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Hundreds of tourists waiting in
line for the Smithsonian to open
this morning were greeted with
a gruesome sight, the.smothering
suicide of one of the Institution
"It was ugly, real ugly," said a
vendor selling Smithsonian
T-shirts. "First he took off all  his
clothes, then pulled out a large jar
of Vasoline and -- Poof! -- the next
thing I knew, his head was gone."
At first, everyone in the crowd --
men, women and a busload of kiddies
from a school in Shenandoah, Pa. --
assumed the victim was David Iain
Greig, ;longtime moderator of the
talk.origins newsgroup.
Still others thought it was radio talk
show host Rush Limbaughor possibly
Fox News know-it-all Bill O'Reilly, but
they were wrong.
One person, in fact, thought the
gorgeous legs belonged to George
Bush but police said it was impossible
because the President had returned
to Alabania trying to get his gold
Rolodex watch back.
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<     (Fossils -- SOME HUMAN -- Found Between Coal Veins)
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