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Joel, or Jay, Furr.

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RIP Donald WestlakeJay Furr02.01.09
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009Jay Furr01.01.09
Everyone Deserves A Lifetime (Scuba Edition)Jay Furr18.08.08
Joie busted by Operation Sudden FallQuincy.Amderson@u...11.05.08
NPR stream of my 15 seconds on air, woot!Jay Furr04.05.08
Stop Breast CancerJay Furr02.04.08
Ziplining!Jay Furr16.10.07
Odd DreamJay Furr14.10.07
Annals of Classic American Desserts, Part 738Jay Furr05.10.07
One decent thing about living in BumfuckJay Furr05.10.07
40Jay Furr20.09.07
Back from AlaskaJay Furr15.09.07
OT but Important: Usenet Abuse and Impersonatio...Radium07.09.07
I Am A Petty BastardJay Furr21.08.07
Donate bloodJay Furr08.08.07
TMML, 10th-grade-math editionJay Furr07.08.07
Random Seattle questionJay Furr04.08.07
A Breast Is A Terrible Thing To WasteJay Furr20.07.07
AighJay Furr06.07.07
The guys at my dive shop kick assJay Furr30.06.07
Va. Tech/LSU at 9:15 pm?Jay Furr04.06.07
For The Love Of Fscking GodJay Furr29.05.07
GloopJay Furr16.05.07
AhemJay Furr06.05.07
Orange and Maroon EffectJay Furr18.04.07
Lookin' Out My Back DoorJay Furr14.02.07
Penguin-A-Go-GoJay Furr14.02.07
Penguin Plunge: We SurvivedJay Furr10.02.07
The moment you've all been waiting for...Jay Furr24.01.07
Snoo !!!!OrangeDood23.01.07
My backJay Furr23.01.07
Snoo and what came afterJay Furr22.01.07
Life at the Furr householdJay Furr15.01.07
I Didn't Watch Football TodayJay Furr14.01.07
Dining in the dark, Montreal styleJay Furr13.01.07
Tonight At The MallJay Furr12.01.07
Way The Hell Off TopicJay Furr09.01.07
There Is No WinterJay Furr07.01.07
Proud To Bee An AmericanJay Furr06.01.07
Random vacation boredness memochatJay Furr20.12.06
Dinner 2-Day - Vermont Eatin' Out StyleJay Furr23.11.06
Happy ThanksgivingJay Furr23.11.06
Heinz FieldJay Furr19.11.06
SenilityJoel K. 'Jay' Furr15.11.06
Pepper SauceJay Furr02.11.06
Cheap Dream Vacations - Fly On Us 3025bhtjlw@sapo.pt30.03.02
saw this today 5280rqwsxm@yahoo.com24.03.02
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