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Texas's Lesbianists' Latest 'Vaccine' And Texas's Attempts To Destroy
Women's And Girls' Vaginal Lining And To Destroy Women's And Girls'
Cervical Lining, Causeing Stillbirths To Increase, So As To Prevent
The Successful Birthing Of Children - Latest Lesbianists' Vaccine Will
Cause Numerous Problems - Execute United States Of America, State Of
Texas, Governor Perry And Family - Underground Books Distributor's For
Militia Types Folks - Information On Bombs Making And Detonators On
The Web - Solar Flares And Flare Igniters - The Lesbianists' Balooney
On Minus Charges As Opposed To Positive Charges - The Lesbianists'
Maps Of The Brains - Execute The Current President Of The United
States Of America, George Walker Bush, Jr. - Lesbianists Who Decide To
Sexal In My Religion With Lesbianists And Non-Lesbianists' Persons -
Citizens By Proxy - Temporary Full Time Citizens - What To Do About
Untimely Pregnancies, Health Issues, Medicines, And Regroverative
Formulas - Medical And Housing Benefits, And Other Health And Work
Related Benefits - When Can People Begin To Come So As To Be Able To
Participate? - Sniper Points, Places Where Snipers Shoot From - Pocket
Knives, Construction Tools, And Miscellaneous Daily Life Management
Tools And Equipment - Hookups For Travel Camping Vans And Similar
Vehicles - Cleaning Up The Area And Throwing Away The Garbage -
Schedule For Leveling Of The Ground And Hills In The Area, Removal Of
Unsightly And Smelly Garbage - Setting Up New Facilities - Fountains
And Showering Lamponeers - Restaraunts, Clubs, Lounges, Eateries,
Cafeterias, Bars, Pubs, Bicycle Paths, And So Forth - Dealing With
Criminally Minded Persons - Alterations, Modifications, Changes,
Clearing Up And Removal Of Garbage In The Areas, And Additions Time
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Texas's Lesbianists' Latest 'Vaccine' And Texas's Attempts To Destroy
Women's And Girls Vaginal Lining And To Destroy Cervical Lining,
Causeing Stillbirths To Increase, And To Prevent The Successful
Birthing Of Children

The latest attempt by the Lesbianists' governments of the world, near
by my computer window, on the internet news services, to destroy and
toy with the human population of this planet, has been launched in
Texas, and is targeted at women and girls, and their ability to have

See the article at the end of this post.

The new vaccine, which is mandated by Governor Rick Perry, who signed
it into law, and is now obligatory, unless you protest it, and go to
court, and spend years fighting it, as an individual or small group of
claimants, will destroy the vaginal cervical collar and the lining
that holds every thing in place, and supports the interior of the
vagina, thus making it impossible to carry a fetus to term. The
vaccine is also targeting the brains fibers throughout the human body,
and the fibers of the brains in a woman's or girls' body will slowly
rot, and decay as they are eaten up by tiny animals that eat these
energies conducing fibers, synapses, relay switches, and other related
energical brainal related things and dings thoughout the body.

Latest Lesbianists' Vaccine Will Cause Numerous Problems

It will also speed up the eating away of the enamel of the teeth, and
of the bones in the woman's and girl's body, her fingernails, and her
skin membranes NS membraneous tissues throughout the body, and on the
exterior of a woman's and girls' body, making the women and girls grow
older looking at ever more younger ages, and making women and girls
susceptable to skin cancer, melanoma, herpes, genital warts, other
infestations of animals in the skin, and other skin related membrane
destructing colonies of animals, that they use from out of their Bio
Chem War encyclopedia of how to destroy human beings, with poisonous
and health problems causeing crystals cages animals of all kinds.
Especially numerous are the Bio Chem Warfare crystals cages animals of
the petroleum industry's based kind.

The vaccine is no different from any other of the Lesbianists vaccines
aimed at destroying the health of the people who live on this planet.
It is compared to the 'polio' vaccine, in the news article, and that
was similarly an attempt at destroying the health of the human being,
by making the human being incapable of haveing any sexual orgasming
capabilities, by killing off all the sex related animals and bugies in
the body, which make sexaling juices, that make eroteming and
orgasming possible.

Thus, this latest attempt at destroying the health of the people who
live on this planet, locally, in Texas, and that I know of, anyway, is
nothing more than the Lesbianists toying with the people who they are
here to amuse them selves with by destroying them, little by little,
over a long period of time.

Execute United States Of America, State Of Texas, Governor Perry And

This will not stand, and you will all destroy the capital of Texas,
and Governor Perry's mansion, and the Governor and his wife, and their
family, pretend or otherwise with my fracturable rocks and fuels
chlorine and explosives, etc., bombs, that you will make in your
home's garage, or workshop, safely.

Underground Books Distributor's For Militia Types Folks

Use the delayed timer invention, that is a workable time delay
detonator, that I've explained about, especially if you use black
powder gun powder, mixed with axel grease, turpentine, benzine,
chlorine, using also some Elmer's glue, prior to mixing with chlorine,
and then set it in a warm cupboard, to ferment for a few days, to then
turn into a nice plastic explosives mixture for detonating with the
string of flash bulbs wired to the alarm clock trick, as described by
Ragnar or by one of the other bombs making specialists, in their sub
culture literature for militia types folks, who wish to destroy the

They find the list of names of all the people who request the
literature, by mail, and then they go and watch them, with their
surveilance technologies they have, and then they either capture and
torture them, and then kill them, or they just make sure they are die,
in a fatal car accident, or whatever.

Paladium Press is one of the Lesbianists' book publishers, and there
are others, and this one is affiliated with the National Rifle
Association, a Lesbianists organization.

This publisher has titles sold to underground books distributors, and
you can find a number of underground book distributors on the
internet, which carry more titles than Palladium press.

Delta Press, who publishes their books and paraphenalia distribution
listings magazine, 'Delta Force' is one of these distributors of
interesting underground literature.


'Home Made Fireworks', is one web page to look at, if you have the


'Booby Traps, Explosives and Black Medicine', is another useful page
to look at, as well.


There are a number of other distributors of underground literature,
and some have better selections than does Delta Press.

In any case, with a little research, there are plenty of 'timed
detonation devices' drawings, and explanations, for you to view, and
learn from, that will help you to construct a timed detonator, that
will allow you to safely set off one of your plastiques bombs made
with my explosives formulas.

Paladin Press, you can find their books at Amazon Books on the web,
another Lesbianists owned corporation, is another publisher of
interesting underground literature, that can be useful for you to
study and learn from.

Paladin Press can be found at, http://www.paladin-press.com/

Books for supposed 'Professionals' who are anti terrorists
professionals, that allow them to detect the different types of bombs
people can make, and then use to destroy others, is sort of a tounge
in cheek joke of the Lesbianists, for luring in people who wish to
find information on bombs and explosives.

There are many useful books published to help beginners understand the
basics of bomb making. The idea is to use the information for
professionals who wish to understand the craft of making bombs, and
detonating devices, and then use that information to build your bombs
and your detonating devices.

The flash bulbs wired to an alarm clock with matches and ignitable
phosphates glued to a string of flashbulbs, wired properly together,
then crushed, so as to expose their flash and heat ignition coils
filaments, for your detonating heat energies ignition needs, is one of
the basics and you can find it in one or another of the underground
books on bombs making and detonation devices making for 'professional'
anti terrorist's private investigator or bombs detection professionals

This is one of the ways the Lesbianists lure in persons who know
nothing about weapons, and then they find out who they are, and then
they make friends with them, and toy with them, and introduce them to
their Lesbianists' friends, and hang out with them, and pretend they
are all friends, then one day, they all attack the person, and torture
the individual, and get their kicks, amusing them selves, by ripping
the person up, or by hanging, and nailing the person to a wall, with a
nail gun using, approximately, three inch nails, and then hammering in
longer, seven inch to twelve inch nails, or larger ones, or other
similar nonsensical, childish, but fiendish behavior.

"by Loren W. Christensen"

Is a beginners guide to ripping people apart, one arm, or leg, at a
time, or with team work, one half of a person can be ripped from the
other half, if you hold the right bones in place, and then, using
teamwork, rip the person into two or more pieces. This book gives a
person a preliminary sense of what he or she can muster, as an
individual who attempts to rip at a person, and tear the person apart,
one limb at a time, or with friends, how to rip a person up, one piece
or more, at a time. Ripping people up is accomplished best, if they
are unconcious. If they can not fight back, or resist, it is easy to
rip a person apart, if you have the needed strength. Since many people
have ancestors who were monkeys, chimps, orangutangs, guerillas, and
so forth, with tremendous muscles strength, there are lots of very
tiny persons, with phenomenal strength, and they can easily rip a
person in two, by them self, if they try.

Books on booby traps for law enforcement personel, are simple
descriptions of bombs that they may or may not encounter, and there
may be some useful information in some of them such as,

"by Tony L. Jones"
"This manual teaches cops and other law enforcement personnel all they
need to know to recognize a booby trap and respond properly. Find out
where booby traps are most commonly employed; the 11 physical signs
that most often signal a trap; what to do (andnot do) if a trap is
suspected or found; how to safely search a building, outdoor site or
vehicle; and the one indicator that practically guarantees that a
building has been booby-trapped. Shows more than 90 different booby
traps in place. For academic study only. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover,
photos, 80 pp."

There are others, which you can also find, that will provide
schematics, and drawings of useable ambush related devices, and
detonators for them.

"Contingency Cannibalism", sold through Paladin Press, and other
'underground' book distributors, is one of the Lesbianists' favorite
books, that help them to track persons who they would like to later,
cannibalize, themselves, as a joke on the person.

"Superhardcore Survivalisms Dirty Little Secret"
"by Shiguro Takada"
"This twisted, tongue-in-cheek look at cannibalism as a last-resort
survival option analyzes real-life case studies and historical
episodes of cannibalism. Then it examines the hard-core decisions and
gruesome details one must know in order to partake in this grisly
practice. Recipes included. For entertainment purposes only. 5 1/2 x 8
1/2, softcover, 160 pp."

The Rusksack, "Survival Information Clearinghouse", is just one club
of members of mainly Lesbianists, who have fun toying with the people
who live on this planet.


Information On Bombs Making And Detonators On The Web

For information on making detonators, and other bomb related stuff,
please see this web page as it costs nothing.


Solar Flares And Flare Igniters

A solar igniter as talked about in the article on page,


'Crater Makers', is a solar flare igniter, a device that is used in
solar flares, or night time distress signal flares, that ignite the
flare, by sending an electric battery current into the flare
phosphates holding tube, down a wire, on an ignition circuit, and then
igniting the distress signal flare.

You can find solar igniters inside of distress signal flares that are
used on boats, for shooting up into the air, with a flare gun for
maritime use, that will send the distress signal flare up into the
sky, if you have the flare gun pointing in that direction, and then at
a certain altitude, a trip switch circuit is activated, due to air
pressure, or due to timing from time of departure of the distress
signal flare from the flare gun barrel.

You have to exhibit extreme caution, when taking a flare apart, as it
can detonate, accidentally, and they are not made in a way so that
people can safely take them apart, and people who try to take them
apart, are accidentally injured, on a regular basis. Do not use this,
if you do not know any thing about demining, as a professional mine
deactivating specialist in the military, or with military training.
This is best left up to the professionals, and is not meant as
something the average house wife, business man or business woman, or
chemistry or other studies, school student, should attempt.

You can use a flash bulb, and get the same results, if you glue some
gun powder and phosphates to the flash bulb housing, and then crush
the glass, and then wire it properly to a common house morning wake me
up, alarm clock with a striker bell and a striker that moves back and
forth. The circuit is simple, and you can figure it out with little

The Lesbianists' Balooney On Minus Charges As Opposed To Positive

Remember the minus sign on a battery is where all the activity of the
little energies kids is going on, and the Lesbianists purposefully
teach that the positive side is where the current is moving out of,
and around towards the negative side of the battery. The Lesbianists
teach that the active side of the battery is the plus or positive
side, or the side with the plus sign on it, when you look at a common
house hold nine volt battery, and that the non-active side is the
negative side, or the side of the battery with a minus sign. This is
false. The side with the minus sign on it, is the active side, and
that is where you do not want to wire any thing to, unless you know
what you are doing. The positive side has no activity going on, and is
safe to touch, but the other side is not safe to touch, and the
testing meters are wired to show you that the reverse is true. They
have tampered with the design of testing meters, so as to support
their allegation and falseity, that the minus side is where there is
no activity, contrary to the truth.

That means, that, the flash bulb igniter system and the flash bulb
itself should indicate that one side is the positive side, for the
positive wire to be attached to. You had better check carefully, and
make sure there is no mischief here, as you do not want to detonate
your igniter, accidentally. Ask a qualified electronics specialist to
do all your wiring of your detonators, as he or she is the only person
qualified to wire these types of detonators.

The Lesbianists' Maps Of The Brains

It's rather confusing, the way the Lesbianists have reversed things,
and have messed around, so as to thwart your attempts to make nice
detonators that work every time, unless you have a normal set of
brains, which unfortunately, I have not got a pair of, or triple set,
or more of. That's sort of a joke. On a magazine, yesterday, I saw how
the Lesbianists teach that one part of the brain is for speech, and
one area of the brain is for speaking, and one area of the brain is
for sight, and one area of the brain is for logical thinking, and one
area of the brain is for signing, or one area of the brain is for
artistic inventioning, and so forth, but that's a lot of hog wash.

The brain is not partitioned in that way, and they know it, and they
are misleading every one, and laughing at all of you while they are
doing it, with their 15th to 17th century style drawings, that they
have plastered on all the Time magazines, or what ever magazine cover
it was on, that I saw in the check out lane, at the super market,
yesterday. You have kazillions, and more of parts to your brains, and
there are so many, it is unlimited, nearly, and your brains are so
complex, and you have got brains in lots of other places in your
bodies, other than in your head, and I'm not going to go into that
one, now, but the Lesbianists are lying through their teeth, when it
comes to this type of pseudo historically backwards, archaic, or cave
dwelling human's notions on science, that should insult a first
grader, or kindergarden school student, or preschool student.

In any case, ask your local electronics' specialist or house hold
electricians' specialist, or handy man repair persons, who work for
house hold water heating devices installation companies, or other
electrical home appliances sales and installation companies, who also
get confused, from time to time, as I've witnessed them, personally,
blow up breaker circuits.

Get a qualified, and that's hard to find in so far as I've witnessed
them at work, electronics' specialist to wire your detonators, or go
take a course with my kids, as they have courses available on wireing
such devices.

There is no minus charge, and there is no positive charge, and that is
what you should understand. There is a side to the battery where there
is lots of activities going on, and that is the minus sign side on the
battery. The positive sign side on the battery is where there is
little to very little or nearly no activity, but no activity is not
the truth, either, as there is activity, you just can not measure it
with todays' electronics measuring devices, as they are not
technologically sophisticated enough to be able to detect the
activity, though I'm sure there have been intrepid scientists who
discovered that both sides of the battery have activity, and then they
were shot and killed, after that discovery, by a Lesbianist assasin,
or by a hired assasin, assigned or paid to kill the scientist who
discovered that there is activity at the 'minus' side of the battery
as well as at the 'positive' side.

That means, that you need only concern your self with the 'minus'
side, since you will not be able to detect any thing at the positive
side, unless you use the reverse wired electronics and electrical
energies detection devices that the Lesbianists market through Tandy,
or Radio Shack, and at Sears, and so forth.

It gets confusing, a little bit, doesn't it. Anyway, go and take a
course at one of my kids classes, after you sign in, and swear in as a
jr. member to our new country, which I haven't sworn on to, as yet, or
joined - but though I am the boss of, regardless - since my kids do
not speak to me, on a daily, or weekly, or other basis, and I just
happen to be able to know what they are doing as they tell me what
they are doing, through some secret port hole in one of my brains some
where, in my toes, or nose, or who knows where, as they telegraph or
some how signal in, using semiphore signaling, or probably hand
signaling, that my brain then catches, and then passes on to me, their
messages that they signal in to me, and the news, as well, about what
they are doing, and about what is going on with them, and about what
is going on with some other things, as well.

Since I am GOD, I happen to have a right to know this stuff, what they
and every body else is doing, on a daily basis, but they haven't told
me how my brains catch their information, yet, or the other
information that gets there, some where into my one or more of my
brains, and I haven't figured it out, yet, myself, either, though I
think I know something, a very little something, about how it works.

This does not mean, that my brains are unreliable - except for my
memories areas of my brains, in particular - but that I am just waking
up to what is going on, here, and I have a few kazillions of years to
work out every thing, or some of the basics, any way.

In any case, you have all been snookered by them, with regards to
their non sense sciences, and you are being laughed at, and toyed
with, daily by them. That happens to be the truth, whether we find it
pleasant or not.

Execute The Current President Of The United States Of America, George
Walker Bush, Jr.

In any case, the Lesbianists are a twisted group of individuals, who
toy with the people who live on this planet. Mrs. Hillary Clinton,
Bill Clinton, George Walker Bush, Jr. President of the United States,
his wife, Barbara Bush Jr., George Bush, Sr., former president, and
his wife, Barbara Bush, Sr, are all gagsters, or jokesters, who wish
to only toy with you, and eat you, or deprive you of your life, and of
your rights, in fiendish and horribalistic ways and manners.

They are all to be executed, especially George Walker Bush, Jr.,
President of the United States of America, currently residing at 1600
Pennsylvania Ave. Washington DC, in what they call the White House.
You are to kill them all, and send every last one of them to my Epcot
Center, as soon as is convenient for you.

Lesbianists Who Decide To Sexal In My Religion With Lesbianists And
Non-Lesbianists' Persons

If any Lesbianists decide to sexal in my religion, with their friends,
and their friends may include other Lesbianists who decide to sexal,
as well, as well as, other people they know, then they may begin
sexaling with their friends in my religion, however, they must have a
pentative attitude, and they must say they are sorry, and they must
now and then, when they feel they wish to, and feel emotionally and
mentally capable of speaking about it, they can talk with their
friends who they are sexaling with, and with others who wish to listen
as well, and they can denounce the Lesbianists by telling people about
the things the Lesbianists do, and did.

If they decide to do this, this is the same as surrendering, and my
kids will protect them from other Lesbianists who might want to harm
them. They have not sworn in, as a citizen of my and my kids' country,
and as citizens of our country that every one is swearing in to as
citizens, but it is sort of a promise to swear in, informal gesture
that they are committed to, once they begin sexaling with their
friends, and with other Lesbianists, who also wish to sexal and in
time, denounce the Lesbianists with them.

Citizens By Proxy

By denouncing the Lesbianists organization, and by telling people
about what the Lesbianists do and did, they are essentially stating
they are sorry for what has happened, and that is a pentative
attitude, and with that pentative attitude, they are accepted as
citizens, by proxy.

Temporary Full Time Citizens

Citizens by proxy means they are accepted by my kids as pentative
persons, who wish to join our country, and who there with, qualify as
citizens of our country, in an informal manner. Citizen by proxy
means, they give up their old citizen ship, to whatever government
they used to belong to, and they are taken in, as temporary full time

Temporary full time citizen is a term that means they are full time
citizens, but on a temporary committal agreement, and that will be
made permanent when they have the chance to meet with my children, and
then can swear in, as a permanent full time citizen.

They can then participate at the collection site, in the activities
that will be going on, with others, who wish to participate, as they
spill their juices, and purify the area with their sexaling juices.

What To Do About Untimely Pregnancies, Health Issues, Medicines, And
Regroverative Formulas

My kids will deliver to them, to the men and to the women who
surrender and become citizens by proxy, and temporary full time
citizens, the needed medications that will help to make their bodies,
wholesome and well, and regroverated, as well as the medications that
are needed to prevent untimely pregnancies.

Medical And Housing Benefits, And Other Health And Work Related

My kids will make certain that they will be given the right
medications, and my kids will also provide all the same medications
for each individual who participates in the collection site activities
to purify the area where we will one day set up my ministry with my
kids assistance. My kids will also set up other facilities, as well as
the ministry facilities. The other facilities will be scattered
through out the valley, and they will be the houseing units and other
facilities for people to use to become physically fit, well, and well
nourished, and healthy, such as gyms, aerobic studios for practicing
aerobic dance, and aerobic excercises, as well as sauna and health
spa, and swimming, tennis, badminton, cricket, and other sports
facilities for baseball, rugby, foot ball, for those who wish to play
a friendly game of foot ball, now and then, with the needed bleachers,
lighting, and other supportive facilities for allowing persons to
attend and watch the games that are going on, not only for foot ball,
or for base ball, but also for tennis, soccer, rugby, and all out door
sports facilities that will be needed.

When will my kids set up these facilities? They will set them up at
the same time or shortly there after, as my kids begin to set up my
ministry facilities, and the needed facilities for living and working
in the valley area, sexaling for a living.

At that time, the citizens by proxy, and all other persons who have
not yet sworn in, but wish to, will have the opportunity to swear in,
and then they can enter and use the facilities full time, twenty four
hours a day, without any further discussion about it.

All people who participate in the collection site activities, are also
citizens by proxy, and as such, will automatically qualify for all
medicines, all health supportive medical formulas, and all
youthfulness prolonging, or regroverative formulas, that will feed all
the amoebes, and other cells, or living beings in your bodies, and
that will feed all the living beings in your bodies, that will then
allow you to enjoy full regroveration of your body and rejuvenation of
your youthfulness, youthful energies, and of all the other health
benefits that accompany a youthful body, such as more energy, a
stronger libido, a more healthful body, and so on.

When do people begin this participation in the collection site
activities? As soon as they come out here, to Las Vegas, and arrive in
their camper trailers, or caravan buses, or other vehicles, or with
their camping gear such as tents, and cooking grills, and so forth.

When Can People Begin To Come So As To Be Able To Participate?

How soon can people begin coming to participate at the collection site
in the activities that will be on going at the collection site for
some time to come?

They can begin coming to participate any time. My kids will watch out
for the safety of all the people who come to participate in the
collection site activities. My kids will prevent accidents such as
current Lesbianists shooting at people at the collection site, from
high rise towers, scaffolding, tall cranes, or from hotel and casino
properties owned by the Lesbianists, and from other tall condominium
and also from tall apartments buildings and also from normal sized,
two or three storey, to eight or so stories, apartment buildings, in
the area. Of course, my kids will prevent accidents from happening
such as shootings, from all possible locations, and not just from
those named structures and locations.

Sniper Points, Places Where Snipers Shoot From

There is no need to blow or destroy them with explosives, in Las
Vegas, as there will be no way any one can use those hotels, and other
structures, as shooting or sniper points, places where snipers shoot
from, to harm any one who is participating at the collection site, in
the collection site activities.

In time, every thing will be worked out, and all the people who must
hand over their companies, or disolve their companies, and sell or get
rid of the assets of their companies, all of that will be in
compliance with my childrens' instructions with regards to it, as I've
stated about it, already, in brief.

Once the facilities are set up by my kids, and people swear in
formally, then my kids can begin to pay people their earned income,
for the work they did as they sexal for a living, and for their work,
as they spill their fluids, to purify the collection site, the
collection site area, and the general vicinity.

Pocket Knives, Construction Tools, And Miscellaneous Daily Life
Management Tools And Equipment

No one needs to bring weapons to the collection site area, or to Las
Vegas, as they will not be needed, and pocket knifes are okay, and
construction tools are okay, but they will be for daily use
activities, only. Daily life management tools are forks, knives,
spoons, chopsticks, plates, dishes, glasses, coffee cups, can openers,
bottle openers, cork pullers, and these types of things, as well as
all the other types of kitchen use tools for cooking food, for eating
food, for drinking beverages, and for the collection of garbage, and
food wastes, and for cleaning up their eating and cooking utensils,
such as portable wash basins, and portable gas stoves, or fixed
stoves, fixed wash basins, fixed showers in camper trailors, and in
caravan buses, and so forth.

Hookups For Travel Camping Vans And Similar Vehicles

We have no hookups at the site, for water supply, electricity, or
sewage, as yet, but the instructions that my kids will make available
to persons who come in to my kids' underground facilities - the
protected and encapsulated living environment - those persons who go
in to recieve the instructions, and other information they must
recieve on companies and assets, and persons moving on, and on persons
staying, and other information needed to successfully carry out the
removal of hotels, and the demolition of buildings, etc. which my kids
will handle with the technologies they have available to them for
their use for these purposes, and for other purposes.

Cleaning Up The Area And Throwing Away The Garbage

My kids will also handle the required steps for clearing up of the
litter and garbage in the area, all of Las Vegas, Pahrump, Henderson,
Laughlin, Mesquite, North Las Vegas, Arizona, New Mexico, California,
Utah, and beyond, above ground and below ground, and for cleaning up
the areas, and for removing the underground and above ground garbage,
or city buildings and Lesbianists' structures, and all structures that
are no longer needed, train tracks, airports, roadways, bridges,
parks, hospitals, medical clinics, and so on, all of which will no
longer be needed.

Schedule For Leveling Of The Ground And Hills In The Area, Removal Of
Unsightly And Smelly Garbage

Initial leveling of the grounds' areas, leveling of the uneven surface
areas, and leveling of the sloping areas, and of the tiny hills, and
other uneven and unuseful features to the area, such as hills, low
cliffs, and removal of unsightly, smelly garbage, will be done by my
kids, with the technologies they have available to them, according to
the schedule for making these types of changes, and cleaning up of the
area, so as to make the area, one hundred percent, useable for
collection site activities, for people to then come in and use the
area as a collection site.

Setting Up New Facilities

My kids will take care of all of that, and they will take care of all
of the work and tasks for setting up a private collection site area -
for spilling purifying sexaling juices, to purify the area - in
accordance with my kids' schedule for these works and tasks for
setting up a private collection site area, with tall side walls, and
barricade walls, to prevent people from rubber necking as they drive
by, so as to prevent car, truck, automobile, motorbike, and bicyle
accidents. My kids will also set up the latrines, and other needed
hygenics facilities, sleeping accomodations, eating facilities,
rehydration facilities, co-opted bathing facilities, sports and
excercises facilities, and other facilities.

Co-opted facilities means facilities used co-optively by men, boys,
women and girls. Co-optively means, in cooperating measures with each
other. Cooperating measures means, each of the four groups of people,
men, boys, women, and girls, will work together, to keep the
facilities sanitary, clean and healthful, neat and tidy, and safe for
use, keeping young children from playing on the stairs for the
elevated latrines, and keeping young children from getting in the way
of asscending and descending users of the co-optively, or cooptively
managed facilities.

Fountains And Showering Lamponeers

My kids will also use their high tech teletransportation technologies
for removing toddlers from the stairs, and for placing them in a much
safer location, such as in a near by sand garden, or play area, with
sandy areas, and with toys to play with, and with cold showers, or
showering fountains, people can refresh themselves under, and with
fresh water to drink.

Lamponeers are showers that shoot up from sprinkler systems embedded
in the paved surfaces, or concrete like surfaces, that shower water up
and over the area, up and above and over persons who are there, to
cool every one off.

Restaraunts, Clubs, Lounges, Eateries, Cafeterias, Bars, Pubs, Bicyle
Paths, And So Forth

Bicycle paths, mini bike paths, walking paths, with rest stations, for
refreshments and food, will be set up, and restaraunts and other
facilities will be set up, nearby and they will be accessable by
following these foot paths, bicyle paths, waling paths, and so forth.

All needed facilities for all parties, such as accomodations, living
quarters, health clinics, excerize facilties, swimming pools, saunas,
spas, and clubs for eating and mingling with persons, either in light
weight evening wear and garments, or partially naked, or in the buff,
will also be set up by my children for the use by all legitimate
collection site participants. Gurkian Laws apply, and no other laws,
such as local area laws, will be enforcable. Police and others will be
turned away, and the rights of participants at the collection site
area, will be protected one hundred percent, as we begin to change
over to the new Gurkian Laws we will all be living by, from now on.

Dealing With Criminally Minded Persons

Any violators of the Gurkian Laws, codes, statutes, and so forth, my
kids will arrest, and detain, and then place into prison cells, and
then sentence them, in accordance with the sentencing requirements
under Gurkian Laws, etc., and they may end up doing humiliatory
punishments, or community clean up activities. In any case, they will
be arrested by my children, who will use their high tech, biometrics
and teletransportation technologies, and their other integrated
technologies that they have, to swiftly remove the violators of
Gurkian Laws, from the collection site and from the collection site
area, and vicinity, and that will effectively cancel out their
participation, until sentencing has been given, and until penalties
have been leaned.

Penalties have been leaned, means, they have undergone sentencing, and
the penalties have been enforced upon the violators, i.e., the guilty

Alterations, Modifications, Changes, Clearing Up And Removal Of
Garbage In The Areas, And Additions Time Schedules

These modifications, alterations, changes, and additions, etc., will
occur over a period of time, as my kids have a schedule for all of
these changes, modifications, alterations, clean up, and additions,
etc., and they must stick to the schedule, so after you arrive, if you
do not see some thing you feel should be there, by then, it is not
there because it is not on the priorities facilities and priorities
changes, etc., schedules lists.

Captain Off The Bridge.

John Francis Ayres
And Children



Begining of article.

Texas requires cancer vaccine for girls

By LIZ AUSTIN PETERSON, Associated Press Writer

AUSTIN, Texas - Bypassing the Legislature, Republican Gov. Rick Perry
signed an order Friday making Texas the first state to require that
schoolgirls get vaccinated against the sexually transmitted virus that
causes cervical cancer.

By issuing an executive order, Perry apparently sidesteps opposition
in the Legislature from conservatives and parents' rights groups who
fear such a requirement would condone premarital sex and interfere
with the way parents raise their children.

Beginning in September 2008, girls entering the sixth grade - meaning,
generally, girls ages 11 and 12 - will have to get Gardasil, Merck &
Co.'s new vaccine against strains of the human papillomavirus, or HPV.

Perry, a conservative Christian who opposes abortion and stem-cell
research using embryonic cells, counts on the religious right for his
political base. But he has said the cervical cancer vaccine is no
different from the one that protects children against polio.

"The HPV vaccine provides us with an incredible opportunity to
effectively target and prevent cervical cancer," Perry said in
announcing the order.

"If there are diseases in our society that are going to cost us large
amounts of money, it just makes good economic sense, not to mention
the health and well-being of these individuals to have those vaccines
available," he said.

Merck is bankrolling efforts to pass state laws across the country
mandating Gardasil for girls as young as 11 or 12. It doubled its
lobbying budget in Texas and has funneled money through Women in
Government, an advocacy group made up of female state legislators
around the country.

Perry has several ties to Merck and Women in Government. One of the
drug company's three lobbyists in Texas is Mike Toomey, Perry's former
chief of staff. His current chief of staff's mother-in-law, Texas
Republican state Rep. Dianne White Delisi, is a state director for
Women in Government.

Perry also received $6,000 from Merck's political action committee
during his re-election campaign.

Texas allows parents to opt out of inoculations by filing an affidavit
objecting to the vaccine on religious or philosophical reasons. Even
with such provisions, however, conservative groups say such
requirements interfere with parents' rights to make medical decisions
for their children.

The federal government approved Gardasil in June, and a government
advisory panel has recommended that all girls get the shots at 11 and
12, before they are likely to be sexually active.

The New Jersey-based drug company could generate billions in sales if
Gardasil - at $360 for the three-shot regimen - were made mandatory
across the country. Most insurance companies now cover the vaccine,
which has been shown to have no serious side effects.

Merck spokeswoman Janet Skidmore would not say how much the company is
spending on lobbyists or how much it has donated to Women in
Government. Susan Crosby, the group's president, also declined to
specify how much the drug company gave.

A top official from Merck's vaccine division sits on Women in
Government's business council, and many of the bills around the
country have been introduced by members of Women in Government.

End of article.


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"Texas Requires Anti-Cancer Vaccine for Girls"

Photos Title: "Mandatory Vaccine"

"AUSTIN, Texas (Feb. 2) - Bypassing the Legislature altogether,
Republican Gov. Rick Perry issued an order Friday making Texas the
first state to require that schoolgirls get vaccinated against the
sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer."



Morals For A Sane Society - It Is Now Time To Destroy The Lesbianists
- Destroying The White House, Balitimore, Maryland, And Virginia,
Killing The President Of The United States, Mr. George Walker Bush,
Jr., And Sinking The Eastern Coastline Of The United States Into The
Atlantic Ocean - Chaos Every Where In My Universe - Bringing An End To
The Chaos In My Universe - Surrendering And Repentance - Lesbianists
With Non Repenentant Attitudes Who Will Not Surrender - Orders To Kill
All Presdential Candidates, Etc. - New Coins Ready And Are The Ever
Useful To Us! - Public Nudity And Public Sexaling - What Does The New
Moralicity Mean, In Plain Language? Sexaling Is An Absolute 'Good' And
An Aboslute 'Right' - Free Action Sexaling Updated: 22-03-07 Rev.a.
00.b 09:40 PST

Morals For A Sane Society

To not fuck a person when you can fuck a person is a wicked act.

Not to fuck a man or a woman in the mouthal hole, or in the buttal
hole, or to not fuck a woman in the vaginal hole, when you can, and
when you are healthy, and when you have the time for it, by refusing,
for what ever reason, other than mental illness, or 'gayist' reasons,
you are committing a cheap and wicked act, when you refuse to fuck the
other person, and use your dick, or your tounge to felate or kiss and
tickle, and lick at the ladies' groinal area, and her vaginal
cleavage, and vaginal flaps, or labial flaps, or labial tissue, and
also her labial throes.

To not suckal a dick or a scrotum or tickle the males' groinal area,
with your tounge, or with your fingers, and so forth, when you are
able, and ready, and capable, is a cheap and wicked act, whether you
are a woman or a man, girl or a boy.

You are given demerit points for not sexaling when you can and are
able to sexal, and your time permits it.

To not participate in sexaling when you can participate in sexaling,
is a wicked act. To prevent others from sexaling with you, or prevent
a person from sexaling with you and your friends, these are both
wicked acts.

A kindly and goodly person is a person who sexals all he or she can
and who participates in sexaling with people, all he or she can, when
ever he or she can to help those people, and one self, to erase the
negative karmic markups each person has, and to help to create the
wonderful energies that you can create by sexaling, and to change our
universe into the nice place we need to change it into for us to live
in, prospering with each other, in kindly loving embraces with each

If you stand or sit, talking, drinking, eating, with your clothes on,
arguing, and discussing football, or baseball, or the local news on
TV, or whatever, and you if you are not sexaling, as a result of your
actions, when in fact, you could be sexaling, and helping to purify
all the people around you, and yourself, as well, you are commiting an
evil act, and an immoral act. It is immoral to behave in an
uninterested manner, towards sexaling, and towards helping others by
sexaling to purify their karmic markups. You are engaging in wicked,
unkindly, and evil behavior, by non chalantly staring out the window,
at a restaraunt, or in your car, with others around you, thinking
about your miscellaneous thoughts, and by your not attempting to
purify others, with every ounce of energy you have got, by sexaling
with them, in a safe manner.

We do not want you to drive down the road, sexaling, and not paying
attention to the traffic, and thereby causing accidents, and there be
causeing harm and injury to self and to others, thereby preventing one
self and others from their being able to freely mobilate, or move
around freely, or ambulate, as they say in modern English, and then
freely participate in sexalating activities of fucking, sucking,
tounging, massaging the bodies, and the titties, and buttholes of
women and girls, and massaging their kissing lips, and their vaginal
lips, their facial cheeks, and their butt cheeks, and so forth. You
must drive safely, and make it home, to a safe place, where you and
your friends can freely sexalate with each other, without others
interefereing with you.

A wicked or evil person is one who prevents a person from sexaling,
and who destroys or ruins another person, physically, mentally,
morally, emotionally, psychologically, or psychically, so that the
other person can not participate freely and fully in holy and pure,
GODLY sexaling activities.

This type of person who prevents others is a ruinous person, who will
invite ruin and disaster to his or her doorsteps, and into his or her

There are many ruinous people, who execute others, and who torture,
and cause pain, and suffering to others, and who disfigures others.
These people who execute others, and who terminate their ability to
sexal, prospering with others, making our universe into the kind of
nice place we all want to be living in, together with each other, are
wicked and evil people.

It Is Now Time To Destroy The Lesbianists

However, when we have a problem of the size and the magnitude of the
Lesbianists, that we have, today, in this period of chaos, across my
universe, and the Lesbianists' who are toying with humanity, and with
all human beings who are not Lesbianists, it is time for us to take
action, to prevent them from toying with us, and put a stop to their
amusing themselves with their toying with us, any further, and it is
now time to destroy them.

"I am Arjuna, a wickedly angry man, and I come to protect those who
can not protect themselves. I will kill and thrust my sword and lance
through the hearts of men and women who evilly try to prevent people
from being prosperously good and bekindly to others."

This is a stanza or sentence from one of my writings, of old.
'Wickedly angry' in this sentence means, outraged, and furious, so
much so, every one is scared and afraid of me.

I am 'wickedly angry' and I am here 'to destroy' those who would fuck
us up, and ruin our lives, and make our lives miserable, as they toy
with us.

My name is GOd, but in my Buddhist scriptures, I am referred to by
many names. One of my many names, as I appear to people, in many and
various personas, is Arjuna.

I have many sides to my character, as I am GOD, and I am here to
protect my children, no matter what the name is people use to refer to
me by, and that I am known by, and no matter how it is and no matter
who it is among my many children, who I will protect from wicked and
ruinous people.

Destroying The White House, Balitimore, Maryland, And Virginia,
Killing The President Of The United States, Mr. George Walker Bush,
Jr., And Sinking The Eastern Coastline Of The United States Into The
Atlantic Ocean

There will not be any further Lesbianists living in Washington DC, or
in Baltimore Maryland, or in Northern Virginia, and that vicinity,
above ground, and below ground, if some one will be so kind as to
place a very large explosives, fuels, chlorine, high heat burning
metals fragments, and fracturable rocks bomb, outside the gates to the
Washington DC White House, where the number one enemy, Mr. George
Walker Bush, Jr., President of the United States, lives, and works,
and then detonates that bomb, out side the gates of the White House,
where the president lives, currently, and then destroys him, and his
White House, a lair for Lesbianists, with multitudes of torture rooms,
i.e, lots of them, below and inside of the White House.

You will destroy and kill the President of the United States, Mr.
George Walker Bush, Jr., and Mrs. Barbara Bush, Jr. and every one else
who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington DC.

Why are we going to throw all these people into my Epcot Center. Once
in my Epcot Center, they can freely sexal with each other and they can
earn merit points.

That will help them straighten out their karma, and it will help them
to have a nicer life, when they are born as tummy babies. There are
many tummy mommies who will match up with these people, and when they
come out as tummy babies, they can start their life, with us, out here
in my universe with us, again.

Am I a wicked wrongful person for terminating so many people's lifes?
No. Why not? Because that is the only way we can over throw the vastly
wicked and evil Lesbianists who practically rule my universe, with
their perverse friends, and there are many groups of perverse friends,
who we are going to get rid of, and send into my Epcot Center, one
after another, as we move ahead, in our efforts to clean up our
universe, and in our efforts to stop this nonsense of senseless
killings and torturings of people, for amusement, and for game

The Washington White House is one of the homes for these perverse
people who game play and toy with all human beings who are not
Lesbianists, who live on this planet.

We have many Lesbianists to trash, and to say good bye to, before we
can begin to get our world, straightened out, and started up again,
with a new culture, with new morals.

We will throw out their old cultures, their Lesbianistic cultures, and
we will replace them with our new culture, and our new civilization,
that is based on my religion, and on the sanctity of sexaling as a
common sense value.

Sexaling is a sacred and holy act. Even if you sexal with a kangaroo,
or a chimp, it is still a sacred and holy act.

Why is that? It is because every body is made of something, and that
something comes from me, GOD. That something from me, is pure and
holy, as I am pure and holy. I designed every person, and every
animal, and every living being, with sexaling capabilities that allow
that pure and holy GODLYNESS to come out once they begin sexaling.

That GODLYNESS begins to radiate out, as each person begins sexaing,
and as each animal begins sexaling, and as each living being begins
sexaling, eroteming, orgasming, and phlumetting, and it purifies each
and every living being, and washes away the karmic markups every
person, and every animal, and every living being, has in them, and has
stored in the molecules that are stacked up in my universe, out side
the boundarary walls that hold this universe up, and that keep us in
side of the area we are in, and that keep the rest of my universe
standing up, stable, making this a safe place to live, at least, safe
in so far as nothing comes crashing down on us.

My kids are expert builders, and it is thanks to them, that we have
such a nice and safe, and well built universe to live in. It is also
thanks to them, that we have these bodies to live in, and to sexal
with, since my kids put us together, one molecule at a time, as we
need to have our parts put together, along with all the anmials, and
living beings, who are inside of us, that my children also assemble
for me, and for us.

What is this GODLYNESS? It is a purifying force, that is of me, and is
me. It is inside of every one, and inside of every creature, animal,
and living being, in my creation.

This is woven into the fabric of your being, and it is of me, and is
always a part of me, and is always connected to me. Since I am always
pure, and GODLY, you have a possibility of becomeing pure, and holy,
like me.

Right now, we are filthy, and grimey, and all gunked up, with sludge,
and residues of our karmic heritage. We have done many things that
contribute to who we are, and to what we experience, day to day, and
if we are not happy with our life, that is because we have the karmic
records and markups that dictate that we must be in this miserable and
suffering condition, that we are in, today.

There is always sufferring, and unwholesomeness, in our lives, and
around us, every day. There are many wicked things that go on, every
day. People perpetrate wicked acts, daily, and they go on, unpunished,
for a long time, until their karmic markups begin to add up to
sufferings coming out, in that person's life.

Sufferings are your payback for your wicked acts, and they help to
keep our universe in balance, as I've spoken about, a little, before.

It may seem unwholesome that I ask you to kill my kids, and put them
into my Epcot Center, where they can sexal, and where they can get
retrained, and where they can be taught to be nice people, after they
are retrained, but my asking you to kill my kids, this is merely an
expedient, or a means to an end, and it is permissable, given the
circumstances, and given the situation, and given that we are at the
begining of our new Age of Gurkian Englightenment.

The result we wish to see by killing them, is an end to the activities
of the Lesbianists, and and end to the activities of other people like
them, in my universe. The Lesbianists are ruining my universe, and
ruining the lives of every body in my universe, and though this was
the way things were balanced out, prior to now, we are starting out,
with a new method of 'payback' and a new means to balance out the
karmic balance book. This is all to be governed by my rules and
regulations, that my kids will enforce, in our new, Gurkian Age of
Enlightenment, begining about now.

Our killing the Lesbianists, will help to control their ruinous and
heinous behavior and activities, and it will help us to get them out
of the picture for a while, until we are able to set up our new
government, globally, or universal wide, across our universe, in a one
universe government, over seeing the activities of all of my kids. It
is the only way we have to begin to get our selves straightened out,
and onto our new path, that we will follow, for the rest of eternity.

This marks the begining of the Gurkian Age of Engligtenment, and it
marks the end of the previous period, or random, or just about nearly
random, chaos.

We went through a very long period of decline, untill we got to the
period of chaos that we are in, now. This period of chaos, we call,
the 'melt down' period.

The 'melt down' period, came after the 'run amuck' period, when my
kids began their severely ruinous activities that led to the period of
chaos that we are now in.

Chaos Every Where In My Universe

We are going to begin to pull ourselves out of this period of chaos,
with the help of my religion, and with our religious activities, and
it is going to take us a very long time to pull ourselves out of it,
as this 'chaos' is going on every where in my universe.

It will take us a long time to begin to be able to erase our karma
enough, based on my religious principals, and the ethics of the
Gurkian Age of Englightenment, and our religious activities of
sexaling, dancing and excercising, and sexaling in syncopation with
the metronome, at one thirty seventh and one fifth, or so, to then
some day be able to have erased enough karma, to be rid of,
completely, all these horribalistic people, my horribalistic kids, in
my universe. When I say, be rid of them, I'm not saying, to trash
them, completely. I am saying, we will put a stop to their activities,
by changing our karma, and by purifying ourselves with my religion and
our religious activities of sexaling, keeping time, in synch with my
children, as we sexal, and as we activiate, playing basketball,
tennis, or as we swim, or as we pray Nam Myeo Ho Ren Ge Kyeo, and so

Bringing An End To The Chaos In My Universe

We are going to bring an end to the chaos, and to the chaotic
behavior, and abberant, ruinous behavior in our universe, as we bring
this period of chaos to a close. We will, as we steadily move forward,
open the way for the budding and flowering of the Gurkian Age of
Enlightenment, and to the budding and flowering of the new age of
friendship and loving care, among all of my children, who participate
in my religious, social, economic, and karmic revolution, as we sexal
with each other, lovingly, and strive to clearify and erase our karmic
markups, sexaling, and synching our activities to one thirty seventh
and one fifth on the metronome. Later we will fix our metronomes to
keep exact pace in synch with my children, and after we fix and reset
the timing scale of the metronome, the timing will be one thirty
seventh, exactly, on the metronome.

Our sexaling will produce all types of wonderful, purifying energies,
that will revive our universe, and that will revive us, and that will
help us to reclaim our universe, and that will help us to live,
prosperously, and prosperingly in our universe, together, with each
other, and with every one of my children, as we reform the bad and
naughty ones, who are wicked and unkind to others, and who prevent
people from sexaling, together, with each other.

That means, we are going to kill all the bible thumpers, Pat
Robertson, Orwell Roberts, Billy Grahm, Tammy Faye, Jim Faye, and all
the other Lesbianists of every religious faction, or group, whether
they are Lesbianists who are christians, islamists, judaists, shiites,
hindus, buddhists, black moslems i.e., afro american black muslims, or

We are going to destroy them all, all who would try to prevent us from
what we are attempting to accomplish, a global, universal wide,
government, run by me, GOD/GOd, as I am the Captain of this ship, and
then we are going to begin our new age of Enlightenment, hand in hand
with each other, and when they come out of my Epcot Center, again,
next time, to be born as tummy babies, to tummy mommies, and to tummy
daddies, we will teach them the new rules, ethics, and morals of our
new universal wide society, and then we will begin again with them,
and raise them in accordance with the new rules, laws, regulations,
ethics, and morals of our Gurkian Age of Enlightenment, led by me, GOD/

Surrendering And Repentance

Those who will surrender, will be allowed to be repentantent, and they
will be forgiven for their misgiven, misbegotten, and ill minded ways,
once they begin sexaling with the rest of us, and participating in our
religious, economic, and social revolution, and once they begin
following Gurkian laws, rules, ethics, the codes and norms of
behavior, and our righteous, and correct morals, acting and exerting
one's efforts for the sake of others, never sparing a moment of
energies, wastefully on trivial and trite activities of gossipping,
mischiefing, or other harmful, and potentially ruinous, wicked, and
evil behavior.

Lesbianists With Non Repenentant Attitudes Who Will Not Surrender

Those who will not surrender, we will send to my Epcot Center, as that
is the only way we can get them out of the picture, temporairily, so
that we can then get things in order, before they return, once again,
as tummy babies, into the lives of tummy mommies, and tummy daddies.

Orders To Kill All Presdential Candidates, Etc.

You are hereby authorized by me, GOD, John Francis Ayres, to kill all
United States Presdential candidates, including but not limited to,
Senator Barack Obama, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Mitt Romney,
Senator Christopher Dodd, John Edwards, Yesenia Emelina, Mike Gravel,
Dennis Kucinich, Senator Joe Biden, Governor Bill Richardson, Wesley
Clark, Al Sharpton, Al Gore, Tom Vilsack, Senator Sam Brownback, John
H. Cox, Rudy Giuliani the famous World Trade Tower bomber planner /
participant and bombs expert, Representative Duncan Hunter, Senator
John McCain, Representative Ron Paul, Jim Gilmore,  Mike Huckabee,
Representative Tom Tancredo, Tommy Thompson, Newt Gingrich, Senator
Chuck Hagel,  Michael Savage, Fred Dalton Thompson, James Gilchrist,
Elaine Brown, Ralph Nader, Steve Kubby, George Phillies, Christine
Smith, Doug Stanhope, Kent McManigal, Gene Chapman, Barry Hess, Dave
Hollist, and Robert Milnes.

They are all to be executed on sight. Also, you are ordered to kill
all non repentent Lesbianists, such as, Vice President Dick Cheney,
Tony Blair, Butros Gauley, Oliver North, Colin Powell, Oliver
Poindexter, Casper Willard Weinberger, United States Supreme Court
Chief Justice John Roberts, Associate Justices, John Paul Stevens,
Anthony Kennedy, David Souter, Clarence Thomas, Ruth Bader Ginsburg,
Stephen Breyer, Samuel Alito, Antonin Gregory Scalia, Arnold
Swarzneggar, Sylvestor Stallone, Robert Deniro, Gary Busey, Kevin
Sorbo, Timothy Dalton, Michael Jackson, Matt Damon, Bruce Willis, Mila
Jovovich, Peter Jennings, all members of the United States Congress
who are Lesbianists, and all other Lesbianists, whether in politics or
not, and in whatever government you find them, around the world. There
are many Lesbianists in local and metropolitan police departments, and
in SWAT Team units, and in fire departments, and in the National Guard
units throughout the United States, and Lesbianists own every news
media organization, television corporation, cable television
corporation, satelite television corporation, major radio station,
transportation corporation, chemicals corporation, petroleum
corporation, coal mining corporation, as well as every other major
corporation around the world. You are to kill every last one of them,
and spare no one. We will then destroy every underground city they are
hiding in, and force them to surrender. If not, we will kill them all,
and I authorize you to do exactly that, kill every last one of them,
all thirteen billion plus Lesbianists, hiding under the surface of our
planet, or out walking about, pretending to be an ordinary citizen on
this planet. Nothing is further from the truth, and you are authorized
to kill each and every one of them, and send them all to my Epcot
Center, using what ever means available, including my tactical,
powerful, home made radiological explosives bombs, i.e., nuclear
explosives. Please study my notes on my web site for further details
regarding radiological fracturable rocks, and my notes on how to make
an explosive weapon to detonate nuclear materials, you can find along
beach shorelines, in sediments deposits, and on old mountains, every
where on our planet, if you have a geiger counter.

New Coins Ready And Are The Ever Useful To Us!


"Updated:2007-02-11 15:20:31"
"New Dollar Coins Enter Circulation This Week"
"WASHINGTON (Feb. 11) - Maybe Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea should
not take public rejection personally. It's not easy overcoming
people's indifference to dollar coins, even those honoring such
historic figures."

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The new coins reportedly have many fracturable rocks in them, as the
metals used, were mined from deposits of minerals that contain large
amounts of fracturable rocks.

They also have high heats and high temperatures burning minerals in
them, that will level up your thermal temperatures to near solar
temperatures, if grinded up and mixed in, and allowed to ferment, in
sour berry juices, slowly, with tiny amounts of salt, and large
amounts of raw sugar.

The high heat temperatures, and the energies produced at these higher
heat levels, will reach near solar heats energies temperatures, and
that is very important for developing the energies needed to wake up
every body, in the fracturable rocks - or 'fissile' materials, in
Lesbianists' speak, or Lesbianists' mumbo jumbo language - to get them
to begin making children and families.

Please see my notes on 'Radiological' crystals cages salts kiddies,
and other related energical animals kiddies, of various, and hard to
imagine, types, unless you're a kid and unless you have the mental
flexibilities and typical mental gymnastics capabilities of a normal
child, unhindered by brainwashed thinking and brainwashed patterns of
thought the Lesbianists have caged, and closeted in the dark, our
brains with.

Public Nudity And Public Sexaling

Public nudity and public sexaling is now a way of life for all, in
our, now, Gurkian Age of Enlightenment. We will begin broadcasting
live sexaling events, and other entertaining and informational,
educational programming,, as soon as I get my new quarters, a unit to
live in, where I can eat more properly, sleep more properly, recieve
the medical health aides and regroverative formulas, that I need, and
where I can practice my religious ceremonies, with others, daily.

The public broadcasting of various informational programing,
educational programing, sexaling entertainment programing, sexical,
hygenical i.e., sexaling hygene, and sexical educational programing as
well as sexical training programing, as well as my religious
ceremonial sexaling activities, and my general, more typical day to
day, religious ceremonialing, for now, until I get my health up to a
level of youthful vigor, and robust wellness, as I religiously
interact with my students, and train them, the disciple priestesses,
and disciple priests, will all help to set the basis of normative, and
expected, social behavior, for all people in our universe, to learn
about, now in our Gurkian Age of Enlightenment, so that we can all get
along, with one primary set of customs and standard of behavior, and
with one primary language for communication, as we will all be
sexaling with each other - all of my children who are now just
begining to get with the program, at least, anyway, will be sexaling
with each other - from now on, and for all eternity.

We need this exposure, as well as alternative programing, for
laundering up to, and for begining to expose ourselves to, and learn
about, the reality of the universe, my universe, that we live in.

Laundering up to, means, exposing ourselves to the mischievous antics
of the Lesbianists, to launder their filthy, garbagical, and
tormentuous ways, so that all may learn about them.

This will be coming up, in the near future, possibly, as far as I can
determine, any way, after we have the spilling of the sexaling fluids
campaign under way for purifying the area where I will be setting up
my religious ministry, on the parcel of land, on the north west corner
of the intersection at West Tropicana Ave. and South Decature Blud.,
Las Vegas, Nevada, and possibly on confiscated properties to the
north, as well as to the west, for now. This is a public service,
informational bulletin, on what you are to expect, in the near future.
Prepare yourselves, accordingly.

What Does The New Moralicity Mean, In Plain Language?

Our new moralicity means we are going to learn we can and should sexal
with every person, and even with animals, when we have a chance or
opportunity to sexal with people and animals, and that we can and
should sexal with every person we see, so long as we have a mutual
reciprocical understanding of the truth to sexaling, that it is a
pure, blessed, and holy act, GOD, me, made possible, to purify you of
your blemishes. It is the most significant and powerful way to purify
you of your blemishes and karma

You can also clearify your blemishes, your karmic markups, by praying
Nam Myeo Ho Ren Ge Kyeo, and by your keeping syncopated and in rythm
with my children, helping my children to work smoothly, syncopated and
in rythm with each other, perfectly fluxed, meshed perfectly with all
my other children, working at different life spins, as I've mentioned
about, as my kids will reward you by sprinkling faerie dusts,
purifying energies, and other types of related, purifying things and
dings, all over you, as a reward for your cooperation in keeping my
universe, humming, and running, smoothly.

With your syncopated rythms, your syncopated pace of movement, and
actions, as you time your motions, and stay in synch with one thirty
seventh on the metronome, plus one fith of a mark on the metronome we
currently have available to us, here, on our planet, during your
activitiating, sexaling, playing sports, dancing, excercising, and so
forth, you will purify your life, and you will purify the lives of
those around you, with your actions, as you get rewarded by my

Our new moralicity means we can and should sexal with each and every
person possible, in free association with each other, no matter what
the age of the person, and no matter what the gender of the person, no
matter what the tribal background is, no matter what the tribal
heritage is, any place no matter where we are, any time no matter what
the time of day or the time of night it is, in public spaces or in
private living spaces any and all places, no matter who else is around
us, as sexaling is a blessed act that my kids reward you for, any
time, every time, no matter where you are sexaling, and no matter with
who you are sexaling with, or even no matter what type of animal you
are sexaling with.

It means there are no bullshit, propagandists' Lesbianists dreamed up
taboos, any longer, regarding sexaling, and that sexaling is a blessed
act, and not a 'forbidden' act, as the bullshit Lesbianistic
Christians, Muslims, and other religious 'pious' bullshit assholes,
who would want us to believe that sexaling is forbidden by 'God',
which is complete and total bullshit, and a lie, as they base them
selfs on their 'holier than thou' pious 'ignorance' of the truth.

So long as you and the person or persons you are with are equally,
mutually, and reciprocally interested in purifying your lifes, and
interested in clearifying your karmic markups, and interested in
helping my children work in synch with each other, and interested in
helping to push my children along, with your energies, and efforts,
and so long as you can sexal together with one and each other, without
damaging either or any of the participants, it is morally correct
behavior, and any person or actions to prevent that morally correct
behavior must be condemned, and punished.

Some people, especially young participants, do not have butt holes,
mouthal holes, or vaginal holes that are large enough to swallow a
dick, or mouthal holes that are large enough to swallow a tittie and
suckle it fully, without straining.

You need to spend several hours phlooching out the butt hole, or
phlooching out the mouthal hole and throat, and phlooching out the
vaginal hole, with generous massage over several hours to the muscles
and tendons in the neck, mouth, nose, eye ridges, ears, throat, face,
chest, tummy, back, arms, hands, fingers, shoulders, titties, thighs,
hips, waist, groinal area, labial folds, vaginal lips, facial lips,
male genitals, and the entire torso, back and front, the legs and
feet, ankles, and toes, as well, and all parts and areas from head to
toes and in between, with continued efforts to massage all these
places, until the body begins to respond, and until the body responds

The butthole will loosen up, and the throat hole will loosen, and the
mouthal hole will widen, and the vaginal cavity and vaginal mouth will
widen and expand in size, and the groin in girls will spread apart,
allowing for more room for access to the vagina, and for smoother
access to the butthole, as the hips loosen up, and begin to spread
apart in response to your efforts at massaging the body, to prepare it
for sexaling.

No matter how old a girl is, and in the case of a boy, no matter how
old the boy is, baby, child, adolescent, or adult, phlooching out the
sexaling orifices, is easy, if you spend the needed time on
preparatory and thorough massage, sufficiently enough.

That's how I designed your bodies to respond to massage efforts to
loosen up the muscles, ligaments, sinews, cartiladges, so as to allow
the bones of the body to move and spread apart, freely, and loosenly.
Your body is like a rubber band, and if you massage it, well enough,
it will begin to respond like a rubber band, and it will loosen up,
and spread apart, where it needs to spread apart, so as to allow you
to sexal, thoroughly, and continually, for as long as you continue
your sexaling activities.

After you finish your sexaling activities, your body will begin to
stiffen up, as all the ligaments, sinews, cartiladges, muscles, and
fiberous threads throughout your body, begin to tighten up, for
returning to daily life, working activities, where you need a hard,
and tough body, to survive, as you work in the field, or work in the
rice paddies, or work on the farms, to labor for producing crops for
feeding you, your families, your children, relatives, tribal village
friends and tribal villages neigbors, who are, or who used to be,
traditionally, as life used to evolve for us, all related to all of
those concerned in the area, or on the planet, for that matter, or in
the entire galaxy, or spread out over many galaxies, and even spread
out over even larger, and wider areas of my universe in the large,
familiies that used to be the norm.

You may need to spend several hours, or even several days, or maybe
even longer, a number of weeks, or even a number of months, before the
body will begin to respond, and begin to flex, and bend, to help all
the ligaments, sinews, cartiladges, tendons, muscles, and all the body
parts, and supporting, interwoven parts of your bodies, as I've
briefly talked about, before, as well as all the lubing stations, that
will eject fluids to assist in the loosening up of your bodies'
ligaments, sinews, cartiladges, tendons, muscles, and even the bones,
to allow them to be more flexible, including the jaw bones, facial
bones, neck bones, spinal bones, leg bones, thigh bones, hips bones,
pelvic bones, buttal bones, groinal bones, back bones, and all the
bones of the body. Every bone in your body will loosen up, and become
more flexible, and pliant, durile, durable and tensilely strong, as
you massage all the parts of your body, and the bodies of the people
you are sexaling with, very young, young, adolescent, adult, middle
aged, elderly, and even the ancient, or the extremely very old.

This is the truth to this matter, and you can find out for your
selves, if you try and see how your bodies respond, to daily,
rigorous, continued massage, over various lengths or periods of time.

This is part of the ancient and old art of sexaling, as I taught in my
religious teachings, in every religion that I taught, and I have
taught a lot of religions in my time, to lots of different peoples in
my universe, from the begining of our time, here, together, in our
universe, after we arrived, which I've talked a little about, before.

Sexaling Is An Absolute 'Good' And An Aboslute 'Right'

Even the veryest oldest and the veryest youngest have a right, duty,
and obligation to sexal and produce holy, sacred, sanctifying, i.e.,
to make sacred, holy, and pure, harmonious, purifying energies.

It is an 'A B S O L U T E'  RIGHT as in, a 'right' to free speech.

It is also an 'A B S O L U T E' RIGHT as in, 'this is right, correct,
upstanding, laudable, commendable, proven to be always right, correct,
true, holy, graceful or GODlYNESS and GOODLYNESS gracefilled, morally
right, morally correct, morally absolutely right, and morally
absolutely correct', as opposed to, right and wrong, i.e., as in the
opposite of wrong, as in, that is wrong, that is incorrect, evil,
hateful, sinful, morally inaccurate, morally wrong, morally defunct,
undoable as it will not stand, and useless,'.

It is also an 'A B S O L U T E' GOOD and an 'A B S O L U T E'

Free Action Sexaling

Anything that counters, or runs contrary to this, is an 'A B S O L U T
E'  WRONG, and an 'A B S O L U T E'  EVIL. It is absolutely wrongful
to deny or to prohibit or to interfere with, in any way, with any one

Any body who even attempts to impede, to deny, to prevent, or to
interfere with, in any way at all, with a person's absolute right to
sexal runs counter to Gurkian laws, regulations, codes, ethics,
morals, standards, and you will serve jail or prison time, for
prohibiting, or interfering, or impeding, or violating in any way, a
person's absolute right to free action sexaling, which is, the act of
freely chooseing who one wishes to sexal with. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT,

To learn more on these subjects, swear in, and become a citizen of our
country, and begin studying, and working in the many programs my
children have for you to study and work in, to score earning points,
and to earn a living in our new, Gurkian Age of Enligtenment, where
and now that we work, and we pay as we go.

Those who refuse to work, in time, will be required to work, to pay
off their debts and to pay off the fees that are owed for the use of
my resources, all the molecules in my universe, and all the resources,
energical, or otherwise.

Even though I am GOD, in our new system of working in my Gurkian Age
of Enlightenment, even I have to pay for the resources that I use, as
I work as chief priest of my religion, spiritual director of my
universe, and boss of my universe.

I'm the mother and father, the creator of all humans, animals, and
living beings, as I've explained, every thing in my creation, and
people will begin to understand that, that I am GOD, as they practice
my religion, over the years, and over the aeons, and over the

The people who refuse to work, will be required to work in prisons,
sexaling with animals, to produce sexaling energies that will restore
the supplies of energies in our universe, as I've mentioned about,
before, as they work and learn their new trade of animal husbandry,
and animal wifery, in the animal habitry industry, as I've also
mentioned about, in earlier notes.

No matter what the age of the person, every person can participate in
our Gurkian Age Of Enlightenment, sexaling, dancing, excercising, and
syncopating their movements, in rythm, to assist my kids as my kids,
work to keep my universe, strong, durile, flexible, safe, and a nice
place for every one to live in.


We will build a nice and comfortable, safe place for every one to
live, now, in my universe, and we will follow the Gurkian Age of
Enlightenment Rules and Regulations, Codes, Morals, Ethics, and
behavioral norms, that you are required to live by, now that we are
going to become, one, very big, happy, harmonious, in synch,
prospering family.

You will not forget to wash out your butty butt holes, and to flush
out your vaginas, and your mouths, and to practice proper and health
promoting sexaling and love making hygene, with the medical formulas
that my children will be providing to you, and that you will pay for,
out of your earnings, and they are very reasonably priced, now that I
am making every thing available to every one, at a set, yet, flexible,
and low cost for the use of my resources, once you citizenize your
selfs, and swear in, as a citizen of our new, global, i.e., universal
wide, one universe, family of GOD's, that's me, children.

The costs are flexible, in the sense that you do not have to pay, yet,
as you will be learning about the ways to work, and you will be
learing and preparing your selfs for a new working life, in my
universe, for some time, and so we have no hurry to have you pay for
the resources you use. We can collect the fees, and costs for
resources, in the future, when you are a big money earner, once you
learn your new work requirements, for sexaling for a living, as that
is the only job opportunity open to every one, and the only job
opportunity, that you have a choice about.

My working children, though they do have many different jobs, they
have basically the same set up, or arrangements as you now will have,
and so you will be joining my children, and you will be working, i.e.,
sexaling, excercising, aerobically dancing, and so forth, in synch,
and in rythm, for me, just as all of my children are doing, at least,
those of my children who are able to work, and who are bright and
intelligent enough to work for me, to keep my universe, healthy, safe,
solid, durile, strong, wholesome, and a nice place to live in.

That means, I have a lot of burnouts kids, and rampant, vagarous,
dangerous children, who are not really very bright, and they do not
work for me, yet, but they will, in time, regardless of the fact that
they may at the present, be abominants kids, or not.

As I've mentioned, all my up until now, non working children, are
abominants. What does that mean? It means, they do not give a darn
about killing another person. They kill for selfish reasons, and for
fun and games, and so forth, and you are all guilty of that, though
you may not remember that you killed for fun and games, and for
selfish reasons, in previous lifes, in my universe, but you all have,
and you are all abominants, of varying degrees.

So, welcome to the Gurkian Age of Enlightenment, and welcome to my

Captain Off The Bridge.

John Francis Ayres
And Children

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