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Obama DNI choice believes Syrians have Saddam?s...Rick Saunders07.06.10
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Fascist Democratic Congress Keeps Guantanamo OpenErnst Blofeld22.05.10
Fascist Obama Administration Holds Detainees Wi...Ernst Blofeld22.05.10
As predicted: Feds expand the nanny stateRick Saunders14.05.10
Fascist Obama Administration Authorizes Extraju...Ernst Blofeld14.05.10
Holder ignorant of Arizona law he's dumped onRick Saunders14.05.10
Change: April budget deficit is over $83 BillionStevie Nichts13.05.10
CBO says ObamaCare will cost $115 billion more ...Stevie Nichts12.05.10
Major corporations may dump health insurance, p...Stevie Nichts10.05.10
Fascist Obama Administration Wants to Gut MirandaErnst Blofeld10.05.10
OK, Obama-Lovers, Defend ThisErnst Blofeld08.05.10
Shahzad Was Anti-Bush, Anti-WarRick Saunders05.05.10
Obama Policies Radicalize IslamErnst Blofeld05.05.10
Obama & OligarchsErnst Blofeld05.05.10
Obama Incites Uncivil AtmosphereErnst Blofeld04.05.10
Obama Admin screws up oil spill responseRick Saunders04.05.10
NY Times: GM, Treasury lied about bailout repay...Rick Saunders03.05.10
Obama's "Share the Wealth 2010" tourRick Saunders01.05.10
Law UnenforcementStevie Nichts01.05.10
Liberals deploy "weapons-grade stupidity"Rick Saunders30.04.10
Fascist Obama Administration subpoenas heroic w...Rick Saunders30.04.10
Of violent demonstrators and media coverupsRick Saunders29.04.10
Video: Orszag explains how ObamaCare imposes ra...Stevie Nichts27.04.10
Did White House cover up bad report on ObamaCare?Stevie Nichts27.04.10
Obama Administration Says ObamaCare will Increa...Ernst Blofeld27.04.10
Obama Lies about Blago ContactsErnst Blofeld23.04.10
Obama caves on SudanRick Saunders23.04.10
Socialist ACORN Leader BlathersErnst Blofeld23.04.10
Dem thugs intimidate Tea Partiers, threaten mur...Rick Saunders21.04.10
Dissent No Longer Highest Form of PatriotismErnst Blofeld19.04.10
Obama Fails to Plan for Nuclear IranErnst Blofeld18.04.10
Gallup: 60% of Americans expect tax increases i...Rick Saunders16.04.10
AP: Obama shows dictators "how to circumvent a ...Stevie Nichts14.04.10
NYTimes: ObamaCare means saying 'no' to people ...Rick Saunders07.04.10
Obama Supports Extrajudicial Killings of US Cit...Ernst Blofeld07.04.10
Obama 'Even Worse' Than Bush On Secret WiretappingStevie Nichts03.04.10
A whole new meaning for 'pay to play'Stevie Nichts03.04.10
CBS poll: Believe it or not, support for ObamaC...Stevie Nichts03.04.10
Rapacious Obama Says: Drill, Baby, Drill!Ernst Blofeld31.03.10
Obamacare incents businesses to stop offering h...Stevie Nichts25.03.10