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Taken from another group. Poster's name was "wh...Daytek14.06.08
Kenny busted by Operation Sudden FallPamela.Stigsell@u...10.05.08
Toronto's Smallest House is for Sale (0/1)podkayne15.02.08
Toronto's Smallest House is for salepodkayne15.02.08
Toronto's Smallest House is for Sale!!!!!! - TO...podkayne03.02.08
Number one on cnn.com:Chilly Willy22.10.07
I found god! - "Big Tex2.jpg" (0/1) 1.2 MBytes ...Chilly Willy21.10.07
Halloween movie LOLpodkayne18.10.07
Sorry folksXanthus17.10.07
Proingo: XChilly Willy14.10.07
Yahoo.netChilly Willy12.10.07
Fucking oven door won't go back on.Chilly Willy10.10.07
Listen up folks - "Mystery Song.mp3" (00/21) 4....Chilly Willy10.10.07
Listen up folks - "Mystery Song.mp3" (0/1) 4.8 ...Chilly Willy10.10.07
Just an FYI.:After much thought....Chilly Willy09.10.07
Language lessonsChilly Willy09.10.07
So, we're watching commercials amidst AFV...Chilly Willy08.10.07
For CW, anyone else interestedscooter07.10.07
Almost a yearXanthus05.10.07
Been really busy latelyXanthus05.10.07
Red Meat (0/1)podkayne03.10.07
FractaliciousChilly Willy28.09.07
Funny...how thwere's no idiot moron here..,.,,.Beave©26.09.07
ScorpionsChilly Willy25.09.07
Just in case...Xanthus23.09.07
Windows Vista UltimateXanthus23.09.07
Ran out of BisquickChilly Willy23.09.07
Homemade LimoncelloChilly Willy21.09.07
I dunno WTF they're sayingChilly Willy19.09.07
Proof that someone has visited the future!Chilly Willy19.09.07
Whoa!Chilly Willy19.09.07
Hey Doroootheee!Xanthus19.09.07
Okay, I'm trying this for the third time...Xanthus19.09.07
Photoshop CS3Xanthus18.09.07
Despite what people might think...Xanthus17.09.07
Hey CW...Xanthus16.09.07
Feed me now, strike me down later?Chilly Willy16.09.07
Some Kraut in the bin wants to convert you to a...Chilly Willy16.09.07
AAAAAAaaaaaaaargh!!!!!11oneChilly Willy14.09.07
A stumperChilly Willy14.09.07
Got more...Xanthus12.09.07
Happy Nine Eleven...from a Seven-Eleven POV.,.....Beave©08.09.07
OT but Important: Usenet Abuse and Impersonatio...Radium06.09.07
Bad driveXanthus25.08.07
Happy Birthday to ME!!Xanthus25.08.07
CW? Xanthus? Did you see this?podkayne25.08.07