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Well our day went to Hellfamily09.01.09
B I G F O O Tneedles19.08.08
Thoughts about buying a new carfamily01.08.08
Hey...my froup's still here!-=Biscuit=-08.06.08
Hannah Montana and her dad Billy Ray Cyruscurmudgeon06.05.08
the word for today is *BORBORYGMUS*needles18.01.08
COBBER is ill with some-thing or other.family18.10.07
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad President of Iran speaks to...needles26.09.07
Operation Honey-Wagon (covert battle plan for t...curmudgeon14.09.07
Mountain Meadow Massacre turns 150 years old todaycurmudgeon11.09.07
OT but Important: Usenet Abuse and Impersonatio...Radium06.09.07
Elvis Presly remembered 30 years laterneedles16.08.07
and the WORD for today isneedles06.08.07
alt.fan.mara moderationShelly@alt.fan.mara24.07.07
Paige Birgfeld is still missing (4 weeks and co...family24.07.07
Marlboro cigarettes for $11.99. Delivery to all...Prof. D. E. McMurphy18.07.07
W I L D F I R E S (and other bad stuff)family14.07.07
Happy Wedding Anniversary Needles & Curfamily04.07.07
54 Million Dollar Frivolous Law Suit (aka) Recr...curmudgeon02.07.07
Vide Game Addictive Disordercurmudgeon25.06.07
How do you create a BLOG ?family21.06.07
Local Weather Updatefamily21.06.07
A CAUSTIC POEMfamily15.06.07
Believe it or not on this day in historyfamily19.05.07
*Mission Accomplished* 4 year anniversary todaycurmudgeon01.05.07
On this day in Historyfamily29.04.07
Recipe for Twice-Baked Potatoesneedles25.04.07
Waco massacre 14 years laterfamily19.04.07
Oklahoma City bombing 12 years laterfamily19.04.07
it is still *SNOWING* in our neighborhoodfamily12.04.07
Holy Hilarity Sunday on April 15family09.04.07
COBBER goes for surgery tomorrowfamily05.04.07
Support our troops in harms wayfamily05.04.07
MOTHER an up dateneedles02.01.07
Happy HOGMANYfamily01.01.07
Snow in the Grand Valleyfamily31.12.06
Needles mother took a nasty fall today.family29.12.06
Happy Holy Daysneedles25.12.06
Did you know that !needles15.12.06
Holidays (versus) Holy Dayscurmudgeon12.12.06
I did not know thatneedles09.12.06
Boring but Important !family01.12.06
we got *SNOW*family28.11.06
305 years ago todayfamily28.11.06
On this day in Historyneedles07.11.06
Skullduggery on Grand Mesa Coloradoneedles03.11.06
Knitting for the Troopsneedles30.10.06
alas "ryannosaurus" is no morefamily27.10.06
Tom Cruise (revisted)curmudgeon22.10.06