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Self Inflicted Prostitution Blamed on Negro In Court - Darya Gunchenko

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Datum: 18.06.2008 20:20
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Voluntary Self Inflicted Prostitute Blamed on Negro in Court


Some of us shrug of f the stories of Darya Gunchenko, and judge dasha
through the lense of sexy internet pictures.  This escorts crazy
stories of prostitution and pimping has not even proven in a court of
law yet.

As a consequence of a deal with Peel Dasha will be hauled before a
Brampton court house this summer to testify later next year 2009.
After this criminal case Dasha will be forever defined on the net and
in the public as a prostitute who lied about an innocent man, then was
part of a heinous conspiracy to kill and kidnap people.  Hard facts
from her own voice on the net tell the story.

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