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Pre-disposition in Movie Characters & the Apology Speech - by Seung Bum Kim (for Foxnews and other media)

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Datum: 02.06.2010 05:15
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Problem with Crowe's character in Robinhood is like the problem that
Socrates had in his Apology speech.  He being justified as a man of
good deed and of ultimate value is in a banquet situation.  So by
criticizing the Athenians for being worth nothing, he is essentially
without knowing producing the grounds for an apology.  While Robinhood
slays his enemies who are not entrusted by the Laws of good Will with
impunity.  There is no reflection on their condition of being
antagonistic.  Robinhood is in essence a King.  And the great irony
goes back to the film version of Oliver Cromwell with Peter O'Toole in
it..where Oliver Cromwell fighting for the people against a tyrannical
king and extolling Parliment, after he beheads the King then he
ironically enough becomes the King who rules with single-strength.  It
must be noted that he hung his own friends.  So the anatomy of Crowe's
characterization of Robinhood is a pre-disposition.  Whereas in the
old controversial film Natural Born Killers the crooks are also pre-
disposed.  Pre-disposition is important.  And the thing lacking most
in movies is the key factor of redemption in antagonistic roles..where
the Athenians reconcile with Socrates.  Or when the unjust Warlord
kills himself for doing unjust deeds.  As a matter of fact, they are
fixed by their pre-disposition though the effort could be made for a
transformation of heart and Mind..they are never apart from what
they've done.  Changes in people as it matters in life is
commonplace..though some people are set in their ways.  They can act
upon it.  But movies define people..and if the bad become knighted
there is a kind of amnesia effect that would certainly make the
characterization a blur.

Pre-disposition in Movie Characters & the Apology Speech - by Seung
Bum Kim

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