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Ship's Tour Of My Universe To Begin - Call To Arms! Duty Stations! Fire When Ready! Cease Fire Procola! Pt. I/III

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Call To Arms, means, you will inspect your weaponry and prepare to do
battle. Duty Stations, means, all men and women must assume their duty
stations, weapons at the ready. Fire When Ready, means, man or woman
your weapons, sight the target, finger the trigger, and fire when
ready. Cease Fire Procola, means, continue fireing until the enemy
targets are dispatched, and there is no sight of an enemy anywhere on
the horizon. Procolas means, after ending all possiblities of any
lingering survivors staying alive. It means to wipe them out, and
leave no survivors.

This means, it is time to kill all Lesbianists, and all other enemies
in my universe, the many groups of naughty kids in my universe,
rascaleers and others, and we will continue this fight, untill they
are all dead, and in my Epcot Centers, or untill they have
surrendered. Rascaleers are evil people who wish only to harm others.

Religious Practices - Fistiker Practice - What Is A Dependency? - When
Sexaling - Labia And Felate - Genitals, Titties, The Labia, And The
Many Sexaling Organs - Bears In The Woods - Expecate - How Do You Tell
When Your Period Is? Labiating A Labia - Bears, Wild Animals, And
People - Brad Pitt, And Angelina Joline - Abominant Elephant Kids -
What Causes A So-Called "Nuclear' Explosion Or Detonation? - Cleansing
Your Self With Your 'Built-In' And 'Attached', Cleansing And Washing,
Clearifying And Erasing Energies Producing Genitals And Sexaling
Systems, Eroteming And Orgasming Nervous Systems, And Baby Making
Related Purifying Energies Generation Stations Aparati, Or
Apparatuses, And Armatures - Ticklement Tuning Forks - Focal Patterns
- Assistive Religious Practices - How To Make Prayer Statements - What
To Say, When You See Me Using My Dick To Purify Others, And So Forth -
Who Was Kris Kringle? - Lesbianists' Torment Campaign Under Way
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Religious Practices

This is a little confusing, but hold on, and I'll try to explain it.
There are many parts to my religion. We call them, parts, but we can
also call them, practices, some of them, but not all of them.

We have the fundamental 'root' practice, which is sexaling. From the
root practice, comes all other practices.

There are side practices, and there are derived practices. There are
also, accompanying practices. There are many other types of practices,
but I don't remember the names for them all, right now, as I'm still
amnesiatic, and will be for a long time.

Fistiker Practice

Bringing about orgasming in another person is a fistiker practice. A
fistiker practice is a side practice, but it is also something a
little different from a  side practice, depending on how you bring the
orgasming about, and depending on how many people are involved, and
depending on who is the primary person, the person whom we are working
on, and who are the helping people, the people who are joined
together, to help the primary person to orgasm. There are a number of
other dependencies as well.

What Is A Dependency?

A dependency is some thing that is needed that will help to define
something else.

As in the case of an accident victim, we have a crutch to define one
level of severity of an accident victim's situation. But we might also
have a wheel chair to define another level of severity for the same,
or other, accident victim. These objects help to determine how badly
or miserably a person is injured.

A crutch can help define a level of severity in the injury. A wheel
chair can help also to define a higher level of severity. These are
both dependencies. They help us to define something, and they are used
to help us to define an accident victim's level of severe injuries.

When Sexaling

You can use your lips, for example, or your tounge to twiddle the toes
of a woman, and the woman begins to orgasm. That twiddleing of your
tounge on her toes to help her to erotem, and to experience
erotistical orgasming, can be any number of things, depending on the
involvement and complexities of dependencies.

Rubbing the vaginal face, the vaginal wall, or rubbing to either side
of the vaginal crevice, the labial folds or felates, can help a woman
to erotem and erotistically orgasm, and depending on the involvement
and complexities of dependencies, the dependencies can be any number
of things, if we try to define the sexaling activity more fully and

We'll skip this for now, as it is a little too difficult to remember,
right now. Just remember, the primary practice is sexaling, and that
sexaling is like the roots of a tree. All other religious practices
grow out of the 'roots' of the tree, sexaling, and can be defined in
many different ways, such as a helping practice, a side practice, a
subsidiary practice, a canceling out practice, an accompanying
practice, and there are many many other terms for what kind of
practice some thing is, depending on what dependencies are involved.

Labia And Felate

What is the difference between a felate and a labia?

A felate is the skin tissue of the outer surface, and some of the
tissue of the tips and edges of the labia. It does not include the
inner side of the labia, but only the outer side, and the surrounding
edges, as far as I can remember.

A verb, or action word, as I call it, is 'felate' as in 'Felate that
woman's or girls' left felate'. That means to suckle on the left
felate of the woman or girl.

Felate is a verb, but it is also a 'nominal' word, or naming word for
objectifying an object.

Do we say 'Labialize that woman's felate!' To labialize something is
to make something into a labia. We wouldn't, unless we were a doctor,
say that about a felate. But we might say it if we were doctors, and
we had a woman who met with a bear, and the bare clawed at her
genitals, and the sharp claws ripped her labial skin up, then we might
say in a surgeon's room 'Labialize that woman's ripped up labia.' That
would mean to stitch it up, and make it nice and neat, and clean and
well stitched up, and then useful to her, again, and it would involve
a lot of surgery, as many nerves would need to be connected, as they
had been ripped apart, and the wiring was all dislocated. But in the
end, we would be able to fix her labia, and her genitals, if they were
also hurt, and then we could dismiss the patient from the hospital,
after the labia healed, and after she recovered from her trauma of
having her labia shredded by an impolite, rude, mean, uncaring, and
hungry bear.

Genitals, Titties, The Labia, And The Many Sexaling Organs

The labia is not the genitals, but some people do consider them as a
part of the genitals. The genitals are inside the woman's vagina, in
my way of thinking. The vaginal wall is not part of the genitals. The
vaginal orifice is part of the genitals of a woman. This seems odd,
doesn't it. Well, that is how it works, in my brain, and I designed
women, as well as men. If you notice, in my writings, I've talked
about the draft table, and the throttle. These are major parts of a
woman's genitals. They are inside the vagina, and you can reach them
through the vaginal orifice. Before you get inside of the vaginal
orifice, there are a few things outside, such as a pee tube, and an
ejaculate tube, and the clitoris, as well as the labia. These are not
part of the genitals, but are working parts of her sexaling organs. A
woman's or girls' sexaling organs are not equal to her genitals.
Genitals are for baby making, and for other purposes. Titties are not
part of the genitals, but they are part of the womans' sexaling
organs. This will require a long discussion to clear up, so I will
save it for another day.

Bears In The Woods

That's the way it happens some times, when women or girls go out into
the woods, and sexal with their female friends. They can get hurt by
bears, if they are not accompanied by men, who are tough, and strong,
and who stay alert, to guard and watch out for dangerous animals, such
as bears, wolves, cayotes, bobcats, puma, and even racoons. Racoons do
attack humans, if they smell some thing that will taste good to the
racoon. If a person has a skin tear, and is bleeding, even a tiny bit,
the racoon will smell it, and come running, and then find the person,
and so will panthers, and all kinds of animals will come, and it's
just like a bunch of sharks and fishes of different kinds, and Moray
Eels, they like the smell of blood, and they come and investigate,
when they smell it.

Women and girls have periods, and it is not every twenty eight days,
as I've explained about before, and blood runs down, out of their
vagina, and they generally do not know it, as it is only a tiny drop
of blood, or less, most of the time, and the blood is often wiped from
the skin surface, when the woman or girl is on the potty, or toilet,
and the woman or girl will not even see the tiny drop of blood that
comes out of the vagina and drips down the labia, on the inside, and
then falls or dribbles down to the felates, and then falls off the
felates, while she is on the toilet into the toilet, or while she is
out doors, and walking about, onto the earth, if the woman is walking
on a park walkway, or bicycle path. If she is wearing underwear, it
will not fall onto the earth, but it will dry up on the panties, or
underwear, and the smell of the dried blood will attract wild animals
if she is out doors, walking or jogging in a wooded or regional or
rural area, where there are lots of, or even just a few, animals.

Pumas can smell the blood, from miles away, and so can tiny oselots,
and bears, and many animals can. They can smell blood, because they
know they need meat to survive. That is built into their brains, that
are located throughout their bodies, and not only in the skull, and
animals are very sensitive to the smell of blood, as well as to the
smell of urine, and to the smell of poop. Some animals, such as
racoons, will come up from behind a woman, and grasp at her panties,
as the racoon may smell the odors of fecal matter, from her butthole.
Men may be raked by the claws of raccoons from behind, as they smell
the odors of fecal matter, and try to find out more about it, as the
racoons know that there is something delicious hiding behind those
odors from the buttholes of women, girls, men, and boys.


When women and girls go out hiking, it is best to wash out the vagina,
first, and then use a fermented oil, as a douching agent. The oil will
help to slow the flow of the blood down the inner walls of the vagina,
and it may help to trap the blood, and make it difficult for it to
leak out, unless the amount of the flow of blood, is very large. In
that case, it is best to stay home, and not go out, when a large
amount of blood is expecated from the vagina. Expecated means to
expell outwardsly. Expectate can also be used, as it is generally the
same word, that is, and it also has generally the same meaning, but
perhaps it has a few more uses, maybe, but it is from a variant
language of the English language, and is basically the same word.

You should expecate your fluids in your vagina, from your vagina,
before you go out hiking. If you know when your period is, and there
are ways to tell when you have a period, or when you know when you are
about to have a period, than if you normally have a large amount of
blood flow from your vagina, as that has been your experience, it is
probably best to go and sunbath at the beach, far away from wild
animals and their habitats, or by the pool side. Racoons sometimes
come out of the woods, to the shores of beaches, and trumbel along,
listening and watching, and sniffing the air, when they smell dried
blood, or wet or moiste blood, inside of the swim suit lining in the
groinal area.

How Do You Tell When Your Period Is?

To learn when your period is, you need to look into the toilet bowl
that you pee into, and then see if there is any red droplets. You can
place a piece of toilet paper onto the surface of the water, and it
might help to show the redish color mixing with the urine.

Another way is to take a piece of toilet tissue paper, and wipe your
felates, in the morning, or during the day, or at night. Night is a
good time, but during the day, it is just as good. Some women like
night time because they feel the day is finished, and they are now
going to make a final check. Well, it doesn't always happen the way we
want things to happen. You might start leaking blood fluids, at two or
three or four or five, a.m., or at six, or seven, or eight, or while
you are in the shower, or in the bath tub, bathing, before you plan to
go out for the day.

It may take you several years for you to find out when your period
begins, and when it ends, by checking for blood flow. When you have
determined the number of days between one period and the next, and you
are absolutely certain of it, and you have confirmed it, many times,
and you have checked to see if there might be something you didn't
notice, at other times, when you checked, eventually, you'll learn
when your blood flow begins, and how long it lasts, and when the next
blood flow begins. Once you know, then you can time your excursions to
the woods, or to the beach, with your friends, both women and men.

Bears, Wild Animals, And People

Men are needed to help scare bears away, if they come to close, and
pepper spray is a good way to get them to leave the area. Bears do not
like the small of pepper spray, and you need a cannister of pepper
spray that will fire fifty to eighty to one hundred and eighty five
feet or more, to scare away a bear, safely.

Loud noises surprise bears, but hungry bears get angry and feel
challenged by you, and may come at you at a fast pace, and not stop,
once they are angered. If you are a good shot with a rifle, and you
see a bear, from a few hundred feet away, and it is moving slowly,
towards you, following you, you can shoot it with a good fifty calibur
weapon, from that distance, and it will go down, in an instant, if you
hit it square in the noggin, about one inch or less above the nose.

You need to be a good shot, and several people should aim, and fire at
the same time, to kill the bear, to be sure some one hits it, and then
puts it down, and kills it.

Do not think that because you have one rifle, or two handguns, and a
rifle, that you are safe. If you do not know how to shoot, and if you
are an inexperienced marks woman, or marks man, than your chances of
hitting the bear are near zero, for all three of you, at three hundred

You need years of practice to become a good marksmen, and you can
start with the lower calbur weapons, to get a feel for weapons that
fire projectiles, and that make loud noises.

There is no such thing as a friendly bear, and people think, 'Oh,
look! Isn't she cute, that bear.' If they think that way, they might
as well have left their last will and testament behind, and signed all
their assets over to another person.

Bears are animals that need to eat just as humans do, and just as all
animals do. If you are so foolish to think that bears are cute, you
are a lame brained idiot. Bears are dangerous animals. And so are all
wild animals. If you think a racoon is a cute animal, you get the lame
brained award for the year award, and trophy to sit on your desk at
home to remind you of how stupid you are.

Brad Pitt, And Angelina Joline

Only idiots would think that wild animals, that eat people, are cute.
They need remedial training, as they do not understand that their
lives are in danger, every time they walk out the door of their home.
Even in the cities, there are nasty people, who smile, and pretend
they are your friends, and these same people, such as Hillary Clinton,
Brad Pitt, Cheryl Davis, a friend of Brad's, but that's his current
girl friend, Angelina Jo-line. She is not a Lesbianist, and Brad
pretends to be her friend. He likes to watch her get eaten by bears,
my abominant kids, when the Lesbianists feed humans, one at a time, to
the bears, or to the crocodile abominant children of mine.

Abominant Elephant Kids

I have carniovorus, human being abominant elephant kids, and they are
rude, mean, nasty, and really terrible. They scare people, and then
they pick them up with their trunk, and place them on their head, and
then they tell them not to move, or they will stample on them, or
tromp downwards, and crunch them, painfully, from the foot, to the
shin, to the thigh, to the pelvis, to the waiste, to the lower tummy,
to the mid section, to the chest, and then the neck, and then the
head, finally killing them. They will take a person, pull the person
up and lift him or her up into the air with his or her trunk, and then
pull the person into his or her mouth, and then crumple up the person,
and then spit the person out, and the person is all broken up, and
chewed up, with all the bones, broken, in the legs, and in the arms,
and in the waiste, pelvis, torso, neck and shoulders, and head.

The Lesbianists use lots of these elephants. They are pretty to look
at, but they are mean, and nasty. When strangers see them, they think,
'Oh, what a pretty elephant.' They don't know that the elephant is my
abominant kid, and can speak English, as many people recently found
out near Africa, in Sri Lanka, and then also in New Guinea.

They were very surprised at the talking elephant. But they didn't know
that the Lesbianists had let the Elephant, my abominant kid, lose from
the cages that they kept him sealed up in. There were one or two, or
maybe eight of them, in Sri Lanka, and eight or nine in New Guinea.
Lots of people got eaten up, and killed. The elephants are still lose
in New Guinea, but in Sri Lanka, they herded them into the pens, and
brought them to New Delhi, to then begin a rampage in New Delhi.

Well, the Lesbianists are doing this, daily, because they feel they
have lost this battle, and that they are just wasting time, doing
nothing, as they can not get to me. So they want to have a lot of fun.
Now they are releasing lots of my abominant kids, in many places, and
in New Delhi, Bombay, Sri Lanka, and New Guinea, many people have been
hurt and killed by these idiot kids, these abominant elephant kids of
mine. The Lesbianists have thousands of animals they want to release,
out into the public, in England, in Switzerland, Georgia, South
Carolina, Paris, and many other places.

The Lesbianists think they are going to have a lot of laughs watching
the abomniant kids of mine, tear people up, and rip them to shreds.
They also think that the animals, who are not abominant kids, but are
just bizarre animals, that catch people in very large, nets, that have
threads as thick as ropes, and that are very sticky, are going to do a
lot of wierd and crazy things, no one here on this planet, other than
them, have seen. They think they are going to get a lot of laughs when
they see the mayhem and havoc, the disruption to society, and
frustration on the faces of people who get caught in the nets, and
then turned into living mummies sealed up in a type of pulpyish paper
so the person can slowly disolve, but stay alive, for up to a year or
more. Maybe as long as ten to thirty years, in some cases, and I'm not

You may think I'm kidding, but I'm not. This began a few days ago, and
the Lesbianists are intent on continuing this, for the next few years.
Isn't that surprising. I never expected that. They are very strange
people, aren't they. They are real sicko's aren't they.

I think you should all go and meet my kids, with a day pass, and ask
them about it. Other wise, you might find your self in a very large
spider's web.

Labiating A Labia

To labiate is to suckle the labia, and to take one or the other of the
labia into the mouth, and tickle it with the tounge, or twist it
gently with the lips.

'Labiate that woman's left labia!' 'Felate that womans left felate!'
The difference is, labiating is to suckle the entire left labia,
inside or under the edge of it, on the inner side, and the edge of it,
and the outside of it.

Felateing the felate, is to suckle the edge of the labia, the upper
exposed edge. It does not include the labia, in its entirety. Only the
upper, protruding skywards, or in which ever direction it is pointing,
that portion of it that is extending outwards. If you lift it up
between your finger tips, you'll pull up on the entire structure
revealing the underside, or the unexposed underside of the labia.
There is also the outer side of the labia.

The Felate is the top tip edge of the labia, generally speaking, and
it is itself an isolated system, and not part of the labia. It's
connected to the labia, but it serves a different function. It droops
downwards, to seal out the possiblity of any thing entering the vagina
from below, in an upwards moving manner. Bugs can not fly up into the
vagina, as the felates prevent them from flying up into it. Without
the felates, the vagina would be unprotected. The labia would not
protect the vagina, as the labia is merely the skin tissue mass that
the felates are attached to, and in an instance of removing a felate
from a cadaver, or dead body of a woman, or girl, once the felate is
removed, the labia have no closure over the vagina, in most women and

There are exceptions, as we've had many animals in our heritage line.
There are many differences when we line up ten women, and inspect
their vagina, their felates, and labia, their bumbey pack, as children
are encouraged to call the lower hanging sexual organ of the vaginal
cape, as it is also called by doctors.

On this planet, the bumbey pack may not be called a vaginal cape, with
the inferior texts with unadvanced, primitive, witch doctor level
sexual sciences that do not help any one along, such we find with the
myth that women and girls have a period every twenty eight days.

That is total nonsense, as I've explained about it, before. The truth
is, every few days, to every eight to fifteen days, to even eighteen
days, or evern thirty two or fifty five days, depending on where the
woman has grown up and where her ancestors have grown up, the number
of days between one period and another period can be very dissimilar,
from one woman to another woman. Some women have a period every two or
three days, or even every day. There is no reason an ovary can not
fall, every day, several times a day.

An ovary is so small, no one can see it, without special optical
technologies, such as pass through see through technologies, and other
optics, and other videoing technologies. A microscope is an out moded,
ancient, and novel device, fit for only museum use on display shelfs.
It's like an old car of the twenties, or there abouts, or even
earlier, of course, depending on how sophisticated it gets. Micron
microscopes, the so called, 'electron' microscopes, are a misnomer to
begin with, as an 'electron' is not a fictious concept, but no one
knows what an electron is, generally speaking except for the

An electron is a small bit of electrically heated plasma, that you can
heat, with the right technologies. It can fit on the tip of a pencil
or pen. This is a big joke to the Lesbianists, as are also their jokes
about protons, and neutrons, and nuclei, or the so called combined
nucleus, as in 'nuclear' family. Nuclear family, is not a 'tight'
organization of two persons, and their children.

A nuclear family is a family that has been nuclearized, that is,
exposed to radiological salts kiddies, and their radiative or
radiological energies. That's another one of the Lesbianists' jokes on
all of the scientists who the Lesbianists could get to swallow it.

What Causes A So-Called "Nuclear' Explosion Or Detonation?

A vast number of children are making babies at a very high rate of
speed, and the energies that they give off, as they make babies, and
then peel off from the area where they made their babies, one after
another, as they rocket away, is what causes a nuclear blast. The
tummy mommies and tummy daddies are making babies at such a frantic
pace, they make millions and billions, and trillions, and more, before
you can even send a signal to your eye lid to blink, from your brain
part that sends the signal out. The signal will travel just a very
short distance across a crupture, not even half way, more like, one or
two feet in distance, if we are to look at the size of a crupture as
the same size as our current universe. It travels about not even one
foot, not even one inch, and not even one millimeter, and not even one
millionth of a millimeter, and far smaller than that still, before the
parents are already through making babies, and they have retired, and
passed on, and several kabillion generations of families, and multiply
that by a very large number, and you'll get how many generations of
families lived and died, and passed on their DNA to their sons and

It's a hail storm of erupting magnitude when the tummy mommies and
tummy daddies begin making babies, and making their families larger.

It all happens so rapidly, with more than that number of successive
generations of families, in less time than the energy pulse will
travel down an optic nerve, across a crupture, that very minute or
very tiny distance, as I stated above.

That kind of frenetic baby making activity, makes for a lot of heat,
as well as, it generates a lot of stresses, and a lot of energies go
flying off in all directions, as the sexaling couples experience many
nice orgasms and eroticisims, together. Temperatures, their body
temperatures, collectively, and the incredibly vast number of
movements, which also generate temperatures, by the animals, the tummy
mommies, tummy daddies, tummy babies, the relatives, and the many
generations of families, go skyrocketing, and the magnitude of
numbers, and the intensity of all the activities the animals are busy
with, as they make tummy babies, simultaneously, or nearly
simultaneously, is of phenomenal proportions. There are also types of
animals that we are not familiar with, who are also busy making
babies, and they help to account for the brilliance of the light that
is generated, along with other types of animals, that also help to
account for the brilliance and light, as they are busy baby making,
too. There are energies kids of all kinds busy making babies, and that
is also a major important factor in the overall sequences of
activities, to successful birthing by all the tummy mommies, and it is
also important to help to get them all 'gyrated' or motivated, and to
wake every one up from their slumber, or their condition of deep
sleep, or stagnassis, to get them feeling alive, ready, and able for
making lots of babies.

If we slow them all down, to our pace, and then compare them to our
pace of life, they would be just like us, and things would move slowly
for them, and not much would change, for many kazillions plus years,
and then many, many more years.

However, they are moving so much faster than we are, and the length of
time they live, to them, it is a long time, four or five, or eight or
nine hundred years, in our time, maybe, in some cases, depending on
the type of radiological salts kiddies and other types of animals,
including the energies animals, who are all making babies.

On their scale or pace of life, they live that long. But on our scale,
the length of time they live, is so tiny, we can not measure it,
unless we have a very high level of advanced mathmatics that can
account for such a small time period, or span of life.

Anyway, the frenetic adventures of the colonies of radiological
animals, when they start to make babies, after they are woken up, and
prompted to make babies, with a detonating surge of heat energies,
light wave energies, pressures energies, trampolining energies,
zespertudial energies, castikilial energies kiddies, and other types
of energies kiddies, as well, which help get them all started, with
the right combination, of heat, light, atmospheric temperatures,
atmospheric pressures, food sources avaiability, drinking water
availablity, trampolining energies, and a number of other types of
energies, that awaken them, and then get them turned on, and sexaly
active, they will suddenly erupt into a frenetic, mass of baby making
furor, to us, any way, and with that, we have our so called, 'nuclear'

Cleansing Your Self With Your 'Built-In' And 'Attached', Cleansing And
Washing, Clearifying And Erasing Energies Producing Genitals And
Sexaling Systems, Eroteming And Orgasming Nervous Systems, And Baby
Making Related Purifying Energies Generation Stations Aparati, Or
Apparatuses, And Armatures

You women and girls, your vagina is your Holy instrument for assisting
you to cleanse your self, and wash away the dirt and grime of daily
living, the insults to you from strangers, the verbal abuse you
experience in your arguments and conversations with friends and
family, neighbors, relatives, work associates, and community

Your holy body, and your normal body are weapons to fight back against
all the negativities you experience in your life, as you orgasm and
erotem, showering off purifying energies, and lots of other beautiful
other things and dings, as you vibrate your entire body concordially,
in harmonic rythym, cadence, and rapture, while orgasming, in sequence
and in timed rythym, with my GODLY Holy Body and many of its features,
or parts, that are similar to your holy body and your holy body's
parts and features. These are all activated while you are orgasming,
and eroteming, and you become purer and holier, the longer you orgasm
and erotem, and convulse, orgasmically.

Your breasts, your butty butt, your butty butt hole, your vaginal
hole, your groin, your throes, your vaginal cleavage or labial folds
as they are called here by these nitwittish doctors on this planet,
who do not know any thing about the human body, your chest, your back,
your legs, your arms, your hands and fingers, your ankles, feet, and
toes, your ears, lips, mouth, tounge, cheek, your rectal cavity, your
tummy button, your stomach, throat, your brains, and you have many
more than just one in your body, but many millions and more of them in
your body, and that is not an overstatement, and every part of your
body, inside and out, your many nervous systems and all your organs,
they are all set to orgasm and erotem, and generate purifying energies
with the help of the power company, as I've explained about them,

Men and boys, and their bodies, both their normal bodies and their
holy bodies work in the same way, and there is no disparity, when it
comes to sexaling, orgasming, and eroteming, and showering off lots of
wonderful energies, that purify men and boys, and the people who the
men and boys are sexaling with.

Ticklement Tuning Forks

You have ticklements, tuners, or pitch fork tuning forks, that chime,
in every cubic millimeter to every cubic inch, and in even tinier
places, you have tinier ticklements, or tuning forks, and in larger
areas, you have larger ticklements, or tuning forks, and they are all
set to vibrate in various patterns of sexual thrilling eroticisms, and
orgasming ecstacies, as you pump up the levels of sexalating energies
you have available to you, in you, and showering off from you, and
those patterns and focal points change, slightly, minutely, as every
micro second goes by, as we change our location in our universe, and
our relative location or position to every thing else in our universe
changes, from night to day, and from day to night, ongoingly, non-
stopingly, never repeating the same set of tuning focal patterns.
Focal patterns are frequencies.

Focal Patterns

These frequencies, or harmonic consistencies, are harmonic displays or
the 'in rythm' with GOD, consistencies that allow you to be united
with GOD, me, my devine and holy body, and my devine and holy mind,
and my being or GOD SELF and GOD BEING, every moment, as you are
orgasming, and eroteming, and convulsing orgasmically.

Men and boys have the same kinds ticklements, or tuning forks, and
they are located in every organ of their bodies, too, just as they are
in women's bodies and in girls' bodies, in every single organ and
cell, and they allow all of you children of mine to stay in frequency
with me, as you sexalate, erotem, and orgasm, and convulse
orgasmically, practicing my religion, and as you sexal together with
each other, and go about living your daily lives.

These many ticklements and tuning forks are all connected to your
brains and to your nervous systems, and each living being in your
body, has them as well, and every living being, and animal, has them
as well.

All my children, animals, living beings, and human beings, are all
connected to me, through these tuning forks, and they are connected to
me in many ways, such as through the holy bodies all of my children
have inside of them, and also through a myriad of other mechanisms
that I have functioning in your bodies, in your astral 'energy'
bodies, and the many millions of energies bodies each of you have in
you that help to keep you all connected to me and my Holy GODLYNESS
existence. My animals children and living beings childrens have fewer
connectivities and fewer energies bodies, as they do not need as many
as my human being daughters and sons. This is because you, my human
being children, need to be more connected to me, as you are the only
ones who can actively sexal and practice my religion, with your own
self determination, and desire to sexal and practice, to become closer
to me, GOD, as you become purer, and holyer.

I'm connected to all of you, day and night, three hundred sixty five
days a year, in countless many fold untold numbers of ways and
manners, and with countless many fold untold numbers of mechanisms.
All of my children are likewise connected to me, in similar ways and
manners, and with similar mechanisms, though the numbers and types of
mechanisms may be different among my living beings children, and my
animals children, compared to my human being children.

As you women, girls, men, and boys sexually rapture, erotem, orgasm,
convulse orgasmically, and reach sexual peaks, and then sustain them,
you grow holyer, as you become purer, brillianter, and closer in

Obviously, then, the primary means for you to grow pure and holy is to
sexal together with each other as sexaling is the basic way to become
pure and holy, and as you continue, over the days, and weeks, then
months, years, decades, hundreds of years, thousands of years,
millions of years, and more, you slowly grow more pure and holy, and
closer to me, GOD.

Sexaling is my primary and most fundamental religious practice and
your primary religious practice for you to become cleansing machines,
washing machines, purifying and sanitizing machines, so that you can
clearify and erase your karmic markups, and purify your lives, and
purify the lives of those around you, with your selfless actions of
grace and serenity, sexaling and showering purifying energies in all
directions for the sake of your self, and for the sake of others.

You women and girls need men and boys to assist you to become the
powerful cleansing and purifying machines that you are capable of

Men and boys used to be somewhat nearly as useful as purifying and
cleansing machines, as women and girls, but men and boys have
different jobs, and different priorities, and there fore, the burden
of work to purify my universe, and to clearify the karmic markups of
all my children rests on the shoulders of all women and girls, with
men and boys assisting women and girls.

You men and boys need women and girls to lead you, and to help you to
become more proficient, powerful, and more capable cleansing, washing,
purifying, and sanitizing machines.

Assistive Religious Practices

The practice of praying Nam Myeo Ho Ren Ge Kyeo is an assistive
practice that allows you to become in touch with my GOD SELF, equally
as well, but the time it takes, is much longer, as very little
purifying energies are produced, merely by using your brain, muscles,
ligaments, sinews, bones, mouths, tounges, and jaws, as energies

There are many other assistive practices, from meditation, to
breathing techniques, to yogic techniques, to ballet like techniques,
to dance techniques, to body movements of various kinds, to help you
to increase and or also store up your energies, and then for you to
release them, for you to then become more firmly and closely connected
to ME so that you can eventually begin to gain a higher appreciation
of ME, GOD.

My many religions teach many ways to do this, and before my many
religions were corrupted by the Lesbianists, they worked to varying
degrees of success.

Therefore, sexaling is the primary fundamental religious practice, and
all other practices in my religions that I've taught over time,
spanning all of my previous teachings from the begining of our time
together, since I, my GOD SELF, created you as my children, are
assistive practices, of one kind or another.

Sexaling, eroteming, orgasming, phlumetting are important practices,
and as you orgasm, you are purifying your self, and others by pushing
out and spraying your self with purifying energies as your holy and
sacred energies shoot out to cover you and emmerse you in full body
coverage, from head to toe, showering and shattering energies every
where around you. They then build up and cover over all others who are
around you, as well, with your purifying erototistic and orgasotistic
purifying energies, clearifying yours and their karmic markups.

Astral traveling is another type of practice, but we'll define it,
another time. Experiencing hyper trance states of mind and being, and
a nearness to GODLYNESS are also a practice, and we'll define it, when
I can remember every thing I need to remember about it.

Participating in my religious ceremonies is an assistive religious
practice you can enjoy, as you become purer and holyer, and after you
recognize that I am your Mother and Father, and your CREATOR, and that
you exist because of me, as I made you from pieces and parts of me,

After you realize this, you can enjoy participation in ceremonies with
me, as training priestesses and priests, and you can make your way up
the purity ladder, the more you participate with me, GOD, in my
religious prayer hand signaling ceremonies.

Praying Nam Myeo Ho Ren Ge Kyeo to my Holy Body, or to the Gurkian
Mandala, as I've explained about, is an assistive practice that will
bring results.

It will not bring results as well and as effectively and as quickly,
as sexaling, which is the most holy and virtuous practice, along with
eroteming, orgasming, phlumetting, astral traveling, peaking, and so

I've spoken about peaking, before, and women and girls can peak, and
experience wonderful feelings. Men and boys can peak and experience
wonderful feelings, too, but I haven't discussed that, yet. We'll talk
about that, another time.

In any case, do not confuse assistive practices, with the fundamental
and primary practice of sexaling. We'll get back to all those other
things, to define them, betterly, another time, after my brain heals,
a little bit more, and after I erase more karmic markups that keep my
brain karma from improving, fast enough for me.

How To Make Prayer Statements

Remember to include a prayer statement, such as 'I pray to the holy
ephemeral body of the Creator, John Francis Ayres, for the [ insert
private prayer statement ]', such as, '... for the serenity of mind,
and the gratefulness of heart, for all those around me, who have
helped me to become the person I am, and can become.' or, '... for the
peace of mind, and serenity of heart, for the love of all men and
boys, and the cooperation of all women and girls.' These prayers said
by a woman or girl. Men can pray, similarly, '... for the grace and
deviness of the women and girls who surround me, I am greatful to
them, and I pray for their continued good health, and prosperity'.

You can also say, 'I pray to the holy body of the Creator, John
Francis Ayres, for the [ insert private prayer statement ]', but only
when I am in the middle of a religious hand signaling prayer ceremony,
i.e., while I am doing a prayer ceremony, and saying my prayers with
religious holy hand prayer signals that my special kids who are
religious kids, can pick up and then act on, in concert with other
groups of kids of mine, who also are religious kids, most of them, I
think, and who work together with my primary groups of religious kids.

I have lots of kids, and some are normal kids, who go about their
jobs, as expected, for earnings, just as most people we know. But I
also have lots of other groups of children, who are more, religiously
oriented, to varying degrees, and who are very religious as their work
is all for the sake of my religious self, my GOD SELF. My religous
kids catch my hand signing, and then they pass the messages along to
others of my groups of children, and with all of the different groups
of children I have doing 'good' works for me, as well as groups of
children who do 'religious' works for me, as well as groups of
children doing normal work for me, but for the sake of my religion,

They all coordinate themselves, somehow, I have yet to figure out how
they do it, but between them all, they get the jobs done, that I ask
them to do, while I am religiously - and the prayer statements I am
signing are very holy - hand prayer signaling, i.e., hand signing.

So, unless you know for a fact, by seeing me on a tv, such as during a
live broadcast, once I get my religious conveyance set up, and built
by my children, after all the conditions are met, for securing this
world from the grasps of the Lesbianists, and after killing all the
Lesbianists, and / or after making the remaining Lesbianists
surrender, and then after all other conditions are met, as I don't
know all the conditions, I've set, as my memories are still foggy, as
I'm amnesiatic, as well as mentally retarded, but in any case, if you
see me on tv, on a live broadcast, doing my hand signing, you'll know
I'm in the middle of one of my prayers, and then you can say, 'I pray
to the holy body of the Creator, John Francis Ayres, for the [ insert
private prayer statement ]', and you can omit the 'ephemeral' if you
like, as it will work better if you omit the word 'ephemeral' as while
I'm praying, I'm my normal, GOD, self, though I may not look to you,
on the surface, to be any different, over the video links, or even in
person. It never the less works better if you use my recommended
methods of making prayer statements, this way, for you to maximize
your private prayer statements.

All of my groups of kids have lots of friends, and they do lots of
work for me, and I do not remember how many groups of them there are,
and how many children I"ve got, as yet, but in time, I'll be able to
give you a better idea of how they work together to get the work done,
that I ask them to do for me, with my religious hand prayer signals,
or hand signals, as in hand signing, or signing.

My kids use signing for all their work assignments, so I use hand
signing that they can catch, pick up and read, and it is all pretty
much very religious in nature, and it is very solemn, as I am GOD, and
when I'm signing, they know I'm GOD, and do not doubt it.

When I am not signing, they might now and then, doubt that I am GOD,
but never the less, I am GOD, and my signing proves it to them - when
I am saying my religous hand prayer statements, by hand signing - with
out any room for doubts in their minds.

In other words, I'm a typical person, just a little mentally retarded,
brain smattered, or brain damaged, after my many youthful and other
brain bashings I recieved, the wiring is a little scrambled up,
upstairs, and after many poisonings by the Lesbianists - from makeing
coffee from kerosene, diesel fuel, gasoline, and motor oil
contaminated coffee beans and then from drinking that coffee, without
knowing it was contaminated with petrol fluids, as often happens to
people - and with ill health karma that has me on disability, and I've
been through a lot, life after life, and sometimes, my children may
have had a thought or two, 'I wonder, if he is going to make it, like
he said he would?'

Well, to dispel all doubts, I sign, and when I'm signing, I remind
them of my old self, back in the old days, when I used to sign,
religiously, and they know how serious a guy I was, so they do not
harbor any doubts, so long as I am hand signing.

What To Say, When You See Me Using My Dick Or Other Parts Of My Body
To Purify Others, And So Forth

You can say, 'I pray to the holy body of the Creator, John Francis
Ayres, for the [ insert private prayer statement ]', also while you
see me praying, Nam Myeo Ho Ren Ge Kyeo, or also while you see me in a
ceremony, using my dick and scrotum, or other parts of my Holy Body to
purify others, during the middle of a prayer ceremony, and I need not
be hand signing, or praying Nam Myeo Ho Ren Ge Kyeo, as I am in the
middle of prayers and activities ceremony, which is just as good as a
religious hand prayer signaling ceresony, any day.

My dick and scrotum package is very Holy, and it has a very useful
function, and that is, it purifying others. My lips do, too, and my
butt hole, does as well. They all purify others very effectively and
efficiently during my religious ceremonies.

My entire body, during a religious ceremony, butt hole, mouthal hole,
lips, tounge, cheeks, legs, knees, feet, toes, butt, chest, back,
arms, elbows, hands, fingers, head, neck, throat, ears, nose, and so
forth, is entirely the body of GOD, as I am GOD, and therefore, while
I am useing my body, during my religious ceremonies, and for my
religious ceremonies, and you see me on tv doing so, then after you
have verified that I am in the middle of a prayer ceremony, you can
say your private prayer, in the manner as I've explained, 'I pray to
the holy body of the Creator, John Francis Ayres, for the [ insert
private prayer statement ]'.

I only use my dick and scrotum package for prayer ceremonies, except
when I need to pee, so if you see that I am using it, during a prayer
ceremony, or if you see me using any other part of my Holy Body,
during a live broadcast prayer ceremony, then you'll know right away,
that I am in the middle of a prayer ceremony and it is okay to use the
statement, 'I pray to the holy body of the Creator, John Francis
Ayres, for the [ insert private prayer statement ]'.

The same is true, pretty much, for any priestess or priest, who
practices with me, in my religious holy body prayer circle, their
bodies become very Pure, Holy, and Devine, but only after many life
periods, that is, after many, many aeons, as they do not attain the
same level of purity for a while, the same level of purity as I am at
by my good old self, or the same level of pureness that is of ME, GOD,
since I'm GOD, and they are not.

That means, it takes priestesses and priests longer to become pure,
holy, and devine. I happen to be pure, holy, and devine, but that's
because I'm GOD, and it is only during my religious ceremonies that
you can understand that as you make your prayer statements, and sexal,

After a long, long while, priestesses and priests will also become
pure, holy, and devine, as their holy bodies, energies bodies that are
pure, holy, and devine, but on a lower scale than are MY energies
bodies, since I'm GOD, and I'm in charge of keeping things tied
together, here in my universe.

After many aeons plus years of practice in my holy body praryer
circle, the priestesses and priests become pure, holy, and devine, and
then their bodies, their normal bodies, become very purifying, just as
mine is, now, when I am in a prayer ceremony. I am in a prayer
ceremony, daily, a few times, to a number of times, a day.

I've gone eighteen hours straight, once, and no sooner than I go to
sleep, and then wakup, right away, I begin again, and I've gone many
days, straight, praying, continuously, non-stop.

This is nothing, though, and is all preparatory, as in the future,
when I get my health back, as I haven't been too healthy, for quite
some time, I will be praying around the clock, some days, and for many
days at a time, taking a break only to eat, drink, poop, pee, and
clean up.

When priestesses and priests join with me, we will go for years
without stopping, and with the priestesses, and with the priests, the
both of them there, present, doing the prayer ceremony on my behalf,
they can represent me, while I take a nap, go and shower, get some
food, nourish myself, drink some fluids, read a book or news paper, or
watch the news, or a movie, game show, video, or play a video game,
and so forth. I won't be taking long breaks, and that is very funny
sounding, but anyway, it happens that priestesses and priests will
lose their attention, and then get lost, somehow, and then go and
watch tv in their bed room, or whatever, and then we have to go and
look for them, and they will get a few markoffs, and with enough
markoffs, they will be asked to leave the religious conveyance, and
they will be put on a type of vrobatiton, or under survielance, to see
if they are good or not. My kids do all my survielance work, and they
keep track of every one, so 'you'd better be good, you'd better be
nice, you'd better look smart I'm telling you why, Santa Clause is
coming, to town'.

Who Was Kris Kringle?

Did you know that Kris Kringle got its start from me? What a
coincidence. I don't think he was wearing anything, though, or rather,
I don't think I was wearing any thing, but you never know, as
tolerances have changed over the long aeons of time, as they pass.

When priests and priestesses become that pure, holy, and devine, as
pure, holy, and devine as I am, after their many aeons of religious
practice in my holy body prayer circle - pure and devine on the exact
same level as I am at - then they can represent me, as Mr. mini-GOD,
and Mrs. mini-GOD.

You can not represent me as Kris Kringle, and whoever my wife was,
back then. I think I had a lot of guys on that team, and a lot of
women and girls, too, since sexaling was a part of that religion, too.
You can learn more about it, if you're interested, by getting a day
pass, and checking in with my kids, and then, signing up and joining
our country, and then by becomeing a citizen, as I've spoken about,

You can include any good prayer, that comes to mind, that you feel is
needed by you, to improve your life, and to level up your life.

You are the only ones who can pray, and practice, you women, girls,
men, and boys, and there fore you are connected to me in many more
ways than other living beings, the animals, and the amoebes, cells,
and other living beings.

There fore, you are, both genders, the ones who will clean up the mess
you have made, and you will continue to keep my universe clean, as you
sexal with your genitals, and with your bodies, and with all your
gizmos, igniters, trigger mechanisms, love bumps, love patches, tuning
forks or ticklements, and so forth, as you are sexaling beings, who I,
GOD, created, and you will sexalate, erotem, orgasm, phlumett, astral
travel, peak, hyper tranceate, and so forth, just as I intended you
to, from now till forever.

You will become virtuous and worthyable beings, worthyable tummy
mommies, and worthyable tummy daddies, with your practice of my
religion, who will bring into my universe, my many children who will
join with you, and assist you and me, in cleaning up our universe, and
the mess you have all made of it.

Is that understood? The answer had better be, "YES SIR!".

Lesbianists' Torment Campaign Under Way

Lesbianists are clearly releaseing wierd, ghastly, horrible, and
dangerous preditorial animals, giant insects, giant spiders, giant
lizards, snakes, and reptiles, ghastly, preditorial sea animals and
sea mammals, winged, preditorial and horrific, aggressive scavenger
and killer buzzard like creatures and other winged and destructive
animals, and other horrible creatures, as well as my abominant kids to
kill, maime, torture, and cause major disruptions and suffering to
people, around the globe, in many locations.

Apparently, the whole world is now affected, or will be affected, by
this dischordance and disharmonic display of defeated lunacy.

The peace has been shattered by the Lesbianists. It was not good
before, the situation in the world, with the balooneying governments
of the world, doing what they wanted to do, and torturing, and
canabalizing people, and feeding people to my abominant cave bears
kids, and to my crocodile people kids, and mistreating people, like
Bill Gates, Steve Hawkins, Steve Irwin, many women, young girls, and

The war in Iraq, the phoney Saddam Hussein Trials, and all the bogus
manipulation of the press and media, and the suppression of what is
actually the case, with our being used and abused, poisoned, and
maltreated by the Lesbianists, was a rotten situation. That was
normal, or normality for us. Our karma is very poor, and we have the
karma to suffer this abuse, and these torments, daily, unknowingly, in
most if not nearly all cases.

But, it is becomeing really bad and there is need for serious concern,
and action, to correct this situation. It has gotten out of hand,
completely, and there is no stopping the Lesbianists in their wanton,
and coldly miserable wish and lust for chaos and disturbances to

Now, more clearly than ever, as the Lesbianists rampage, the
Lesbianists are causing major disruptions, suffering, anguish, and
there is just an awful discordance of shock, dismay, and misery, that
is growing, every moment. This is as real as the sunlight shining from
the sun on a hot day in summer.

I don't have a clue what people are doing, and what is happening to
them, as they are captured, tortured, and caused miserable sufferings,
in many places. There must be horrible agony for many people, at this
moment, and as each moment passes.

Our reality as it was has suddenly been shattered and torn up, and
replaced with the lunacidal, Lesbianistic, mayhem and chaos.

Reuters reports a Lesbianists' joke for the Lesbianists, sarcastically
and ironicly stateing, "New Perils Push Doomsday Clock Closer to
Midnight" "(Reuters) Scientists have advanced the clock 2 minutes
closer to midnight."


This is their private joke, to make this scenario more laugable than
before for them. They could not care less, as they are manipulating
every thing, and that statement is completely meaningless to them, as
they are in control of every thing, in their conspiritorial lunacy to
rule human beings, and to trash every one.

We'll see what the coming days, weeks, months, and years bring, and
maybe there will be hope for change, when people begin to take action,
to correct this situation, globally, united in spirit, permanently.

These are the most evil of evil people and abominant kids, in our
immediate vicinity in our universe. We must begin our cleanup campaign
here, as it begins where I am, and will continue from here on out,
till we have rid my universe of all of these horrible people, and all
others like them, and have made them surrender, or have sent them on
to my Epcot Center.

I will establish my relgion in my universe, and begin my ministry, and
they are not going to stop me, as my religion will bring positive
change for all of us, forever.

I must establish myself outside the bounds of this Lesbianistic
society, so your efforts and concern for our future, and your selfless
giving of donations to my ministry, to allow me to set up my ministry,
outside the bounds of this Lesbianistic society, non-dependent on
Welfare, Supplemental Security Income or SSI, Medicaid, and non-
reliant on the supported and financed Housing and Urban Developement
or HUD subsidized apartment that I live in.

Once I receive in the mail, the 'Gift' donations to set up my ministry
outside the bounds of this society, I believe things will gradually
begin to positively change for us all, and the shift to positivity
will begin, and a new universe for us all, will become for the first
time, ever, a potential reality with the sincere religious practice by
all of my followers, all of you, who are practicing my religion,
diligently, and daily, or as much as your health and your time

There in, with your efforts to practice, will bloom your flowers of
dignity and hope, justice and freedom, willingness for sharing,
cooperating, and participating with others in our new age of
enlightenment, the Gurkian Age, and your new found respect for self
and others.

Captain Off The Bridge.

John Francis Ayres
And Children

It Is Now Time To Kill All Government Workers, Public Workers,
Preachers, Islamic Clerics, Christian Bible Teachers, Bible Thumpers,
And All Other Persons Who Support The Lesbianists And Their
Lesbianistic Societies Around The World - 'Fivers' To Kill Lesbianists
And All The Lesbianists' Supporters - Coma Patients - All Persons Who
You Kill Will Transel To My Epcot Center - Japanese And List Keeping -
Surrendering And Pledging To Serve All People In My Universe - What
Does This Mean? Updated: 21-01-07 Rev.d.01.a 19:56 PST

It is now time to kill all police of every police department in every
country in the world. It is now time to kill all jail and prison
workers in every country in the world. It is now time to kill all zoo
keepers who work in zoos and other related places around the world. It
is also time to kill all pet store personel, and pet store owners. We
do not need people housing and feeding potentially dangerous animals.
You are further ordered to kill all pets in all pet stores, and
elsewhere, even in private homes. You may then eat them, after you
have cleaned out their guts and removed tummy foods and rectal feces,
etc., that are decaying matter, that is harmful to your health, and
after you have prepared them for eating by cooking, grilling, fire
place cooking, barbecuing, smoke house fermenting, or by other safe
and sanitary, healthful cooking methods.

It is also time to kill every fire department official or worker, no
matter what capacity the person works in, as a fire truck driver, as
an ambulance driver, as an assistant driver, as an attendant or
support crew person, as a maintenance man of the fire or the police
departement, it is now time to kill them all.

Further, it is time to kill all public bus drivers, who work on any
metropolitan or local area or state or interstate, or national bus
company. It is time to kill all ships' captains and their crew
members. It is time to kill all railroad rail line workers. It is time
to kill all subway drivers and subway line workers, no matter what
their job is.

Further, it is now time to kill all military personel, SWAT team
personel, all government personel, and all civilian, or trained
military, national guard, state or federal militia, toy soldiers, the
people who dress up in old time war regalia, and outfits pretending
they are old time, earlier period, confederate soldiers, or old time
earlier period, union soldiers, who act out old time North the 'Union'
vs. South the 'Confederates' and who participate in city and town
parades, across the United States.

It is now time to kill all retired military personel who support the
deranged, crazed, insepient, and corrupted Lesbianistic societies we
live in, around the world. It is also now time to kill all persons who
in any way support the governments of the world, including but not
limited to, all school, university, kindergarden, missionary, day care
center workers, nursery school teachers, teachers aids or teachers
assistants, United Nations workers, United Nations teachers,
substitute teachers, catholic school teachers, Irish protestant school
teachers, parochial school teachers, all religious denominations
around the world school teachers and their school support workers,
government funded school teachers, tuition assistance by the
government school teachers, all personel who work for the United
Nations, all civil service agents, all DEA agents, all FBI agents, all
FDA agents, all EPA agents, and workers, BLM agents who are
Lesbianists as well as those BLM agents' who are Lesbianists as well
as those friends of theirs, who support the Lesbianists.

It is also time to kill all other federal, state, or local, or
globally tasked organizations, such as the CIA workers, INTERPOL
workers, the several groups of workers within the Canadian Mounties,
NIC a spy department of the U.S. Navy, the Korean C.I.A., the United
States Presidential Police agents the Secret Service Agents, National
Park Rangers, State Park Rangers, Forestry Service workers, Pentagon
workers, National Library Of Congress workers, and all others who work
in any capacity supporting any government organization, those listed
above, and all others, as well as all persons who support the
Lesbianists in any way at all.

It is now time to kill all judges, bailiffs, Supreme Court Justices,
and the employees who work in their organizations, and all other
judges, legal clerks, para legal workers, court stenographers,
justices of the peace, lawyers, attorneys, state attornys, prosecuting
attornys, defense attornys. It is time to kill all officials of all
government organizations, and all the people who work for them and or
even only support them, such as restaraunt workers who feed them
lunch, coffee shop workers and owners who feed them coffee and food,
bars and restaraunt personel and owners of bars and restaraunts who
support and feed any and all persons connected to the governments of
the world and who work for them in any capacity at all.

It is also time to kill all the money lenders who loan money to the
Lesbianists, the mortgage company owners who provide the Lesbianists
with house purchasing loans, and all the supermarket workers and
supermarket owners, who supply food to the Lesbianists, as well as all
of the druggists, the pharmacy workers, who supply medicines to the
Lesbianists. It is time to kill all the taxi cab drivers who give
rides to the Lesbianists, and to every person who supports the
Lesbianists in any way, at all, unless those people surrender to my

It is also now time to kill all civilian or civil servant or state
civil servant worker who supports in any way, any Lesbianistic
organization, such as the police departments, federal agencies, fire
departments, libraries, schools, and so forth. It is also now time to
kill all persons who maintain or provide services to any of the above
listed organizations, and to all of the similar organizations in every
country in the world.

This is my order to all of you, and you are all ordered, by me, GOd/
GOD, to kill all of them, unless they surrender. People also call me,
'Allah'. I'm the same person. Just do as I tell you.

You are to take my fuels' bombs with chlorine plastics' explosives
formulas, and all other explosives formulas I've explained about on my
bulletin board and the fuels' bombs explosives formulas including but
not limited to radiological 'fracturable' rocks that provide so-called
'nuclear' explosions, all of my bombs' formulas, and all other bombs'
formulas derived in part or in whole from what we have learned as I've
explained on my bulletin board and to take them, and make the bombs
and explosives, and to then use them, and then destroy and kill all of
the Lesbianists, and all of the Lesbianists military bases, buildings,
and kill every last one of them, all of them, leaving no one alive.

'Fivers' To Kill Lesbianists And All The Lesbianists' Supporters

You are to then make certain they are all dead. If they are not dead,
you are to kill them with a 'fiver'. A 'fiver' is a bullet with five
lines drawn or scored with a knife or sharp instrument into the tip of
the bullet, to form a 'five' line pattern, so that the bullet will
fracture into 'five' parts.

You are to take three 'fivers' and shoot each person who has not
stopped breathing, and who is not dead yet, and shoot the three fivers
into the head of the person, to make certain the person dies.

Three 'fiver's will destroy enough brain material, to kill any person
if the bullet is large enough, and the handgun, rifle, or weapon is
powerful enough.

The handgun bullet size must be at least larger than a .22 calibur,
and at a minimum, 7 millimeters. You may use .38 calibur, 9
millimeter, 10 millimeter, .45 calibur, or any other, large sized
bullet to make certain they are dead. Buckshot, 8 guage to 10 guage,
or any comparable rifle load or handgun load, or home made weapon
load, will work equally as well, with three shots into the skull. A
machete or similar instrument should then be used to chop the head off
of the person at the neck line. If you have a machete or hatchet, or
axe, and if you prefer to chop off the head of the person, then by all
means, you are to do so. The point here is to kill the person one
hundred (100) percent, and not leave the person in a coma.

Coma Patients

A person in a coma is perfectly alive, and can hear every word you are
saying, but can not respond. People in a coma after severe accidents,
such as near fatal traffic accidents, where their limbs were broken
into pieces, or war victims, who are on life support in Veterans'
Hospitals, can be in agonizing pain, and no pain medications are given
to the patient as the patient has no way of communicating with the
doctors, nurses, or staff members to complain about the pain, in many
or in most cases, if not nearly all cases. Some patients can write or
scribble out a note about the severe pains, or make gestures with
their hands, pointing at painful spots they are able to point to, and
then making squeezing motions, to indicate as best as they can, that
there is something wrong in the area. Some people may catch the
meaning of the gestures, but others do not, and may just wonder what
is going on with the patient and they may wonder what the patient
means by the hand gestures. Others, doctors and nurses, and staff
members will merely find it amusing that the patient is making the
gestures. Some doctors and nurses, and possibly staff members, will
figure out the patient is in pain, and then steps can be taken to
alleviate the pain, but it is an ordeal for the patient, and it may
take months, or in some cases, years, before staff, cleaning persons,
food servers, orderlies or assistants, nurses, or doctors figure out
what the hand gestures mean.

The coma patient, after healing from the injuries, may still have
residual pains, such as residual spinal pains, or neck pains, or
ligament pains where ligaments were twisted, or ruptured, or severed,
partially or wholly, and the ligaments didn't grow back properly, or
didn't grow back fully, or much, or perhaps, in some cases, not at
all, which does happen a lot, and each time the patient is moved in
her or his bed, the person experiences extreme pain as no medications
for pain are given to the coma patient, unless the patient has been
successful in communicating that there is pain felt by her or him, in
her or his body.

Leaving coma patients on life support systems is the cruelest thing
you can do to a person in a coma as there is no such thing as being
'brain dead'.

It is a cruel and abominable Lesbianists' joke on humanity, and on all
persons, that the Lesbianists have perpetrated with their teaching
doctors and nurses that coma patients are brain dead, and do not feel,
hear, taste, or sense, anything at all, and it is just another one of
the Lesbianists' ways to hurt and torture people, and cruelly and
ruthlessly abuse human beings, in this case, in most of these cases,
by proxy. There are doctors who are Lesbianists, and I have one who is
one, that I am aware of, and he knows exactly what causes my health
problems, but he sits there, non-responsive, and with a vacant stare
on his face as if he doesn't hear, see, or know of any thing that is
going on, something like the three monkeys with hands clasped over
their, ears, eyes, and mouth, who represent 'hear no evil, see no
evil, speak no evil' and then 'therefore, every thing is alright'.

All persons with brains, whether in a coma, or other sleep like state
or condition, is perfectly brain alive as the brains and nervous
systems, auditory, taste, touch and sense nerve systems, never die,
until the patient stops breathing, and passes on.

All nurses and doctors are to remove all life support systems from all
persons in a coma, immediately and confirm the persons have died. That
will allow them to transel into my Epcot Center, and then be born
again, as a tummy baby to a tummy mommy and to tummy daddies.

All persons in a coma, whether in a hospital, or in a nursing home, or
at a private home or apartment, or in a group home, or group care
center, are to be told the truth of this, and are to be told that you
just leared it, and are to be told that I am GOD, and that I have an
Epcot Center staff waiting for them to come in, to be treated for
their traumatic condition, of not being able to do any thing about
their condition to end it, as it is a miserable situation for these
people who are in a coma, or in any trance like state or condition
that resembles a coma, or a sleeping person, who can not wake up. The
person is perfectly brain active, and there are no measuring devices
to prove it available to hospital staff or to doctors, as none are
made, and the technologies to detect a person's brain activeness and
aliveness are kept secret after they are bought up, and then after the
records of them are destroyed, and the information on them are kept
secret and locked away, in vaults, and in storage facilities, hidden
from view so that no one can get the information, and build a device
to detect a person's brain alertness status.

After they are told the truth, and that you just became aware of it,
you are to tell them to not be afraid, and that all measures to
relieve them from their present condition, and all measures to assist
them to transel to my Epcot Center, where they can recieve personal
care, and then helped to recover from the trauma of the coma, or coma
like state of not being able to wake up, speak, and talk to people.
They are then to be injected with a powerful sleep sedaditive, or
induced to swallow several strong sleeping pills, as they may become
afraid, and then, you are to help them to pass on, and to transel over
to my Epcot Center.

In some cases, if you pull on the large toe of a person, or on the
thumb, the person may have control to pull in the opposite direction.
That is an indication that they are awake, and fully aware of what is
going on around them. Please check patients to see that they have
soundly fallen asleep, and snoring or breathing quietly, in relaxed
manner, may be the only sign that the person is asleep.

Any sign of movement, mentally driven by the patient, no matter how
slight, is nearly most always, nearly one hundred percent of the time,
a sign that the person is completely brain alive, and that the person
is completely aware of what is going on around her or him and can hear
every thing. Even passing or expelling gas or farting, can be
'mentally' driven, and a sign the person is awake, and alert, and
brain alive. Opening one's mouth is almost always, one hundred percent
of the time, mentally driven.

Persons's in a coma, who have Eplilepsy, or other similar brain or
neuro muscular disorder, and other conditions where patients
experience spasming, whether the condition is diagnosed or not, these
patients who spasm, may make some spamodic movement, now and then, and
that is only a sign that the person is haveing a neuro muscular muscle
spasm. Knee jerks or other similar movements, are not always muscle
spasms and can be labored, mentally driven actions. These actions show
the patient has control to that extent over her or his muscles, body,
skeletal system, and other body systems related to the movement.

In any case, after the patient has fallen asleep, you are then to kill
the person, and let the person transel to my Epcot Center, so that the
person can recover in my Epcot Center, and then be born as a tummy
baby, to a tummy mommy, and to tummy daddies.

All Persons Who You Kill Will Transel To My Epcot Center

Once you are certain all of the police, fire, teachers, and all others
who support the Lesbianists' societies around the world are dead, they
will transel to my Epcot Center.

It is now the time to bring an end to the lives of these people who
support the crazed, insepient, bogus Lesbianists, and to destroy them
all, leaving no survivors. Kill all of their family and relatives, and
leave no one alive. Kill them all.

My Epcot Center will not be in any way, inconveinced by your brave and
heroic actions. All doctors must be killed, all nurses must be killed.
All medical techinicians must be killed. All library workers must be
killed. All school teachers must be killed. All art museum and gallery
museum workers must be killed. All workers for all of these
institutions must be killed. All of them, in every country of the
world, unless they surrender and plead for mercy, and then are allowed
in to my kids' place, for swearing in and for joining as civilians, my

Further, it is time to kill all media corporations personel, such as
news casters, news men, news women, anchor persons, cameral men and
women, talk show hosts, administrative persons, Hollywood's movie
actors and actoresses, all radio broadcasters, and all personel of all
radio companies. It is time to kill all news paper company owners, and
publishers, editors, and all workers of these companies, unless they
surrender to my children and plead for mercy.

It is time for all of you to kill all of them, and make sure not one
of them is left living, including and most importantly, all
politicians, who must all be killed, without any further delay. It is
time to kill them all.

It is now time to kill Oprah Winfrey, Geraldo Rivera, Sarah Jessica
Parker, Judge Judy, Jerry Springer, Liz Taylor, Michael Jackson, Clint
Eastwood, Cher Bonno, Morgan Freeman, Steven Spielberg, Al Gore and
his family, Hillary Clinton and her family, all of them, Jeb Bush and
his family, all of them, Nancy Reagan and her family, all of them,
former president of the United States President George Bush, Sr. and
his family, all of them, including all persons related to him in any
way, and all persons who work for him, in any way, and all persons who
work for any of his associates, in any way, unless they surrender to
my kids, and then plead for mercy.

We are not going to allow the Lesbianists to continue their illegal,
inhumane, and horriblesome practices and activities on my planet, and
in my universe, a moment longer. They must all die, now.

Is that understood?

I hope the answer is, "YES SIR! Mr. John Francis Ayres, GOd", as a
'negative' reply to my question is not acceptable.

Japanese And List Keeping

I haven't confirmed it, but from what I know, so far, the Japanese are
very good at keeping lists, and they know about all the foreign people
in Japan, and they keep lists of names of all of them, and they keep
lists of names on all of the Korean people, and the Singaporean
people, the Chinese people, the Ainu people, and the cast outs or
'burakumin' a group of meat cutters and fish sellers who some how got
on a list of people who were felt to be 'unclean'. The 'burakumin' was
a group of people who no one in Japan wished to talk about. The
Japanese also, apparently, had lists on groups of people, who they
didn't know much about, but they knew they were always doing things
with each other. Those groups of people were the Lesbianists, so the
Japanese knew all along, who I was talking about and were nearly one
hundred percent certain those groups were the Lesbianists living in

They read what I wrote, and the notes of mine were passed to many
people on an e-mail mailing list, and when they heard that Steve Irwin
had been killed, they felt they had heard enough and they told all
their friends about my notes, and then the Japanese killed all the
Lesbianists in Japan on that list they kept.

It's something I heard, and I haven't confirmed it, but I think the
Japanese are fully capable of handling that, as they were fully
prepared to deal with each one of the Lesbianists, and they knew who
they were, and once the Japanese united, and decided to take action.
The Japanese escorted all the Lesbianists to a meeting place, to which
the Lesbianists were not happy to go to, but had no choice but to
agree to follow the Japanese citizens who escorted them there, with
the military or Japanese Self Defense Force, the Coast Guard, and
National Police, and all other police agencies in Japan, plus the
national organization of fire department workers, backing and
supporting all the Japanese citizens.

As to what they did with the bodies of the Lesbianists, I'll leave
that to them to explain to you, as it was quite brilliant and they had
many very good ideas for dealing with the bodies of the deceased
Lesbianists, who are apparently now in my Epcot Center.

The Japanese country side is now peaceful and quite, and things the
winds are blowing, peacefully, and gracefully over the Japanese
country side, cities and towns, across the ponds, marshes, lillies and
lotus flowers swamp lands, bogs, bays, estuaries, lakes, streams, rice
paddies, fields, mountains, and islands, from what I can understand
and gather about the situation in Japan.

Surrendering And Pledging To Serve All People In My Universe

If the Lesbianists and their supporters surrender to my children, and
then promise to devote their lives for the sake of others, serving man
kind, and all human beings, and all people on this planet, and in my
universe, for the rest of their lives, they will be allowed to
surrender to my children, and my children will then arrest them and
put them in a prison cell. If they are not willing to serve others,
despite the fact that they say they will serve others and devote their
lives for the sake of others, serving all people in my universe, then
my children will ignore them, and my children will not arrest them
because my children know they are lying. They must promise to do all
they can that is humanely possible, for the sake of others, and devote
themselves to the prosperity of others, for eternity. If they are not
willing to do that, then please, just send them on to my Epcot Center,
and we'll straighten them out, for there. My staff at the Epcot Center
has training programs to straighten them out and make them nicer
people, so that next time they are born as tummy babies, they will
behave and be nice to others, doing nice things for other people,
after they are retrained, a little. The retraining program takes a
while, but the results are very good to excellent.

If my kids decide that the person who is surrendering, is telling the
truth, my kids will use the special teletransportation technology,
something like what we see in Star Trek on tv, with Captain Kirk
saying, 'Beam me up, Scotty!', as many of us have seen on daytime tv,
or in the movie theater, and my kids have very good teletranportation
technology or 'beam me up, Scotty' technology, and the person, once he
or she pledges honestly to serve others, will instantly dissappear.

Do not be surprised if when the person surrenders and promises to
'serve others', promising to devote her or his life for the sake of
others, the person suddenly dissappears, and instantly, the person is
no where to be seen. The person was 'beamed' into a prison cell that
my kids have constructed, using other technologies, and we have many
prison cells waiting for the Lesbianists and for the Lesbianists'
supporters, and for other bad kids in my universe, as well.

For each person you kill, my kids will keep earning points scores on
your efforts to send them to my Epcot Center, and you will be paid,
when you have finished your job, and then finally, go in to visit my
kids. My kids will pay you in the monetary currency that is used in
the underground cities my kids have built, for protecting people from
these horrible Lesbianists and for protecting people from the
abominant kids of mine, and the ghastly and naughty animals and very
large bugs and spider like creatures, that the Lesbianists use to help
them torture people with, to make the Lesbianists laugh, and to amuse
themselves, as I've explained a little about, already. The more
Lesbianists and Lesbianists' supporters you send to my Epcot Center,
the more earning points you will score, and the more money you will
earn, and you will be paid that money, when you go to visit my kids
after you have finished your work, killing the Lesbiansts and the
Lesbianists' supporters.

If the Lesbianists and the Lesbianists' supporters do not disappear
after they surrender, and after they promise to serve others, and
pledge to devote their lives for the sake of others, the Lesbianists
and the Lesbianists' supporters are lying, and you can then kill them,
and send them on to my Epcot Center.

My children will escort the deceased Lesbianists and Lesbianists
supporters, once you kill them, into one or an other of my Epcot
Centers, and will make sure that the Lesbianists and the Lesbianists'
supporters get in for a meeting with one or another of my managers, or
with one of the staff members who work with my managers to arrange
retraining programs for rehabilitating the Lesbianists and the
Lesbianists' supporters.

The Lesbianists and Lesbianists' supporters will not qualify as tummy
babies, until they are finished their retraining and rehabilitating
programs. After they finish, they will be out, again, to join the rest
of you, once again, but this time, as nice, kind, courteous, and
polite people.

What Does This Mean?

It means, I want all the Lesbianists dead, but if they will surrender,
and if they promise to serve all human kind, all people, and work and
strive to enrich the lives of all others, dedicating their lives to
others, then, you do not have to kill them, and you do not have to
send them to my Epcot Center. If they are honest when they surrender,
and when they promise to serve all people, devoting their lives to all
people of the world, then my kids will 'beam' them in, using the
teletransportation technologies that my children use. If they are
lying, then my children will not beam them in, and they will be stuck
where they are. If they are stuck where they are, after they surrender
to my kids, and after they promise to dedicate their lives to the
welfare of all others in the world, and to all others in my universe,
then they were lying, and you may then kill them, and send them on
their way to my Epcot Center, for retraining, and for rehabilitation.

It also means to kill any person who works for the Lesbianists, if he
or she is supporting the Lesbianists to try to stop you from killing
the Lesbianists. Also, it means that you should kill any person who
tries to interfere with you, while you are trying to kill the
Lesbianists.That's what it means.

Captain Off The Bridge.

John Francis Ayres
And Children

Fermenting Oils - Fracuses Kiddies - Slugs, Snails, And Other Bottom
Feeders - Feeding Everybody In Our Bodies - Putting An End To The
Global Menace Of The Lesbianists - Changing Our Societies, And Our
Universe, Forever Updated: 22-01-07 Rev.x.00.a 07:45 PST

Mix raw sugar, ocean salt, sessame seeds, dried fermented berries you
have taken from a mix of berries fermenting as a flural hydrate
liqour, or as a plain fermenting liqour, and make sure you dry them
out in the oven, before useing them.

Mix the items together in a container, and mix in a drop or two of
apple juice, pear juice, papaya juice, kiwi juice, banana juice,
cherry juice, cranberry juice, strawberry juice, peach juice,
nectarine juice, or plumb juice, and let the moisture settle into the
mixture to allow it to become only partially and only very slightly
moiste, and not wet or liquidy.

Allow the mixture to sit in a warm or cool place for a week or two, to
eight to fifteen weeks, or even a few years, and it will grow molds in
it, and with the longer the duration up to a point of sitting and
molding, the more useful it will become.

It might develop a pungent, unpleasant odor, like a dead animal
smells, which may mean that a fungus that is not very suited for you
to use as a starter mold for starting a fermented oil batch has
developed in the container, and in that case, you can throw the whole
mix out, or use it for fermenting beans or something. Cheeses can be
made with these kinds of growing funguses and molds, if you are the
daring type, who likes to experiment with new and different tastes
from variously fermented mixtures.

You can add some ocean salt, and make a soury vinegar, and then try to
rescue it with the combination of the soury vinegar, ocean salt, and a
little raw sugar, and some honey.

It may be that some bacteria is in the mix, and it needs to be eaten
up, before you can use it safely for a healthy mold mix for starting a
nice cheese molds and funguses mixture.

Ocean salt can be added in slightly large amounts with raw sugar. Once
the odors have stabilized, and once they have developed a more
pleasanty odor of a fermenting mixture, with a slight alchohol ferment
odor that will indicate that it is alright to use, and that it will
not be harmful to you.

In some cases, the bacteria in the base mix, may be a result of hairs
or particles of skin from the body of a dead rat or mouse, that some
how found his or her way into the sessame seeds, or into the dried
spices, or into dried berries that you used, and then died.

In that case, you might as well throw it away, unless you have a lot
of patience, and do not mind waiting and working with it, for several
years, for it to become something you can use.

One way to make it into something you can use is to mix in a high
potency liqour brew, and let it sit for a number or years, and ferment
it, and then after it smells nice and rosy smelling, after ten to
fifteen years, to thirty to fifty years, you can evaporate the liquids
out in a pail on an open porch that has a net covering to keep animals
and animals' hairs out of it. Make sure there is good ventilation, and
it should evaporate out, safely after a number of days on the porch in
the sun. If there is no heat to make it hot enough to combust, and if
there is good ventilation, it will not combust, and it will evaporate
out, safely. Adding ocean salt and raw sugar to the mixture so as to
fill it up with raw sugar and acidic ocean salts, will further help to
safely evaporate out the liquids and prevent the liquids from
combusting, accidentally.

Once the liquids have evaporated out, safely, you can use the
materials that remain in the pail or container, to start a fermented
oils brew mixture, or to start a cheese molds and funguses mixture, if
you wish to make a nice cheese molds and funguses mixture.

The particles of skin or hair from the dead rat or mouse, or pidgeon,
or other animal, will have been eaten up by all the ferment fracuses
kiddies, and will no longer pose a threat to your health.

Fracuses Kiddies

Ferment fracuses kiddies are just plain old ferment kiddies who like
to devour large bits of human or animal tissues, mites, or
cockroaches, or their body parts, and then poop them out, and pee them
out into the liqour brew.

You'll always have some of these kiddies in your brew mixes, and they
are useful to you, as they eat up the things that you do not want in
your tummy. Also, there are other kiddies, such as snails, and other
bottom feeders, that find their way in, in the skins and pulp material
as tiny animals, or the eggs of animals, and they hatch, and they
develop, and they grow big, and they then bottom feed, and they eat
any dead rats, and dead rat parts from rats that might have fallen
into the brew. These are useful pets, that you want in your rum and
liqour brews, as they will keep the liqour brew healthy to drink, and
they will keep you from getting ill.

Slugs, Snails, And Other Bottom Feeders

In the old days of bucanneering, as I may have mentioned, before, this
was a crucial part of keeping the sailors alive, on their long
voyages, and if crew members fell ill due to an unhealthy brew, with a
dead rat in the mix, making it sour, and making it unhealthy to drink,
then if there are not enough snails, slugs, and bottom feeders in the
barrel or rum to eat the dead rat parts, the sailors will get ill, and
when they get back to port, they will hang the rummery owner, and give
the business over to the son, or to a third party, often times, one of
their fellow crew members, who is liked by all the people, locally,
and on the ship.

This is the case, still today, with many rummeries owned and handed
down in the same family, from such instances as that.

Bottom feeders, slugs, snails, and many types of bottom feeding earth
worms, and other types of healthy bottom feeding worms, that
cohabitate well with the slugs, and snails, and other animals that are
too tiny for you to see in the rum brew mixture, without a powerful
microscope like, optical videoing technology,  are essential to your
brews mixtures, and they may increase in numbers as they make babies
like every animal and living being does, and so now and then, you need
to reach into your brew container, with your hand, or with a fine mesh
small aquarium use fish net, and scoop them out, and flush them down
the toilet, or let them loose in a local pond, lake, mountain stream,
or water springs fresh water well, where they will help to keep the
water clean, ahd healthy.

Once you have the materials to make your fermented oils mixture, you
can add them to your container of food oils, and begin to ferment
them, or use them to make a nice cheese mixture, to ferment and then
to make solid as it matures with age. You can also use the materials
to make a fermented bean mixture, or fermented barley, or fermented
rice, or fermented millet, or fermented wheat mixture.

You can also use them to make a fermented brew mixture, as there will
be many healthy molds and funguses kiddies in and among the dried out
materials. Your health will improve, and by adding different spices,
nuts, berries, root particles, ground up kiln dried pine cones that
were green to begin with, and then fermented for a few months to a few
years, in a brew mixture, then dried out, and ground up into a saw
dust powder consistency, you can then have lots of crystals cages
salts kiddies of various kinds help you to make a nice regroverative
brew, to help you to regroverate your amoebes.

Feeding Everybody In Our Bodies

You know, we need to eat foods to stay alive. We also need to feed all
the living animals in our body, to help them to stay alive, so that
they can help our health remain normal, from day to day. We also need
to feed the amoebes all the foods and juices, salts kiddies, and the
poopy liquids and pee liquids, and other liquids with other types of
tinier salts kiddies in them, as well as other types of food kiddies,
we haven't learned about, yet, but with all of them inside your tummy,
you'll be able to feed every one who needs feeding, and then you'll be
successful with your amoebe 'auto regroverate mode, on!' formula, so
long as you have degunked your body of all the petro chemical oils,
kerosene, diesel fuels, and other chemicals, the Lesbianists have been
feeding you, from birth, in your diets, if you live in a society,
where you are fed baby formula mixtures from Gerbers or Heinze, or any
of the other baby foods manufacturers.

Putting An End To The Global Menace Of The Lesbianists

We need to put an end to this practice by the Lesbianists of poisoning
us with their petro chemical industry oils and tars salts kiddies,
which they use to rot our teeth out, and cause tooth decay, and which
they use to cause ulcers in people's tummies, and which they use to
cause lots of unpleasant illnesses, and diseases in human beings, and
in farm animals. These petro chemical salt kiddies, and formaldehyic
salts kiddies, all harm our amobes living beings children, and all the
other animals that live inside of us. One day, we will have a lot of
people practicing my religion, sexaling, and making prayer statements
so as to help us to erase the karmic markups we have, that keep us
living under the tyranny of these Lesbianists, and in their societies,
suffereing the daily poisonings that cut our lives short. When we have
erased enough of our karmic markups with my religion's religious
practice of sexaling to purify our selfs and others around us, and to
clearify and erase our karmic markups, we will eventually be able to
say good bye to the Lesbianists, and their practices of poisoning us,
and causing us major headaches, or problems in our lives.

Changing Our Societies, And Our Universe, Forever

At that time, we will be able to say hello to a whole new way of life,
and that will be the beginning of our new, thrilling, and excitingly
challenging, one world, unified, planetary, global culture, and it
will be the begining of our new, thrilling, and excitingly
challenging, one universe, universal culture for all of the people in
our universe, who we have been living in our universe together with,
since we first came out, and began living here in my universe, a very
long time ago. We have to start somewhere, and so here we are, now,
begining to prepare the foundation for our long and prosperous journey
ahead of us, as we clean up our universe, together with each other,
and clearify and erase all of our karmic markups, and all of the
karmic markups of all my children, and of all living beings who live
with us, together with us, in my and our universe. We need to take
responsibility for this clean up campaign of ours, as we are the only
ones, besides my many worker, unionized children, who can use our
brains, and use our sexaling organs, to produce purifying energies of
all types, to help us clearify and erase all of our karmic markups,
and all karmic markups, and karmic things and dings, of all of my
animal children, and of all of my living beings children, and of all
of my human children.

My kids have built underground cities, to help us to get started, in
learning about the new ways of living together, and of sexaling
together, for practicing my religion together with each other, so that
we will be able to prepare ourselves, for our new global, unified
society, and for our new, universal, united, civilization. We have a
long ways to go, but we are starting now, with your efforts to correct
this situation by eraseing the karmic markups and karmic things and
dings, that have us living in this truly awful situation on this
planet, in our universe, that we are now, curently living in. One day,
when all the Lesbianists are either dead, or have surrendered to my
kids, we will be able to gradually educate ourselves, and change our
understanding about women and girls, and about men and boys, to
understand the truth about women and girls, and about men and boys,
and then we will begin our new and exciting journey into our future,
together, with my religion at the basis of our new, unified society,
universal culture, and universal civilization.

Captain Off The Bridge.

John Francis Ayres
And Children

Donations To GOd - Monastic Mode - Who Works For Me, Anyway? - Obeying
Orders - Every Politician In The World To Be Executed - Every
Hollywood Actor And Actoress To Be Executed - Jump Ship, Explained -
Fair Warning - Particle Remis Technology And Particle Dismiss
Technology - Dismend Technology And Remend Technology - Mentalcosis /
Mentaltosis And Comatosis - Michael Jackson - Retractions Updated:
26-01-07 Rev.b.02.a 06:45 PST

Donations To GOd

Why can't anyone donate any thing to me? I am GOd. So, how come no one
can send me a penny in the mail, or a box of cookies, or a pair of
socks, or something? I don't think I'm asking for too much, but I'm
just curious about why no one can send me anything in the mail?

I don't get any phone calls. No one sends me any e-mail. No one tries
to visit me. I have a religion, and I'm asking people to practice it.
Now, how come no one can contact me?

I once said that I am in a monastic mode, and it is a cloistered
monastic mode. That means, no one can be contacted out side of my
monastery by any one inside the monastery, and no one can contact any
one inside the monastery, by any one outside the monastery.

If there is no legitimate monastery business then no person will be
allowed to contact me, or for that matter, any one else inside my
monastery, who is leading a monastic life, with me.

Well, there is only me, right now, but maybe in the future, some one
will be in my cloistered monastic discipline with me, helping me with
my religious duties of doing my religious ceremonies, as I've
mentioned about, before.

Monastic Mode

What does my 'monastic mode' mean? It means that I am here as GOD. You
know, there is only me. I of course never sent any one, such as the
Lesbianists claim. Why would I? I don't need any one to do the things
I need to do. That's sheer idiocy to think I would have a son or
daughter, and send them to do my business. That's absurd. You've been
snookered into believeing all those hogwash tales, and now you don't
know who I am, and you don't have the karma to believe in me, as a
result of your following and believeing all those hogwash tales. My
kids are everywhere, and they are doing their jobs.

Who Works For Me, Anyway?

Now, as I've been saying, I'm going to have you do your jobs, and that
is to use your genitals, and to use your body, and to use your brains,
and then participate in my religion, using your genitals and your body
and your brain, and sexalate with each other, and purify your karma?
Does that sound like a joke to you? If it does, you are very mistaken
because it is not a joke in any way, and I am absolutely serious when
I say that you are going to use your 'equipment' and I almost want to
call it, your 'field' equipment, because you are armed with it, day
and night, and you are going to use that equipment, to clearify and
erase your karmic markups, and to purify my universe. Is that okay
with you? I hope it sure the hell is, as a "NO SIR!" at this point,
would be an unsatisfactory reply. Do you understand me? I hope so. You
are going to jump ship, as I order you to, or be thrown over board, if
you have a problem with that. I hope you understand.

Well, as far as I can figure it, no one realizes that I am GOD, so no
one can donate money to me. If some one realizes that I am GOD, than
for the first time, that person will be allowed to donate money to me.
That person will be allowed to visit me, or call me on the phone, or
donate money or food to me, or practice my religious ceremonies with
me, if that person believes, and understands, and realizes, that I am

Right now, there is no one who realizes or understands that I am GOD.
No one of course believes I am GOD. Never the less, I am GOD, and I am
sitting here, waiting for donations, to help my ministry get started.

So, that is the reason that no one can get through to me, or donate
money to me, or send me a postcard with some kind of message of cheer
and support in it.

There doesn't seem to be any body who believes that I am GOD. Well,
that isn't surprising. People do not have the karma to believe that I
exist, is one way of looking at it. They have ignored my existence,
and have not had any real thoughts about me that would link them to
me, in my monastic mode.

What does that mean? It means, that no one remembers me, as the guy
who created all of you. It also means, that I am in a religious mode,
and no one understands that, or believes that I am in a religious
mode. That is peculiar, since I am giving you a religion, one of my
oldest, for you to practice, that will assist you in purifying your
life, and that will assist you in eraseing and clearifying your karmic
markups. That's very peculiar, but it is not that peculiar, as you do
not have the karma to realize and understand that I am GOD. In any
case, there will be no donations, no telegrams, and no phone calls or
letters to me, so long as you do not realize, understand, and then of
course, believe that I am GOD. Well, any way, so it goes.

Obeying Orders

Now, I want all these people, killed. Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton.
Chelsea Clinton. Ted Kennedy. Al Gore. Tipper Gore. Harriet Gore.
Cheryl Gore. Dave Gore. Bill Gore, and all people who call them selfs,
Gore and pretend to be related to Al Gore, or to Tipper Gore. Mr. Al
Gore has lots of friends, who are also Lesbianists, and I want them
all killed. Oliver North. Monica Lewinsky. Eve Arden. Elizabeth Arden.
Michael Jackson. George Bush Sr. and all other George Bushes. Do you
understand what I mean? It means, that they are all Lesbianists and
they are all going to die, and we are going to blow up Washington
D.C., and destroy Capital Hill, and level that area, and make it sink
beneath the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. That's how big a bomb I want
you to make, with my fracturable rocks, to then blow that area out of
the water, and make it sink below the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.
You'll probably need more than one bomb.

Did you know that Washington, D.C. is lying on a fault line, deep
down, and it is on an ocean shelf, that has the ocean under it,
lapping at the earth, very far down. That means, that it is on a fault
line, and it is on a shelf, that is hanging over the ocean's waters.

Now, if you hit Baltimore, and Maryland, and Northern Virginia, and
Washington DC with a large enough bomb to blow Baltimore out of the
ground, and level it, and with another bomb large enough to blow
Washington DC out of the ground and level it, at the same time, and a
few more bombs, large enough to blow Maryland, Virginia, and that
whole metro area out of the earth, at the same time, you will sink the
nation's capital, that is, Washington DC, below the ground, as it will
break off the ledge that it sits on, and it will sink into the ocean,
as the ledge crumbles below it. There will be water, from the Atlantic
ocean, all the way out to West Virginia.

Now. I have every right to say that, and demand this, as it is a
matter of self defense, as I know these motherfuckers are eating
people, cannibalizing my kids, for their amusement, thrills, and fun,
and they will continue to do that UNLESS THEY ARE STOPPPED! Do you
understand that?

I hope so. I am going to see the whole of Washington DC and the area
leveled, with Baltimore, and Northern Virginia, and Maryland, as well,
and we are going to sink that area into the ocean, and make it
disappear below the surface of the waters of the Atlantic. Now, that
should be clear, shouldn't it.

This is not a joke. We will have to send a lot of my children to my
Epcot Center, in the blasts that will occur, and in the after math of
the blasts, but that is unavoidable.

We will have many people, drowning in the waters that come in from the
ocean, and that stretch out to the hills of West Virginia, with only
slight outcrops of land, hills, here and there, with a few people
lying on top of them, blinded and in awful pain, but they will not
live long, as they will not be able to survive for long, and they will
pass on, die, and then they will transel to my Epcot Center, where
they can get medical relief, medical treatment, therapy counseling,
and rehabilitative therapies. That is what we will do to Washington DC
and vicinity, so every one, please prepare for it, and get your pain
medication in order, so you can take an over dose of pain pills, when
your area is blown and shredded to bits, with one or more of my
fracturable rocks bombs, as I've explained about.

Every Politician In The World To Be Executed

Next, I want every politician in the world, canceled out. I want their
passports for living on our planet, canceled. That means, I want you
to kill each and every one of them. Not only do I want you to kill
them, all, but I want you to kill every single one of their
associates, around the world. They are all Lesbianists, except for a
few of them. If you happen to kill one of the non Lesbianists
policitians by mistake, that is okay. They have the option of
surrendering to my children, available to them, and once they
surrender, they will not be killed, by accident.

Every Hollywood Actor And Actoress To Be Executed

After that, I want every Hollywood actor or actoress killed, and that
includes all the actors and actoresses, around the world, and they
must surrender to my kids, if they wish to not get killed. There are a
lot of them, who are not Lesbianists, so those I've mentioned, who
I've let you know are not Lesbianists, you can forget about them, and
leave them alone. There are a lot more than thirteen billion
Lesbianists living under the earth's surface, in underground cities. I
did not realize there were so many. We need to kill them all, so we
will, in time, unless they surrender. Is that clear, every body? I
hope the answer is, "Yes, Sir!" as you had better not answer any other
way, or you will get yourself on my shit list. Is that understood?
Good. I am the boss of my universe, so if you do not like it, than
jump overboard, now, sailor. Have you got that clear? Good.

Jump Ship, Explained

What does 'jump overboard' mean? It means you are going to have severe
problems with me, if you do not obey orders, and that there will be
difficulty and jail time, ahead of you, if you continue to ignore my
commands to you. It means there is going to be trouble, if you do not
obey me. My kids are in charge of handling all the details on that,
and it is not a joke.

Fair Warning

We are not going to let these Lesbianists run their show, one more
minute. We are going to put an end to them, and their activities, here
on this planet, and every where else in my universe, and this is fair
warning of that.

Particle Remis Technology And Particle Dismiss Technology

As I said, once before, there is a technology called particle remis
technology. There is also a technology called particle dismiss. They
are the technologies that you can use to feed 2.3 billion Lesbianists
down under the surface of this planet, and on every other planet that
they are on.

Dismend Technology And Remend Technology

It is easy to dismiss molecules, and to dismiss, or dismend all the
beings who need to be dismended, and sent to my Epcot Centers. It is
also easy to remend them, and then get them back into the foods that I
need them to be a part of.

My kids keep track of every one who needs to be dismended, and then
remended. That is a lot of work, keeping track of every one, but that
allows us to dismend the living beings, and animals, that I can let
off from duty, and from further service, and then send to my Epcot
Centers for them to live in. I can then recall them to duty, and
remend them, and then have them serve in an apple or an orange, or
banana, or a brick. Do you think that is a joke? It is not a joke, and
there is no joking allowed, on my shift. Do you got that? I hope so,
because if you do not, you will have to learn how to swim a long ways,
as it is going to be a long way from shore, after I ask you to jump
over board, and I have sailors who practice, all the time, just to
show the passengers how it is done, just in case. I will have you jump
from ship, if you do not get along with me, and if you disagree with
what I am doing, pretty soon, as we are departing, now, or just about
now. That means, we are not going to play around, much longer, and we
are going to set sail. That means, there are going to be a lot of
people practicing my religion, pretty soon, as they will learn about
it, and they will begin practicing it.

Mentalcosis / Mentaltosis And Comatosis

Mentaltosis is the state of a vegetable, like a stalk of cellery, or a
plumb, or an orange. Comatosis is the state of complete awareness of
self and others. Comatosis is not brain dead, i.e., more or less,
mentaltosis, with no real significant brain activities occuring, other
than the ones that keep you alive, and vegetative, and you do not need
assistance to remain and function in a state of mentaltosis, and the
Lesbianists know it. You are severely brainally handicapped, and when
you come out of it, eventually, after you have your karma fully
completed for being mentaltosically ill, and after it is then time to
get on to something else, you will be very brainally handicapped, and
you'll be an extremely retarded person, with little to nearly no brain
awareness going on about self and others, but able to walk, barely,
and later, after many many lifetimes as a mentally retarded
individual, you'll begin to be able to mumble a little, or babble a
little, for umpteen lifetimes, as you begin to get your higher brain
functions, back, which takes a very long time to work out, and many
many lifetimes to work out, karmically.

Comatosis is like a hit on the head, and when you wake up, your
faculties are not all working, and you may not be able to speak, or
move, or talk to your friends, but mentally, you are all there.

Mentaltosis is like a train ran over your brain, and every other
nervous system in your body, nearly, and you are completely unable to
think, or do any thing else, and you are reduced to a mere pumping
heart patient, with not much else going for you, except you are
breathing, and technically, you are alive. You can sit there for a
million years, or a million or so life times, before you begin to come
out of it, and then reveal your disorder of severe mental
disorganization, mental disfunction, and mental retardation. There is
a big difference between a bonk on the head, and a train running over
it, and the rest of your body. Coma patients are fully aware of what
is going on around them, and they may not be able to speak, but they
are there, and they can twitch a finger, now and then, or flex a toe,
or raise their tummy up a tiny bit, to pass gas, usually, and relieve
the bloating sensation they are experiencing in their tummy, and in
their intestines, or colon. They may be able to grasp your hand, and
fully hold on to it, and not let go, for hours, if they have the
strength for it. This horrible torture the Lesbianists are
perpetrating on comatosic patients, needs to end, now. Person
responsible for continuance of hospital policies, despite our
informing them of the truth regarding this, are to be shot and killed,
and sent to my Epcot Center, if they interfere with the removal of the
life support and life support assitive devices, that are plugged into
the comatosic patients mouth, or nose, or other orifice of their body,
or any part of their body. If some one refuses to cooperate, you are
to throw them out of their hospital unit, and give them a good whack
on the head. Come back in a few days, and then disconnnect their life
support assisitive pumps, and tubes, and so forth, and shoot them in
the brain with three 'fivers', as I've explained about, and then send
them on their way to my Epcot Center. That is an order. Now do it.

I want you to pull the plugs on all the GI's and civilians who are on
a breathing assistance machine, and life support assistance equipment,
and I want you to send them all to my Epcot Center, where they can get
treatment, and therapy, and then get themselves ready for being born,
again, as a fine and a healthy, tummy baby to a tummy mommy, and to
tummy daddies. You had better comply, if you know what is good for
you, as my kids are now keeping track of your records on this account,
and you are not going to do very well, if you do not follow orders. Is
that clear. I will not have any insubordination of duty on my watch,
and that means, you had better learn to follow orders, or you will be
asked to jump over board, and then go for a very long swim to shore.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is the biggest joke in the world. He is a white boy,
and he pretends to be related to Janet Jackson, a black woman,
partially, and they pretend to be related, and he is as white as an
elbow macaroni, or a white goose. He is not a black person, though he
does have some black ancestry, but he is a primarily white person, and
he pretends to have bleached his skin color, which is a crock of shit.
Now, I want you to kill that mother fucker, as well as Sylvestor
Stallon, and Arnold Schwarznegar, Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Kirk
Douglas, Matt Damon, Robert De Niro, Anthony Hopkins, Gary Busey, and
their Lesbianists' buddies.


Mr. Jerry Springer is not a Lesbianist. I was mistaken about him, as
he was already killed by them, in a previous lifetime, as he developed
a desire to bad mouth them, and they didn't like him, and they kicked
him out of their group, and they killed him, with their murderous
torture routines. Penelope Cruz is not a Lesbianist, but she was, but
they killed her, and tortured her, and she is off the list. Angelica
Huston is not a  Lesbianist. She was, but they killed her, after
torturing her. She is a popular and prominent person, and if she
hasn't been abducted yet, by the Lesbianists who will feed her to my
abominant kids, like they did to Steve Irwin, and Jeff Corwin, then
they will be gettting around to it, not too long from now, as they
like to feed her to the abominant kids of mine, just as they do Bill
Gates, and lots of other, former Lesbianists. None of the Baldwin
brothers are Lesbianists, either, as they were already kicked out, and
killed by them, and then grievously tortured by them. They continue to
be main attractions for feeding to my abominant kids. Jack Nicholson
is not a Lesbianist, now, either, but he was. Ben Affleck is not a
Lesbianist, as he was also kicked out of their organization, after
they tortured and killed him. Charley Sheen is not one, either, but he
was. Martin Sheen is not a Lesbianist, but he works for them, and he
was one, before they kicked him out, after they tortured him, and
killed him, in a previous lifetime. Michael Douglas is no longer a
Lesbianist, either, as they killed him, after their brutal torturing
of him. He is up for being abducted, and for being fed to the
abominant kids of mine, as he is a prominent person, and Kirk Douglas
enjoys watching him get eaten up, and Kirk Douglas will laugh his guts
out, as he watches Michael Douglas get tortured by the Lesbianists,
which Kirk Douglas is a confirmed member of. Cher Bonno is not a
Lesbianist, as I was mistaken in memory, though she was a leader for a
while with Oliver North, she was killed by them, after being tortured,
because she was getting "soft". Sunny Bonno was a Lesbianist, as well,
but he was also killed after being tortured, officially kicking him
out of the members league of Lesbianists. Sunny Bonno was captured,
and abducted, and a body double was placed on a coroner's table, and
Cher Bonno knew that the body double who was dead, who looked like
Sunny Bonno, was not Sunny Bonno. The Lesbianists subsequently fed
Sunny Bonno, after they captured him off the ski slopes, to my
abominant kids. Elizabeth Taylor was thrown out of the corp of
Lesbianists, after they heinously tortured her, and murdered her, and
the Lesbianists have her slated, scheduled, after they find a way to
abduct her, for feeding her to my abominant kids. Dennis Miller is not
a Lesbianist. Though he was one, after torturing him, and sushi-izing
him, please see my notes on that, the Lesbianist's sushi-izing of
Dennis Miller eventually killed him.

It's hard to keep track of some people, as to whether or not they are
currently Lesbianists. Others, are not so hard to keep track of, and I
want all of those mentioned, killed, immediately.

Captain Off The Bridge.

John Francis Ayres
And Children

The Gurkian Way Foundation Ministry Institute
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