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Introducing The Dhourties And The Dualdigers, Nudism? Nakedity? Aren't We Born Naked? Isn't Our Naked Skin Our Clothes? Is Being Born Naked A Crime By The Dhourties' Logic If Nudity In Public Is A Crime?

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The Dhourties' Fortresses For Killing 'Dualdigers' Off - The Dhourties
And Their Control Of Dualdigers, In Fortresses For Killing Off
Dualdigers - Molding Up Bread - Clark County Detention Center - Lewd
Conduct Brings You Closer To GODLYNESS, Or The Love And Chastity, Or
The Beauty, Elegance, And Grace Of GOD's Love For My Children - Sexual
Compassion For And With Others And For And With Self - Balancing Out
Karma, It Is My Way, Or Thou Shalt Takeeth The Highway! And Getteth
Thoun Self Out Of My Universe! - The Ludicrousness Of Playing
'Footsies' With The Insanity Driven Dhourty Government - What Is Lewd
Conduct? - Storing And Dealing With Your Karmic Records - Rules Of
Conduct For 'Permission Granted' To Sexal With GOD, That's Me - The
Dhourties Are Not Informed As To What I Am Doing, And Few Of Them,
Know Any Thing At All About Me - Lewd Conduct Should Be Advanced, Not
Prohibited, In A Sane Society - Organ Animals And Sexaling - All Hands
At The Quarter! Ready Your Weapons! Off Shoot Now! Keep Firing Till
Ordered Otherwise! Updated: 10-02-07 Rev.g 22:47 PDT

The Dhourties' Fortresses For Killing 'Dualdigers' Off

Recently, on August 5, 2007, at 19:50, I was arrested for 'lewd
conduct' bkg. code 5131, (later struck through, and changed to), bkg.
code D169, Charge ORD/NRS# 12.32.020 (CCO) 0200- with the 0200-
appended, Sector Beat S1, that's the best I can make of the copy I
have, a photo copy of one of the original copies. CCDC OR 369/365/A,
with '369' struck through. I.D.#087884, struck through, and changed
to, 2647396. Event#070805-2517. In the side column of the Temporary
Custody Order, it has in hand print, '1-N RT(1) nonit'. Time Stamp at

When I left, I was given a sheet of paper, a 'sign off by offender'
sheet, with this information on it:

08/06/2007 02:36 I4732H, OIRPTRAN, Name: Ayres, John
ID#0002647395, Admit Date: 08/05/2007

Date: 08/06-2007 Officer: 1544 14732H

This was for regaining my property from the inmates properties room.

I was arrested at Tropicana and Decature, on Decature, next to the
area where I have my 'Gurkian Way Ministry' sign up on a large, 7 feet
by 3.5 feet, 3/4 inch piece of plywood, and where I have another sign,
that clearly states on the same size piece of plywood, 'GOD's Place,
John Francis Ayres, And Children', where I was doing my 'Tai Chi'
aerobic excercise karma erasal religious ceremony, with no clothes on.

I explained to the arresting officers, that I am duty bound by my
religion, to do my religious karma erasal religious ceremonies, as
well as all my religious ceremonies, naked. I explained that I am GOD,
and that I am starting my own, or rather, my newest religion.

The arresting officers had many complaints from the 'assasins' group
of 'hired killers', and torturers, who live in the underground, below
and surrounding, the Home Depot, next to the New Orleans Hotel and
Casino. Their underground complex is in part, under the New Orleans
Hotel and Casino, as well.

They apparently, call the police, every time I come to my 'Gurkian Way
Ministry's' office site, where I do my Tai Chi aerobic excercise,
religious prayer activities.

I had been visited twice, once as noted, previously, and once by a
second team of police officers, who told me to just stay in the area,
where I had been sitting, and doing my Tai Chi aerobic excercise
religious prayer activities, and the officers told me to not wander
out naked, into the area surrounding my area, as, it was explained,
that passer's by will get "offended" by my nakedity or 'nudeness' in

I try to figure, how can some one get offended by looking at a naked
man? It's a mystery to me. Anyway, it does seem to be the case, that
people can feel uncomfortable, if some one is naked, possibly, and
that person would not like to approach the person, who is naked.

Well, if that is what is meant by 'offended', I don't know, but it
does seem to pose a problem, for people who may feel embarrased by
standing close to or talking to, some one who is naked.

What is a Dhourtie? It is a slang term the Lesbianists use for a
'warlock'. The Orson Well's movie, 'Time Machine' portrays ugly, long,
greyish white haired, mutant people, who can see in the dark, fairly
well, who serve the people on the surface of the planet, with apples,
and pears, that the 'warlocks' apparently pick and place out at night
to feed to the peaceful people.

The warlocks, then eat the people who live on the surface of the
planet once they lure them down into the underground labrynth of
underground caves, and tunnels. A 'dhourty' is a Lesbianists' slang
term for a 'mutant', or 'warlock'. The peaceful people, who live on
the planet, as shown in the movie, are termed, 'Dualdigers', by the
Lesbianists. 'Dualdigers' is a slang term for the peaceful, but
apparently lazy, sexually attractive, people who live on the surface
of the planet.

Some one also makes their clothes for them, as portrayed in the movie,
anyway, as the peaceful people, the 'dualdigers', were all clothed,
and had neatly groomed hair. They also apparently, regularly, brushed
their teeth, and no one got cavities, except for a now and then,
unlucky person, perhaps.

The people on the surface of the planet, apparently do not know how to
fight, and apparently, never have any thing to do with violence,
except for a now and then, quarrel.

Well, regardless of the movie, and its fictitious portrayal of human
life, as I don't know any one who acts like those people who are
living together, and loving together with each other, so peacefully,
the movie is where the terms for 'dhourty' and 'dualdiger' get their
start, in slang language, I suppose.

A dualdiger, I explained, before, in my early notes, as an animal, who
is a potent, I believe I said it was, who is part plant, and part
animal. It is a peculiar looking animal, and it is a silly looking
animal. I think the term, 'dualdiger' comes from this animal.

'Dhourty', probably originated, similarly, that is, it is a name for a
strange looking animal, a potent, or another of the many types of
animals, that are too tiny for us to see, who live in the 'sub
molecular' zones, as I was talking about them, before.

Remember, I said there were approximately 600 million zones in the
'molecular levels', or the levels above what we would think is the
area where we might be able to find, molecules. There is a cut off
point, and below that level, in the lowest of 'molecular zones' there
are sub molecular zones.

The zones are living zones, or cosms, as I explained. They are
habitats for living organizms. Below that level, the molecular level,
cut off level, there are 900 billion zones, or cosms, as I recall I
may have said, in the sub-molecular zones, before you get to the

At the bottom, there may still be smaller animals, living below that
level, and I believe there may be, but am not too sure, and I don't
know for sure, but if there are animals, living below that zone level
at the bottom, they are not as multipously populated, or numerously
with such a large number, and large multiple of different types of
animals, and they are not that densely populated zones or cosms,
living habitats, as the ones above them.

It must be hard for animals to find food, down there, in those such
areas, below the bottom. It would appear to us, as the artic, or
antarctic, where conditions are difficult, and few things live there,
or so it would seem, from what we are shown on television, by the
dhourties, the Lesbianists, on this planet.

I don't know what the real story is, below the bottom level zone, but
we'll find out, in time, as we begin to study, in the 'Managing My
Universe' program. Now that I mentioned, it, I think there are lots of
animals, living in very tiny zones, way down there, but at what
levels, those animals are living, I'm not sure. There are many
abominated human beings, living in the lower zones, along with the
animals in those zones, so just how small people get, and what kinds
of animal people they have become, we'll find out more about, once you
begin studying in the 'Managing My Universe' program.

The Dhourties And Their Control Of Dualdigers, In Fortresses For
Killing Off Dualdigers

The dhourties apparently control society, and they control the County
lockup facility, as when I was there, in a 'Dhourtie Fortress' for
killing off dualdigers, dhourties were in large numbers, busily
beating up inmates, being rude to inmates, torturing them, forcing
them to live in cells on cold, hard floors, with no blankets, and with
forced ventilation air conditioning, which is very cold.

The air is toxic, and is filled with fumes animals, of all kinds, but
primarily, from two sources, as far as I can figure, the one source,
being, air coolant fumes. The other source, industrial cleaners
fluids. Both are vaporous, and contain high levels of toxic animals.
There are also, at the county lockup facility, large numbers of
'asbestos' animals, in the air, that the prison visitors, are forced
to breath.

I was nearly choking, on the asbestos animals, by the time I left the
facility, at around 8:30 a.m. I was arrested, the night before, and
was transported by van, which was picking up other, soon to be
visitors, to the facility, for a number of hours, before I arrived at
the Clark County Detention Center, the lock up facility for booking
'visitors', after 11 oclock, that evening, I suppose.

It seems there are facilities underground, below the detention
facility, where there are tunnels, and 'caves' laboratories, that they
house prisoners in, who are then, cruely, and miserably, tortured,
eaten, and killed by the dhourties, who run the facilities, and who
run the government, and who run our planet.

Even below normal businesses, such as SONY, or Admiral, or
Westinghouse, or General Electric, and below the military bases, of
course, as well, similarly to the situation below the county lockup
facility, and below the New Orleans Hotel and Casino, and below the
Home Depot, there are facilities the 'dhourties' have built, to hide
and house people, ordinary people, who have been abducted, and who are
being tortured, abused, humiliated, criminally assaulted, eaten, and
killed by the dhourties, every day, around the world.

There is no country that does not have these facilities, and all
government facilities, and all prisons, and all county and city lockup
facilities, and all military bases, and all college campuses, and all
large public and private schools, have these facilties. There are also
these facilities under civilian housing areas, such as under large
housing complexes, where the governments have constructed low income
housing for low income wage earners, or ordinary people, the

This is pretty much the case, nationwide, and world wide, and you will
not find a country in the world, with out this set up, constructed by
the 'dhourties' who run the governments, and who run, every aspect of
society, including, dictating how we piss, and on what kinds of
comodes we sit, shit, and piss into.

We are driven and managed by the dhourties, daily, and they are every
where. You will not recognize them, as they look like normal people.
They are not mutants, not in appearance, any way. They do have brain
deficiencies, however, and they are not clever enough to beat me, GOD.
Their brain deficiencies, are of the organic kind, and that means,
down in the wiring, they have problems, and their brains do not work
for them, any more, in lots of ways. They may seem normal, on the
surface, but they are far from normal, down in the wiring, as lots of
it has short circuited, and there are many blown fuses. They are not
capable of knowing what 'common' sense is, these people with brain
deficiencies. They can fake it, but in side, when they have a
question, as to what they should do, they can not answer it, without
the assistance of their code books.

They have numerous codes, and code books, and these are there, to help
them manage to survive, and thrive, in the real world, that they
created for them selves, and for the dualdigers, to live in.

I have no intention of returning to the Clark County Court House, for
my trial, in Justice Court, on Sept. 5, 2007, in less than thirty
days, at 7:45 a.m. I have no intention of playing their game of who
takes control of whom, as I will not stand for their intolerable
system, their societal system, that they have established for the
dualdigers to follow.

I didn't mind going into their buildings, before I learned that their
buildings are death traps. I am not going to show up for my court
trial and play their game of 'footsies', just, as if I can help it, I
will never pay taxes to this or any other dhourty government, run by
the dhourties, and that is all of the governments, on this planet.

Yes, I have to pay minor taxes, on food and liqour expenses, and on
clothing expenses, and so forth. That is taken from me, without any
one asking me, if I would like to pay it or not, and I have no choice,
but to pay it, or I will not recieve the item, or items, I wish to

I am not going to stop my naked dancing, that is, my Tai Chi aerobic
excercise, religious prayer activities, if I can help it.

I don't think any one is embarrased by being close to a stripper, in a
night club, or to a can-can dancer, with little to no clothes on, in
the casinos, that line the strip, here in Las Vegas.

I don't think the ladies, feel embarrased, when they go to the male
stripper clubs here in Las Vegas, where the ladies, of all ages, whoop
and holler, get all powered up, sexually, and call out at the male
stripper dancers to 'Show me more!', etc.

Isn't it peculiar, that the dhourties who live in the drainage system,
next to where my camp site is located, in the underground tunnels,
systems, complain to the police about my being in 'their' park, and
'dancing' nakedly, and 'jerking off', that is, religiously expelling
sacred and holy fluids, as I've expalined about, as well, and acting
in a 'bizarre' manner.

Well, I don't think they are being truthful, as they are all
dhourties, most of the people calling in, and the dhourties want me
off their property, so that they can go on, killing unsuspecting
tourists, travelers, down and out people, who may camp out in the
park, or who they lure to the park, after making a casual friendship
with them.

I will not stand for this, intolerable arrangement in our society, and
no one should. The whole area of Downtown Las Vegas, should be
leveled, and blown out to expose a wide, gaping hole in the ground,
and every facilty of theirs underground, should be destroyed, and
turned into dust, rubble, and dirt particles, in the explosion(s).

The underground casino areas, including the New Orleans Hotel and
Casino, and all of the other, dhourtie hotel and casino
establishments, and their facilities, below them, should also be
blasted and each one left as a large gaping hole, using the
explosivies formulas, that I have provided on my bulletin board.

I would like to see every single one of the dhourties expelled from
this planet, and blown to bits, leaving nothing but traces of their
brain wiring, and bits and pieces of their bodies, behind. However,
that is impractical, as I will not have any children, among the
dhourties, left, on this planet, to practice my religion, after they
are introduced to it. It is a religion that will be here forever, and
I need people to practice it. I can not go around killing every single
shit head kid of mine, and expect to get any where, religiously, after
I have killed them all.

Though they may be shit heads, and though their brain wireing, is
faulty, and not workable, for them, much of the wiring, any way, and
though my 'ordinary' kids, may not be too much better, in terms, of
being a human being, I can not go around killing my kids, just because
I do not like them, and I do not approve of their behavior.

We will have a justice system, of my own, when we get my children, who
have the technologies, to build my criminal justice system, according
to Gurkian Law.

I have had enough of their bullshit criminal justice system, that they
instituted, and as soon as I can get my religious prayers said, as I
do my Tai Chi aerobic excercise religous prayers activities, in the
park, from week to week, from month to month, and from year to year, I
will get my kids to build my criminal justice system, and I will be
seeing the shit head kids of mine, placed into prison cells, and then
corrected, before allowing them to be released. That goes for all of
the dhourties, and for all of the dualdigers kids of mine, who do not
act, properly, and who do not act peaceably.

We have a lot to learn, about my universe, and about the people who
are living in my universe. I will have all of them, practicing my
religion, in time. There will be no if's, and's, or but's about it, as
I am going to make all my children, work for me, whether they like it,
or not. I have a long time to get my program, up and running, and
these things do not take place, over night. It's one planet, at a
time, and in some cases, there are lots of people, interested, in my
religion, already, and they are responding, variously, the ones who
have the technologies, to be able to look in, and see, from time to
time, what all is happening, here on this planet, with me and my
religious efforts.


Molding Up Bread

Ask your friendly, neighborhood dhourty, who will cooperate with you,
for more information, as to how to mold up spices, and flowers, etc.,
and for information on molds, in general, and so forth, as they know
all the secrets, and tricks, to molding up every thing possible,
successfully, as they were trained in the molding sciences, and they
are all, certified moldists, who can teach you every thing you wish to
know about molding sciences, and every thing else you need to know, to
feed the organ animals, in your body, for you to regroverate your
body, successfully, and for you to get well, from all the illnesses,
that the dhourties, have helped you to get sick from. Show them the
same kindness they show you, and be kind to them, as you invite them
into your underground lairs, where you will be having them stay with
you, as sexaling guests, and as teachers, to teach you about the
molding sciences, and other sciences, you need to learn about.

Living Forever On Molds, Foods For Feeding Molds Animals, And Sexaling

See my bulletin board, for more information on 'living forever' by
eating molds and the foods they eat, to feed your organ animals, the
foods they need to feed on, to be healthy, and to allow you to live
forever. In addition, you need the male and female sexaling juices in
your daily diet, as I've explained, on my bulletin board, which will
allow you to get the spare parts, or baby organ animals, and other
animals of all kinds, that you need to replace old and worn out, organ
animals, etc., in your body with to allow you to live, forever. There
is more to this science of regroveration, then I have recalled, so
far, obviously, as this is a complicated science, that involves many
things. As I remember this stuff, I will let you know what we've
missed. My amnesiatic conditon is not helping me to recall every thing
I need to recall, all at once. Find your self a cooperating dhourty,
and get their cooperation, and you'll learn more quickly, and
accurately. They also have pledged to teach you, all the molding
sciences, and so far, they have not been fair, and they have held back
this knowledge from you, so you deserve a break, and they must teach
you, or they will do jail time, in my prisons, after my kids build
them for me.

Clark County Detention Center

It is an odd thing, when they ask you your sex, and if you happen to
be a girl, with a dick attached to your body, they call you a 'mixed
genitals' person, rather than a 'male', or a 'female'. They do not
check to see if male's have vaginas or not, and so only women, get
listed as 'mixed genitals' persons. This is very peculiar. I was told
to sit on the 'male' side of the room, where only males sit, in the
booking intake area. There was a female sitting next to me, and she
apparently had a dick, and so they listed her as a 'mixed genitals'
person, or a 'GM' for 'genitals mixed', rather than, 'female'. This is
very peculiar, as only women are selected for this gender
specification. It is not a gender specification, obviously, and the
dhourties know it, and they are just goofballing every one, pretending
there is some thing about a woman, who has a dick, that some how makes
her a non-gender person, and that non-gender person, is a 'mixed
genitals' person. She becomes confused, as she is told to sit with
males, in the jail house, and she is jailed, I suppose, with males, as
well. This is very peculiar, if you ask me, but it seems to be the
case. If all men who have vaginas, were placed in a 'mixed genitals'
classification, and were then told to sleep together in wards with
mixed genitals women, I don't think that would be such a bad idea, but
that is not the case, and only women with dicks are told to sleep in
wards with males with dicks only, or males with vaginas, as well as

It is a goof ball situation, in the Clark County Detention Center, and
I wonder how they figure their way through this situation.

On the premises of the Clark County Detention Center, the dhourties
poison you with fumes animals of all kinds, and asbestos animals, in
the lock up facility, and if you happen to develop pains, due to those
poisonings, you are out of luck, as you will not be prescribed pain
relief medications by the Clark County Detention Center medical staff,
as they are not allowed to prescribe to you, a prisoner, any substance
that is addictive, unless you have surgery, or unless you have a clear
breakage of a bone in your body, such as ribs, arms, fingers, and so
forth, or unless you can show that your body is severely damaged, such
as from a knife wound, or from an other type of wound you recieved,
during a fight, with an inmate, or guard for instance.

I will not be going back to jail, or to the Clark County Detention
Center lockup facility, or to any of their lock up facilities, their
fortresses for killing off the dualdigers, as that would be a death
sentence, and I do not have the karma to die, so I will not be seeing
any law enforcement agents, at my door, or in the park, once the Clark
County Justice Court issues a bench warrant, for my not showing up for
my court and trial date. I am GOD, and if any one could figure it out,
I am doing religious prayers, and doing religious prayers, is not a
lewd act or lewd conduct, even though I am naked while doing my
prayers ceremonies. I was born naked, and I will continue to live,
naked, in the shower, and in the bath tub, and when I am changing my
clothes, and when I am sexaling, and when I am doing my Tai Chi
aerobics prayer ceremony activities. Lewd acts are simply, acts that
solicit sexual engagements with others, in the simplest sense, and so
a wink would be lewd conduct, and a smile would be lewd conduct, and
no one is going to go to jail, for those, except maybe in Muslim
countries, where the women wear veils to cover their face, and where
they force women and girls to wear gowns to make women and girls
appear as if they live in a sack, in many cases.

Lewd Conduct Brings You Closer To GODLYNESS, Or The Love And Chastity,
Or The Beauty, Elegance, And Grace Of GOD's Love For My Children

Sexual activities are not within the domain or realm of human beings
to cast judgements about. Sexual conduct is not within the domain for
human beings to cast judgements about, or to make any opinions about,
legal, or otherwise. Why not? Because sexual conduct and sexual
activities are devine, sacred, holy acts that can not be looked at in
any way other than from the perspective of holyness and the
graciality, or gracenesses of GOD, that's me. Graciality is sacred
GODLYNESS, or Devine rapture with GOD.

Governments have no jurisdiction or decision making powers or
authority over matters that deal with spiritual beingness, and one's
relationship with one's creator, GOD, that's me. It's arrogance on the
part of any person who thinks that he or she can regulate a person's
behavior that brings one into direct contact with one's creator. The
karmic scores for this type of mistaken belief and practice, by any
one, are high, and the outcome is a punishing one. The penalties for
interfering by legislation or by any other means, with a person's
rights to live in harmony with one's creator being by advancing one's
sexually committed life style of sexaling freely with people and
animals to reach a higher state of goodlyness, and grace, and in time,
make a closer bond and contact with one's Creator, GOD, that's me, is
not a light penalty, and this behavior of legislating out by laws,
codes, and regulations the rights of an individual to practice
sexually commiting oneself to others by sexaling freely with others
for reaching higher states of goodlyness and grace, and contact and
closeness with one's Creator Being, that's me, GOD - and I'm the one
responsible for all of this, as should be obvious by now - is folly,
foolishness, drunken gayety, and ludicrously laughable behavior.

If and when you become devinely raptured with GOD, that is, when you
begin to sexually orgasm and erotem or experience sexually orgastic
and erotic sensations as a result of sexual mindfulness, and sexual
contact with others, you are in the supreme state of graciality, and
that means you are one with GOD.

To state any thing about the holy and sacred activities of sexaling,
sexual mindfulness, sexual compassion for and with others, other than
they are devine act, and acts that brings you closer to GOD, and acts
that allow you to breath in the goodness of the GODLY spirit, or the
love of GOD in your life, that means, the raptured sexaling orgasming
goodlyness of a good orgasm, with full motors engaged, and all
orgasming potentials realized, is folly and ignorance based behavior.

For humans to comment on rapturing with GOD in a sense of, is it good
or is it bad, is sheer nonsense, and unacceptable, by any standards.
It is a devine act that brings you closer to your creator. To say
sexaling is this way, or that way, and so there fore, we are going to
prohibit it, and so forth, is sheer lunacy, and not a notion that can
be universally accepted as a reasonable statement by a reasonable
person. It is the banter of minds that are insane, that state such

Sexual Compassion For And With Others And For And With Self

Sexual compassion for and with others, are the actions of engaging
others to sexually erotemize them, and in so doing, to erotemize
oneself, and to sexually orgasm others, and to orgasm oneself, for the
sake of clearing up, or cleansing their and your karmic distresses, or
karmic failures. Karmic failures are the naughtynesses, or
misbegotten, mindless, dhourty like, animalistic behaviors, that lack
compassion, and that lack mindfulness, and which is rife and riddled
with jest and gayety directed at the victims of their torture
sessions. This is mistaken, mindless, and uncompassionate behavior
that causes undue and unjust suffereings and miseries to others, and
draws one and all of my chidren further away from their relationship
with their Creator Being, that's me, GOD.

Balancing Out Karma, It Is My Way, Or Thou Shalt Takeeth The Highway!
And Getteth Thoun Self Out Of My Universe!

On the one hand, there is a need to balance out one's karma by
engaging a person's life, and by bringing that person to a point of
suffering where at the mathmatical formula for balancing out karma,
and cleansing a person of his or her karma, will be satisfied. This
need to balance out one's karma is based on a mathmatical formula,
that must be followed, to allow people to balance out their karma, so
that they can live as a nearly decent human being.

The need to engage others, in retributional recoursivistic actions,
for the sake of balancing out their karma for them, is a compassionate
act, that can be done with passion, and compassion, if one's mind is a
'pure' mind, and the mind of GOD, that's me, John Francis Ayres.

Only my mind is pure enough, and capable of GODLY passion for my
children, that will bring a proper result to the lives of my children
for balancing out their karma. The dhourty menacers, think they are
mini gods, and they think it is their right and obligation, as stated
in their code books, to help others with their karma, and so they are
always, brutally punishing and tortureing others.

There is a long history to this, that will help explain how this got
started, and I am partly to blame for their beginings as an
organization, as I helped design and write their code books. It is not
clear in my memories how much I helped them to get their start, but as
a sexaling lay organization, they had and have the right to make their
own code books, that follow basic premises, established by me, long

Their behavior is too far out of line, but I used them as a
supplemental assistive group of persons to assist me, in many ways, to
allow my children to get their karma straigtened out. It was and is an
imperfect organization, as it is run by imperfectly minded people. It
is time to disband their organization, as now, in the Gurkian Age,
there will be no other methods allowed for straightening out people's
karma, other than the one's that I insist on, the ones that I
implement with the assistance of my working children, the ones that I
will use, to straighten out my childrens' karma, over time, as we
progress along to the future.

The Ludicrousness Of Playing 'Footsies' With The Insanity Driven
Dhourty Government

For me to contest a charge of 'lewd conduct' with the insanity driven
Dhourty government is not an act that I will be engaging myself in. By
insanity driven, I mean they believe they are all mini gods, and they
believe they have the ultimate right to determine others' destiny.
This is sheer insanity, and they are all mentally ill, and that will
be proven, once you begin your studies in the programs that I and my
working children have lined up for you to study and participate in.

What Is Lewd Conduct?

Lewd conduct is an act, that draws others to a higher state of knowing
GOD, in that if you engage in a sexaling act, as a result of 'lewd
conduct', or the act of soliciting others to make a sexual statement,
or that is, to solicit others to commit them selves to a sexual
activity, or action, for me to contest a charge, of 'lewd conduct', as
I was saying, is sheer nonsense, and ludicrous behavior, and it is not
in the domain of human beings to condemn 'lewd conduct' as lewd
conduct is grateful to GODLYNESS conduct, as lewd conduct, and lewd
behavior of sexaling with others, which is also a type of lewd
conduct, is a sure way to reach higher states of grace, and that
means, you grow closer in contact with your creator as a result of
your lewd conduct.

Gratefulness to GODLYNESS is a condition of being enraptured during
the sexaling orgasming phase of sexual and erotic thrills inducing
activities. The ejaculation and orgasming of males, and the orgasming
and ejaculation of females, and the running or flowing of the sexaling
juices from a females' body brings on a higher state of grace, and it
brings you closer to your pure, devine, self as a 'child of GOD', and
I am GOD, and I know this kind of stuff, so take my word for it, and
get your brains, unbrainwashed, and get your dicks and vaginas busy,
and learn what purity of self is all about as you sexal for weeks, and
months, and years, non stop.

The longer you sexal, the higher you will go, in terms of reaching a
higher state of closeness to your Creator, that's me, GOD. For the
dhourities to unfuck up them selves and their brains, and for the
dualdigers to unfuck up them selves and their brains, and for them all
to get their act together, to where they can appreciate the higher
states of GODLYNESS, will take some time, maybe a few kabillions plus
years, or more. I am, technically, a dualdiger, and so I am also in
that lot, but I have an advantage, in that I am GOD, and it is easy
for me to stay pointed in the correct direction, for gaining a higher
sense or appreciation, over time, for the Love Of GOD, as my brain is
minorly connected to that state of being. There is a connection, in my
brain, that will carry me forward, and that will allow me to lead all
of my children, to this higher level or state, or condition of
beingness in harmony with the Love Of GOD, over the years we are
sexaling together, in my religion, during my religious ceremonies and
all of my religious activities, forever.

With your experiences of coming closer to GODLYNESS, your life becomes
purer, and your karmic records that you carry in your body, hidden
behind the particals in your body, on different layers, or
dimensionalities, and you can learn more about this, in the courses we
offer, for you to learn to sexal for a living, and so forth, the
records you carry begin to disintegrate, and they pale or loose their
sharp, duralangular edges, is one way of looking at it.

Duralangular edges is a term used in math, and I'm not familiar with
it, but it must be something to do with geometric shapes. In any case,
the edges sharp off, and that means, they drop off, and begin to form
more loose, or flowing, curvatures, as they disintegrate. Think of a
box with sharp edges. If the box is beaten on the edges, the box will
loose the sharpness of the edges, and slowly, if you beat at the edges
of the box, long enough, the box will begin to crumble. Well, it is
sort of the same thing, and your karmic records have these types of
geometric shapes to them, as we package things to do with your karma,
in tiny containers, and then affix them to your karmic records. This
sounds peculiar, but we have a way of doing it, and it works well, and
we can disintegrate these 'packages' or capsules, and as we do, we
straighten out or make lighter, your karma. This needs further
explaining, but you'll study it in your courses, when you begin to
study for the various programs we have for you to take and learn about
how things work and about how things are in my universe.

The sharp edges are slowly, very gradually, lost, or smoothed off, and
your karma changes, slowly, very gradually, as you acquire more and
more knowing GODLYNESS, and knowing GOD experiences for your self, as
you orgasm your way to blissful, purity.

It takes a lot of coming closer to GODLYNESS experiences to do
anything significant for your karma, and for cleansing the karmic
records in your life, the ones that are hidden in the dimensionalities
behind the particals that make up your body. There are layers and
layers of dimensionalities, and they nearly go on, forever. There is a
limit to them, however, and between this dimensionality, and the final
dimensionality, you have huge, and vast store houses of stockpiled
karmic records. We find lots of places to hide them, and you won't
believe how long it is going to take you to get all your karmic
records that are stored not only in the layers below the particals in
your body, but elsewhere, through out my whole and entire universe,
behind the particals or in layers of dimensionalities, under the
particals, that exist as matter, and as types of energies, and as
types of many other things, throughout my universe.

Storing And Dealing With Your Karmic Records

Your records are stored from here to kalamazoo Michigan, and that is a
phrase that says, they are every where, and the amount of time needed
to erase them all, and deal with them all, bit by bit, is quite large.
We've been here, a long time, and we've stored up your karmic records,
every where. If you think this is a simple job of erasing your karmic
records, you are mistaken, and you had better prepare your self for a
long term, and long haul project for erasing your karmic records.
Though the process of cleansing your karmic records is slow and
gradual, through the knowing of GODLYNESS experiences you acquire,
over time, the cleansing effects do occur, and your karmic burden is
reduced, a tiny bit. You have stockpiles and stockpiles of karmic
records, and we have found every imaginable way of storing them, and
we have shrunken them down, to pint sized records, that are very tiny,
and we have the technologies to do this, and we can resize them, and
then place them inside of the holding cells, in the many
dimensionalities behind, or underneath of the particals in your body,
and in your vicinity where you live, and near the planet where you
live on, way out to very far away from your planet, to nearly half or
so away across the universe, the current sized one, or nearly that
far. Your karmic records that interplay with your life, at the moment,
are stored out that far, and we have others, stored and hidden
elsewhere, as well, that are just sitting there, waiting to be dealt
with. Our placing of your karmic records, along with every one elses,
in this manner, deterimines what your karma is.

With this storage method, it keeps your records where we want them to
be, for us to be able to determine what your karma is, and for us to
be able with my religion, and with your religious activities, of
sexaling with your self, with others, and with your sexaling with
animals, as sexaling is sexaling, and there is no distinguishing of
the effects of sexaling. That is, your sexaling brings you closer to
GODLYNESS, no matter if you sexal with an ape, or baboon, or with a
monkey, or pet goose, or neighbor, or sister or brother, or your
child, or mother or father, or the conductor on the train, or subway,
or the stewardesses and stewards in the airplanes you fly in, or on
the trains you travel and commute to work in, or on the cruise ships
you vacation on, those of you with a little money, or with the workers
in the casinos and restaraunts that you frequent, if you happen to
live in Las Vegas, or other places where casinos are a part of the
local life style, and so forth, with your sexaling experiences of
coming closer to GODLYNESS, as you orgasm, and as you pulsate with
energies that purify your life, these energies, and other energies my
kids have a lot to do with, in the transporting of them to you, during
your religious activities, and other things that are like energies
that also cleanse your karma, but that need further clarification as
to what they are, these energies, etc., erase your karmic records, in
a priority determined manner with your karmic records stored in this
manner as described. You will learn more about this, in detail, as you
begin your studies once you have access to the software package that
the FBI, and government agencies are in the possession of, as I've
explained about.

Rules Of Conduct For 'Permission Granted' To Sexal With GOD, That's Me

For the purpose of recieving permission to participate with me, GOD,
in my religious ceremonies, the rules of conduct are very strict, and
you will not be allowed near me, unless you pass the basic orientation
of your brain requirement. That is a requirement that says, if you are
not pointed with the same idea about where you are going, in relation
to your leader, John Francis Ayres, GOd, aka, GOD, than you are not
going to be allowed to participate with John Francis Ayres in any of
his religious ceremonies. For this reason, and for similar reasons, we
will have many temples and many religialing centers, for all people to
engage each other, sexually, so that they can eventually lead a more
devine, and spiritually graced life. There will not be just one
worship center, the one where I am starting out at, but there will be
trillions and kazillions, and more, in my universe, in time, as we go
along, and as we change our karma to the point where we are in need of
more religialing centers, and in need of more temples, as we bring
more and more people, into my religion, throughout my universe.

Few people will be given 'Permission Granted' status, to allow them to
participate in religious ceremonies, with me, GOD. My working children
will either permit or deny 'Permission Granted' status, and it is not
some thing that I determine, my self, with my whimsical attitude about
who is what kind of person, and so forth, as most of my children, I do
not give a shit about, and that is about for nearly 100 percent of
them. The only ones I care to meet, are the ones who have graduated
from a course in rehumanizing at my Epcot Center, and there are lots
of them, and I do want to meet them, as they are the only sane
children, I currently have. In time, you will all become sane children
of mine, but it might be awhile for a lot of you. Anyway, now and
again, there will be other people who get their act together, good
enough so that my working children will grant them, as well,
'Permission Granted' status. The people who are the sane children, I
suspect, I will be seeing, sooner than any one, else. The children who
move most quickly ahead in their determination to get themselves
unfucked up, mentally, are the ones I suspect I will be meeting, to
begin with, and then later on, others will join them, as well. I am to
an extent, fucked up in the head, and every one of us, is, as we are
all victims of the brain washing of the dhourties. It is our karma to
be this way, and that is not so great a situation, but it is the
situation we find ourselves in, regardless of what we wish the
situation would be, or would not be. That means, despite how messed up
this planet, and my universe is, and despite our wishing it were not
this way, it is the reality we are living in, and we have to admit
that this is a messed up situation, or fucked up situation, and the
sooner we are able to admit to it, the better, as that will help us to
get ourselves grounded in 'reality'. This is a long topic, the topic
of who will be permitted to meet with me, and who will be allowed to
join my religion, directly practicing with me, and so I will not go
into any further detail, now, but you can study about this topic, if
you wish, once you recieve the software package, that will become made
available to you, eventually, by me, if by no one else, as my working
kids will build me a temple, or a hut, it does not matter, for me to
begin my religious activities in, in earnest, and I will have a
broadcast tower, and the broadcast frequencies, to be able to directly
upload it, the software, to your computers, if you leave your
computers on, long enough. You will get a choice of 'Do you wish to
install the software?' and that will pop up on your screen, one day,
when it has been cross loaded to your home or office computer. You can
cancel out, or you can select the option to have it installed, and
accessable to you, completely, for you to begin working as a desciple
of mine, in the new programs, for the Gurkian Age. How soon I will be
able to get my working kids to build the required facilities to then
allow me to broadcast out and transfer the software, or cross load it
to your computers, is not on my schedule list, as I do not have a
schedule list, and I do not know when any thing is going to take
place. I came into this world, without a clue that I am GOD, and I
have no manual for what my responsiblities are, and what my schedule
is, so I can not say, when some thing will happen, and so forth.

For the present, I am stuck in a swamp like sand box, a parcel of
land, inhabited by dhourties, who are assasins, and killers for hire,
who work hand in hand with the dhourty police, and dhourty members of
law enforcement, and their dhourty staff. Dhourty hospitals also work
hand in hand with the tunnel rat association of dhourty assasins and
killers for hire, and with the dhourty police and their dhourty
friends, and dhourty advisors. All dhourties work with one and
another, in their local area, and they are generally, well connected
with each other, in that local area, but only a few of them know about
what is going on, with myself, GOD, and with my battle to over throw
the dhourty led governments of the world.

The Dhourties Are Not Informed As To What I Am Doing, And Few Of Them,
Know Any Thing At All About Me

There is no TV or media broadcasting about what I am doing, and they
only have their 'propaganda' TV to watch and to gain information from,
in addition to their 'propaganda' news papers, and 'propaganda' news
magazines. They do not exchange much information, as they are
prohibited from discussing business, except in the underground
'fortresses', the 'torture' facilities for torturing the dualdigers.
Even in those locations, they do not generally discuss anything to do
with business as usual types of stuff. Only important topics or
issues, such as John Ayres trying to destroy the Lesbianists, or
similar topics of importance, are allowed, and not much discussion of
any thing of interest, is exchanged by them, even in private. They are
busy with torturing the dualdigers, and it is a waste of time, to
discuss private, personal, or local issues, and even state or national
issues, and they are not allowed by their code books, to discuss
'wasteful' of time, issues with each other, while they are on their
tour of duty.

Lewd Conduct Should Be Advanced, Not Prohibited, In A Sane Society

Lewd conduct should be advanced in any society, that has a sane,
municipalator, or manager in charge of laws and criminalities, and not
'condemed' as is the way it is handled in this society. This will lead
to the detieroration of and the disintegration of human relationships,
and it will end all possiblities that people have of attaining a
higher standard of spiritual beingness, or spiritual goodlyness
engaged in a love relationship with one's creator. The action of
sexaling brings about a state of euphoria, but in that euphoria, there
is a holyness that is hard to penetrate into and perceive, as sexaling
in our demented and twisted minded society, is a condemned activity,
and that is clearly brain washed into every one's minds, as that is a
propaganda ploy of the Lesbianists, the dhourties. Arresting ladies
who sexal for a living, is one propaganda technique the Lesbianists
use to alter the minds of people. Christian values, of, sexal only
with one's spouse, is saying, you can not sexal with others and if you
do, you will be committing a wrongful act. That is also clearly stated
in Christian concepts, and it is another brain washing technique, not
to mention, a most devious one, that is highly rewarded, with maximum
penalties, in my karmic score card approach to managing my universe,
and you will learn more about that, when you begin your 'Managing My
Universe' course work, and you will also learn about it, as you go
along, and learn the principals of my religions, past, and present.

Lewd conduct is not a topic I will discuss with prosecuting attornies,
or with DA's, or with judges, or with police, as they are not
qualified to say a word about the realm of GODLYNESS, in their
inferior roles as varmint hunters, or criminal watchers, and on this
planet, as criminal torturers and killers. They are not fit, the
Lesbianists, mentally, to judge or determine the value of sexaling.
They are so anti-sexaling in their actions and words, and they are so
incredibly twisted up in their brains with regards to sexaling, they
will never come any where near me, or close to me, not one of them, as
they are too twisted in their minds, to be allowed by my children, to
come any where near me.

The joke the Lesbianists promote about sexaling, where they publicly
condem it, and privately enjoy sexaling with their co-worker
dhourties, is a big joke, the dhourties are playing on you, and you
are being goof balled, here, as well, into believeing that sexual
promiscuity is a 'bad' thing. You are a fool if you believe that, and
I am here to change all of that negative thinking, that you are
burdened with, that the dhourties have fooled you into beliveing, if
you in fact, do believe that sexual promiscuity is a 'negative' thing,
as that, as I've explained, is the only way for you to erase your
karma, and to ease the burden of karma in your life.

Like it or not, if I had wanted you to wear clothes when you were
born, I would have designed your bodies to have clothes on them, when
you were born. Your skin is your clothes, and it is only a matter of
time before you realize it. I did not design your bodies with any
other clothes on them, for your birth, and so, all you need to live
in, in moderate climates, is your skin and hair. That is all you need
and you will all get used to it, one day, living in your skin, and
hair, only, after you begin working for me, sexaling for a living, as
I have explained about.

You are all going to work for me, erasing karma, from now on, by
sexaling, as soon as I get my religious ministry, established. My kids
will be building the facilities for you to live and work in. When they
will begin building the facilities for you to live and work in, is the
question, that I do not have an answer for. But I am praying, that it
will be as soon as possible, as I do not need to be surrounded by
dhourty jerks in the park, who call the police every time I arrive to
do my Tai Chi aerobics excercises religious prayer ceremonies.

The dhourties in the park, and the dhourties at the police station,
and in the Clark County Detention Center, are all partners, who work
hand in hand, along with police department, sheriff's department, and
other law enforcement clerical dhourties, law enforcement dhourty
judges, and prosecuting attorney dhourties. We are surrounded by the
dhourties, in government, such as all the politicians running for
president, and all the politicians running for vice president,
including, former mayor Guiliani, who was with other dhourties,
primarily responsible for the World Trade Tower bombing, as I've
explained about.

These dhourties, and their dhourty friends, in society, account for a
large segment of our society. The ordinary people, for the most part,
former Lesbianists, i.e., dhourties, in previous lifes, are another
large segment of our population. One other segment, is my, what I
call, my public sector service workers, animal people, who eat and
torture dhourties, and others, who need their karma balanced out.

The dhourties are well aware of these animal people, and there are
some dhourties, who can not function, brainally, very well, and these
dhourties who can not function brainally very well, are not that
different from these animal people, as they both do the same basic
thing, and that is torture people, and torturing people helps to
balance out karma.

We are in a new age, the Gurkian Age, and I have a whole new religious
program, for balancing out karma, and you will all participate in it,
if you want to balance out your karma, and if you want to erase your
karma, and you will be in this religious program, for eternity,
sexaling with each other, as I have already explained.

Organ Animals And Sexaling

I mentioned the organ animals and their ability to make notational
thoughts to your brain. The 'I need sex' 'I need sex' drive in your
pants, or panties, on the front side of your groin, or on the
underside of your groin, or in your butt hole, the urging out, of 'I
need sex' 'I need sex', or in the boobies of women and girls, the
urging, 'I need sex' 'I need sex', they are all notational thoughts
from the sexaling organ animals in your body. Let's get used to this
fact, and grow up, and deal with things, logically. They are calling
out for our assistance. They want love and affection. They are hungry
for love and affection. I put them in your body the way they are so
they will help you in your daily activities of sexaling. Now let's get
real, and let's pet those organ animals, when they call out, saying,
'I want sex, please pet me now!' It's be kind to organ animals week,
this week and every week from now on, until we learn to be helpful to
all of our sexaling organ animals who need petting, and until we learn
to be comfortable with our sexuality. Let's get real, and let's get
the governments of the world to strike down the laws regarding
sexuality, nakedity, and sex between younger people and older people,
and let's also get the governments of the world to strike down all the
laws regarding the use of opiates, and aphrodesics in our daily diet
and in our quest to get healthier. We need these in our diet, as I've
mentioned before, and we will push ahead until we get the dhourty
governments of the world to listen to us, and then to comply.

All Hands At The Quarter! Ready Your Weapons! Off Shoot Now!

That means, get to your stations, and prepare to fight. Get your
weapons in firing order. Discharge your weapons.

That means, get naked, get your dicks, scrotums, your vaginas, labia,
all your sexaling equipment, such as your titties, your chests, your
pelvises, your hips, your tummies, your groins, your butt cracks, your
butt holes, your shanks, your backs, yopur shoulders, your necks, your
under arms, your feet, your palms, your toes, your fingers, your
tounges, your lips, your mouths, your throats, etc., and get every
little or big organ animal in your body that is hiding in you, to
work, working for you, as they are all designed and built for you to
use for sexaling enjoyment, and that body you are in, is designed and
built to be used for sexaling with your self, with others, as well as
with animals, and get ready to use them, and get using them, now.

Keep Firing Till Ordered Otherwise!

That means, do not stop sexaling, till you are ordered to.

Captain Off The Bridge.

John Francis Ayres
And Kids

Eyes, Ears, Noses, Throats, Tummies, Buttholes, Dicks, Vaginas,
Expeller Ports, And Who Knows What Else, Oh My! - Subtle Ways Of Brain
Washing People - What Is Sodomy? - Societal Brain Washing - Hair Ports
- Teeth Ports Updated: 11-08-07 Rev.b 05:50

Eyes, Ears, Noses, Throats, Tummies, Buttholes, Dicks, Vaginas,
Expeller Ports, And Who Knows What Else, Oh My!

Did you know that we have lots of organ animals inside of us? We do.
And do you know what else? Each one of them, has its own brain. It has
lots of brains inside of it, and each one does a particular function,
or maybe many functions. Probably lots of functions, I suppose. In any
case, each one has eyes, and each one has a nose, one or more, and
each one has a mouth, and each one has ears, and each one has a
throat, one or more, and each one has a butt hole, and a dick, or a
vagina, or maybe both, or maybe something in between, or maybe, some
thing that is not like a dick or a vagina, and is not in between, but
it is some thing that is wholely and entirely different from any thing
we are familiar with as far as reproductive organs go.

They also have tummies, and expeller ports, which are ports or
openings, that help them to expate the juices that there are inside of
them. What does expate mean? I think it means, to spit out. They
expate, or spit out, all kinds of juices, from lots of expeller ports,
or expeller opening holes, that open and close, and when they open,
juices come drooling out of them, and when they close, the juices stop
coming out, and the fluids drool and drain off and go some where, such
as down a via duct, or a channel, and out into a pool, where there are
animals, swimming, and snorkeling, and looking for food to eat.

Anyway, it's a confusing world, inside the body, if you don't go into
it, and look around for your self, at all the possible hiding places,
there are animals hiding, and eating up one and another.

We can look inside, and that is much safer, with microscope
technologies that will allow us to look inside, into all the different
habitats that there are, where animals are living, eating, making
children by themselves or with others who are like them, and so forth.

There are all kinds of odd creatures living inside of us, and we
haven't even begun to understand who is in there, and what they are
all doing. I think we need the cooperation of the governments of the
world, the dhourty governments, that I've explained about, and when
they give us a little cooperation, we can build the types of
microscopic technologies we need to look inside of our bodies, and see
all the little animals that are moving about, and eating, drinking,
swimming, fooling around, walking around, and just playing around, or
making love with one and another, to make babies.

Did you know, too, that there are optical nerves, that are a little
like optic fibers, and they connect many of the organ animals inside
of us, up to optic cirtcuits that then allow them to see out side of
our body.

That means, they can see the world around us. Did you know our whole
body is covered with microscopic, and smaller, optic ports, or viewing
windows, and viewing ports, to allow the organ animals inside of our
bodies to see out side the human body.

It's true. There are also nerves that are channels, like optic ports,
but they are sensory ports of different kinds. These sensory ports
also connect the organ animals up to the skin of our bodies, so they
can smell the fresh air around us, and these sensory nerves act like
little noses, and they are all over our body, in smaller than
microscopic sizes, as well.

There are also sensory nerves that function as ears, for the organ
animals, and they are connected up to the skin of our body, so that
the organ animals can hear things, that are going on, around us.

There are other sensory nerves, that connect organ animals up to the
surface of our skin, and these sensory nerves, allow for communication
with other organ animals in other people's bodies.

The organ animals all see each other, the outsides of each other, and
they can even see inside of your body, with special heat wave
signatures, and other technologies, that allow them to peer inside of
your body, and then see their organ animal friends, more up close.

That means, they can see each other, and they can talk with each
other. They have sensory nerves that transmit code to the special ears
of the other organ animals who they wish to speak with, and the
special ears of the other organ animals pick up different frequencies,
and different coding structures, and then they can communicate back
and forth with each other.

You didn't know that, did you. Well, it is a secret the Lesbianists,
or dhourties, do not want the dualdigers to know about. Do you know
why? Because, their Christian bullshit is just that. A pile of bull
shit. Not only that, but their sciences are all full of shit, too. If
you know that there are organ animals who want to see out side your
body, and view and communicate with other organ animals, who are in
other people's bodies, then you will want to allow them to hear as
best as they can, and you will want them to see as best as they can,
and you will want to let them smell the fragrances outside your body,
of other organ animals, as best as they can, and so forth, and that
means, you will want to take your clothes off to allow them to see
outside, and hear outside, and smell outside, and speak outside to
other organ animals, with no interference from your clothes, and
skirts, and pants, and underpants, blouses, bras, shirts, socks,
shoes, jackets, handbags, brief cases, and so forth.

You would want to stay naked, as much as possible, because that was
how I designed you to be. Did you know that? Well, it is true. We have
to let the organ animals inside of our bodies get as much fresh air,
and as much sunlight, and as much sensory input as possible, from the
outside world, and from other organ animals, for them to be happy,
living and working where they do, inside of our bodies.

Does that make sense to you? I hope it does, because we are all
mistaken in our beliefs that we must wear clothes.

Nudity promotes the health of the organ animals, inside of our bodies,
both mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and sexually. They get turned
on by the fragrances of other organ animals, and by the sights as they
look at other organ animals, working in your body, and at the figures
of other organ animals, and at the sexy looking sexaling ports, or
dick and vaginas, of other organ animals. They are like puppy dogs, in
a way, but much more complicated, and much more intelligent, many of
them, any way.

They have complicated code structures, that allow them to speak back
and forth with other organ animals, in ways that allow them to tell
jokes, and to tell funny stories, and to sing songs, and to teach
other organ animals who are like them, about things they know about.

Not many of you may know this, but all the dhourties know this. They
have to keep it a secret from you, so that you can continue in your
ignorance, thinking you are 'created in the likeness of god' which is
total bull shit and trash.

Well, now that we understand that much, it is time to investigate and
get this all cleared up. Now how do we investigate this? I don't know,
but maybe when we get the cooperation of the dhourties in government,
we will get some software from them, the software that I handed to
them, or the software that they have hidden away in secret filing
cabinets, which they can allow you to use, to see inside your body,
and investigate all these things.

Do you think the organ animals like being trapped inside of your body,
unable to see out side, or hear outside, or speak to others, outside,
because you live so far away from each other, and you live in tiny
boxes, homes, or houses, or apartments, and condominiums, etc., where
you live by your self, separated from others.

I don't think they are very happy that you are all living in your tiny
boxes, which serve as homes for you, where you live by your self, much
of the time, and you pay no attention to the needs of the organ

They need light, sun, shade, coolness, brisk breezes, and the scents
and smells of other organ animals, and the nearness of others, to
them, so they can communicate and chat back and forth with their
friends, the other organ animals in other peoples' bodies.

You need to marry each other in large groups, in other words, and you
need to stay togehther in large groups, and you need to be naked,
twenty four hours a day, in large groups, and you need to go out side
and play naked, in the sunlight, with others in your groups, and with
others from other groups, to allow your organ animals to get all the
opportunities to meet with new people, other organ animals, who are as
intelligent as they are.

Did you think you were the only intelligent people in the whole
universe? Well, some of my organ animals are almost just as
intelligent as you are.

In some ways, they are as intelligent as you are. Did you know that?
How does that make you feel. You have a cooped up organ animal, lots
of them, inside your body, who you do not even know about, and they
are all wanting to make friends with other organ animals, and they are
all wanting to meet with other organ animals, while they work for me,
and for you, inside of your body.

Well, the little secret of the dhourties, this one, any way, is now
out and open to the public, and you can make of it, what you want, and
you can either research it, and learn about the facts of this, or you
can deny it, in ignorance, because you think 'Jesus saves' and you
think 'god' or 'allah' is going to make you a nice home, after you
die. What garbage talk.

The dhourties have made you swallow their garbage talk, all this time,
and they have been fooling you, and they have been rejuvenating their
bodies, and then playing as if they were some kind of watch person, or
care taker, who could decide your futures for you.

Well, I don't think Hillary Clinton, or Barack Obama, or any of the
other dhourty government leaders who are running for a presidential
candidacy, or for a vice presidential candidacy, is going to like the
news that you now know what is going on, a little more than before,
inside of your body, and that you are about to reject their religious
garbage talk, and all of their sciences garbage talk, and all of their
statutes garbage talk, that help to keep you in check, and in line,
and that keep you going, working and growing older, day after day,
paying the taxes for maintaining their livelyhood, while they have a
way to rejuvenate themselves, as professional moldists, and while you
have nothing, other than a token watch for working thirty, or more
years, devoted to the company, before you were released from work,
with a meager pension, to find a grave yard plot, for placing your
bones in, after you die, and go back to my Epcot Center, for
refurbishing, and for making you as good as new, nearly, for your
release as a new tummy baby, back to one of your former neighbors, or
former relatives, as a new baby.

Isn't that about the stupidist thing you've ever heard of? And isn't
that a joke. Well, they get away with it, every day, and the dhourties
who support them, organizationally, are in on it with them, and none
of them deserve much of a nice smile, or any thing else, for that
matter, for all their mean jokes and tricks that they have played on

That means, go right ahead, and kill them all, as I do not care any
more, about any of these dhourty kids of mine, unless they are willing
to cooperate with all of my dualdiger kids. Do you understand that? Go
to the dhourty courthouses, and blow them up, and go to the police
stations, and jails, and prisons, and blow them all up, and medical
hospitals are other big places which dhourties like to torture
dualdiger kids of mine, under them, and even in secret rooms, in them,
and so are universities and colleges, and large schools, and low
income housing projects, government buildings of all kinds, and blow
all of them up, along with the Pentagon, Fort Knox, and so on.

We have to get the dhourties in government to cooperate, and to do
that, we need to send them a message. So if you wish to blow
Washington, D.C., out of the surrounding area, and level the white
house, and every one in it, then go right ahead. You have my explosive
formulas, on my bulletin board, so go right ahead, and do what you
think is right.

Now, we need the cooperating dhourties, to tell us every thing, and we
want them to cooperate with us, as quickly as possible. Are you
listening, Mr., And Mrs. Dhourties? You had better be, as some people
may not like you, very much.

When the organ animals all get charged up, then you, your self, get
charged up. Did you know that? You bet it is the truth. When your
organ animals spot a pretty looking girl, if you are a boy, or if you
are a girl and your organ animals spot an attractive looking guy, then
your organ animals inside of you leap into the air, almost, and they
are saying, 'I want to sexal with that person.'

If you are a girl, you begin drooling out of the vagina, and your body
stiffens up in many places, and you get firm, and ready for sexaling
with the other person. Other things, such as hard titties, and hard
tittie nipples firm up, and your butt muscles firm up, and your vagina
swells up, and your organ animals are all saying, 'Let's go for it.'
What fools we are to ignore our organ animals. If you are a boy, your
dick gets firm, and you get a big one. That is a hard dick that
inflates and grows large.

Subtle Ways Of Brain Washing People

It is in the Christian teachings and Muslim teachings that say, we
shouldn't go around, looking with 'roving eyes' and, we must not look
women and girls in the face, in the muslim countries. They teach about
'lewdness' which is a totally made up, fictitious concept of theirs,
as there is no such thing as lewdness, and they only make us think
there is, with their unique, deceptive, and tricky brain washing
techniques that they use in the mass media, and in schools, and in
churches, and in synagogues, and in mosques, and so forth. Saying
'incest' is a bad thing, or that 'sex with a minor' is a bad thing, or
that 'casual sex' is a bad thing, and only 'loose women' have casual
sex with others, or 'tramps', and calling girls 'sluts' and 'whores',
and using words like 'mother fucker' as a way of saying the person is
a bad person, or using the word, 'rape', or 'gang rape', to mean some
thing 'bad' happened, or in the same way to use the words, 'sodomy' or
to 'sodomize' another, to mean some thing that was against rules of
some 'abstract' 'god', or something, who supposedly left a bunch of
rules to live by which are in the quoran, or bible, or Judaic texts,
and so forth, all these examples are used to subtly brain wash us,
into thinking that sexing is an area of life, that we had better be
careful with, because if we are not, we may end up breaking a law, or
we may end up being sent to jail, or we may end up being shot by
someone who does not approve of our behavior.

What Is Sodomy?

So called, 'sodomy' or, poking some one in the butt hole with one's
dick, without the person's permission, is not a nice thing, but if you
ask, and if the person says, yes, fine, then, you need to massage the
butt hole, for half an hour or so, or in some cases, a little longer,
till you make the butt hole muscles relax. When they are relaxed, and
after the person has pooped out the poopy, lumpy stuff in the butt
hole channel, or the rectal column, or descending colon, is another
word for rectal column, and I've talked about the 'shank' in an
earlier post, and you should read it, once the shank, or butt hole
tube is loosened up by massaging the opening hole, the butt hole,
suffiently, then it is easy to slip in a dick, and women have dicks -
unless the doctors at the birthing hospital, cut off the baby girl's
dick when she was born, saying, 'The little baby girl will never be
able to find a husband, if she has a man's dick on her body' and with
that, they often just do surgery, and cut off the dick, and close up
the pee tube hole, and then pretend like nothing happened, and the
mother and father never even tell the girl she had a dick when she was
born - and girls and women like to slip their dicks into the butt hole
tube, also, and they like to ejaculate into the butt hole tube and
orgasm as they ejaculate and as they sexal boys and girls, and men and
women, with one's dick inserted into the butt hole tube, which feels
like a vagina, and is generally the same type of thing as a vagina,
except it is not for baby making, but it is for sexaling with others,
as I've explained, and men and boys like to sexal or put their dicks
into the butt hole tube, and eventually ejaculate, and orgasm, as
well, and there is nothing wrong with it, and it brings you closer to
'GOD', that's me, as you orgasm, as I've explained. The butt hole tube
begins to leak sexaling juices, as you sexal it with your dick
inserted into it, and that is a natural phenomena, and no one can deny
that the juices that leak out of the butt hole are sexaling juices. So
'sodomy' is just another bull shit idea of the dhourties, who wanted
to make sexaling between men and boys, and between women and girls,
'illegal', and then use that, to subtley brain wash people that sexing
the butt hole is a 'no no', and you may go to 'jail' if you sexal the
butt hole, and get caught doing it. Aren't the dhourty kids of mine,
stupid? Did they think they could keep this a secret, that sexing the
butt hole tube, is a pleasureable experience, and once you get used to
it, your capabilities for sexually orgasming, double and triple, and
even go higher, as you can sexal the butt hole tube, for days and
days, and with many partners, and it can go on for weeks, and weeks,
non stop, especially in women and in girls, who can sleep, with one
eye partially open, while sexaling all night, if the partners are
quite enough. You can orgasm so many times, one after another, after
another, after two and a half weeks, to four weeks of sexaling the
butt hole tube, day and night, and orgasms will continue, non stop,
and soon, you will not want to stop, and if you continue for long
enough, you will eventually pass out from orgasming so many times. So,
'sodomy' no matter how you look at it, or gang rape of the butt hole
tube, is a good thing, and it brings you closer to GOD, that's me, but
you have to ask the person for permission, to do it correctly, and you
can not force your self on the other person, as that is called,
assaulting another person, and that is not a good thing, so ask,
first, and if the person says, okay' then it should be perfectly
alright, but just don't tell the police, or your school yard security
officer, since they will report you to the district attorney, and
you'll get arrested for some stupid crap, bullshit, legalistic
nonsensical, dhourty minded, cheap trick they are using against you,
to stop you from having a good time, sexaling. Aren't they idiots.
Well we are going to clear up, all of this, and in time, all women and
girls, and all men and boys, will learn that sexaling the butt hole
tube, is a fun thing to do, and a fun sport, for men and boys to
engage in, and a fun way of sexaling for women and girls to engage in,
and in time, you'll all love sexaling the butt hole tube. And you
girls and women who had your dicks cut off, before you were old enough
to say whether you wished to have it on your body, or not, which is
kind of a nutty thing to think about, as of course, you would want
your hands attached to your body, and of course you would want all
your limbs attached to your body, and the dick is just another limb,
but it is a very important limb, because it can help you to draw
closer to GOD, that's me, as you sexal with your dick, you girls and
women, who had your dicks cut off, you can eventually grow them back,
as I've explained about, before, using tissue and organ regrowth molds
and foods for the molds, which will make the organ animals begin to
make babies, so that your dick grows back, eventually. It may take
some time, but little by little, it will grow back. The dhourty girls
and women, who come out for a tour of duty, always have their dicks
cut off, so that they can fool people into thinking that they were not
born with a dick. It is one of the Lesbianists' rules that they cut
their dicks off, before they come out for a tour of duty. Ask one of
them, and you'll see that I'm right about this. They grow it back,
once their tour of duty is up, and once they have a suitable place to
live, where they can live for the next, few thousand years, while
their bodies repair them selves. It takes a few thousand years for a
dick to grow back, completely, or nearly that long, but once it grows
back, it is usually as good as new. Seldom is it not good as new, and
only if the person has some kind of karmic problem, will it not grow
back, perfectly. That's very seldom, but it does happen. You can try
again, after you sexal a long time, and you will be able to erase your
negative karma, that keeps you from having a perfectly formed dick to
sexal with, if your dick does not grow back, perfectly, the first
time. In time, after you erase your karma, enough, your dick will
begin to shape up into a perfectly formed dick, but it takes a long
time, to get it perfect, so don't worry, as we will be here, for ever,
and we will be sexaling for ever, as this is a new age, the Gurkian
Age, and we are going to be sexaling for ever, from now on, all of
you, and me, too.

Societal Brain Washing

These tricks with words the dhourty kids play on us and use in the
media, is societal brain washing, and there are other types of brain
washing they use, such as in sunday school, by saying 'the lord said
that you should be chaste and love only your one wife' or something to
that effect, or that 'you should love, have sex, and have children
with only your "legally married to you and sanctioned by the
government, and here is a piece of paper to prove it" husband'. Well,
there are still other ways of brain washing you, by showing you how in
muslim countries, how strict people are about sexing with others who
they are not married to. This is subtle brain washing they use in the
media to try and scare you into following the rules they set up for
you to follow. They think you and I are fools, and that you and I will
not question their authority, but that is now all coming to an end.
That means, it is the end of an age, a long age, from the very
begining of our time in this universe, and we are starting a new age,
the Gurkian Age, and we are going to start all over, and right all the
wrongs, and get every thing corrected that needs correcting.

When you live a healthy life, with full nakedity, daily, every day of
the year, you begin to charge up the organ animals, inside of your
body, and when you live and work with others, in large groups of
people, who are also naked, twenty four hours a day, seven days a
week, you and they all begin to get charged up by your organ animals.
It is no secret, that if they feel good, then you feel good. If they
feel invigorated, and sexually charged up, then you will feel
invigorated, and sexually charged up.

What fools we are, not to know this. I don't mean, you, my dualdiger
kids, but it seems we should all know this, as it would be common
sense, if we were taught this in the public school system.

We are not given the chance to know about this, as the dhourties are
all too secretive, and they like feeding us their garbage talk, their
school teachers, and their professors, and their sunday school
teachers, and their law enforcement workers, and their judges, and
their government administrators, and so forth. I think we should get
rid of them all, and start out, fresh, but that isn't the way to go,
as we want to get them to cooperate with us, and to do that, we need
to invite them into your homes, into the play time dungeon cells,
where you can have them teach you all the secrets to sexaling, and all
the interesting information on living long, and prolonging our lives,
with molds, and foods for molds, that feed our organ animals, and
allow us to live forever as the organ animals, reproduce, as well as
the secret about where we can get spare body parts from, which is from
the sexaling juices of men and women, and even animals.

Well, it is about time, we started to find out the truth about all of
this, and if we do not get the cooperation of the dhourties in
government, pretty soon, there are going to be a lot of angry people,
pretty soon, as word of all of this, begins to spread from person to
person, as the dhourty news companies, the brain washing media
companies, with their bullshit news stories about 'incest' and about,
'lewdness', and about, 'prince charles and his latest secret sex
scandal', and so on, all the petty bull shit garbage talk they make us
swallow, as interesting news stories, which secretly send messages to
our brains, that sexaling is a 'no no', and that is total garbage
talk, but we are influenced to believe that sexaling is a 'no no' by
subtle means, every day, over the air waves, on tv, in the news, and
in the mass media print, in the news papers and news magazines. Well,
it is time to burn the 'Inquirer' down, and blow their basement up, as
well, as they no doubt, have the same kinds of torture facilities for
torturing dualdigers, under them, as well.

Hair Ports

Where else do the viewing ports, or optical ports, and the other ports
for sniffing fragrances, and for hearing sounds, and for hearing
various coding frequencies, that the organ animals communicate back
and forth on, exist?

They grow in nose hair follicles, eye lash follicles, eye brow
follicles, nose and throat hair follicles, stomach hair follicles,
intestinal skin hair follicles, external skin follicles, head hair
follicles, facial hair follicles, leg, arm, and body hair follicles.
The sensory ports grow along with the hair follicles, extending their
way up the hair shafts, and to the surfaces of the hair follicles so
that they can pick up the light waves, and various energies waves, for
sounds, and for colors, hues, textures, texturing hues, light and
grey, dark and white, prisms, or prismatic colors.

The organ animals transmit in not only sound orientation patterns, but
also in light wave frequencies patterns. There are many energies wave
forms that they can transmit and pick up, and the multitude of
variances and types are far greater then we are aware of. The organ
animals can transmit off and send out various frequencies, with
various tonal orientations. They can transmit in light wave energies
codings of various shades, colors, hues, textures, and patterns. The
variety is nearly limitless, and it will take you a long time to study
about all of them.

There are odors that they can pick up, and there are odors that they
can generate, when they are healthy. They are not healthy, unless you
feed them, correctly. If you do not feed them the foods that they
like, they will not send out any special energies wave forms, or even
odors, or much of any thing else, as they are starving, and have no
way of supplying the needed nutrients to the internal organs of the
organ animals, for the internal organs to produce the energies needed,
to transmit and send signals out in.

If you do not feed the organ animals the foods they need, they become
pathetically weak, and they will barely do any thing, at all, in terms
of communicating with other organs animals.

If the organ animals do not communicate with other organs animals in
our own body, and in other people's bodies, they can not meet and talk
with other organs animals, and they can not sing to each other, and
they can not give off the scents and odors that signal health and well
beingness and that bring cheer and happiness, and vital energies to
each other, as they sexually arouse each other, and that in turn,
sexually arouse us, as a spin off of their good health, fitness, and
well beingness.

They are stuck in a pathetically weak physical condition, all their
life, narly starving to death, because of the poor diets we are
encouraged to eat, that do not give them the nutrients they need to
get healthy, and fit. The pitifully poor in nutrients foods such as
corn flakes, or cheerios, raisin bran, total, and so forth,
manufactured by Kellog's or Proctor and Gamble, General Mills, Quaker
Oats, etc., and all the other, pathetically nutritionless foods that
the major and minor dhourties' foods manufacturers produce, that we
eat, day in and day out, do nothing for the health and welfare of our
organ animals, and these foods barely keep us alive, nutritionally

The organ animals, when healthy, can use all the possible transmission
frequencies that are available to them, to speak to others, and to
communicate with others, and to begin to have a good time, in life.
They deserve to have a good time, in life, just as your pet dog does,
and just as your pet parakeet does, and just as your pet cat or ferret

We can not starve these animals inside of our bodies, which is
basically what we are doing, at the present. We can not deny them a
view to the outside world by covering up our bodies with clothes,
women's and girls' faces with veils and women's and girls' hair with
scarves as in the middle east, and with face powder and mascara, as is
the tradition in the west, and in some eastern countries.

We can not deny the organ animals companionship with others of their
species, if you can call it that. They are living beings, and they are
creatures. They are breathing, and alive, and they wish to be fed, and
they wish to stay healthy, and they wish to meet others, and they wish
to be able to communicate with others, and we deny them those rights
of theirs, and others of their rights, because we are ignorant as to
the fact of their existence in our bodies.

This is obviously a conspiracy, if you haven't figured it out, by now,
and we have to put a stop to it. We also have to educate our selves as
to how to feed them, and how to properly feed our bodies for maximum
nutrient intake to the organ animals, that are the basis for our
physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well beingness.

In time, we will learn more about all of this as we get the
cooperation of more and more of the dhourties, who are willing to
cooperate, and who are willing to teach you, my dualdiger children,
about all of this. I am GOD, and I am your mom and pop. I can call you
my children, and I can call my dhourty children, my children, and you
had all better get used to it, as now and then I will address all of
you as my children, whether people like it or not.

I've got lots of children in my universe, and some of them look like
fucking apes, and some of them look like fucking monkeys, and some of
them look like ostriches, and you won't believe the mutataions they
have gone through, some of them, and actually, lots of them. Many of
them are mixed mutations, that they have gone through, and lots of
them look nothing like any thing you've ever seen before. They are
gruesome looking, and scarisome, and you would not like to meet  them,
guraranteed, as they will tend to eat you up, if they can. It's the
result of their karma, and it will be a long time before we erase
eneough of their karma to make a difference, so as to bring them back
to a form that is close to or similar to what a human being looks
like, for us to then mix with, marry with, and sexal with. You were
all the spouses of each other, from way, way, back, and you will be
the kids of mine, and you will be marrying each other, again and
again, as there is no limit to the number of times you can form a
parental union, and that means with more than one spouse in tow. You
can form parental unions with more than one spouse, and there is no
limit, practically, to the number of spouses you can have, male and
female, at the same time.

I'm not sure what the limit is, but it is a working number of people,
and that means, any where below a few trillion, or maybe even a few
more. You can have nearly an unlimited number of spouses, and that's
probably more like it, but the trick is, how do you manage all your
spouses, that is, how do you serve and protect, and sexal with all of
them, when the number grows over a few million or more. Well, it takes
time, and experience to teach you that, and you'll learn all that, in
your courses you'll be taking, when you start up studying, and
participating in the programs that I and my children have planned for
you, once we get a little further into the Gurkian Age. We are still
in the preparatory stages, of my religous revolution, and soon we will
be getting past the preparatory stages, and how soon, I can't
estimate, but obviously, we need the cooperation of the dhourty
governments, and of the dhourties to begin to get any where.

Teeth Ports

We have teeth and finger nails, and toe nails that also have optical
ports, and other sensory ports in them. Of course our animals inside
of our teeth want to make friends with other animals inside of other
people's teeth. There are also many other animals inside of us who can
use the viewing, or optical ports inside the teeth, and in the finger
nails, and in the toe nails, for viewing outside of the body, and for
looking at other animals in other people's bodies, and then for
communicating with those animals. All these animals are organ animals,
and they are on the job, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week,
and they barely ever sleep. They like to make contact with others of
thier kind. I don't know if 'species' is correct, but they are all my
worker animals, or in this case, worker organ animals. They need
respect just like your puppy dogs and your cats and your parrots do,
if you are a normal human being who respects other living beings.
Well, any way, lots of these organ animals inside of us, are very
clever, and much more clever than we are, in some ways. You can study
about them and how they communicate with each other, and how they have
fun with each other, once we get the educational materials that I
handed out, to the FBI, and that was passed on to the governments of
the world, as I've explained about, before.

We probably should not cover up our faces with makeup, because that
makes it hard for organ animals to see out side into the world around
them. It also makes communicating difficult, when we put on face
makeup, that is, when women and girls put on face makeup, as that gets
in the way of the optical viewing ports, and it gets in the way of the
ear ports, the hearing ports, or the incoming signals ports. Also,
finger nail polish and toe nail polish is of course, obstructive, and
it prevents the organ animals from communicating out and it prevents
the organ animals from recieving incomeing light wave and signals
waves transmission signals that depend on your having clear and not
painted toe and finger nails. Hair coloring in women and in men, and
beard coloring in men, is also obstrutive, and it prevents the
incoming and out going signals, and is just as bad as nail polish, and
makeup, or face veils, such as they wear in the middle east, and
scarves over the hair, which women and girls in the middle east are
also forced to wear. It's not fair, what is going on. We are being
suppressed by our dhourty friends, who do not treat us very well,
aren't we. We are being told how to live our lives, and it is all
totally fictitious, and made up, it's a fairy tale dream land they
have created, with artificial rules, and artificial religious beliefs,
and artificial laws that mean nothing, when we look more closely at
them, such as the 'lewdness' laws, and the 'incest' laws, and the
'nakedity' laws, and the 'no public sexaling' laws. It's all foolish
dribble drabble, or nonsense, they made up, from their not so smart,
brains of theirs.

Well, anyway, we'll get it all straightened out, one day, soon, I
hope. Until then, let's talk with our friends, and tell them about all
of this, and see what wild kinds of parties, you can begin to have
with your friends, all naked, and having fun with each other. Invite
your dhourty friends, too, because they have a lot to teach you, and
if they do not wish to come, then maybe you should ask them why?
Usually, they are older, as not many of them can rejuvenate themselves
to look much younger than eight or nine years old. Some girls, though,
they may be able to rejuvenate them selves to what would appear to be
a four year old, if their bones are small enough. In some Asian
countries, some girls may look even three and a half years old,
because they are so tiny, some of them, and their bones are very
small. The smaller your bones are, the younger you can make your self
look, when you rejuvenate your self.

Captain Off The Bridge.

John Francis Ayres
And Kids

Dick and Cunt Animals, And Other 'Sexaling' Organs Animals -
Incompatible Fumes Animals - Preventing Body Melt Down Tragedy -
Keeping People Alive To Torture Them - Natural Plant Fibers, Fur
Fibers, Clothing, And Cloth - People Living Inside Of Our Planet - How
Do Volcanoes Work - Fictitous Religious Ideas And Fiction Based Social
Customs, Taboos, Societal Rules, Legalistic Laws, Codes, Regulations,
Prohibitions, Punishments, And Penalties - Male And Female
'Circumcisions' And Female 'Dick' Removals - Butt Fuckaling And
Sexaling - Water, Chlorine, And Flurine, And Burning Body Syndrome -
Body Melt Down Prevention And Salted Food Oils - Salted Food Oils,
Molds Animals, And Funguses Animals - Under Arm Deodarants - Vaginal
Douching Agents - Washing Your Back Side, Your Butt Hole And Butt
Crack, After You Poop - Bidets, Fountain Pooper Hole Washers - Molds
Animals And Weight Control - We Shall Over Throw And Destroy The
Societies The Dhourties Had The Dualdigers Build For The Dhourties
Updated: 01-09-08 Rev.f 07:38 PDT

Dick and Cunt Animals, And Other 'Sexaling' Organs Animals

Dick, scrotum, and cunt animals, and boobie animals, and breasts
animals, and butty butt animals, butty butt hole animals, groin
animals, underarm animals, and every organ animal in your body, they
do not like you to wear clothes.

Organ animals like to be able to smell the odors around them in their
environments, and that means, the odors on the outside of your body,
as well as the odors on the inside of your body. There are noses, or
odor sensors on the outside or skin of your body, and on the surfaces
of the hair shafts, finger nails, and toe nails, odor sensors that
function as noses, as I explained. The tiny organs animals in side of
your body, as well as the big organs animals inside of your body, they
all have noses attached, or odors sensors that function as noses, to
smell the odors, in the atmospheres, around them.

The organs animals inside of your body, as well as your dermal skin
organ animals, hair organ animals, teeth organ animals, bone organ
animals, sinew organ animals, cartiladges organs animals, ligatures
organs animals, and so forth, they all get a better sense of what is
around you, if you do not wear clothes. They can smell or sense the
odors of other people, and the odors of the organs animals inside of
other people, that are in the air on the outside of your body, that
drift in the air, from the ladies' bodies organs animals and from the
mens' bodies' organs animals.

Incompatible Fumes Animals

The organs animals of your dick, cunt, groin, breasts, hips, butt,
legs, and so forth, all enjoy the odors of other people's organs
animals. If you leave your windows open, in the day time, and at
night, and bring in the fresh air of the outside with the odors of
kids, girls, boys, men, and women, and if you take your pants off, and
underpants off, and your shirt or blouse off, and socks or stockings
off, as you get healthier from a proper diet for feeding your organs
animals, and for feeding you, as well, when your organs animals become
healthy, they will perk up right away as they sense or smell, the
odors of the kids, girls, boys, women and men, and elderly people, who
are in your neighborhood, walking by your home, or by your apartment,

The odors of other organs animals, such as those of dogs, cats, birds,
and other animals, are all good for the health of the organs animals
inside of your body and they perk up the organs animals to some
extent. The best compatiblities of organs animals, such as mens',
womens', girls', and boys' organs animals, perk up the organs animals
inside of your body, and inside of your dick if you are a male, and
inside of your cunt, if you are a female, and all of your sexaling
organs animals, the most.

All animals, big and small, all have organs animals with similar
shapes, and all the organs animals come in different sizes, and they
all give off wonderful odors that stimulate your organs animals
appetite for enjoyment, and for fun, and entertainment.

Organs animals get their entertainment communicating with other organs
animals, and by exhanging odors and messages of various kinds, and
singing and talking, and if they can not smell or sense other organs
animals, because you are always wearing clothes, and if they can not
see them, or hear them, your organs animals and you will slowly
perish, and their interest in living, and your interest in living,
will slowly diminish, and they will grow sad, and you will also grow

The poly carbonates plastics and fumes animals' smells, and the over
powering, over whelming poisonous fumes animals that mess up the smell
sensing of the organs animals, and mess up their brains, bodies, and
nervous systems, will cause the organs animals to lead sick, lonely,
unhappy, tragic lives, and they will slowly die, as they get eaten up
by fumes animals from gasoline, car exhaust, industrial pollution,
plastics, nylon carpets, polyester sheets, polyester blankets, nylon
and polyester clothing, polyester pillows, nylon stockings, polyester
and nylon panties of women, polyester and nylon socks and underware of
men, and as they get eaten up by other incompatible fumes animals from
the chemicals industry, and from the petro chemical industry, and from
the brewery industry.

I've mentioned, before, store bought whiskey, gin, vermouth, and so
forth, all have various types of alcohol in them, that are made from
different processes, from the petro chemical industry and from the
chemicals industry. That poison but drinkable alcohol is blended in
with naturally brewed, normal, drinkable whiskey, or other alchol
beverage, and then sold to the public to drink. Apple cider vinegar
has one type of this poison but drinkable alcohol in it, and wines,
beers, and liquors all have poison but drinkable alcohol of different
types, in them.

Organs animals do not like to smell or inhale, or sense, the odors of
the poly saturates plastics animals and the odors of the plastics
animals' relatives from the chemicals industry, and from the
petrochemical industry.

Organs animals prefer the odors of cotton, and wool, and of natural
fibers from plants, and odors from fibers from animals, and organs
animals get sick if they are forced to sense the odors of the poly
saturates plastics animals, and other related animals, from the two
industries, mentioned above.

If organs animals are forced to inhale, or sense the odors of these
plastics animals, and fumes animals, that are incompatible with human
beings, they get sick, and they die, eventually, from sensing them
over too long a period of time. It is not good for them, and it is not
good for their nervous systems, and the fumes are not good for you,
either. The plastics and other detrimental fumes animals, find the
organs animals, tasty, and they eat them up, little by little.

Your body gets eaten up, little by little, by these incompatible fumes
animals, who eat up little and big organs animals, and then poop and
pee out all kinds of petroleum related substances, and other harmful
chemical substances.

These worsen the health of your organs animals, day by day, hour by
hour. One day, your dick or your cunt, will not wake up, any more, as
you grow older in age, and it is because your organs animals in your
dick, or in your cunt, have been too seriously damaged by all the
incompatible fumes and other animals, that eat up your dick organ
animals, or your cunt animals, and you loose the sensitivity, and you
loose the organs animals that provide juices of various kinds, to
provide your body with aphrodesics animals. Your desire for sexaling
begins to fall, as you grow older, as a result, and you loose your
interest in sexaling.

The butthole organ animals hold out longer than the dick and the cunt
organ animals, and the titty nipple animals, lips animals, and other
organs animals needed for sexaling with each other.

That means, your dick may be of no or of little use, or your cunt may
be of little or of no use, but your butt hole, and your shank, are
doing, better, perhaps, depending on your diet. If your diet is filled
with foods that are loaded in preservatives, iodized table salt,
petroleum tainted sugar, and or sugar tampered with by the use of many
other unhealthful to humans animals, and if you eat a lot of fast
foods, or foods made for you, such as precooked meals, you serve from
the freezer, for a fast warm up in the micro wave oven, which adds
more unhealthy animals to your diet, by the way, your organs animals
may not be in very good shape, in your mouth, throat, tummy, shank,
and in the butt hole.

Micro wave, by the way, leaves lots of animals of various kinds, on
your skin, just like the sun light does. The micro wave animals, get
together with other animals that should not be on your body, and which
should not be in your body, and they start breeding, and feeding on
each other and feeding on your body, and they begin making a nice home
of your body, and later in life, your body will erupt in a
catastrophic destruction, when all of a sudden, your whole body erupts
with countless, incompatible animals, eating up your body organs,
inside and out.

Preventing Body Melt Down Tragedy

Molds animals, and funguses animals, and ocean salt, and raw, pure
sugar, and other nutrients, will help your body to over power all of
these incompatible animals, and the incompatible animals will
eventually all get destroyed if you are diligent and make sure that
you eat the types of molds animals, and funguses animals that are
needed in your body. You can learn more about this, when you get the
software package from the government, as I've mentioned about, before,
or when you make friends with a dhourty, and learn from him or her, as
I've mentioned about, before.

The Dhourties never mention this type of outbreak of animals in
peoples' bodies that eat up their bodies, all of a sudden, on the TV
or in the news papers, as a person who has an outbreak is too grissely
to look at, and the person smells, terrible. It most often occurs in
the elderly, and the elderly are hidden from others, and no one in the
general public ever sees the elderly when their bodies begin to get
eaten up by these animals. It can happen to persons who are not
elderly, if the person is exposed to dangerously high levels of toxic
fumes animals, and other incompatible animals, on a daily basis.

The person's body, melts, and sours, and becomes greasy, as the organs
animals are all being eaten up, all of a sudden. It often starts on
the head, as it erupts on the scalp, or on the face, hands, feet, or
skin. Lots of these people live in side their homes, and never come
out, as they look and smell too awful, as they slowly die. Many times,
when a person at home is sick, after an eruption begins, a family
member or friend will often times shoot the person, or assist the
person with a suicide, as the person is too horrible to look at, as he
or she begins to melt, and as the person begins to smell awful.

Often times, if the dhourties get to these people, first, the
dhourties transfer these people to the torture rooms, below hospitals,
and below prisons, and below, welfare housing projects, when they find

Keeping People Alive To Torture Them

They then use their technical know how, to preserve the decaying
person, as he or she is being eaten up, and they extend the life of
the person, with their medical sciences know how, and they do peculiar
things to these people, and turn them into people who never die.

The brain does not die, easily. We think it does, but it does not die,
if you place it in a bottle of formaldehyde, or in a bottle of rubbing
alchohol. You can place nutrients for the organs animals to eat, and
they are just like fish, with the right combination of nutrients mixed
in the solutions. The brains do not die, and they are alive, and that
means, the person is alive.

They do not need to breath. We and our four legged animals, and two
legged birds animals, need air animals and various gasses animals,
that carry in lots of useful substances, that mix in with our blood,
and then carry the useful substances around the body, bringing them to
the organs animals, for them to absorb through their bodies, through
tiny little pores, and openings, that the organs animals can suck in
the fluids through. They also expell the fluids, once they have
absorbed the useful substances they need to keep them alive.

If you place a solution that has all the needed ingredients into it,
and then force it into the lungs, the person will no longer need to
breath, air and gasses, animals, and they can live almost indefinetly,
though it is a very cruel thing to do to a person.

They do not feel well, and they can no longer talk. They do not like
it, and they begin to hurt, all over the body. They will, however,
stay alive, and then as they stay alive, the dhourties torture them,

They do this to elderly people, all the time, when elderly people,
begin to decay and degenerate into a blob of oily substances, that
smell very foul.

Of course, no one is going to tell you about this in a medical
journal, as it is a trick or prank, the dhourties use, as they like to
torture, dualdigers, if they can get a chance to torture them.

If you walk around with no clohes on, the organs animals in your body,
will perk up, and they will begin to feel better. If you feed them
properly, with molds from breads, and with the foods the molds animals
like to eat, such as beef, ham, fish, foul, eggs, corn, cheese,
yogurt, milk, cream, spagetti, linguini, pizza, breads, peanut butter,
jams, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and so forth, and then poop and pee
out, you will make your organs animals diets, much more healthful to
them, and they will return to active duty, for you, and they will
begin to work for you, as they are very intelligent, almost like
people, many of them, and some of them are even better, or smarter
than people, such as your brains organs animals, and your nerves
organs animals, many of them, and lots of other sense organs related
organs animals.

The brains and nerves, and other related organ animals, and also, some
other organs animals, besides them, make it possible for you to think.
If we didn't have them in us, in many different places, throughout our
entire body, we wouldn't be able to think, and we wouldn't be able to
do any thing, such as walk, talk, shake hands, eat, pee, poop, think,
sense things, make love, sexal, and so forth.

Natural Plant Fibers, Fur Fibers, Clothing, And Cloth

We need to be allowed to walk around, and live with no clothes on,
when we can. If it is too cold, we need to keep our selves warm, by
dresssing in compatible clothes materials, such as cotton, wool, fur
skins, and clothes made from various plant fibers such as hemp or jute
fibers, coconut husk fibers, cotton fibers, wood pulp fibers, heavy,
fiberous leaves fibers, reed fibers, root plants fibers, tuborlongs
fibers, and soy bean husks fibers, and barley husks fibers, rice husks
fibers, corn husks fibers, and various other plant fibers, that we can
plant, grow, harvest, and then mix and match with compatible fibers
for making the clothing to keep us warm, or to make the clothing, we
like to dress up in, and go out to the movies, or to the theater, or
to go shopping, to school, or to work in.

You can also harvest natural fur fibers from chipmunks, squirels,
deer, elk, antelope, goats, cows, horses, donkeys, mules, and from
bears, ducks, chickens, parrots, swans, flamingos, sea otters,
oselots, dogs, wolves, dingos, kangaroos, koala bears, and from other
animals. These fibers, once you harvest them, and process them, with
patented technologies, the Dhourties, hide and conceal from
Dualdigers, can also be used to make cloth, and clothing materials.

The dhourties and others, know about the technologies needed for
making natural fibers cloth from leaf fibers, and from wood pulp
fibers, and from fur fibers, but the dhourties do not allow people to
make these types of natural fibers cloths, as they are too healthful
for you to wear and use in your daily life.

Many people need not wear anything, when the climate is mild, and
warm. If it is rainy, they need some protection, maybe, from the water
falling, to keep their hair dry, and to keep them feeling comfortable.
After the rain is over though, the clothes, such as a poncho, or rain
jacket, can come off, and your body's organs animals will be able to
smell, or sense, the fresh odors after the cool rain shower.

The dhourties do not want you to walk around, naked, as they know that
your health will improve. They also know that your animal organs and
their health, will improve. When the animals organs health improves,
they will be able to become more active, and that will make you more
healthy, the more active, and the more interested in life, and in
living, they become.

The dhourties made up the fictious bible stories, and they made up the
fictitious islamic, judaic, and christian creation stories, and they
made up the evolution stories, as well, and they try to make it seem
that the bible is the source for morals, and the bible says that butt
fuckaling is wrong, and that sexaling with other persons, other than
for making children with your wife is wrong.

People Living Inside Of Our Planet

They then based a whole culture, every culture on this planet, nearly,
on fictitious myths, and untrue stories, to keep people from enjoying
sexaling, because they say, the dualdigers make too many babies, and
if they are not stopped from making babies, they will over run the
dhourties, as there are ten times the number of people on this planet,
than I originally estimated, which was in the area of nine billion or
so, to eleven, thirteen, or fourteen billion. There are ten times that
many people on this planet, and there are lots of people living inside
the planet, we do not know any thing about.

How Do Volcanoes Work

Volcanoes have a heated mass of easily melted rocks materials, and
that pools in a tube, in a 'beaker' like tube, and it swishes around,
as the earth turns, and it gets hotter and hotter, and the crumbling
mass of rocks, melt down, and they swish around in the bottom of the
'beaker', and every where else, outside the area of the 'beaker' stays
warm or cool, and the futher you get away from the 'beaker', the
cooler the rocks get. We have people living in the core of this
planet, we know nothing about. We have other people, living in other
areas of the sub surface areas of this planet, and we do not know any
thing about them, either. They all arrrived here, as members of the
sexaling for a living outbound expedition new planets settlement
programs, from many other planets in our universe.

The dhourties do not like us to make children, and they want to keep
us impotent, and they want to keep us separated from each other, and
they want us to keep on our clothes, so that our organs animals will
not feel good, as they choke on fumes they inhale, or sense, and as
they die, from early childhood, on upwards to our old age. We will
have less interest in sexaling, as a result of the lower sexaling
interests that we have, as we grow up, from fewer and fewer healthy
organs animals, and this keeps the population of the dualdigers down,
and they think they have a right to do this to us.

They have too many people on this planet, to keep them busy,
tortureing, daily, and they do not want any more people on this
planet, as they say it is enough to keep them busy, as they work,
torturing them. The dualdigers, that's me, and people like me, who can
remember their relatively recent birth date, usually people who are
less than one hundred and ten or twenty years old, come and go, and
come and go, as tummy babies, and then, as we grow old, we die, and we
go back to my Epcot Center, for a short stay, until there is a new
tummy mommy and tummy daddies, who help the tummy mommy have a tummy
baby, and back to this planet, you or I, or some one, else, comes.

Fictitous Religious Ideas And Fiction Based Social Customs, Taboos,
Societal Rules, Legalistic Laws, Codes, Regulations, Prohibitions,
Punishments, And Penalties

The dhourties have built our societies around the world, based on
their written documents about fictious biblical persons such as
'Moses' and 'Abraham', and 'Jesus', and about the fictitious
statements these people supposedly said. These people, 'Moses',
Abraham, Jesus, and others, did not do any thing, other than live as
dualdiger peasants, in the middle east, the mythlogical land of
'Judea', the land supposedly promised by god, to give to the Jews.
They made fictitous statements up, fairy tales, for each religion I
orginally taught, and they tore out and threw away, all of the orginal
teachings, I had left behind, in all of my teaching my religions,
lifetimes, and there were a lot of those life times, and I taught a
lot of religions. The other religions, and cults, were made up by the
dhourties, as I've talked about, before.

The dhourties made up the ideas, completely, about lewdness, lewd
conduct,  indecent exposure, indecent conduct, sexually explicit
conduct, soliciting sex is bad and wrongful behavior, prostitution is
wrongful behavior, prostitues should be punished, sex offender, sex
offenders should be punished, child sex offender, child sex offenders
should be punished, pandering or pimping, sodomy, i.e., butt fuckaling
is wrongful behavior, good girls do not have sex with others before
they get married, the need for women and girls to be 'virgins' until
marriage, incest or sex between members of the same family is wrongful
behavior, persons who enjoy incest, sex between family members, should
be punished, public sex is wrongful, public sex acts are wrongful,
persons who enjoy public sex should be punished, persons who do not
dress properly and who do not conform to public standards, the
standards the Dhourties set, should be kept out of restaraunts, bars,
pool halls, amusement parks, movie theaters, ice skating rinks, tennis
tournaments, hockey games, foot ball games, rugby games, basketball
games, baseball games, swimming pools, ponds, rivers, lakes, and off
of public beaches, or be put in jails, there is a need for removing
the dick foreskin of baby christian and jewish males, there is a need
for removing vaginal or cunt tissues from muslim girls, and lots of
other taboos and misleading stories, in cultures and in civilizations
around the world and around our universe.

Male And Female 'Circumcisions' And Female 'Dick' Removals

The dhourties require all of their members of their organization to
rejuvenate their bodies, and when they go out for a 'tour of duty',
the dhourties must follow the customs of the society they are joining,
as pretend citizens. Male dhourties who join christian, muslim, and
jewish societies, under anesthesia must have their foreskins shaven
off their dicks. Female dhourties who join any society, under
anesthesia, must have their dicks cut off, amputated, i.e., surgically
removed, and then their pelvic region, with cosmetic surgery, must be
made to look like the female never had a dick. Female dhourties who
join muslim and jewish, and some christian societies must submit to
have their vaginal, or cunt tissues, sliced off, by surgical means,
under anesthesia, and the cunt tissues that remain must be made to
look in appearance the same as all other muslim female's shaved off,
or sliced off cunt tissues.

Butt Fuckaling And Sexaling

Butt fuckaling is a very healthy activity for you and for your
friends, as the dick animals and the butt hole animals, and the butt
hole shank animals all get to smell the odors of other organs animals,
in different people's bodies. Sexaling is a very healthy activity, of
course, as it allows all the organs animals in your dick, if you are a
male, and in your cunt, if you are a female, and all the other
sexaling organs animals in your bodies, to smell or sense each other,
and to talk, sing, play games, and communicate with each other, in
different people's bodies.

The Dhourties want you to be unhealthy, and they do not want you to
enjoy sexaling, and they do not want you to enjoy good health.

Water, Chlorine, And Flurine, And Burning Body Syndrome

Tap water has chlorine in it, as I've mentioned before, and it also
has flurine, and both of these are powerful chemicals, and you can get
easily poisoned by both of them. People who inhale the gasses in tap
water, the chlorine fumes animals, and the flurine fumes animals,
which are also found in tooth paste, will develop a medical condition
called 'burning body' syndrome. You can also develop partial body,
burning body syndrome, such as 'burning arms' syndrome, or 'burning
legs' syndrome. People who spend a lot of time at the pool side,
inhaling fumes from the pool water, may likely develop 'burning body'
syndrome. Your body, at the skin and under the skin in the muscles,
feels heated up, burning or painful, sometimes almost scorching, and

Detergents soaps fumes animals, industrial soaps for janitorial uses,
also cause burning body syndrome, and asbestos animals also cause
burning body syndrome. Fumes animals also cause fibromyalgia, as I've

Burning body syndrome and fibromyalgia are often misdiagnosed as
'panic disorder', or 'chronic anxiety disorder', or as 'anxiety
disorder', or as some type of severe allergy related disorder, such as
what firemen and firewomen often get, when they go to houses and
apartments that have caught fire, and try to put out the fire, and the
firemen and fire women, and police officers, and on lookers, inhale
all the plastics fumes animals, that come out in the black, peculiar
smelling smoke that comes from plastics burning.

You are better off to not breath these fumes, and you should evacuate
the area, when a house, apartment, or building catches on fire. It is
too hazardous to your health to stay around, and try to put out the
fire, or to watch from a distance, as every one will get ill from
inhaling the burning plastics' fumes animals that come out with the

Body Melt Down Prevention And Salted Food Oils

You can salt food oils, such as corn oil, vegetable oil, olive oil,
sunflower seed oil, safflower oil, and nut oils, with a little ocean
salt, as you pour in a small amount of salt to disolve into food oil,
or into a mixture of food oils. You do not need to disolve much ocean
salt, just half a cup or so, to every one quart to three or even
seven, eight or nine quarts. The more salt, the better, as it will
help destroy the incompatible fumes animals, and other incompatible
animals, the Dhourties unleash on us, daily, in the products we buy at
the super markets, and in the air we breath, daily.

Salted Food Oils, Molds Animals, And Funguses Animals

You can ask a Dhourty friend of yours about what types of molds and
funguses animals to use, in making your salted food oils, more
healthful to use. Ask him or her to help you make the molded breads
with the molds and funguses animals, or get the software I gave to the
government, that they are in possession of, and that they refuse to
distribute to Dualdigers.

Use some of the salted oil to coat your scalp, and lightly coat your
hair as you rub it in with your fingers. Dip your hands and fingers
into the salted food oil, and rub the salted food oil into your scalp,
face, neck, back, chest, tummy, pelvis, underarms, arms, hands,
fingers, legs, feet, toes, groin, dick if you are a male, or cunt if
you are a female, and into every pore in your body.

Also, rub the salted food oil into your butt crack and massage the
salted food oil into your butt hole. Do your feet and toes, last, as
there are many bad animals on the feet and between the toes, and under
the toe nails. Make sure you rub or massage sufficient salted food oil
into your skin, and wait several hours, if you can, before you wipe
excess oil off of your skin, before you go out.

Under Arm Deodarants

You do not need under arm deodorant as it is filled with toxic animals
that will destroy your body and eat up your organs animals. Use peanut
oil for your underarms, and for your groin, and for your feet, and for
your butt hole, and butt crack, if you are worried about unpleasant
odors. You can also use any other nicely scented oil with flowers oils
mixed in it, as I've mentioned, previously, how to press flowers for
making perfume oils.

Vaginal Douching Agents

Do not use vaginal douching agents, as marketed by Eve Arden, or by
any of her Dhourty friends and competitors. All vaginal douching
agents contain toxic bad animals, that will destroy your vaginal
lining, and they will contribute to body melt down syndrome.

Washing Your Back Side, Your Butt Hole And Butt Crack, After You Poop

Use water you can pour from a flower watering pot, to wash off your
butt crack, and wash out your butt hole, and to wash the poopal
material off your butt area. Tamp or pat dry the butt crack and butt
hole area with some toilet tissue, after you wash the poopal material
off of your butt hole, and butt crack.

Bidets, Fountain Pooper Hole Washers

You can also use a bidet, or a toilet that sprays out water, up
through a hose, or tube, so as to hit your butt hole, and butt crack
area. After washing your back side with a bidet, use toilet paper, to
dry off your back side. You can find bidets in Europe, and in the
Middle East.

Wash your hands with mild soap, blended with salted and sugared food
oils to make the soap less toxic to your skin and body. You only need
one soap for all indoor purposes. St. Ives, Swiss Formula, Whipped
Silk, and St. Ives, Swiss Formula, Vitamin E, are good body wash
soaps, after you mix either one or the other with salted food oils.
You can then use either one or the other for the face, hands, hair,
and body, and for the bathroom, and for the kitchen, and for all
indoor needs for soap.

You can take a shower, once, twice, or three times a week, and use
salted food oil, on your scalp, hair, and skin, and that will protect
your body from bad animals. You can use peanut oil, for a nice odor,
and it makes your skin healthy, and body odors begin to disappear, if
you eat a healthful diet of molds animals, and funguses animals, and
the foods the molds and funguses animals like to eat.

You need to use a clean, dry or lightly damp towel, to wipe off excess
oil from your hair. Let the salted food oil soak into the pores of
your skin,

Molds Animals And Weight Control

If you feed your body the molds animals and funguses animals, and
related animals, and then if you fill your tummy with food for them to
eat, they will eat all the food, and they will grow plumb and fat, and
you will stay slim and healthy. Food oils and fatty foods feed the
molds animals and their friends, and so does whole milk, yogurt, and
dairy cream with raw sugar. Meats and so forth, fruits, nuts and
vegetables are all good for them, and they all love these foods. You
can feed them practically anything, that is normal for humans to eat,
including pizza, spagetti, linguini, hamburgers, french fries, without
the petroleum oils mixed in with the food oils for cooking, of course,
and they will all devour every thing you feed your tummy with. As they
eat and eat, and drink, and eat, they get fat, and full of food. They
then pee out, and barf out, and drool out, and leak out, lots of
healthful nutrients, for feeding the organs animals in our bodies. The
organs animals do not gain too much weight, unless you really over
feed them. They may get plump, a little bit, but they can excercise,
regularly, and they will slowly slim down. If you do not have the
molds animals and their friends in your tummy, and in your body, when
you eat, the food will not get digested by any body, special, and it
will get eaten up by some tummy animals, of one kind or of another,
that your mommy passed on to you, when you were a tummy baby. That
will feed the organs animals, some nutrients, but barely enough to
stay alive.

We Shall Over Throw And Destroy The Societies The Dhourties Had The
Dualdigers Build For The Dhourties

The Dhourties' nonsense is going to end, as you either make friends
with the dhourties, as the Dhourties give up and surrender to you, or
as you ask them to go to my Epcot Center, using one or another of my
explosives formulas, as the Dhourties are not going to get away with
much more of their nonsense, for much longer.

The Dhourties' make believe stories, i.e., the fiction of the bible,
the koran, and the new testament, and the fiction based laws, codes,
regulations, rules, customs, taboos, and so forth, the Dhourties wrote
into law, for all of us to blindly follow and obey, are also going to
come to an end, soon, as soon as we, the Dualdigers, over throw and
destroy the societies that the Dhourties had you and I, and others,
all of us Dualdigers, build for them.

Captain Off The Bridge.

John Francis Ayres
Chief Administrator
Chief Priest
And Kids

Home Experiments, Keeping Alive A Brain In Tequila And Vodka -
Comatose Patients And Comatose Brains - Using Chipmunks For Scientific
Experiments - The Lipporal Lobes - Human, Monkey, Or Animal Brains In
Beakers Or Jars Of Formaldehyde In High Schools, And Jr. High Schools,
Primary Schools, Colleges, And Medical Labs - Cats And Under Water
Breathing - Humans And Underwater Breathing - Bogus News Stories On
Supposed 'Drowning Victims' In The Dhourty, Managed, Owned, And
Operated Media - Stroke Patients - Fallacy Of Cell Tissues Bursting
When Frozen - Shadow Cast Slumber - Bodies, Bodies, Every Where, Our
Old Friends, Family Members, Spouses, And Others, Living, Present In
My Universe, But, Where? - What Is High Blood Pressure? - Karmic
Energies - A War Deaf Hero Updated: 02-09-07 Rev.d 22:06 PDT

Home Experiments, Keeping Alive A Brain In Tequila And Vodka

If you put a brain in tequila and gin, that is a good tequila and
vodka, that is home brewed, and very delicious, and if you change the
fluids, every so often, you can put a human's brain inside of a beaker
large enough to hold the brain comfortably in the liquid fluids. The
brain will live, and the thought processes of the person will
continue, for an indefinite period of time. Maybe not forever, but, at
least for a few million years, or maybe a little more. I don't know
for sure, how long, but the Dhourties will be able to tell you. The
organs animals in the brain, can survive with the nourishing fluids of
the liquid fluids of good home brewed tequila and vodka.

A cat's brain, or a dog's brain can also live for an indefinite period
of time, as well. Hamster brains, guinea pig brains, pig brains, horse
brains, and chipmunk brains, will also. Chipmunk brains make funny
noises, as the think to them selves. If you put a few electrodes into
the brain area behind the ears, in a human being, you can hear the
person thinking to himself, if you take the electrodes and connect
them, safely, with a wire to a good ground on each electrode wire.
That is the only safe ground you can make, and current electrical
engineering sciences does not teach that, as the Dhourties want to see
all the structures that the Dualdigers make, except for the ones the
Dualdigers build for the Dhourities, eventually burn down.

The Dhourities will sneak into a building, at night, and wire the
building, correctly, to keep the building the Dualdigers are building
for the Dhourties, from burning down.

Each brain electrode wire must be grounded, or the person will not
feel well, and the person will eventually begin to feel nauseated, and
the person will begin to think he or she is vomiting, and eventually
the person will begin to experience sweats, cold chills, shaking, and
violent convulsions, that lead to trauma of the brain, and brain
death. This brain death is a comatose condition.

Comatose Patients And Comatose Brains

A comatose condition is one's brain has stopped thinking, fully, but
the person is still there, and the person will revive, but the person
will not feel good, and unless the wiring is corrected, the person
will go through the same experiences, again.

The organs animals are of course still alive, and they are not feeling
well, either, as they do not like the electrical shocks that occur,
occasionally, as the improperly grounded wire, back fires, and sets of
a shock wave of energies into the surrounding liquids. Every one, on
the outside of the brain, gets a tiny shock, and they do not like the
feeling of it, as they were not created by me, to endure such shocks,
periodically, or whatever.

The Dhourities do this to their friends, wire their brains in a bottle
or beaker of home brewed, good tasting Tequia and Vodka, when one of
their friends is punished for breaking one or more of the rules, the
Dhourities expect the members of their organization, to keep.

Using Chipmunks For Scientific Experiments

You can experiment on chipmunks, and wire the electrodes properly, and
then ground them, of course, and get a professional electrician, or
technician, to do the handy work for wiring the electrodes to a
ground. The ground should be a good earth ground, with about eighty
five feet of steel pipe, three inches round, gently pressed down
straight down into the soft earth. Additional copper and magnesium
particals, small chunks of copper and magnesium a few inches in
diameter, 3/4's of an inch, to two inches, to three inches, to four,
to five inches, each, sprinkled around, at different elevations, a few
inches to a few feet away from the pipe, every one to three, to eight
to ten to fifteen feet or so, as the pipe is pressed downwards into
the earth, will help dissipate the energies currents, that come off
from the brain, more efficiently.

The Lipporal Lobes

When you have the electrodes placed properly, in the chipmunks brain,
just below and behind his ear cavity, the lipporal lobe, you will hear
the chipmunk thinking to himself, or to herself, periodically. The
sounds will sound like a high pitched, to low pitched squeaking, or
squealing, and it will sound like the animal is talking in a language
of clicks, and other peculiar language sounds, that may make you think
the chipmunk is possibly from a strange, advanced civilization, from
another planet, when in fact, he or she is just a common, dirt
oriented, earth chipmunk.

The lipporal lobes of humans, are on either side of the brain, as
well, and they are just below the ear cavity, to the behind of the ear

Experiment on a chipmunk, first, to see if you can get it wired up
properly. It is against the law, that is, standard universal law, to
experiment on any creature without the permissions of the governing
body of trust authorities in charge of managing the day to day welfare
of the people who are living in the trust union, or state.

Human, Monkey, Or Animal Brains In Beakers Or Jars Of Formaldehyde In
High Schools, And Jr. High Schools, Primary Schools, Colleges, And
Medical Labs

If you happen to see in a science lab, a brain in a beaker of
formaldehyde, empty and throw away the contents of the beaker, and
replace the contents of the beaker, after you have given the organ
animals a nice bath, in natural, olive oil soap, with no petroleum
animals, or other similar, destructive bad animals, that are
incompatible with human beings.

After bathing the organ animals in luke warm water, around, 98 degrees
farenheit, or normal body temperature, with a light rinse off, and a
gentle scrub off of any accumulated, dust particles, or dirt, that
happened to get into the beaker, by accident, pull the brain organs
animals out of the wash bath, and place them in a damp towel. The
water ph balance number should be a four or four and a half, or five.
Make sure their is no chlorine, flurine, or other animals in the
water, such as stricknine, or arsenic, which you will typically find
in tap water, in very low concentrations.

Giving the brains animals a good bath, will make them feel a little
better, because their pee juices, and poopy juices, vomit, and so
forth, have made the formaldehyde bath, a very stinky mess for them,
for some time, and many of them will be dead, by now, and rotting.

If you know what kinds of molds animals to place into the new tequila
and vodka bath, that will help remove the carcasses of the dead, or
deceased organs animals.

The extra room created with the removal of the dead bodies of organs
animals, will make it possible for existing, healthy organs animals to
produce children, and the population of organs animals, will increase
to near normal levels, over time.

The whole time, while the organs animals are busy, the person who is
in the beaker, or the brain of the person who is in the beaker, will
be languishing, in a state of partial to complete comatosic distress.

Once, after a long period of time, the person recovers, and it may be
very long, several thousand, to several millions, of years, or even
longer, in some cases, the person will wake up, and with a headache,
like one has, when one recovers from a very bad weekend of drinking,
the person will be very sluggish, for a long period of time, before
the person begins to recover from the stresses placed on his brain
activities and functions.

You can always find a cooperating Dhourty, who will let you experiment
on him or her, to see if this works, and then, you can have fun,
talking back and forth, to him or her, over the intercom system, you
set up, with the help and expertise of the cooperating Dhourty, for
this experiment. This will take much less time, to get the same

Cats And Under Water Breathing

As babies, we are all emersed in fluids in the baby jump sack, or the
umbilical birthing sack, and we know how to breath, bringing in
fluids, and expiring, or pushing out the fluids, in a rythmical
manner, as we grow, every day, till it comes time to make the final
leap, out of the baby jump sack, and into our world of air and gasses

You can take a cat, and put the cat to sleep with a little anesthesia,
and then fill up the lungs of the cat, with ocean salt water fluids,
or with fresh water fluids. Otters swim around in either one, but they
prefer ocean salt water, to fresh water, at least, I think, most of
them do, maybe eighty eight, to eight nine percent of them, do.

Otters, of course, do not breath air, under water, but they do breath
water, under water. The Dhourties will never let you know this, and
they tell you the Whale holds its breath, but that is not true, and
they tell you the dolphin holds its breath, or the seal holds its
breath, or the penguin holds its breath, or the walrus holds its
breath, or the white, Alaskan, or Canadian, Arctic bear holds its
breath, but these statements are not true, as they all breath, water.

Place the cat in the ocean salt water, or in the lake fresh water,
fluids. After it wakes up, it will pass out, after a while. It may
become frantic, before it passes out, and it may be fighting, in an
attempt to figure out what is wrong, as it never finds itself
underwater, not able to breath air.

After it passes out, it will take several days, but it will wake up,
eventually, after up to eight to fifteen weeks, or maybe a few weeks
longer, up to eighty eight weeks, to three hundred and forty five
weeks, to five hundred or so weeks. At most, it can stay in the water,
a number of thousands or maybe, tens of thousands of weeks, and any
cooperating Dhourty will tell you the specifics on this.

After awhile, the cat will begin to re-learn, slowly, how to breath in
a liquid environment. When it does, it will begin to move and swim
around, looking for food to eat.

You can feed it fresh, live tuna, or other fresh, living fish, and it
will smell it, at first, and it may not be interested, but if you let
the blood of the fish, trickle out, a tiny bit at a time, and if you
get the cat to notice the discolored water, the water with the blood
drops in it, the cat will maneuver over to investigate, and sniff at
the blood drops in the water. After the odors are processed by the
cat's brain, it will begin to get hungry, and it will eventually chomp
down on the fish in the water, and begin eating the fish.

The cat will love the fish in the water, and you need to keep the tank
water environment, clean, and free of fecal matter, and pee fluids, so
you need to freshen up the tank water, with fresh water, daily, by
exchanging the water with fresh, clean water drawn in by pipes from a
lake, or from the ocean. Be certain there is no spillage pipes in the
area, for around three hundred miles or so, down to sixty five miles,
to as little as thirty eight to fifty miles, as the spillage from
sewer exhaust pipes in the lake, or in the ocean, will lead to a
premature, early death on the part of the cat.

It is not fun to watch a cat die, so in that case, you should catch
the cat, and remove it, and then incinerate it in a morgue type, high
temperature, body incinerator.

Humans And Underwater Breathing

If you do the same, with a willing and cooperating Dhourty, and place
him or her inside a slightly larger tank, he or she will wake up,
eventually, and then begin to relearn how to breath, in a liquid

He or she will not like the fact that you have him or her in a tank of
water, and the person will try to escape. To prevent that, place metal
bars, on the top of the tank, that are overlaying steel bars, of jail
cell grade steel bars, welded together, in a criss cross pattern, and
secured to the top of the tank.

Use acquarium grade window panes, and use good steel construction, to
make sure the Dhourty will not take a rock from the bottom of the
tank, or other hard, or metal object, and break the window on the

The Dhourties, have hidden in their bodies, tiny, sophisticated tracer
locater energies signals transmitters, and with their advanced
technologies, the Dhourties' friends will track down the missing
person, and then locate him or her, and then they will attempt to
rescue the participating Dhourty, who you are experimenting in the
name of understanding, and for the furthering and deepening of your
scientific knowledge, with.

There is no way to avoid this rescue attempt, except to ask the
participating Dhourty, before hand, where each one of the tracer
locaters, tinier than a BB gun's BB, is hidden inside the body or
teeth, or jaw bone, toe bone, or knee cap, etc., of the Dhourty.

You may need to set up a type of commode that is used in the space
shuttle, or some similar type of commode, to keep the water as free
and clear of loose fecal matter debris.

You can also feed the person, the types of fish, the cat enjoyed, and
other raw meats, and foul. Cooking the meat, and using barbecue sauce,
ketchup, mild red chili peppers, or other mild chili pepper, salt,
pepper, or worstireshire sauce, or a good marinade and basting sauce,
will make the barbecued, or steel pan fried meat in tasty oils, or
marinated, basted, and grilled meat, tastier for the participating
Dhourty. Use high quality steak, or beef, filet mignon grade or
better, and then the Dhourty will enjoy the hospitality, even more.

The water in the tank, will suffice for drinking water, unless you
wish to pass in a can of beer, or soda. Be sure to reclaim the empty
can, as you do not want the participating Dhourty to be able to
accumulate them, and then use them to damage or deface the inside of
the tank.

After you have finished your experiments, you can allow the Dhourty to
exit from the tank, and he or she will know what to do, to force the
fluids up and out of his or her lungs. They all train in aquatic
sciences, and they all know several, or many techniques to use, to
expel the water from their lungs, successfully. The water will
eventually drain from their lungs, as it leaks out of the lung sacks,
through tiny perforations in the lung sacks tissue linings.

If the person passes out, or fakes passing out, hand cuff the person,
with three to eight, hand cuffs, the prison style hand cuffs, with leg
cuffs, as well, attached, and make sure the person does not slip a
pin, or similar sharp instrument into his or her fingers, as he or she
attempts to unlock each handcuff, as he or she fakes his or her
supposed, but fake, unconcious state of mind.

After you suction out the water from the person's lungs, force in air,
and apply CPR, and keep going, untill the person spits out all the
fluids, and regains his or her normal breathing. Be sure the person
does not bite your tounge off, as you are applying CPR.

Bogus News Stories On Supposed 'Drowning Victims' In The Dhourty,
Managed, Owned, And Operated Media

A person will not drown, or die from submersion in the water, as the
Dhourties have led us to believe, with their bogus news reports of
persons drowning, in the media.

The person is merely passed out, and the heart need not even be
beating. The Dhourties have the know how, and techniques they need, to
revive supposed 'drowning' 'victims', and they transfer them to their
underground torture rooms, for torturing them, when they pull them out
of the water, or when they pull them out of the morgue.

Stroke Patients

Catastrophic stroke is not due to loss of blood to the brain, but it
is due to brain wireing, being completely destroyed, so as to impair
the person's use of his or her limbs.

Fallacy Of Cell Tissues Bursting When Frozen

We are taught in the media, that when a brain is frozen, such as in
the case of the people, who have their head frozen in dry ice, or in
cryonics suspension, under sub zero temperatures, that the brain
cells, and tissue cells with fluids in them, burst, and there is no
technology, or medical knowledge at present that would lead to the
possibility for recovery of these burst cells.

The possibility of bringing people back at a later date for surgery,
to heal them selves from some illness or, 'incurable' disease, is for
the time being, an impossibility. It is often said on CNN, by Chuck
Yeager, the TV media anchor person, that there is no known way and
there are no technologies at present, to bring a person back from a
cryonics suspension state of being frozen at sub zero temperatures.

There is much chatter in the nature oriented programs on TV that we
need to study how bears can hybernate, and survive, during icey cold
winters, in the Canadian Rocky's.

When brains freeze, the animals organs get cold, and they may get
chilly, but the organs animals do not burst, but they do get solid,
and they are icy cold, however they are not dead.

When you put roast beef from the super market in your freezer, you
merely freeze the organs animals in the roast beef. When they thaw
out, in your refrigerator, they are as good as new, except they are
very cold, and perhaps a little wuzzy, or brain frazzeled, and their
thinking is not too clear. Organs animals like temperatures somewhere
in the eighties or nineties, or maybe a little higher, or maybe a
little lower, as animals body temperatures vary, if they have lots of
fluids to help keep them cool. If they get too dried out, and the
fluids dry up, they will not die, but they will continue to live,
until the brains begin to disintegrate, and chips of brain materials
begin to fall or peel away, if we look at the tissues under powerful
microscopes, in laboratories, that we do not have.

When this happens, the organs animals brains are falling apart, and
even then, there is not complete and total darkness for them, as they
can still see objects with their sensoring equipment that allows them
to see things. They can also smell things, with their nose sensoring
equipment, even though they are drying out, and not completely, dead,
but only partially, living. Their thoughts are lonely, and they do not
have much energy for talking or communicating with their friends, but
they are alive, and they are mentally active.

When we put a person into the ground. Just because that person has
stopped breathing, that does not mean that the person is dead. The
person is alive, and the person's brain is fine, and well. It takes
many years for that body to dry out, and decompose, sufficiently, to
finally end the brain's activities of that person, so that the person,
is then able to leave the body, with my children's help, and then go
to my Epcot Center.

Shadow Cast Slumber

In the wilderness of Alaska, bears sleep in caves, and they may
develop frozen bodies, but they are not dead, and the musculature, or
rather, the muscle organ animals, are a little cold, or chilly, but
when it warms up, sufficiently, the organs animals begin to chirp to
each other, and signal to each other, and they begin to chat, and
speak to each other, and play games with each other, and communicate,
write songs, and poems, and sing to each other. They are very much
alive, and brainally active, even though it may be a little cold for
them. When they get too cold, they fall into a light slumber. When
they thaw out, they begin to perk up, and they begin to chirp and sing
to each other, much like morning birds sing to each other. Their
brains are wired for this activity, and they repeat it like clockwork.
The bear finally begins to unfreeze itself, as its body temperature
climbs, thanks to the activities of the little organs animals inside
of the bodies of the bears.

Human beings are no different from bears, and they will freeze up,
too, in cold weather. However, their bodies are the same as bears, and
they have organs animals in their bodies, too. These organs animals
all begin to thaw out, when it warms up, and they begin to chirp, and
sing to each other, like morning birds, just awakening in the
twighlight hours of morning, when there is still darkness all around,
but the sun is on its way up, and the birds sense it, and know it, and
eventually, the sun rises up over the horizon.

Human beings can thaw out, just like bears do, and just like all
animals do, and they will wake up, when the organs animals warm up the
human being - who was in a deep slumber, a shadow cast slumber -
suffiently enough.

Shadow cast slumbers are slumbers where you think, now and then, that
you know a little about what is going on, as you wake, momentarily,
from a light sleep.

Grave yards are full of persons in shadow cast slumbers. When you use
formaldehyde to replace the blood of a person, who supposedly died
from some accident, or whatever, the formaldehyde functions better
than the blood in the person's body, and it allows the person to
continue to live, long past the point in time, he or she would
otherwise, dry out, and fall apart, and disintegrate into tiny pieces
of sawdust like particles. Even in these saw dust like tiny particles,
there is still life activities going on, as the very tiny organs
animals are, many of them, still fine and awake, and in a slumbering
state, a slow motion type state, or mood.

The brains of these organs animals are not dead. Brains of humans are
not dead either, after humans 'die' or 'pass on', as we are led to
believe by the Dhourties, who feed us their nonsense like, looney,
false trivia, which has nothing to do with science.

This is the state of things, and the Dhourties know it. They have
grave yard after grave yard with shadow cast persons sleeping in
coffins, every where around the world. The only way to make sure a
person passes on, and then goes to visit my Epcot Center, with the
help of my kids, for a short stay, until repairs are made, and the
person is ready again, to come back out, and then get himself or get
herself back into the body of a tummy baby, with the help of my kids.

My kids do all the work, and they have the technologies for making all
of this possible. They also have the technologies for making my
universe run, smoothly. My kids run this place, and they keep it
running, despite all the problems we cause to our friends, neighbors,
school teachers, parents, family members, and so on. My brain happens
to be in command, but that is a different story. It's my cosmic brain,
and it is connected to me, apparently, as it is always interrupting
me, while I am thinking, or sleeping, and causing me grief.

It likes to play jokes on me, and I get hasseled by my kids, who work
for me, as my kids, collaborate with me, and they are the mouth piece,
so to speak, for my brain. My kids have lots of technologies to use,
to get into contact with me. They do this for me, to help me to
communicate with my brain, so that I will wake up, and remember, 'Hey,
I am GOD', my brain then takes over, and it tells me lots of stuff,
with the help of my kids, who are the mouthpiece for my brain. My
brain is very big, and my existence, as far as I can figure it, is
boundless. So is, my brain, pretty much, so there is nothing to worry
about, when it comes to whether or not, we will make it through this
apparent crisis, that you have been reading about, from me, lately.

Well, never the less, regardless of how big I happen to be, and how
big my brain happens to be, I have every thing under control, and my
kids are going to continue to work for me, and do the jobs that I need
them to do. I have so many kids, you will not be able to count them,
and they listen to me, that is, to my brain. They do not listen to me,
John Ayres, so much, as I am brain dead, apparently, as I planned it
this way, to wake up, one day, when the timing was right, and when the
conditions were right, and then announce to every one, 'Hey. I have a
new religion, and it is my final religion, and we are going to
practice it, regardless of what these Dhourties think they are doing,
and we are going to get our universe, all straightened out, with our
working for me, that is for me, John Ayres, and at the same time, for
me, John Ayres, GOD. Get it. I am GOD, but I am also, John Ayres. You
are going to work for me, but you are working for me, and for me, and
what does that mean?

It means, my brain and I am inseparable. I may not look like GOD, I
may be weak, skinny, a little fat around the waist, and I may be
losing my hair, thanks to the petroleum animals, and thanks to the
Dhourties, and thanks to my karma, but I planned it this way, so that
we would get a new, fresh start, as I begin to tell people about my
new religion, and as people begin to practice my new religion, with
one and each other.

In any case, we have a lot of graves to dig up, and we have a lot of
bodies to place into morgue and funeral parlor incinerators, for a
fast burn. We can also use any kind of fire wood, to burn the bodies
of those who are in a state of limited capabilities. People might call
them zombies, but that's foolish, as they are just sleeping, and they
wake now and then, in a shadow cast slumbering state of mind.

Some of you might be afraid to handle this, as you christians, jews,
muslims, buddhists, and others have been brain washed into thinking
that there is something scary about graves and grave yards, and buried
bodies in the ground. All the TV programming the Lesbianists bombard
people with to disinform them, and with all the folk lore nonsense,
the Dhourties have cleverly tricked almost all of the Dualdigers into
believing the nonsense the Dhourties shovel out that is aimed at
disinforming and confusing the Dualdigers.

We have to dig up our old friends and family members, and then place
them in funeral parlor creamtoriums, or morgue creamatoriums, to burn
them to ashes, so that they, and all the organs animals who work for
me, can get to my Epcot Center for them, if they need to get to one,
as some of them are fine, and do not need to check in, but once or
twice, or three times, maybe, every few billion or more years. Human
beings, some times, are okay, for their next go around, and they just
hang out, else where, without going in to my Epcot Center, for the
full treatment for over hauling them, and for making them as good as
new. Lots of animals, and people, get to just hang out, in places,
other than in the Epcot Centers, and when it is time to go to be born
as a tummy baby, my kids get them and fix them up, and get them ready
for their jumping into a fetal baby body, inside the womb of a woman
who has been impregnated in her ovary capsule, with the male sperm
bunny, which I've explained about, before.

Where do people and others hang out, by the way? That's the first I've
heard about that? I don't know, for sure, but it is some where other
than at the Epcot Center. I have a lot of places for people to hang
out, and I'm not sure where these people, and these worker animal kids
of mine, go, between lives.

I'll have to let you know, some time, when my memories are better. Any
way, it is not on this planet, but it is on the tippy tippy toe of my
little little nose. That's child's speak, for, they are hiding every
where. Well, that being said, I guess we can worry about finding them,
later, as they do not seem to be in any immediate danger, and they
seem to me to be okay, so far as I can see it. There is no such thing
as ghosts, by the way, and the notion of it, is nonsense. There are no
'spirits' either, despite the television programing you see on TV, on
cable TV, with the A&E cable TV host, Bill Kurtis, and others like
him, always talking about haunted this, and haunted that.

The Dhourties have cleverly goof balled all of us dualdigers, into
believing in the bunk, and trash, or nonsense stories they made up to
keep us in line, and to keep them in business as the 'masters' of

They are all greedy people, and they are also, demented, if they think
they can rule others, and get away with the things they do.

We are going to dig up our friends, and family members, and empty out
our grave yards of all the bodies of so-called 'deceased persons',
which is a word that is for the most part, untrue, unless you happen
to see only bones in the coffin.

The dhourties had better let us do this, because we want our former
friends and family members, former spouses, and former relatives,
etc., to get out of their useless bodies, and back out into the
waiting line, for a ticket out to a new birth, as a tummy baby in the
tummy of a tummy mommie.

We can not let our friends and other important people, such as our mom
and dad, brothers, sisters, relatives, school teachers, and others,
sit or lie in their coffin, in the ground, in a shadow cast slumber
state of low brain activity. It must be awful, when you think about
it, and I'm sure it is not a nice thing to be kept in a coffin, with
worms and maggots, eating up your body, and you not being able to do
any thing about your situation.

I see we have found another way the Dhourties are torturing us, or at
least, torturing our friends and family members, relatives, and
others, who made it to the morgue, or funeral parlor.

It's not a funny situation, but it is a scary one, as no one in the
government will cooperate with me, apparently, and no one in the
government, no Dhourty, any way, will cooperate with you, either, I

Well, be that as it may, I think it is time we did our home work, and
did a little research, and did some experiments, and after the
brainally gifted and talented persons among you figure out how to
measure brain activities at very minimal amperages, and when they have
gotten their tools for studying sciences, such as better microscopes,
better telescopes, better listening devices, better biometrics
detection devices for measuring pulse, gasses exchanges, movement of
fluids through tiny, narrow cavities, or tubes, or holes, or
pipelines, such as through blood vessels, and through the blood
vessels of the organ animals, temperatures at spot locations, types of
fluids without actually taking, for example, direct blood samples from
a person's body, brain ignition points, or the points you need to be
able to detect, to measure for brain activities that are very minimal,
and that occur, once, only one hundred years, or less, for example,
which will indicate if a person, or if an organ animal is alive, and
other types of measuring devices for detecting various energies types,
amounts of energies, flow rates of energies, energies physical
characteristics, and so forth, the Dhourties prevent the Dualdigers
from experimenting with, developing, manufacturing, and using, then
they, the brainally gifted and talented scientists, lab technicians,
home hobbyists, and other person with various talents who excelled in
school, can begin to verify whether what I am saying, is true or not.

Bodies, Bodies, Every Where, Our Old Friends, Family Members, Spouses,
And Others, Living, Present In My Universe, But, Where?

The Dhourities, that is, the Lesbianists, have been active in my
universe, a long time. They have been pulling these tricks on people,
from nearly the begining of their activities in my universe, I
suspect. If that is the case, how many people do we have, on old bits
and pieces of planets, that have met with various collisions with
other planets, in tombs, and in air tight coffins made of highly
durable and long lasting materials, that are still fine, and in tact.

How many people are there, who are not dead, but are frozen, living,
though with very little activity going on, in clumps of dirt, hiding
in layers of earth, compacted, and tight, like floating frozen
caskets, drifting around in space.

How many corpses, all living people, though not living too well, do we
have, that are our old friends, we have long since forgotten. The
Dhourties can tell you, I am sure, and so can the computers data
bases, the Dhourties have access to. The Dhourties in the sexaling for
a living programs, who are still active, which is one hundred percent
of them - though some may be not in good standing, and those not in
good standing, may no longer have access to computer terminals that
they used to use, to find out what the scores are - all have computer
access, rights and priveleges. If you can convince one or more of
them, to cooperate with you, and find out the data on this, you will
get an idea as to how many people there are who have not checked in to
my Epcot Center, recently, and who are still present yet, unaccounted

You will also get an idea as to where many of my kids are hiding, and
they are not on the 'tippy tippy tip toes, of my tiny kids' little
little noses'. That means, they are not on the noses of the tiny
worker animals of mine, that are too small for scientists and lab
technicians to see, given the present level of technologies, in the
investigative, and other laboratory sciences.

This is a wake up call for all of you to get busy, so we can over
throw these Lesbianists/Dhourties, as soon as possible, so that we can
begin life, and living, forever, with a fresh, new start, and with all
of our friends, family members, and others, present and accounted for.

Those of you who are gifted in the munitions side of things, may get
to work, immediately. Those of you women and girls, who have the
brains in your head, that I am telling you that you have, had better
begin to convince the men and boys in your lives, that there is a
problem, that needs their attention. If they are not willing to assist
you, maybe you can find other men and boys, as well as other brainally
capable women and girls, who will be willing to assist you.

What Is High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure results due to a number of reasons, but, one of
the reasons is you get poisoned by stricknine, arsenic, cyanide, and
other poisons in your food, or beverages.

These poisons can be found in iodized salt, pepper, mayonaise,
ketchup, mustard, dijon mustard, processed ham, processed meats, pork
sausage, animal meat sausage used in 'Dim Sum' or Chinese style
sandwhichs, pot stickers, won ton, hot dogs, wieners, pepperoni,
pizza, jellies, jams, candy, cakes, pies, chocolate, peanuts, white
sugar, white flour, white rice, white bread, tap water, bottled water,
'mountain spring water', milk, yogurt, cheeses, cottage cheese,
preserved fish such as salmon, crackers, breads, pastries, and other

These poisons can also be found in tiny amounts in preservatives. They
can also be found in every food additive or beverage additive that the
Lesbianists regulate and require food manufacturers to add to foods,
beverages, condiments, and other items that you use in your diet, and
for your health.

Medicines contain these poisons, in trace amounts, and so do all items
sold in pharmacies, and in drug stores, and in sundry products stores,
convenience stores, and so forth.

If you ingest too much of these poisons, accidentally, of course, in
your diet, you begin to experience the symptoms of so called 'high
blood pressure'.

It is peculiar, or bizarre, that the Lesbianists blame salt as the
cause for high blood pressure, when it is they, the Lesbianists, who
are poisoning every thing you eat, drink, or take for your diet and

These poisons can also be found in your laundry detergent, play ground
sand box sand, fertilizers, Ortho Grow, iodine, witch hazel, rubbing
alchohol, ethyl propyl alchohol or vinegar, and in all manufactured
liqours, wines, beers, and all other Dhourty brewed beverage or
licensed for brewering beverages, as well as in their pipe tobaco,
chewing tobaco, cigars, and cigarets.

They can also be found in your home improvement products, such as in
paint, putty, plaster, wall board, wall paper, ceiling tiles, floor
tiles, plastics, synthetic fibers and in even natural fibers that have
all been chemically treated, for clothing, bedding, curtains, carpets,
couch and sofa cloth materials, naugahide car or auto seat covers, and
any thing such as nylon, rayon, polyester, or other petro chemical
industry related, or chemical industry related manufactured and
produced product.

Every thing you touch, even the steel bars on jail cells, automobile
body metals, roofing tiles, house sideing coverings, bricks, cinder
blocks, mortar, cement, sand, gravel, wood treatment products, glues,
Elmer's glue, pen ink, pencil led, mascara, lip stick, face powder,
under arm deodarant, soaps, shampoos, and so forth, every thing you
can think of that is a manufactured item, or that is an item the
Lesbianists have had any connection with the manufacturing of, they
all have these and other poisons in them.

Why do the Lesbianists poison every thing? To make your life
miserable. I've also explained before, several reasons for why the
Lesbianists act the way they do.

Litter, Bodies, Body Parts, Brains, Brains Parts Scattered Everywhere

Every rock, every sand partical, every grain of earth and dust, on
this planet and in my universe, carries these poisons animals along
with them. The Lesbianists have been up to their mischief, for so long
in my universe, they have spread their poisons animals friends
thouroughly throughout every cubic inch of territory in my universe,

I have lots of very tiny animals, and every one of them is feeding on
even tinier animals. How small do you think the animals are in the
poisons that the Lesbianists use?

If we consider that there are 600 million cosms from our living
environment down to the so called, molecular level living environment,
as I've explained about, previously, and from there, if you consider
the 900 billion cosms, or living environments, down to the very
difficult to live in, cosms, that are not very populated, below the
900 billion cosms, there are animals either related to these poisons
animals, or cousins of these poisons animals, or descendants of these
poisons animals, or incendants of these poisons animals or preceeding
family members on the family lineage line, living in each of the total
900 billion, 600 million cosms, and even down below those. Incendents
are those who come before us, or before some one else, or before a
particular plant, or animal. Lots of your family members, your
incendants, are still out in our universe, floating around, drifting
around, and they have not yet checked into the Epcot Center, or other
facility I use for having people get checked and marked, and then data
with regards to their life and actvities is recorded and stored.

Marked means, we check them in, and we make sure every thing is doing
well, or kosher, in their lives, and that nothing is out of order, or
in any way abnormally out of balance, and so forth, in their lives.
It's a karmic markups checking station proceedure, and we check for
many other things, as well as karmic markups, such as the body
condition, the health condition, the animals organs conditions, and
many other miscellaneous things.

In other words, any way you look at it, nearly every living
environement that we can find my worker animals in, just about every
environment has been tainted with these poisons animals, or other
poisons animals released by the Lesbianists. That means, that every
thing you touch has poisons in it.


In any event, there is just about nearly nothing in my universe, that
does not have in it, the poisons animals that the Lesbianists have
released into my universe. My universe is thouroughly saturated, from
one end to the other, and from top to bottom with the trash, garbage,
poisons of the Lesbianists.

The present, yet missing and unaccounted for, former friends, lovers,
parents, family members, and others, can be found, as well, from one
end of my universe, to the other, from one side to the other side,
from front to back, and from top to bottom.

My universe was originally much larger than it is now, as I've
mentioned about, before. Some of the areas outside our universe, in
the areas beyond the boundaries walls, may not be as densely
contaminated and littered with the bodies of the lost and missing,
present yet unaccounted for, friends, lovers, family, and so on, as
other areas, but much of that area, is littered with the debris and
rubble of the antics of the Lesbianists, and as well, by the present,
living, yet unaccounted for brains, bodies, or brains and bodies of
your old time friends, family members, and others, who have not yet
checked in.

Karmic Energies

Every one has karmic energies. Karmic energies tell us the health and
mental status, as well as the life status, and many other statuses,
about the person whose karmic energies we are in the process of

Our checking stations checks on a persons karmic energies, and each
person is given an update, on who that person's karmic energies are.

Each person has his or her own unique pattern of karmic energies. Some
people may have similar karmic energies patterns, but they are never
identical, and there are dissimilarities every where, as well, even in
person's karmic energies patterns that seem relatively similar to some
one else's karmic energy patterns.

Why is this important to know about? When we first came out here, into
my universe, we were all very holy, pure, and unblemished, and our
karmic energies patterns were all pretty much the same. We all shared
a wide variety of interests with each other. We slowly, over time,
became less and less simllar, as our behavior began to determine a
rise in a difference in a karmic pattern that was peculiar, or unique
to ourselves, and different from all other persons' karmic patterns.

This leads to incompatibilities between people. It also leads to
trouble, and distractions of many kinds. Over time, people begin to
become more and more diverse, and they share fewer and fewer interests
in common with each other, because of the differences in karmic
energies patterns that arise over time.

We presently have such diverse karmic energies patterns, that it is a
fictional notion that there is a mister right guy waiting for me, if
you are a girl, or a ms. right girl waiting for me, some where, if you
are a boy.

Love and romance notions such as these, are fictional, and are not in
any way associated or based on principles with regards to the
realities of our lives, and to the realities of our associations with

There is no perfect family for some one, and there is no perfect home
life for some one, or for some group of people. Every one has such
diverse karmic energies patterns, it is a wonder there is any one even
talking to each other, is another way of looking at it. It may sound a
stretch to say that, or as if it is some thing made up, but it is

How come we do have friends, if this is true, I have to ask?

There are karmic associations in every one's life, and those karmic
associations pull people together to and with each other. Those people
can not escape from their karmic associations with each other, and
they all go happily down the trail, until some one drops off, or is
shoved off, and does not return, or until some one gets pulled away,
off into another direction, due to a stronger or heavier karmic
association with some one else, or with some other persons.

There fore, what? There fore, you are all stuck together, and glued
together, and you are not going to escape from one and another, and
where ever we left some one off, at a bus terminal for the missing in
action, present yet not accounted for, we will eventually pick up each
and every one of our missing passengers, as we recover my universe
from its current distress. Current distress means, the present
distressing situation. It might also refer to the over whelming misery
of every one in my universe, who is together, sharing this karmic
distress with each other, despite what it might look like, on the
outside of our lives, in our every day lives, family lives, work
lives, and so on.

This means, no matter how much you may wish some one else where not
around you, and no matter how much you wish that there was a way to
eliminate the problem of a pesky person, or a group of pesky persons,
there is no possibily of ever, in the near to distant future,
relatively distant future, anyway, of ever releasing some one from a
karmic association with you, if that karmic association is strong

That means, the people around you, the people that you see from day to
day, the people that you see on the city streets living in your
neighborhood areas, the people that you see living on your planet, the
people that you see in the movies, or on television, or in the temple,
or churches, or in the synagogues, or in the wars between countries,
no matter who they are, all of them have karmic associations with each
other, and no matter how many times you destroy each other, it is only
after a very long period of time, that the karmic energies patterns,
and the karmic energies bonds, or bondings, and the karmic energies
associations, that are a part of the karmic energies bonds, and
patterns, as well, will slowly diminish, or change hue, color, form,
texture, amperage, wave signatures - which is a high level concept or
understanding you can learn about, from some one else, as it is too
long to explain, and too difficult to explain about for me - or other

People go around killing each other, thinking they will get rid of
each other, and they are only fooling them selves. They can no more
get rid of some one they are karmically bonded with, than can they get
rid of their thumb, elbow, jaw, neck, and so on. You can not be born
with out all the basic requirements, generally speaking, unless your
karmic energies patterns determines that your form be such.

These Lesbianists get a kick out of tearing people apart, piece by
piece, and they get a kick out of torturing people. They generally
dislike every one, including people in their own organization. That is
normal, given the fact that every one is so dissimilar in karmic
energies patterns, and in karmic energies this's and that's, i.e.,
karmic energies tings and dings. They dislike every one in their
organization, and they even dislike themselves, as they know they are
really messed up, karmically, and they are not happy with how they

When you are not happy with how you feel, you go around blaming other
people for your problems, often, and you are unable to see it is not
in other people, so much, in some instances, but it is in you, your
self, that there is a problem, and you sense that problem, but in your
brain, you are not ready to recognize that problem, for one reason or
for another.

Anyway, we can say, we all hate each other, and we all hate ourselves,
as well, and that is not a lie, and that is not fiction, but that is
fact, and that is something that you are all going to have to learn
about, and accept, as you begin to prepare your selves, for working in
my universe, for ever, with each other.

Do you understand this? I wonder. Not many people will want to believe
this is true, but it is true, and until you understand that it is
true, you will not want to believe it is true. If you do not want to
understand or believe that it is true, than you will simply not
understand or believe that it is true.

It is very simple, isn't it. In any case, you are stuck with each
other, and until we force these Lesbianists to give up their game, we
have a hard war to finish, until we have defeated them, entirely.

That means, it is alright to kill and destroy as many of the
Lesbianists as you like, and it is okay to toruture, or threaten with
torture, as many of them as you like.


We are in a war with these Lesbianists, the Dhourities, and until
every last one of them is either killed and sent to my Epcot Center or
to one of my checking stations, or until they give up, and surrender,
and apply to repleat, there will be no cessation in hostilities, by
me, against them, and if you are on my side, there will be no
cessation of hostilities, by you, either, unless you are just simply
tired of fighting them, and you need a break.

Those of you who do not wish to fight, had better move out of the way,
as you will, or might, become a casualty of war.


A War Deaf Hero

A mate is a war deaf hero. A war deaf hero is a coward, and a non
combatant. War deaf heros, are chickens, and they only go around
acting tough, and speaking tough, and when it comes to getting their
asses burned, in a pinch, they are going to go, buck, buck, buck,
buck, I don't know why I am doing this. I do not want to do this. I
want out of this. Let me out of this. Please let me out of this, and
they begin to pee in their pants, and then run and hide.

Do you see what I am saying. I suspect some of you do. This is going
to be a serious confrontation, and a lot of people are going to die.

Now, if you are not man enough, or not woman enough to handle this,
than go and run for the mountains, as we do not want to find your body
among the walking wounded, or partially missing in action, or among
the lists of missing in action.

Do you see what I am saying? I think there are a lot of people who are
not happy with the present circumstances, and until we find a way to
resolve this, you are not going to interfere with my plans, as I am
GOD, and I am not going to let you interefere.

That means, it is okay to kill you, and it is okay to leave your sorry
ass in the bushes, amoung the wounded, and soon to be dead.


That means, if you get your ass blown to shit, than that is your
problem, not mine, and not any body elses.

You are all my kids, and you are all stuck and glued together with
each other, and you can not get rid of each other, permanently, for a
very long time, so in the mean time, if you happen to experience a
failure, such as your body and limbs are shattered to pieces in a very
large explosion, than that is just too bad, isn't it.

Well, I hope you will understand the reality of the situation, by now,
and if you do not, then there is no hope for you, and we will be
seeing you after we are finished blowing and exploding the shit out of
the Lesbianists' defensive positions.

I do not have to make my self clear on that one, as I have listed many
of them, repeatedly. Now if you are willing to fight, you will see
your loved ones, again, no matter what happens, and that is a certain
fact. There may be persons, who have lost a friend, or a family
member, already, but the worst of this is yet to come, as we are far
from reaching an agreeement with the Lesbianists for a one two three
strike, you're it, annoucement. That means, a one, two, three, and if
you do not answer me with a "Yes! I will surrender!", than that is it,
and you will have your brains blown out of your head, into fifty
million pieces. In other words, until the Lesbianists give up, and
surrender, every single one of them, than this war will continue,
until the last Lesbianist to surrender or die, is accounted for.

Huuuup Toooittt!

That means, get your action loaded, and get out of your bunks, and
beds, and get out of your trousers, and get yourselves moving,
sexaling with each other.

What is an action? It is your dick or vagina. To load an action, means
to get your dicks up, and get your vaginas up, and ready for combat,
or sexaling with each other.

That is an order to my combat troops who are preparing with their men,
women, girls, and boys, who are all fighting in this war with us.

That's a strange order, isn't it.

No, not really, as I've already told you how we are going to win this

Now. We have a game plan, a war plan, as I've already related to you,
on the bulletin board, where you can read my notes. Please follow it,
and when you are ready, please take action.

Now, get to your posts, and get ready for war. It is going to be a
long one, and it will take us a while to wipe out the enemy. They are
every where in my universe, nearly, and we have a lot of people to
kill, and account for. Unless they surrender, they face execution,
either by me, or by one of my soldiers.

When I say by me, I mean, I will some how manage to get that person
killed or put out of commision, and out of the way, due to infirmry,
such as a broken body, broken head, tortured body, or tortured, brain.
It does not matter how we kill them and how we get them to surrender.
We will get them to surrender, all of them, eventually.


That means, to my soldiers in the field, or in their tents listening
to me, my soldiers know that we mean business, and they know we are
not finished with this campaign to get the Lesbianists to halt their
activities, immediately, and it is now time to continue with your
planning and strategies activities, and events.


Captain Off The Bridge.

John Francis Ayres
Chief Administrator
Chief Priest
And Kids

Experimenting On Dhourties Updated: 09-09-07 Rev.x 20:00 PDT

If you can find a Dhourty, you can make a nice living arrangement for
the person. Then, over a period of three to eight weeks, or so, feed
the person, him or her, a bottle of home brewed rum, or home brewed
tequila, or whatever your favorite home brew is, and it should be
mildly strong, and not lukid, or weak and diluted for a child, for
instance. It should be mildly strong, and that means, at or above the
normal proof for what you find in a typical Savon's Drug Store, or
Alchohol And Beverages Control Shop, where the government has people
selling booze under the governments watchful 'eyes', an ABC store, as
they were known, in Virginia.

Home brew should not have any of the poisons brews, the varieties of
brew the Lesbianists make, that are made from ferment methods that
involve using petrochemicals, such as for making rubbing alchohol,
witch hazel, and ethylpropyl alchohol, which you may find mixed in
with vinegar, from time to time. You do not want to use any thing with
these types of alchohol in them, and so make your home brew with
normal vinegar, which is made from soury fruits, and ocean salt, a
little raw sugar, with something to ferment in it, such as berries, or
leaves or flowers from an interesting plant, or other such similar
things, as I've explained, before.

After several months, you should have some thing that is useful, and
I've written a little bit about this, before.

Banana pulp, fresh chili peppers, oranges, potatoes, purple potatoes
if you can find them, all spice berries a small amount, and sugar,
salt, water, soury vinegar will make a nice and powerful brew, and be
careful with it, as it can be very powerful. It can go nearly off the
scale for 'proofs', but do not worry, as there are lots of animals in
it, that survive, and so if you are careful you will survive too,
though you may feel a little woozy, now and then, if you drink too
much, at once. It's very good for cleaning out the tummy, and the
body, and other organs in the body of some types of nasty animals, and
the organs animals they love it.

With several nicely fermented brews, force feed the Dhourty, about a
cup an hour, if you can, or build up to it, and then continue to force
feed the person, for several weeks, about eight and a half weeks,
should be enough time. You can tell if you have fed the person enough
brew, in addition to light snacks, now and then, for normal
nutritional needs, when the person's pee begins to smell of the brew
that you are feeding the person. The person will begin to leak fluids
out of his 'pores', or the openings and ports that the organ animals
exhale through, pee through, poop through, and inhale through, etc.

When the person begins to smell of the brew, also on the surfaces of
his or her skin, and it should be very clearly distinct, and any body
with a nose, should be able to detect it, the odors of brew on the
surface of the person's skin, and in the person's naval, and in the
person's, butt hole, and in the person's pee hole, and if the person
is a woman, in the person's vagina, and in the person's lactate

When the person has sufficiently swallowed brew for several weeks, and
when the person smells overly filled with brew, even after taking a
nice shower, the odoor should be almost immediately apparent on the
surfaces of the person's body, then the person is ready for a test

You can take the person, and saw the person in half, and the top half
will continue to be connected to the bottom half.

A person's leg can be sawed off, as carefully as possible to keep
nerve animals from being ripped apart, and to keep other animals from
being ripped apart, and so you want to do it, surgically, and be as
careful as possible.

When you have the leg sawed off, then tickle the foot, or toes, and
the person will feel you tickling him or her.

The connections stay connected, despite the fact that you have sawed
off the limb. This gives us the possibility for many interesting

You can grind up the person's leg, in a meat grinder, and keep all the
ground up materials in a beaker of brew. Next, tickle the foot, or
toes, and the person will still feel you tickling him or her, and the
person will begin to laugh, after the person recovers from the pains
of having his or her leg ground up in a meat grinder.

So, if you use your imagination, you can come up with all kinds of
experiments to have hours of fun and enjoyment with, while learning
how these things work.

Some times, an organ animal, may die in the process, and the
connection might be lost, to some extent. However, if you keep the leg
wrapped in a cotton towel, and pour brew with molds nutrients of one
type or another, in with the brew, with salt, and extra sugar, and a
little cream, you can feed the organs animals, and they will happily
reproduce for you, a replacement organ animal, for the one, or ones
that were accidentally lost, i.e., the one's who accidentally died,
and then went on to their next job assignment.

This experiment may be practiced on parrots, dogs, cats, lizzards,
canaries, and so forth, until you have gotten the hang of it. Once
you've gotten the hang of it, then use your imagination, and see if
you can't get a dhourty to become friends with you, and give up his or
her affiliation with the Lesbianists, and then, come on over to your
side, to cooperate with you. If you experiment on enough Dhourties,
you will eventually find some people, who will wish to sign a
statement denouncing their organization, renouncing their codes books
rules and regulations, etc., and terminating their affiliation with
their organization. Once they swear to terminate their affiliation,
and once they swear to leave their organization, and then swear to
assist you and all other Dualdigers, normal people who can remember
their birthday, within the last one hundred and thirty or so years, at
max, generally, then you should be started towards having a good
relationship, with a few former Dhourties, now that they have changed
sides, and joined our side, the Dualdigers' side. I explained a little
about how we got the name dualdigers, but there are other meanings to
it, as well, and you can ask your dhourty friends for a fuller

Once you have some 'former dhourties' on your team, you can ask them
for a better explanation, and better proceedural methods, for
experimenting and for having lots of fun.

Invite your 'dualdiger' neighbors, and your 'former dhourty' friends,
in for the experiments, and see if you can't all have a good time,
having lots of fun, exeprimenting on your new 'dhourty' guests, all
the time, and see if your 'former dhourty' friends know some other
interesting experiments they can teach you, that will widen your and
your friends understanding of how things actually work with regards to
the human body, and brains, etc.

Captain Off The Bridge.

John Francis Ayres
Chief Administrator
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Arjuna, The G O D Guy, GOd, Etc.

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