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Gentle Words From Gaia. Part 2.

Von: John Winston (johnfw@mlode.com) [Profil]
Datum: 30.05.2010 06:31
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Subject: Gentle Words Fron Gaia.           Part 2.
May 29, 2010.

This talks about some safe places to be.



Kahriana writes:  Tom, while we certainly
appreciate that the priority needs to be for those
souls located in S.California and Mexico, when an
opportunity presents itself, we would be grateful
for information from Gaia regarding the Ottawa
area which is north of the New Madrid fault.
Would it be affected when quakes occur along the
New Madrid and to what extent?
Also, living on the Canadian West Coast, how far
eastward must one move to be safe during the
coming coastal disruption and how much time do we
have to avoid being last minute.  My feeling is to
move to the east side of the Rockies in order to
make only one move.  Can Gaia confirm this or
provide other information.

Gaia, please verify when, if ever, you plan to
move the New Madrid fault and why is Ottawa Canada
having tremors?

Yes Tom, I will move the New Madrid fault line in
the future and not too long into the future I
might add.  Let's say within 2 or 3 years at the
maximum.  I have stated before that I do wish to
change my typography and by having the Mississippi
begin in Lake Superior and end in the Gulf of
Mexico, It will assist me with my changes in the
weather patterns.  I would not suggest that anyone
live on the banks of the Mississippi or along the
fault line, as this part of the country will see
some great movements again not to the extent I
told you about in 2008 Tom, but still some
planned movements there.  And yes you are
receiving this information correctly, so you do
not have to ask.

Ottawa lies close to the fault line, and is
experiencing some movements, as I am bringing
pressure there to add pressure on the west coast.


Janet writes:  Hi Tom!  I love your newsletter.  I
live in Minnesota.  Will you ask Gaia if she has
any plans for our area?  I use the MBO's daily..
... amazing !

Gaia, what are your plans for Minnesota?

Yes, for the time being Minnesota will be spared
any movements Tom.
Certainly in their future I may be moving the New
Madrid fault line, but not anytime soon.  I do not
recommend that anyone live right on the river, or
for that matter any river at the present time
where flooding is a possibility.  This is an easy
one for your readers to understand, given the
events recently in the Nashville, TN area or

(Next session) Gaia, you said you had no plans for
Minnesota, yet when I asked about the New Madrid
fault line, you said this would move in 2 or 3
years.  So this would seem Minnesota would be
included.  Comments please.

Yes, I did say I had no plans for Minnesota in the
near future Tom, but in reality there will be some
changes when I do start moving the New Madrid
fault line.  I have said repeatedly that no one
should live anywhere near the banks of the
Mississippi, as its width will be enormous after I
begin to shift the New Madrid fault line.  So my
apologies for not including or referencing

So why the comments.  I'm confused.

Yes Tom.  It is a combination of your reception
and me saying nothing in the near future, as two
to three years out normally would not be
considered the near future.  It's a matter of
semantics and interpretation of what near future
is for those of you in a 3d focus.  It is open for
interpretation, as a person in 3d thinks of near
future as with a short time period such as a few
months not years.  Does that clear it up for you a

Yes, but I may visit this again for a verification
of what I'm receiving.

Galina writes:  Thank you for your interesting and
informative newsletter.
Can you please ask Gaia what her plans for
Chicago land area are?

Gaia, will the Chicago region be safe to move to?

Yes, relatively safe, although as you might guess
Tom, they will certainly feel the earthquakes,
which are connected to the New Madrid Fault Line.
Some buildings will be damaged, and perhaps some
will be rendered non-useable more the older ones
not built to modern standards Tom.


John sent me this prediction by Stuart Wilde:  The
earthquakes are hot and heavy right now, and we
are still waiting for the one that takes out
California. All the previous California
earthquakes dates have proved to be wrong, though
Khris Krepcik got the Chile earthquake on the
right day to within four hours, so it was a very
accurate prediction. The next big date for CA that
many of us have seen is June 11th 2010.

Gaia, do you have any plans for a large earthquake
around June 11?

Yes Tom, I do, but not in the United States.  It
will be along the Ring of Fire in the Pacific Far
East side.  It will not be Japan, as I have given
you that information, but will be farther down.
Yes in the Indonesian area.


Sara Ann writes from Ft. Worth:  Could you please
ask Gaia of the future of New Zealand and these
other countries for the remainder of 2010?  And if
travel will be possible through CA going to and
returning from New Zealand the remainder of 2010?

Gaia, I have asked about Australia, but neglected
to ask about New Zealand's future.

Yes, Tom, they will see a tsunami or two along
with Australia.  They will also see some
earthquakes in the next year or two, although the
destruction will not be as great as in other
locations on the Ring of Fire.  Still, those who
live there should have their houses on bedrock if
at all possible.  Those who live on sandy dirt
plains will suffer the most damage.


Maryjune writes:  I know you spend time in Sedona
and I am considering a move there from CA.  Can
you ask Gaia if Sedona will is a safe haven with
the upcoming earth changes and does Gaia frown
upon people living there since it is such a sacred
place?  Will the weather in Sedona and North
Central AZ change due to the changes coming in
Southern CA at the end of 2010?

Gaia, will Sedona be a good place for people to
migrate to from the west coast, and how will the
weather change there?  And will the energies be

Yes, a thoughtful question Tom.  Sedona will
certainly be one of the places in the United
States and Canada where people can move to and be
relatively safe from tremors, although they may
very well feel some rumbles in the area not enough
to panic over, although certainly there will be
much fear, which the people from California will
experience each time I move the earth a little.

Over time, yes there will be a huge change in the
weather there, as I bring much more rain to this
region of the country, and they will see copious
amounts of rain during an average year.  Yes your
figures of 35 inches or so an average are about
right Tom.  This area will bloom, as it has not in
thousands of years.

The energies of this area will change somewhat,
but will still retain great energy near the
vortexes.  This energy I offer to all who wish to
experience it, to be washed in the various
energies offered, which are unique to each

Certainly the population will swell certainly
doubling in size in a short time, which will
create problems with their infrastructure as you
can image Tom, just as these mass migrations will
affect almost every community in the U-ited States
and Canada.  It will take years of adjustments.


Gaia, will there be just a Lahar mudflow from Mt.
Rainier near Seattle, or will there be a collapse
of one side, and when will this event take place?

Good question to start the morning Tom.  Yes there
will be a large Lahar mudflow from Mt. Rainier and
it will be timed to happen around the same time
as the earthquakes to the south, but perhaps just
a little later Tom, but not much.  So that will

Regarding the collapse of one side similar to Mt.
St. Helens, yes this will occur, but not until the
second round of earthquakes which will strike
along the coast near Seattle, Vancouver and on up
the coast of Alaska.  By then there will be mainly
people aware of this possibility and there will be
much movement off the coast; and you will have
something to do with that Tom, I thought I would
let you know now.

But first the Lahar and then several months later
the pyroclastic blast which will be similar to Mt.
St. Helens.  This is not a safe area Tom, and as I
have told you to pass along to the people there,
they need to move, certainly at least over the
Cascade mountain range at the very least, as
that will be a buffer, as long as that is far away
from the events which will take place near Mt.

Here is a link for more information on Lahar
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lahar .


Gaia, when will Canada start to have more moderate
temperatures Gaia?

A good question Tom.  They will start to see the
more moderate temperatures within 5 years.  This
will be partially due to the changes in topography
to the south in the United States, and partially
due to the melting of the Arctic ice cap, which
will continue and actually speed up.  There will
not be the level of ice needed to generate as
extreme conditions as they have had in the past.
It will become more like say a Midwestern city
such as in Kansas.  Then beyond the 5 year mark
they will see gradually even more moderate


Kahriana writes:  A family member recently moved
to a new job in Ontario and thanks to MBO's
everything transpired very smoothly; excellent
air fares, no charge for overweight luggage,
smooth flight, timely landing, etc. etc. We are
most grateful.  However, the night before
departure her wallet was nowhere to be found.  I
said an MBO for the "immediate reappearance of her
wallet" and within minutes she was guided to a
very odd spot in our residence where neither of us
puts anything.  I touched the wallet and it was
very cold - too cold to have been inside the
house.  Thank you ang-ls!

Part 2.

John Winston.  johnfw@mlode.com

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