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April Carter's Perfect Lie - Darya Gunchenko - Who Will Miss A Black Man?

Von: ffxff (news_carrier@yahoo.ca) [Profil]
Datum: 12.07.2008 02:33
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How can anyone measure what Darya "Dasha" Gunchenko did to an innocent
man on trial

Surely the most perfect lie and criminal is the one that goes
undetected by people and police. In the search for public information
on the web a number of different stories lines on Darya “DASHA”
Gunchenko flare up.

The one that attracted the most attention was the one about
kidnapping, followed by the audio of her voice in secret conversations
with pimps, gangsters and most notably the police, until making the
anonymous release of this recordings have generously provided a free
ball of information that remain on the net as a beacon of the truth.

Dasha’s fabricated statements are perfect.

Who would miss a black man ex-con with a record and a checkered

The plan by Peel police to use the flawed statements of prostitute was
a brilliant idea until you hear the recordings on the net.

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