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O-bama Report Card. Part 2 of 2.John Winston09.06.10
rearranging the letter in "Clint Eastwood" as "...skepticl1@aol.com08.06.10
The cackling witch and the doofusHagar08.06.10
O-ama Report Card.John Winston08.06.10
Obama resdy to "Kick Ass"Hagar08.06.10
Conspiracy Theory and the Mistrust of ProsperityMozart08.06.10
Mitch Battros Will Be On Coasttocoastam Radio S...John Winston08.06.10
=======> YOU MIGHT BE A RETHUGLYKKKAN IF... <==...ChasNemo08.06.10
William Kinney, a Patriot needs your help in Po...Raymond Karczewski08.06.10
The Plastic Dump In Our Ocean.John Winston08.06.10
Obama says US will bounce back from oil crisisHagar07.06.10
Ping Truther Bast ...Hagar07.06.10
Pyramid That Is Larger Than The Great Pyramid. ...John Winston07.06.10
Is Raymond Karczewski the Sasquatch of the Shad...Raymond Karczewski07.06.10
Shortest Books ..Hagar07.06.10
The poor people of GazaHagar06.06.10
The Pyramid That Is Larger Than The Great Pyramid.John Winston06.06.10
Is Raymond Karczewski the Sasquatch of the Shad...The Mannequingate...06.06.10
Where the hell is 'alt.fan.george-Noory' group?SrRojo06.06.10
The Olmec People.John Winston06.06.10
The National Spelling BeesHagar05.06.10
The truth behind Obama's sudden interest in the...Hagar05.06.10
How to successfully plug the oil leakHagar05.06.10
A Truther's wet dream.Hagar05.06.10
Radio Show About The Gulf Oil Spill.John Winston05.06.10
=======> BU$H WAS A *TOTAL* FAILURE WITH RESPEC...ChasNemo05.06.10
This is Incredible !!Hagar05.06.10
Lady Goes To Mars In A Globe.John Winston05.06.10
The Loon os "furious" ...Hagar04.06.10
Jake, the Dancing Queer ...Hagar04.06.10
It's All Bush's Fault ...Hagar04.06.10
Encouraging Words From The Space People.John Winston04.06.10
Re: R U a "Person"?Raymond Karczewski03.06.10
What's Going On At Pine Gap? Part 3 of 3.John Winston03.06.10
Bush Caused Gore Divorce!! ( A Moonbat Lament )SMITH2902.06.10
What's Going On At Pine Gap. Part 2.John Winston02.06.10
What's Going On At Pine Gap?John Winston02.06.10
ChuckWeasel teh Bohnehead makes an Outcall ..Hagar02.06.10
Obama's LamentHagar02.06.10
Nobody can live with Al Gore and his global war...vettepassesyou02.06.10
Obama's failed leadership with BP oil spill. Ob...vettepassesyou02.06.10
Come to the USA, destroy this country in every ...vettepassesyou02.06.10
Information From Ruth. Part 3 of 3.John Winston01.06.10
Meet the JazzyCat one , little sissy gurlvettepassesyou01.06.10
Hail Pinki Sensei in the name of goddess Kali b...vettepassesyou01.06.10
Who influences the real Obama? Bill Ayres , Nat...vettepassesyou01.06.10
Information From Ruth. Part 2.John Winston01.06.10
Ice Ice "oh no he's white" Baby!vettepassesyou01.06.10
For Flutty's sake PLEASE bring back our good Co...vettepassesyou01.06.10
Obama snubs Arlington for Lincoln Cemetery. Was...vettepassesyou01.06.10