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Will There Be A New Murder Plot, or More Court Room Cover Up

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Datum: 11.04.2010 01:47
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Dasha Gunchenko, the Toronto prostitute, blatantly addmits to
consipiracy to murder to the man currently on trial in the Aimee
Gauthier court case said to resume in May 2010. Walks away with a
smile from the crown and a promise of financial compensation from the
Peel Regional Police.

The prostitute also goes by the name Dasha Gun

Read the full story From AG to DG


Const. Jason Watson #1898, Cst. Jason Watson #1898, Jason
Watson Peel Regional Police Vice Unit, Const. Sean Gormley #2544,
Cst.Sean Gormley #2544, Sean Gormley Peel Regional Police, Const. Mike
Viozzi #1897, Cst. Mike Viozzi #1897, Mike Viozzi Peel Regional Police
Vice Unit, Const. Mark Dapat #1919, Cst. Mark Dapat #1919, Mark Dapat
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Noonnan #2248, Const. Laing #2806, Cst. Laing #2806, Const. Kristine
Arnold, Cst. Kristine Arnold #2366, Const. Martin, Cst. Martin #2350,
Const. Pederson, Cst. Pederson, #3030, Const. Jenkins, Cst. Jenkins
#2892, Const. John Hillie, Cst. John Hillie #2933, Const. Davis, Cst.
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Peel Regional Police, Const. Mike Viozzi #1897, Cst. Mike Viozzi
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