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Re: Hillary Deserted

Von: monkey_cartman1@yahoo.com [Profil]
Datum: 10.05.2008 07:56
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Genaro wrote:
> monkey_cartman@yahoo.com wrote in
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> ups.com:
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> > CliffB wrote:
> >> by her party. One by one they are jumping off and trampled
> >> her largish butt on the way to getting on Obama's
> >> bandwagon. The ingratitude is remarkable. The NY Post is
> >> right: she is "TOAST". Bill Clinton too, who emerges from
> >> this scuffle labelled an over the hill, irritable, even
> >> irrational hillbilly racist.  He's done.
> >>
> > Hillary has proved herself not worthy and is willfully
> > incapable of serving the people. She is all talk and that
> > falls short of having any meaning. Bill lost all my respect
> > also because his political attitude has turned bad when he
> > found that the people don't give absolute loyalty to the
> > Clinton 'name.' Obama wouldn't be popular if he didn't
> > actually have substance. This may seem strange but people
> > really do vote for real reasons. Loyalty should never be
> > absolute to those who don't serve our interests.
> >
> -------
> If you have the right audience you can be popular and not say
> anything. Like Limbaugh said, Obama is saying nothing better
> than anyone has said nothing in a long time. Many do not vote
> for real reasons and loyalty should be given only on rare
> occasions -- certainly not to a rookie politician.
> -------

My loyalty is to who I think is the best candidate to serve the
people, that loyalty can change at the drop of a hat. I even liked
some of the Republicans and McCan lost my respect when he flipped on
his position on use of torture. Not because I am against it's use, I
think there could be situations that it may save the day, I lost my
respect when he changed his moral principles on the issue. I pay
pretty close attention to congress, have since the C-SPAN came out.
One person of all the years in particular stood out better than even
the most seasoned politicians. That was Obama, that was before he
announced he was running for president.

Hillary lost a lot of the magic Clinton Loyalty because people see
something new in Obama and the same old politician speak in Hillary.
He has not necessarily said anything new he had a terrible time with
the preacher deal but recently he made a speech that had that new
reasons that people like him in the first place..

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