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Society and Inspirational Films & Damon's intensity & the Flight from the Divine Comedy - by Seung Bum Kim (for media)

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Society and Inspirational Films - by Seung Bum Kim (for Foxnews and
other media)
Hopper's greatest performance was in True Romance where he shows a
sense of humor in the face of death. This generation doesn't remember
his early beginnings with James Dean whom he admonished. He sacrificed
his reputation as a heroic icon by playing the bad guy in Speed. This
sacrifice is noteworthy. But he had a good identity apart from that
role. Wisdom in acting performances are singular. It relies in belief
in the role which you play through pre-existing experience with that
role or to be that role instead of being the perfect double. The award
winning actor in Inglorious Basterds had an awesome performance..as a
matter of fact he made the film work. He acted by doubling or doubling
as a champion Poker player. In which the earliest mention about the
Double entitled simply, "The Double" consisted of the leading
character playing a house of cards. Damon on the otherhand is the
Possessed. He is transfiguratively inspired and held in true faith of
the lead characters that he plays evidenced by his non-fabricated
passion in the role. I intend on seeing his new love story film. As
I've said Plato believed that tragic romances are dangerous to the
notion of the perfect civilization that he defended since he believed
he singlehandedly made it, which was arrogant lunacy. But this form of
idealism produces a transcendental outlook on life which is
responsible for a great amount of genius. Though like after Napolean's
failure at war he yet had much genius in him. So as it can be crushed
it can also generate. But I applaud Ridley in any case for the scene
where the antagonist is smiling with a arrow lodged in his neck. Since
he is also a great man who does great evil..but he manages to die
liberated as his wound also crushes. He is not a mere imp being kicked
around. So his death signifies that Robinhood is more than just a thug
equipt with the weapons of virtue as the terrible face of a moral

Society and Inspirational Films - by Seung Bum Kim

Damon's Intensity & his Flight from the Divine Comedy - by Seung Bum
Kim (for Foxnews and other media)
Damon is evidently trying to dodge the divine comedy as he progresses
through his career. His first role had a divine comedy in it..it
didn't have pure art. There were accidents taking place everywhere.
And no meaningful conclusion could be drawn from it since things were
conflicting just as Blake mentioned that the fact that things clash
together unharmoniously there can be no divinity though it is a great
ideal. So his new movie judging from the trailers I've seen of it
closely resembles a ballad where things are arranged to work out and
in performance only Shakesphere could managed to pull a perfect
romantic ballad based on the wits he had about him. Although
Shakesphere admitted that it was a tale told by an idiot as accidents
happen. Which was originally from Blake's prophetic books. As such
since grace is an overdone performance people fut as they strut. And
according to comical fiction Heaven and Hell are one Tree. 'Tis the
Divine Comedy. As Damon's roles grow more intense so too is there a
flight from the divine comedy due to the intensity of a drama that
needs to tax his performance as an actor..Performance is thus a key
factor. Since drama is primarily a work of art.

Damon's intensity & the Flight from the Divine Comedy - by Seung Bum

As our existance is flawed things are scattered. And as such the
center will not hold forever. And eternity is a paltry essence. We
seek eternity, but the main field is Time..time which cannot stand
still in an eternal speech. As such the angels fell.. as it also
birthed the beginning of technology. He who is conscious that time
scatters will with raw honesty scatter that which is scattered.
Perfection has the price thus of dodging the elements that would
breakdown his notion of art. Though it is possible for dying itself to
be an Art.

Existance as Wild Cards & Fallen Angels - by Seung Bum Kim

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