons from
South America, and Central America, who only know their local area
witch doctor's teachings on voodoo men and voodoo women, and who know
nothing but folklorish stories about gouls and ghosts, and people, or
ghostly gouls, i.e., people immitating 'gouls', or mean and rotten
people, who go 'boo!', or try to scare and rob people, in the night.

Electricity, Lighting, Etc., To Be Supplied By Nevada Power Free Of
Charge, Or Else

The partition blind should be sturdy, tall, and break proof, so that
vandals can not break it down, or climb over it. Lights for use at
night, with the proper permissions for an electrical hookup from the
Power Company, Nevada Power Company, will be granted, and provided by
Nevada Power, along with all other neccessary, needed, safety lighting
hookups, to illuminate the area, fully, at night, so that it looks
just like, or nearly like, daylight, or a well lit soccer areana at
night, or a well lit professional baseball field, or football field,
at night, and it will be given for free, lest we burn down Nevada
Power, and kill all of their Lesbianists employees, and meter men, and
all of their tawdry workers, who we do not wish to deal with. That
means, we will blow up their buildings, and kill them all, unless they
give us the electricity that we require. If we need to kill them all,
we will then acquire all of their holdings, and we will operate all of
them, ourselves. Fair Warning has been given, and consider that as a
done deal, unless you wish to visit my Epcot Center.

Meat Vendors And Hispanics From Central And South America

An air of friendlyness, but caution, should be used. Men and boys are
there to protect the women and girls. So, please work in teams, and do
not let individuals, who might get kidnapped, and sold off to meat
vendors, for a few dollars, or pesos, as it is, in Las Vegas, as the
majority of such kidnappings and sales of human beings to meat
vendors, the Lesbianists chain stores, such as Colonol Sander's
Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King, MacDonalds, Jack 'n the Box,
Wendy's, In-'n-Out, Fat Burger, Taco Bell, Dell Taco, and all the
other, fast foods vendors, is by the locally landed hispanics from
Central and South America, who need money, to stay alive.

Erecting A Partition Along South Decature Blud.

South Decature Blvd. also has much traffic on it, and there will be
lots of people, rubber necking, to see what is going on, so a high,
partition wall, made of lumber, should be erected down the side of
South Decature Blvd. to prevent all such incidents of rubber necking,
and reckess abandonment, from occuring.

The partition should be about ten to thirty feet high, and should be
well constructed. Why so high? We do not want people climbing over it,
to sneak into the area, to steal things, and to fight with people, and
to cause trouble, and to come looking for young girls, and young boys,
and helpless, elderly folks, and uneducated to the whims and ways of
the downtrodden, brutal, abominant kids of mine, walking the streets
of Las Vegas.

Yes. They are abominant kids of mine, and the proof of that is that
their children come out as monkey people, and orangutan people, and
chimpanzee people, and if possible, the hospital whisks the baby away
from its mother, and disposes of it, in the prep rooms, used for
killing incoming, abominant kids of mine.

Drawings On Demolition, Construction, Etc.

My kids have construction drawings for constructing all the facilities
needed at the collection site for all the facilities that will be
needed. They have electrical drawings for lighting, etc., health,
fitness, and wellness facilities drawings, latrine facilities
drawings, showers facilities drawings, food and beverage eating and
drinking areas drawings, and all other drawings related to all things
that will be needed to be constructed, or altered in any way, for our
project to proceed, including but not limited to, demolition of the
cliffs, leveling of the entire area out to Harmon Ave. and up to
Flamingo, and back to Tropicana, as well as what is to be removed and
leveled between Jones and Decature. There are a few minor exceptions,
such as the building that I am living in. Who will move where, to
consolidate staff at this project, and who will be moving out, at this
project, and what will be leveled at this project, are all detailed in
the program specifications, my children have. My present quarters,
will be my place of residence, as things move along, and in time, in
accordance with the schedule for construction, a temporary facility
for me will be constructed near the area but between Flamingo and
Tropicana, and somewhere between Jones and Decature. Please see them
for details. After the area is purified sufficiently, and after all
the areas to be purified, are purified, and my children will decide on
when that is accomplished, my children will then activate the
technologies, and acquire the resources they need, and then they will
build a more permanent settlement arrangement for all people
concerned, who are staying on, if they decide to stay on.

The partical dismissive technologies and remissive technologies, for
foods, and medicines, and other items that are needed, for continued
survival, and for all other required purposes according to the
specifications for the sexaling for a living programs, will all be
provided to the participants who wish to stay on, and houseing for
them, as well, will also be included. Parks will go up, and so will
many other locally needed facilities. Many things will disappear, as
my kids will partical dismiss the things and structures they need to
remove, as they construct the new area, for all persons staying on in
Las Vegas. My kids have a list of all the names of all the persons who
may, if they decide to, stay on in Las Vegas, and not all of them, are
local people, so you should all check to find out whether you name is
on the list or not. All other persons, who are to be moving on, and
all persons who do not wish to stay on, here, will be required to move
into my childrens' present facilities, which they will continue to
expand as we continue our program on this planet. We will eventually
clear every one out of the area, inside and outside of Las Vegas and
the Valley, and surrounding areas, and the world over, except for the
persons whose names appear on the list, as houseing can be provided
above ground, for participants in the juices spilling and areas
purifying operations, by my children, if those persons wish to stay on
and participate.

All other people will be required to move into the facilities my
children have, and are continuing to upgrade, and expand, in their
encapuslated living environement, in which, many people currently
live. Persons in the encapsulated living environment, may also attend
the collection site area activities, and future clearing activities,
for purifying the areas with their pure, holy, powerfully cleansing,
purifying, cleericating [cle-er-i-cating], and GODLY energies filled,
sexaling juices. Cleericating means, the same thing as clearifying. It
is just a slightly different but related word from another a variant
language of English, and to cleericate basically means the same thing
as to clearify. When we get the areas, cleared enough, and purified
enough, my kids will then start building things for the participants.
All others will move below ground, and live in the encapsualted living
environement, until they have earned enough money, with their friends,
as talked about earlier, to purchase a lease on land, and acuire the
lease on resources needed, to build a home, etc., for a large group of
people, who will be living together, and working together in the
sexaling for a living programs, and so forth.

When Will This All Begin?

As soon as people begin to comply, we will begin our efforts to clean
up Las Vegas, to begin with, and then, the rest of the world, and
then, the rest of our universe. It will take a long time, as we need
to spill our juices, the lay persons, anyway, for some time, to come,
as our universe is quite large, and so is the rest of it, that we are
going to be recovering.

My Spilling Of My Purifying Sexaling Juices, And My Spilling Of My
'Prayer Time' Purifying Juices

I spill my juices, only for religious ceremonialing activities, during
certain relgious ceremonies, and I don't spill my juices, on the
properties, as I'm not set up to spill my juices, on the property,
now, and will not be set up to spill juices, until I find an excuse
for that, and an excuse for performing a religious hand prayer
signaling ceremony that will require my spilling of my juices. It's
pretty hard to spill juices, when there are no other persons working
with me, and I do not work with lay persons, unless they are confirmed
by me, and so there will be maybe, some confirmations, but not
neccessarily so, as I do not know who is going to wish to be
confirmed, and by the way, who ever it is I confirm, must realize that
I am the Mother and Father of all human beings, animals, and living
beings, and the Creator of my universe. There are not that many people
who understand that, except for my kids, my working, unionized kids,
and so it will be some time, yet, maybe a few hundred or more years,
before some one realizes, 'Hey, he IS the Mother and Father of all
human beings, etc., etc., etc.,"

Spilling 'Prayer Time' Spittle Generated While Praying

Until then, I'll use my spittle juices if I need to drop or drizzel
any juices, that I generate while I am religious hand prayer
signaling, as I don't like or care for the idea of jerking off in
public, to spill purifying juices, in public, regardless of the fact,
that I am GOD, so it ain't going to happen, any time soon. When I find
a authentic 'believer' who realizes and understand that I am GOD, and
so forth, I'll begin my public spilling of sexaling juices. I don't
mind it in private, but it is not going to happen in public.

Monkey Babies, Jimmy Carter, Oliver North, And The Lesbianists'
Conspiratorial Bullshit Stories Of Adam And Eve, And "Jesus Saves"

Most people do not know this, but many births end in tragic loss of
the child, because Jerry Falwell, Oliver North, Jimmy Carter, Ronald
Reagan, George Bush, Jr. George Bush, Sr., and the rest of them, order
and expect all the Lesbianists doctors to kill all babies born to
people which do not look human. Doctors at birthing hospitals also
comply, quietly, as it is hospital policy they can not break. If they
go against it, they risk losing their job, and possibly losing their
life. This is not a joke, and it is the Lesbianistgs policy of having
all birthings in hospitals exactly for this reason, for disposing of
non human looking babies, at birth, so that their bullshit creation by
God, of a 'pair' of people, Adam and Eve, and that "Jesus Saves all
good Christians", can not be contested, by logical proof of non human
births to human being couples, or single parent women or girls.
Abominant kids are born every day to my kids, on this planet, and they
are all executed, or killed off by the local citizens, by their fright
and fear of 'ghouls and ghosts' and 'goblins' in the night that go,
'Boo!'. These idiots, both the abominant South Americans, Central
Americana, and all my other abominant kids, North American, Europeans,
Russians, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Philipine, and so on, must ask them
selves why they are blessed with babies which are either not human or
are abominant humans, or part animal humans. If they ask them selves
these questions, they will find out the only answers are that these
people born to them, are my children, and my children are born to them
for reasons that have not been disclosed to them, before, by the
clergical societies, i.e, the religions of the world, and by the other
societies, set up by the Lesbianists, or by societies nurtured along
as part of the Lesbianists' 'tragic comedy' of their toying with your
lives for their humoring themselves, and for their amusing themselves.
Once we get rid of the Lesbianists, and their ways of doing things, we
will begin to see babies that are either not human, or are only part
human, in animal bodies, and they will be born to all of you who are
tummy mommies, and tummy daddies, if you birth enough children, to
find out. How many is enough? About one in forty or fifty by my
estimation, but depending on the person, it may be between thirty to
eighty, from one person to the next. Take that to your pastor, and
tell him or her, to stick it up his or her ass. It is the truth that
animals are born to humans, all the time. Not only that, but abominant
kids of mine, usually of the apey kind, but not always, are born to
the 'normal' looking humans on our planet, and in our universe. We
need not be afraid of these children, as animals, can be collected and
put into zoos, and animal humans can be raised by the parents, or
parent, in the case of a single parent. In time, we will adjust to
this reality, and we will raise fine children, abominant animal
humans, or human appearing abominant children. That means you are all
abominants, and the Lesbianists are laughing at you, and at themselves
as well, as they go around and kill and cravenly torture every
possible person they can. We will put an end to their craven ways, and
we will make a wonderful universe for all of us to live in, in peace,
and serenity, once we get started practicing my religion, and once we
begin erasing, sufficiently, our karma and our karmic markups, with
your purifying sexaling energies, prayers, and other activities, such
as syncopated dance, syncopated excercise, syncopated sexaling, and so
forth. You time it to the metronome at one thirty seventh, for now,
and that will be fine. In time, we will get accurate metronomes, and
then we will chance the pace, just ever so slightly, to push my kids
along, as I explained about, for our wholesome and healthy universe,
for all of us to live in, together with each other.

Punishment For People Who Practice Voodoo Religions Is Dismendment,
I.E., Death

We will not be killing or executing children any more, at hospitals,
or at homes, or in primitive, backwards towns and villages, or rural
hideaway villages, where voodoo religions muster the people into
peculiar states of mind, where they become entranced, and then begin
mindlessly, acting like chickens, and birds, or fowls, or hippos, and
so forth. There are too many of these types of so-called 'religions'
in this world, and we are out lawing all of them, and punishment for
adhering to them, will be a trip to my Epcot Center, as I have my
children particle dismiss their bodies, and then dismend them, bit by
bit, into their base components, and then have my children whisk them
into my Epcot Center. We will bring every one up to the level of
education every one needs to be at, to better understand my universe,
and those who persist in abandoning their obligations, will be
dismended with out further notice, after they are sent their last
warning ticket, from my kids, in accordance with Gurkian Law. That
also applies to the Lesbianists, and to every one else, who is unable
to get the picture here, and get with the program. There will be no
exceptions. And, this is not a joke. My kids have courses for you to
educate your self in, to pull yourself out of the past Lesbianists'
way of life and thinking, and into the new and current, reality, that
we will be living in, for ever, from now on.

Local Businesses Will Have No Problems At All With The Collection Site
And Will Have No Problems At All With The Activities Of The Faithful
At The Collection Site

Walgreen's is across the street, on one corner, and Home Depot is on
another corner. I don't think Walgreen's will have any problem with
you using the site for your camping, for your meeting with others, for
your sexaling with others, and for you and your friends' purifying
sexaling activities in that park, i.e., the collection site. Home
Depot, I don't think will have any problem with your use of the parcel
of land, either, for those purposes.

What To Do If The Police Come?

Now, if the police come, and I'm there or not, I don't know what
they'll say, but they have not got any right to say any thing to any
one. Is that clear, Mr. Mayor of Las Vegas, and every one else in the
area. I hope it is, as I am not going to stand for your interference
or any one else's interference in my religion and in the relgious
activities of people who wish to participate in my religion, sexaling

Now that we have an understanding, I think there will be no problems,
and if there are, I will see what I can do about it, by calling my
kids up, with my religious hand prayer signaling ceremonies, to see
what they can do for you, to help you out, and to break the backs on
law enforcement officers, and the Mayor of Las Vegas, and every other
person, Lesbianist or not, who tries to interfere with me, or who
tries to interfere with the people practicing my religion. I will not
stand for any interference from any one, including Mr. George Bush,
Jr., the current president of the United States, or any one else, such
as the Mayor of Las Vegas, or the Governor of Nevada, or the Nevada
Highway Patrol, or the Nevada Sherrifs Dept. or the Las Vegas Metro
Dept. or with any other persons or parties, such as the Las Vegas
Gaming Commission, or any other Lesbianists' or Lesbianistic
organization set up by the Lesbianists, and that means all you church
goers, parochial school teachers, and students, and others, and if any
one interferes with any one who comes to my ministry's claimed parcel
of land that I am purifying for setting up my ministry, and if any one
hassels any one there, than who ever is visiting the collection site,
to help to purify it, you have my permission to kill the persons
attempting to interfere in any way at all, on sight, with what ever
you have to kill them with. Please dispose of their bodies in the
nearest trash dumpster.


You will not interfere with my religion, and with my religious
faithful, and they will come to Nevada, and they will come to Las
Vegas, and they will start sexaling on that property as they see fit.
Does every body understand that? I hope so. Now. Non responsive
persons, who ignore my statements, will find themselves in trash cans,
and trash dumpsters, every where in Las Vegas, and any where else,
where there is a convenient trash can or trash dumpster. There are
lots of them around, and people are throwing dead people into them,
every day, across the country and around the world, and they all end
up in landfill sites, and so there will be no added charges for our
using the statewide Nevada Silver State trash retainers and
containers, for however many others who need to be killed, and for my
religious faithful to then place them into the trash cans and trash
dumpsters. No charges should be levied by any other Lesbianists' trash
collection company, around the world, as they are all owned and
operated by the Lesbianists, and we will not support them, in any way,
what so ever.

If Mr. Mayor would like to be the first guest inside of one of the
Nevada Silver State trash dumpsters, then he will try to interfere, in
person, and he will be shot, point blank, in the center of his head.
You will then kill him with three fivers, to make certain he is on his
way to my Epcot Center, for his next trip out as a tummy baby. If the
Governor of Nevada wishes to interfere, then he does so at the risk of
being shot, killed, and made certain he is dead, with three fivers,
and then after that, he will be deposited into a local or state trash
dumpster, either here, in Nevada, or in California, or Arizona, or
where ever it is convenient to dump him into a trash can, trash
container, or trash dumpster.

Lesbianists Enjoy Eating People, Who Are Alive, As Well As Eating The
Bodies Of Those Who Are Dead

You should let the state's vice mayor of Las Vegas's office know, who
was shot, killed, and confirmed dead, after depositing three fivers
into his or her head, and then where the body is, and generally when
the body was dumped, so that they can get an idea of how decomposed
the body is, and whether or not the body is in a land fill site. They
can then check on it, and verify that the body will make it to the
land fill site, if it isn't already, there, where all the other
bodies, are ending up, unless they have already happened to have beeb
eaten up by the Mayor, or by the friggen Governor, or by the Sherrif,
or by another Lesbianist.

All persons are free to travel to Las Vegas, and they are invited to
stay at the parcel of land that I described, and they are invited to
make it into a nice camper trailer area for recreational vehicles, or
for what ever other types of outdoors camping vehicles, travel
trailers, caravan buses, or any other types of camp site temporary
stay, housing and living arrangements you would like to use the area

Every Game Of Chance, Gambling Machine, Or Slot Machine Is Rigged, In
Every Casino Around The World, With Only A Few Exceptions

If you will all sexal, regularly, to the best of your abilities, and
help me to purify the area with your sexaling, undisturbed by any one,
and clean it up with your purifying energies, you are more than
welcomed to come and enjoy the area, and see what fine attractions,
will be leaving Las Vegas, in the not so distant future, including the
gaming commission, with all their phoney, rigged gaming systems, that
the Lesbianists control.

The Lesbianists' Articles Of Participation

The Lesbianists have every game that you can possibly rig, controlled
by electronics devices, or by slight of hand, mechanics, who control
the gaming rooms, and gaming halls, so that only Lesbianists win any
money, that is worth mentioning about, and so that the Gaming
Authorities, and the Mayor's office, and every other Lesbianist
organization in Nevada, who has any one in their office, can then go
and get the money the Lesbianist won, and get a percentage of it,
given back to them, as they have arranged to do that, as that is part
of their oath, and part of their sworn promises to do, as that is
written out in their articles of participation, their rules for living
upsite, not down below, in the labrynthine cities, and every
Lesbianist must follow those rules, and when they win the Megabucks,
and every Lottery in the world, they must give back money to the
Lesbianists, as every game of chance that is run in this world, except
for bingo, is rigged. However, even Bingo is rigged, in some ways, by
people switching cards that look like winning cards, while players are
not looking, and by other naughty tricks.

Every Lottery In The World Is Rigged

Every lottery in the world, performs the drawing out of the balls
before a live audience, in most cases, before they actually air the
show, and they have illusionary tricks they play, with the
technologies they have, and they sucker people out of their money,
daily, around the world. Las Vegas is no different, and they sucker
every one out of their money, except for the Lesbianists, and they let
some people, win now and then, small jackpots, on the gaming machines,
and then after a winning streak, they set the machines the person
uses, so that the person can not win a dime. They have the
technologies for rigging every machine in Nevada, and across the
country and around the world, so next time you visit one of their
casinos, be sure and detonate one of our bombs, you can make, and
destroy that casino. Is that understood? I hope so, as every day,
millions of people are being suckered out of their hard earned money,
they pay taxes on, through the nose, till they are practically
choking, and the Lesbianists take it, and support their folley and
games. They also support their folley and games with your revenues,
that they make sure you lose, at every casion, and at every gas
station, with a convience store, that has gambling machines in it, for
you to deposit you money into. Every lottery in the world is rigged,
and so if you spend money on it, if you are not a Lesbianist, you are
just throwing your money away.

No Fair Play In Nevada, And No Fair Play In The World

There is no fair play, here in Nevada, or any where else, in the
world, and I would like you all to know that, and become aware of
that, and then I hope you will tell your friends about it, and then I
hope you will destroy every single last one of their casinos, and
gaming machines. We are not going to allow them to continue their
frolicking at your expense, and we are going to destroy every last one
of the Lesbianists, as soon as we can. If they prefer to surrender
themselves to my kids, than we can allow them to live. However, if
they do not surrender themselves to my kids, then we will kill them
all. And there are no 'maybe's' about that.

Sniper Shooting, And Miscellaneous Information

You have my permission to sniper shoot any police officer, park
ranger, sherrif, or other person, plain clothesed police officer or
detective, with or without a gun, on sight with your scoped rifles,
and targeting assistant who will determine range, from your bunkered
in the hillside, shooting site. Any hotel in the area, which might
harbor shooters from local police, sherrif, or SWAT team operations
groups, you have my permissions, and blessing, or go ahead, and my
'okay, and 'approved for action' sight of appeal. Sight of appeal
means, my blessings, based on your determination as per your good

One hotel that is clearly the most convenient, and the closest with in
shooting range, at close range, is the New Orleans Hotel. Hotels
within shooting range, at a distance, are the Palm's Hotel, The Rio
Hotel and Casino and its seperate tower wing, and a few others, off in
the distance. You'll have to come and look at them from the
approximate location of the site after you determine where every thing
is, to locate and determine for your self which hotels and towers need
to come down, and what you will need to bring them down. There is a
tower off in the distance, a new hotel, that is going up, that I do
not know the name of, but is clearly within shooting range, and needs
to come down, and people are on it, daily, welding, and you can't miss
it, if you look in the north easterly direction from the site. There
is the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, which also needs to come down,
which is further over to the west from the new hotel wing that is
going up. There are many scaffoldings in the area, that also need to
come down with explosives, fracturables rocks, fuels, chlorine, and
high temperature minerals particles ignition, and particles burnings
bombs. There are probably a number of other landmarks, hotels,
casinos, bars, restaraunts, trailor parks, trailors, houses,
apartments, condominiums, near or off in the distance, that also need
to come down, and need to be demolished with my light weight
explosives fuels, gunpowders, metals particles, and chlorine plastique
explosives bombs.

You will destroy them all, and you will come prepared, or be prepared
to acquire all the demolitions needed to destroy them all, as well as
to destroy all the local police and sheriff's many Metro offices, SWAT
Teams offices and units, Fire and Rescue Ambulance units, Lesbianists'
Hospitals, and other Lesbianists facilities, throughout the Las Vegas
Valley, Henderson Nevada, North Las Vegas, Pahrump, Mesquite and the
whole Southern Nevada, westward to San Diego, California, northward to
Los Angeles, northward to San Francisco, California, northward to
Berkely, California to Oregon, and Washington State, and back down to
Reno Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Albequerque, Houston Texas, Dallas
Fort Worth Texas, and all areas where there are tactical SWAT team
units, military units, militia units, as all militias are organized
and operated by Lesbianists, despite popular beliefs that they are
independent of the government, and anti government, as we often see on
the "TV for the Brainless", as they are often refered to, i.e., the
general public.

You will destroy all law enforcement offices, and personel, and all
military and militias. All governments, their offices, and employees,
are to be destroyed, and all personel are to be executed, except for
those who take it upon themselves to execute the Lesbianists among
them. My kids have a full list of all the places and structures that
need to be destroyed, and demolished, and so please see them for that

Your Orders Are To Kill The President Of The United States And His

And to repeat, your orders are to kill the president of the United
States, George Walker Bush, Jr., his wife, Mrs. Barbara Bush, Jr., and
all of his and his wifes' Lesbianists' associates, pretend relatives,
and friends.

We are not going to let this stand, another moment, and if they do not
surrender to my kids, you are to execute them all. My kids have a list
of names, of those, who have not surrendered, as yet. Please see them
for and ask them for that list of names of persons who have not as
yet, surrendered, and who need to be executed, post haste,
immediately, or, ASAP.

United States President George Walker Bush, Jr., is no exception to
this, as he has not surrendered, as of yet, and that is confirmed.
Neither has any of his colleages, or congressional office holders and
diet or congress members, except for Ted Kennedy, and one or so
others, and maybe a cabinet member, one or there abouts, but I haven't
confirmed that, yet. There are some members of the congress who are
not Lesbianists, and you can get their names, on a list from my kids,
as well.

Captain Off The Bridge.

John Francis Ayres
And Children

The Gurkian Way Foundation Ministry Institute
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