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Datum: 31.05.2010 23:16
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Subject: Information From Ruth.      May 31, 2010.

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Sent: Monday, May 31, 2010


JUNE, 2010

What a month May has been!  I
feel such sorrow for those who have lost their
homes because of tornadoes, wind storms, flooding,
and now this awful oil spill.  Find myself just
stopping and praying for them and for situations
that will provide protection and comfort.  Our
prayer energy is powerful.

We have put in a small garden
this year, as the advancing years take away some
f our strength and energy for such undertakings.
Do have my little flower-pot garden on my deck.
One grandson found a good new steady job and
another with a large family, just lost his.  This
is repeated all over the country, it is obvious.
We help where we can.  I watch television a
lot less now; the bulk of programming is all about
murders, vampires, and sex. Ugh!  The damage to
children's minds has to be enormous, not to
mention the younger adults. Still have my VCR
player and lots of great movies I've recorded over
the years.  Bet you have, too!

Keep yourselves aware of
global matters and your own health now.  Live each
day for itself and make the most of it we are here
for a reason.
Masters, the world is in such
turmoil, what with volcanic eruptions,
earthquakes, the terrible oil spill and now the
threat of hurricanes, please give us what you can
regarding what to expect this coming month of

MASTERS:    First of all, don't panic!
Since this newsletter is now being sent to many
countries all over the world, we will try to give
some kind of guidance and/or warnings for the
places where strong occurrences may be happening
in June.

Residents of the coastal Gulf States
are realizing that the fishing industry is in dyer
straits now, and may be out of commission for at
least a year or more until the sea water clears up
again.  Government help will just barely cover the
costs of keeping people in their homes and on food
stamps.  Even so, this will be slow in coming and
it is a matter now of people helping people.  The
efforts being made to cap the oil outlet deep in
the ocean make it clear that humankind still has a
lot to learn about planet Earth.  A prediction
from us as to when the leak will be contained is
impossible, because the decisions lie within the
minds of those who are now charged with the
responsibility.  Looking into the future a year or
so ahead, we do see the seas beginning to clear,
although sea beds will be covered with the oil
residue for centuries.  Again, the greed and need
for power has created a real mess for the U-ited

As to the tornado threats in the
U.S., yes, we see many more occurring as the
atmosphere over-reacts to the frequencies being
created by the oil spill itself and the
concentrated emotions of millions of people.
Again, we see these strong storms racing
cross-country and from south to north.  Canada
will not be exempt from small tornadoes this
month.  Mobile homes are dangerous when the winds
come.  Although a great help to those who cannot
afford a house, please find somewhere else to stay
when your forecasters warn of tornadic activity in
your area.   Atmospheric conditions around the
world are spawning unusual storms in many
countries.  Sand storms driven by strong winds are
already reeking havoc in Africa and anywhere there
are huge sand dunes.  June will see more of these,
sometimes in unusual places.  The atmosphere is
highly disturbed right now and seasonal weather
will be but a memory, at least for this year.  ***
Predictions from your weather watchers regarding
very strong hurricanes in the next months are on
target for the most part, but there will be
tremendous variations as to when, where, and how
strong the winds might be.  We see Florida being
hit pretty hard, with the winds moving north up
that coastline, perhaps by the end of June.  The
fear that a hurricane will carry the oil inland to
the Gulf States is well taken, for we do see
miles of wetland being covered with oil and wild
life there in desperation. How many birds and
other creatures are saved will be up to those who
care enough to take care of them.  The species
will not be completely destroyed, they will be
seen again when life begins anew in these areas.

****  The planet continues to stretch and moan as
the plates push against each other in order to
obey the needs of the changing frequencies in the
Solar System.  This means a lot more earthquakes
world-wide.  The lower reaches of the European
Continent are being hit with quakes now. Turkey
will continue to move and Italy will be watching
for eruptions from their famous volcanoes.  Chili
and Haiti will also continue to have minor quakes,
although we are see one very hard quake along the
Eastern South American Coast somewhere.
***  The Cascade volcanoes in the Western part of
the U.S. are being stoked far down below the
surface as the inner Earth heats up.  Residents
living near them will feel slight earth movements
from time to time, but we do not see a real
eruption in the near future.  Yellowstone's
activity is heating up and we are seeing a few new
geysers opening up this month.  Be very careful of
where you step if you visit this volcanic area.
Volcanic activity in and near the Mediterranean
Sea will be heating up this month, as well as the
Caribbean Sea, as evidenced by the current
eruptions in Guatemala and Ecuador..  Cayce's
position of an Etna eruption being the cornerstone
of increased eruptions still holds as a valid
foreboding for that part of the world.
***  North America's West Coasts are being nudged
continuously with 4.0 quakes, and June will
experience them happening more often.  This is
good, as they are letting off a lot of pressure,
protecting against a really tragic quake in Los
Angeles and other areas of tremendous populations.
Iceland is one, huge volcano.  Many more eruptions
must be expected now, as the ice overlay is
disappearing rapidly.  We do not see this calming
down for many months, and there is the possibility
of the entire land area becoming unlivable in a
year or so.  The planet is undergoing drastic
changes and humankind must accept these changes
and use your knowledge and wisdom to start over
again when necessary.

So, what our readers really want to
know is what to expect in June weather-wise!
North America will experience cooler temperatures
in the North, very hot and dry conditions in the
Southwest - extremely changeable temperatures from
one week to another.   Water availability will
become a problem as the heat from the Sun and from
the inner crust of the world will dry up many
small rivers and streams.  We are seeing some
areas experiencing power-outages because of the
high use of air-conditioners.  Be aware and take
care of what you have.
** Europe will have a cooler June and high amounts
of rain that will result in a lot of flooding as
glaciers and snow packs melt very quickly.
**  India is being hit hard with very hot weather
and will also have a shortage of good water.
**Australia winds up a summer season and will be
in danger of many fires as the foliage dries out.
Earthquakes in Australia?  The Earth's plates will
cause some pressure against East Coasts and
residents will feel some slight movement under
their feet.  Nothing to worry about.
** Sea levels continue to rise slowly in the North
Sea, causing some worries for the Netherlands and
Belgium.  Strong storms around the middle of the
month will stir up the waves.  Heavy rainfall near
the end of June will create a need for work on the
*** The Middle East with all of its military
clashes is stirring up the frequencies in the
earth below these countries, and we are seeing
unexpected movement in the arid deserts and rugged
mountains.  Humanity is causing much of the
problems with such actions, besides interrupting
the natural flow of energies with deep wells of
every kind all over the world.  The oil spills now
polluting the waters are only a fraction of the
interference with that natural flow of global
energy.  All in the name of increased wealth for
the few.  Sad.
Dear Masters a reader and resident of
Willamette Valley in Oregon, reports seeing a
population explosion in wild life chipmunks and
many new species of birds.  She is questioning a
possible movement or volcanic action in the
Cascades volcanoes causing them to flee for their

MASTERS:    This lady is tuned to nature and
sees with her own eyes the results of the earth
changes now taking place.  It takes very little to
scare wild life from their peaceful surroundings;
the undertones deep in the Earth's interior bring
to their sensitive little minds that something is
not right and they try to find a new place to
live.  Yes, there is deep movement and heating
taking place in the magma under the Cascades, as
the pressure from the Pacific plates change the
deep configuration of the volcanic fissures on the
surface. .

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John Winston.  johnfw@mlode.com

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