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Ron Jeremy lookalike Stan Van Gundy knocked int...Jim Johnson23.05.10
Ch-EYE Ch-EYE ROD-ree-GUEZ says the robbers wer...Gary Thomas20.05.10
Chely 'The Magical Lesbian' Wright set to appea...Jim Evans07.05.10
D!ck Smokers, Taco Eaters, Gender-Confused Frea...Ollie Olsen04.05.10
Orlando Magic's Rashard Lewis cheats on 'knocke...Tyrone Smith26.04.10
[SO 2010 - The Year We Make Contact] Greg In VegasMichael24.04.10
Kobe's accuser freestyle rapsDonnie H.16.04.10
Larry Flynt lookalike Rusty Staub is 66 years o...Karen Karnes02.04.10
Ellen DeGenerate gives a bull-dyke teen $30,000...Benny Benson23.03.10
Whatchoo talkin' 'bout Willis? Todd Bridges th...Peter Paulson16.03.10
That 'Boner' was 'hung', yes, Andrew Koenig 'ha...Xavier Smith27.02.10
'Boner' will no longer be getting any 'Boners',...Mike Seaver's lef...26.02.10
A thought about Tiger WoodsMichael19.02.10
Rosie O'Fat tells Blimpo that she & her bull-dy...Kenny Lawson23.01.10
ESPN's host apologizes for Martin Luther 'Coon'...Donnie Smith20.01.10
Rosie O'Fat lumbers out with her new bull-dyke ...Eduardo H.31.12.09
Jim Rome makes South ParkEl Gordo10.11.09
CBS's Jim Nantz outlines wife's spending habits...Eduardo D.20.10.09
Apparently, Steve 'Affair' McNair had a 3rd BAS...Ben Smith19.10.09
Roman PolanskiKenyon J.06.10.09
Tim Tea-Bagger suffers a concussion, then pukes...Burt Benson27.09.09
Tila 'Mas Tequila' to file civil suit after D.A...Mark Monroe12.09.09
Bombay Saphirenotme04.09.09
Steve McNair had no will, his 2 BASTARDS will g...Xavier D.17.07.09
Liberal Negro white-washers say, "McNair's lega...Obama The Failure07.07.09
Thanks Steve 'Affair' McNair for knocking 'Wack...Lonnie Lawson05.07.09
It's official: Steve McNair's mistress killed h...Oscar Holmes05.07.09
Steve McNair suffered several gunshots, his mis...Nate Nathan05.07.09
NFL's (married) Steve McNair dead along with 'g...Fred Finner05.07.09
NBA's JR Smith gets 90 days in jail for deadly ...Edward J.01.07.09
Knicks' Eddy Curry has gay-sex-harassment suit ...Emma Gerrin13.01.09
Florida's Tim Tea-bagger has successful shoulde...Conrad Dopler13.01.09
Dear Ron & Nicole ...Connie J.12.01.09
What do you have to say now, Sir Charles?Connie J.12.01.09
Barkley believes race a factor in Auburnís hirePete Perlin16.12.08
No comment from Elisha 'Sloppy Seconds' Cuthber...Larry H.06.12.08
NHL's Avery apologizes to all except Elisha Cut...Tyrone K.04.12.08
NHL's Sean Avery suspended for 'sloppy seconds'...Stevie Sewell03.12.08
The Rams fanssamshep9@gmail.com12.11.08
Shaq accused of stalking female rapperGary Gerlin23.08.08
Jason 'Wife Beater' Kidd whines about double st...Donnie Smith14.08.08
Gasol, Calderon question fuss over photo mockin...Connie Conrad14.08.08
Spain's basketball team poses for picture mocki...Johnny H.13.08.08
Slick Willie Clinton, 'Some of my best friends ...Bonnie S.05.08.08
MLB team honor DUMB-A$$ fans who died on shuttl...Fred Hickmon14.07.08
Bonnie BernsteinDave08.07.08
New R. Kelly song, 'I Believe I Can Pee (on any...Monty Kinley14.06.08
R. Kelly prosecutors, 'The not guilty verdict w...Monty Kinley14.06.08
R. Kelly, 'I peed myself when I heard the verdi...Monty Kinley14.06.08
R. Kelly's own lawyers 'stunned' at the not gui...Teddy H. Lerner14.06.08