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Hype Night Club - The Rajni Parmar Affair

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Datum: 12.07.2008 21:39
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East Indian Prostitute and stripper Rajni Parmar also called Sonia,
Annissa, Nikki, Natasha, and now Stacey to many customers of
the CANNONBALL STRIP CLUB in Brampton Ontario. Was fired by
a letter from the Strip club owner Mr. JOHN SALLY and
management staff for not co-operating as a informant with
the Peel Regional Police Vice Squad Unit on allegations
of a 4 year investigation in to the high tech world of a
popular Brampton man.

On New Years Night 2007 police were at HYPE Night Club
on Queen Street in the same town of Brampton after a fight
broke out with RAJNI PARMAR and another female attending
the party at the club.

RAJNI PARMAR was charged with a LONG list of charges and
placed in apolice cruiser as she grew more violent, she
attempted to kick out the windows of the cruiser, police
later warned her of a NO TRESPASS order to stay away
from the property of HYPE NICHT CLUB in BRAMPTON in the

Rumors and internet speculations have been confirmed in the
New Deal With Peel Vice Unit officer Jason Watson # 1898 to
drop most of the criminal charges laid against RAJNI PARMAR
and a direct order to CANNONBALL STRIP CLUB owner and
manager to re-hire her in return for complete co-operation
and must provide a video statement allowing the police to
re-arrest a satellite technician

The files now circulating on the internet discredit many
claims in her story told to police. The case is set to go
forward and starts December 2007 to late November 2008
look for exclusive reports on ZACH's website

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