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Three Year Old Says His Planet Is Coming. Part 2 of 2.

Von: John Winston (johnfw@mlode.com) [Profil]
Datum: 29.05.2010 06:36
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Subject: Three Year Old Says His Planet Is Coming.
Part 2 of 2. May 28, 2010.

This says "Troublesome Times Are Here, Filling
Each Heart With F-------------.


Then she had another vision where we were with the
same people, but now leading them through a
suburban neighborhood street, going into each
house in order, scavenging for whatever people had
left when they all fled. As our group combed the
houses on the street, it was clear that the owners
had all left quickly, and none of them were around
as it was d-ad silence but for us. So maybe some
kind of evacuation? Anyway there were lots of
useful tools, m-dicines and food which we were
finding and we felt very safe and protected,
according to her.

Then there was another vision she had where she
and I were in a hammock, peacefully watching the
sunset while many families and happy people played
and enjoyed themselves. These three visions were
described by her in great detail in the morning
after we woke up or in one case she had written it
down and I read it when I came home from work.  I
was able to question her about the visions and she
described them in good detail as to what the
picture of her vision was. I fear that it is all

I believe the OP's story because I also have had
what I call my "cosmic wanderings"; I'm a
c-ntactee. 25 years ago I was already practicing
astral projection and have recalled many specific
experiences from those journeys and countless
others since.

One involved the "saviour ships" and I remember
clearly witnessing the g-vernment- sanctioned
landings, the long rows of white tents where
people were pulsed aboard the craft. Upon
entering, I.D.'s were checked, med-cal records
were examined and specific concerns addressed. But
the line moved steadily and without the usual
human  delays.

There was a mil-tary presence surrounding the
entire landing/processing area, but they were
benign and there strictly to maintain a semblance
of order. The armed soldiers seemed awkward and
aware they were there merely on display: since
nearly everyone - to a child- behaved somberly and
as if in deep thought. There were also several
people who appeared to be genuinely excited, but
their attitudes changed too, as they moved closer
to the tent entrance.

All in all it was a very peaceful scene [surreal
to be sure] but generally a matter-of-fact event
with little disruption. The processing continued
for several days, non-stop. I saw no one turned
away, although I noted several who did change
their minds and exit the area.

That's why I believe the OP. Or... more
specifically, his children. Could this be the
celebrated "rapture" that r-liginuts speak of with
the slightest of provocation? Could be... who
really knows? I don't especially care one way or

BUT, I DO believe that we are in for one H-ll of
a very ugly ride before those "saviour ships"
start to arrive.

OP, hey, thanks for posting this. I've actually
been waiting for/ seeking a post on GLP where a
"new planet" information is discussed from an
experiential perspective. I just had the feeling
that eventually it would come, and shazam!, here
it is. Yipee-yay!

You see, about two months ago I had a mystical
so-l journeying experience wherein I too saw a new
planet, this planet having just been "birthed," so
to speak. I also, just like he, viewed this planet
as being very, very close to a sun.

The only difference between he and I being that I
saw a planet that was in the future, was pale blue
color, and was in a pristine state. I think when
after all the turmoil is over the "red planet,"
how our planet is right now, will have shifted to
become this new pale blue planet...a kind of out
of the ashes a phoenix rises type of event.

"It's near the sun, so you can't see it very well,
but soon you can."

Indeed. The boy knows what he's talking about. Of
course my saying this relies on my information
being correct, but as far as mystics go I'm not
too shabby as one. What I viewed that day a few
months ago was something I didn't force to the
surface, so to speak. It was a spontaneous
out-of-body experience. It was simply meant to be,
and was engaged for the sake of informing me of a
probable future state of our planet...perhaps even
for just the reason of my being able to offer a
postscript about your son's insight.

I'll tell ya, it has thoroughly intrigued me since
and I have until today not found anyone who could
offer any kind of insight or knowing...pfht, and
that certainly hasn't been because I haven't asked
around. I have, with earnest.

...I'm wondering if he were to see further beyond
the red planet state if he would also see it as
pale blue.

...as a mystic I wish you could ask him if he can
go further with it, to see if he also see's it
becoming pale blue, because I'm sooo just itchin'
to know, but...

...as an h-aler and energy worker, and given his
young age, I can't in all good conscience ask you
to ask him to do that. If he is to see the
planet's phoenixed state he should do so
naturally, of his own volition. Anything less
could be a violation of his learning curve and
growth process.

I'd tell ya to tell him he's not alone in "seeing"
this, but the little guy has such an energy of
conviction about him that he most likely doesn't
need an atta-boy...he knows what he knows, and
that's all he needs to know.

Really, father-person, thanks for posting this. It
is most appreciated by myself.

And thanks to the little guy, too.

Labels set aside, he is indeed in possession of
some high-end energy. I find he's got the energy
of being a "Love Baby." And that's not me putting
a label on him, rather it's me remarking about his
purpose for "coming to life."

Love Babies are young sou-s - pure and innocent
ones - that are bred from ancient wisdom...the
ancient unadulterated temples of "Go-," so to
They are very special, yet feel no need to be
fussed over with accolades...they're just sooo,
essentially, beyond that hooey. Love in all things
is business as usually for them.

You've got a "live one" there, father-person. Good
for you! Love Babies are born to live with special
people who are equipped to understand them and
accept them just as they are. A pat on the back
and an atta-boy for you.
I have nothing to relate to OPs experience,
however there was one thing I will never forget. I
was dating a lady with a 4y/o son and she brought
him by my place one day. I have a blue glass ball
[the size of a soft ball] that is full of tiny air
bubbles, really a beautiful thing. Well he became
very interested in it so I handed it to him and he
sat down on the  floor and stared into it for
about five minutes.. until his mother said what
the heck did you give him? I walked over and asked
him what he thought about it and he looked up with
a look of awe in his eyes and said "This is what
your s-ul looks like." Now this little boy had
never been to c-urch and his mother had no idea he
even knew the word sou-.. The hair stood up on my
neck and I got that tingling feeling like
something very important had just happened. He was
always a soft spoken, thoughtful kid and was
different from everyone else in his family.

Re: MY PLANET IS COMING....and other wisdom from a
three year old Quote

My son told me that very soon we will have 2 suns
in the sky.

This one is from April 24, 2010

Message 3310 from Our Lady, Queen of Peace,
Anguera BA. Brazil transmitted in 24/04/2010

Dear Sons and Daughters, don't get away from
p-ayer. Humanity is at the eve of most sorrowful
events. I am your sorrowful Mother and I suffer
because of what is coming to you. The earth will
shake and immense rivers of fire will rise from
the depths. Sleeping giants will awake and there
will be great suffering for many nations. The axis
of the earth will change and My poor children will
live moments of great tribulations.

Pay attention. This is a time of pain for
humanity. Return to Je--s. Only in Him will you
find strength to support the weight of the trials
that must come. Courage. I will speak to My Jes--
for you. Don´t back out. This is the message I
transmit to you today in the name of The Most H-ly
Trinity. Thank you for permitting Me to reunite
you here once more. I Bless you in the name of The
Father, of The Son, and of The Ho-y Sp-rit. Amen.
Be at peace.

From April 22, 2010...

Message 3309 from Our Lady, Queen of Peace, given
in Samanbaia, DF. Brazil transmitted in

Dear Sons and Daughters, you are important for the
realization of My plans.
Don't leave what you have to do for tomorrow. -od
is in a hurry and now is the time for your sincere
and loving return to The G-d of salvation and
peace. I am your Mom and I am very close to you.
When you feel the weight of your difficulties,
call to Me and I will lead you to My Son --sus.
You will encounter strength in Him for your
journey. Your complete happiness is in J--us.
Return to Him Who loves you and knows you by name.

Now is the time of great spi-itual trials. Seek
strength in pr-yer and the Eucharist. When all
seems lost a great victory of G-d will arise for
There will be no defeat for My chosen ones. The
hour of calvary will come to humanity. Great and
sorrowful happenings will come to you, but don't
lose heart. The a-gels of The L-rd will come from
h-aven and His chosen ones will not experience
physical pains.

In the great and final tribulation people will see
the powerful hand of Go- in action. Forward
without fear. You belong to The Lor- and have
nothing to fear. This is the message I transmit to
you today in the name of The Most -oly Trinity.
Thank you for permitting Me to reunite you here
once more. I Bless you in the name of The Father,
of The Son, and of The Hol- Spiri-.
Amen. Be at peace.

Guess what? I'm listening to our dreams, visions,
the Blessed M-ry's words to us! S-cred s-ripture
has said that people would have dreams and visions
in the last days of this age, so when they all
'mesh' and the signs are all around us becoming
clearer day to day ... we're being given many,
many warnings and chances to prepare.

When my older brother was 5 he said to me one day
something I have never forgotten, we were playing
in the sand box with our hotwheels cars and then
he turned to me and said "do you know why we are
here.....we are born here now because we are
supposed to see something really big happen in our
lifetime and we are not to be scared"

This happened 34 years ago.

Part 2 of 2.

John Winston.  johnfw@mlode.com

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