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This one's just for fun...J Kaner14.03.10
Re: Heyelp!! Please, ffs, can anyone heyelp.J Kaner12.03.10
Another one for youJ Kaner11.03.10
Heyelp!! Please, ffs, can anyone heyelp.J Kaner17.02.10
Did Usenet DieJoe Strummer's Nose28.11.09
LyricsMikE ©ampbell26.11.09
Calling all Al Bundy fanciers.Doob07.10.09
The WireJ Kaner11.09.09
Natwest 'Sale'Jay Kaner10.02.09
Giz a job...Jay Kaner06.02.09
Oh come on...Jay Kaner03.02.09
top tottyMick02.02.09
Madge X and Baldrick Grant08.01.09
Here's a good spotGrand Mal12.12.08
Do you owe over $50,000?Peace Power27.11.08
Call me a slow learner...Puck21.11.08
ONE NOWTPuck19.11.08
good news for usenetizens of alt.ufcSteve Leyland19.11.08
woemSteve Leyland19.11.08
The Best LoverAnarchore13.11.08
Hey, P, where's yer blog gone??Amanda King12.11.08
Sunrise, SunsetBen Cramer09.11.08
Sunrise, SunsetBen Cramer09.11.08
I want a hung top manBen Cramer09.11.08
www.elec-bestseller.com Pismo 150cc ?550kmljiuylkiujo@gma...06.11.08
Liverpool invent new football tactic.Jay Kaner04.11.08
Jesus died for somebody's sins, but not minePuck04.11.08
Jesus died for somebody's sins, but not minePuck04.11.08
Ok gals, get yer knickers off, I'm back.Jay Kaner04.11.08
BOO! HOO!William Grosvenor31.10.08
STAR TREK FANS ARE GAY!William Grosvenor30.10.08
BOO! HOO! I LOST A LAW SUIT!William Grosvenor28.10.08
I know it's a day early but...Jay Kaner17.10.08
Where's my pal Joe Bruno?B H Cramer16.10.08
it's been an odd nightPuck12.10.08
Fucksake Clarkee/BootsPuck09.10.08
18 years ago to this very dayPuck07.10.08
Anyone watch the story of the guitar on beeb 1 ...Jay Kaner06.10.08
Well done Boris Grant02.10.08
I heard this...Steve Leyland24.09.08
I know it's a clock....Jay Kaner21.09.08
straw manPuck19.09.08
smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfastPuck19.09.08
Seen as Dave Grant17.09.08
Liverpool V Frog sideJay Kaner17.09.08
a cascade in progress - things you just wouldn'...Puck12.09.08
Re: Who's still smoking ?Jay Kaner11.09.08