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Update on Very NOISY Whirlpool Dehumidifier

Von: jaugustine@verizon.net [Profil]
Datum: 28.05.2010 14:20
Message-ID: <t0dvv55ocoiof4fomciisaifg5d8khhu50@4ax.com>
Newsgroup: alt.flame

I think I have finally "tamed the beast".  My latest technique (two boards
with long threaded rods, see below) is working!  I have been using the
dehumidifier for the past two weeks since, and it is hard to believe the
dehumidifier noise level remains normal !


On Wed, 12 May 2010 13:10:38 -0400,  you wrote:

>    I did not list the different methods I tried,  starting with different
>weights on top, insuring that everything is "tight" inside, checking
>the rubber mounts used by the compressor,  different small carpets
>for it to sit on, and many other techniques.
>    My latest attempt, I used two boards with holes near each end and
>long threaded rods (with nuts, flat & lock washers) through the holes in order
>to squeeze the sides (boards against sides) of the cabinet.  So far (one day),
>it seems to work, but other methods I tried in the past seemed to work, but
>only for a while.
>    Since this cold spell hit us, the dehumidifier is turned off.  I will have
>to wait until warmer weather comes back before I use it again.  If this
>latest technique works for at least two weeks,  I will post an "update".
>                         John

Original post, you wrote:

>>     I bought a Whirlpool model AD50DSS2 dehumidifier. It is a very NOISY
>>(vibration noise) dehumidifier!
>>     A service man came.  He thought he fixed it, but later the NOISE was
>>     The dehumidifier's cabinet "amplifies" the compressor's
vibration.  A
>>call to Whirlpool was no help at all.
>>     I am a ham radio operator and found out from other hams that I am not the
>>only one that has a NOISY Whirlpool dehumidifier.
>>     I would like to hear from others with the same problem.
>>          Thank You in Advance,  John N3AOF
>> PS,  Remove "ine" from my email address

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