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Why Things Are Like They Are. Part 3 of 3.

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Subject: Why Things Are Like They Are. Part 3 of 3.
May 27, 2010.

This person has attempted to summerize what he
has said before.  I don't know whether this is
true or not but it is his way of looking at


When I started thinking about this, I realized
that most of this stuff is so unbelievable it's
difficult to put down on paper. Also it's long.
It would come to hundreds of pages to do it
justice, Internet stuff has to be a few pages at
the most, people don't have time. So here's a
snippet instead. It might give you some ideas to
mull over.

The real control of the world is s-cret. I call it
the Fifth Reich. The First Reich was the Roman
Empire. People admire their art and culture, but
the Romans were truly, deeply nasty supremacists,
r-cists, and e-il beyond extreme. They had few
redeeming features. They eventually became more
and more indulgent and fat. The corrupt rulers fed
mercilessly off the Roman merchants, and in the
end they didn't have enough money to pay their
a-mies to defend the empire. Their terror lasted
over three hundred years. The Second Reich was
that of Charlemagne. They called him the H-ly
Roman Emperor. There was nothing ho-y about
Charlemagne. He was an ev-l man, and the terror he
wrought was staggering in its cruelty. He executed
four thousand people on one day. The Third Reich
was that of Hi-ler. He thought to rule for a
thousand years. He was the most perceptive and
powerful ever Da real initiate of the d-rk side.
He might have pulled it off. D-ug addiction
(m-rphine) clouded his knowing and he started to
make mistakes. The Fourth Reich is the empire of
the A-ericans that has dominated the world,
p-litically and economically, since the fall of

The Fifth Reich is the hidden Reich. It's the real
controller of this world. There is an external
human manifestation of its power and an inner one,
a transdimensional one. The external is just a few
thousand families that run the world in sec-et.
It's the industrial w-r machine, the big
landowners, M-fia families, criminals in Eastern
Europe, the Asian Houses, and of course the Empire
of the Je-s, which will now come under more and
more attack as the years go past. People will
become suspicious of the hidden control they
exercise. David I-ke refers to the controlling
families of the world as the I-luminati. Call them
what you will, they own the U.S. dollar, they
control all markets in wealth, they own the me-ia,
they say what laws will be passed, who is in
power, who is not. Democracy is their plaything,
it doesn't really exist for ordinary people.
Beyond our world and the power of the ghouls,
there is another world of massively powerful
celestial beings. They are so powerful that if
they appeared here in person, our flesh would fry.
To look at them you would go blind, their radiance
would burn your retina. They can't come here into
3-D, so they have to allow us to plod along to our
destruction as drones of the Empire. Humans become
anal and more and more materialistic and vile, and
the earth becomes evermore polluted. People's
feelings become more despairing; the system less
fair, vast populations have no hope. They go
without simple basic needs and millions more
stitch garments for Wal-M-rt for three cents an
hour. That's our world the world of the slave, the
factory farm, human gulags, misinformation,
corruption, greed, with ordinary humans the
product of the mind control system. Every angle,
every doorway is guarded, every thought authorized
and sanitized and scrutinized for public

And all of this is controlled and empowered from
an unseen world. Do you think these people and
their mediocrity and their violence and their
egoism and r-cism, would get anywhere if they were
not protected and empowered from an inner place?
On the ground it's the m-litary-industrial machine
and its corruption of power, and of course hidden
beyond everything is the Empire of the -ews,
nothing much moves in this world without their
permission especially not in Am-rica, but then
behind all that is the empire of the ghouls
holding everything up.

Then came Flower Power and the N-w Age and a more
open consciousness and suddenly humans were being
trained to be loving and tribal and real, not
phony products of an el-tist mind and its control
mechanism. They were training to exist in another
e-olution not under the Empire's gaze.
They could do so because importance and
materialism and greed are not their issues, so
they could give the Empire the two-f-nger salute.
They couldn't be bought. Eventually they were
ready and some began to see inside the mirror
world, albeit awkwardly and painfully but they
could see. In there they found instructions, very
strange instructions that were poorly understood,
but instructions nonetheless.

At that point, the TDs went ballistic sensing an
impending doom. Wa-s broke out between the UFOs
and the humans. Normally the humans would have
lost hands down but this time things had changed.
From within the mirror world, they had been armed
with a technology for which the UFOs had no
defense. It's an etheric missile that looks like a
red triangle, it flies across the sky with a slow
tumbling motion, it's guided. When it hits a UFO,
the UFO shudders and becomes unstable and it falls
from its elevation toward a lower level of energy.
It falls from the sky.

Old 11-07-2005,
Hours later the humans returned and shortly
thereafter tall beings arrived. I've written about
them before. I named them Tall Boys because most
of them were male, even though the first few of
them were female.
They are eight-foot tall and they can run at
unbelievable speed. The boys and the girls are
human looking and very handsome. Each could be a
supermodel; their facial proportions are almost
perfect. With them came dogs, etheric dogs, many.
Also, we saw blue beings, very thin, not really
human. They were very tall and very graceful.
S-irits, graces, a-gels, I'm not sure what to call
them but they came early on. There were twenty-six
of them initially. More have come since. String
theory gave us ten dimensions, Super Gravity
offered us eleven and eventually that will double
to twenty-two, and beyond those there are four
more. So hyperspace as we know it, will end up at
twenty-six dimensions. I wrote about that in the
Sixth Sense.

Unlike the Tall Boys, the world of the blue beings
is different. They are part of comprehension and
redemption whereas the Tall Boys are part of the
wrap-and-pack show. The boys are part of the
he-venly host promised in R-velation. As they
poured into this dimension, the ghouls got
frightened and backed away. You have to remember
the TDs have never experienced opposition ever
before, well not since this thing happened before,
maybe tens of thousands of years ago, at the end
of the last great technological civilizations. It
took two years and nine months to wrap up the UFOs
and the Grays and simultaneously the inner ghouls,
like those in nature, would have been "effed" off
and suddenly humans could breathe a bit. You might
have felt the shift over the last few months; the
sense of futility might still be there a bit, but
there is less fear, less of a d-monic presence.

It's the beginning of the fall of the Fifth Reich.
The Grays are to be led away, places become free.
It's not everywhere at once but here and there;
I've written about that before so I won't deal
with it here.
But we are soon to become liberated from the c-rse
of the Fifth Reich.
The ar of liberation first took place in another
world. In Rev-lation it's referred to as the w-r
in hea-en. Nothing could happen before the ghouls
got whacked as any progress would have been
squashed or nullified. Now begins the wa- on
earth. The families and their cronies go down
bit-by-bit. Weird stuff happens. A briefcase of
secr-t documents is left in a taxi and its
contents exposed. Pol-ticians misspeak on T.V.
accidentally blurting out the truth. It's called
tapping. The intellect that normally offers the
lies is momentarily over-ridden (entranced), and
the subconscious is lightly tapped to release the
truth, it blurts out unintentionally. That is
already happening, you might have heard the famous
one recently when B-air talked of "weapons of mass
Ordinary people are shocked when they realize how
they have been r-bbed and conned. The Forth Reich
falters as the Fifth goes down. Mayhem. They won't
go quietly, that's my guess.

Once the Tall Boys have less of the ghouls to deal
with, they will set after the humans. We can see
that already happening in the mirror world.
The tyrants are being torn to shreds; it's a bit
gruesome to watch. But once their mirror self goes
down, they also fall here in 3-D. I reckon there
will be a time when s-icides will rocket to
millions a year.
Here's why. The ghouls held the world together and
granted a few selected people wealth and power but
with the ghouls gone, people will become more and
more exposed, no protection you see.

I told people years ago, process your shadow or it
will come and find you. When it comes, it will try
and k-ll you and take you with it. It wants you to
become fully tied to it and empowering it. It
seeks to abducted you and carry you to its
personal h-ll. The shadow will want you to keep it
energized and alive, but it too will be exposed
and it too will eventually falter like the Fifth

Part 3 of 3.

John Winston.  johnfw@mlode.com

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