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Lady Goes Aboard Alien Spacecrafts. Part 2 of 2.

Von: John Winston (johnfw@mlode.com) [Profil]
Datum: 24.05.2010 00:00
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Subject: Lady Who Goes Aboard Alien Spacecrafts.
Part 2 of 2.  May 23, 2010.

Here she talks about our mission.


It is no longer the Vanguards business to h-al
individuals/situations/ the world, it is no longer
Vanguards business to activate the Light/ send the
Light/manifest the Light. Our only business now to
be who we are - our complete Being. Our business
is no longer without, that belongs completely now
to the 2nd wave. It is our business now to be
within - to return to our state of full
Mastership, and by doing that, we actually finish
our mission. We create the protective shield that
our friends above have provided all this time,
simply by the power of our Selves - generated
through Creator from the inner worlds. We become
the Pillars of Golden Light from all our positions
around the world that support the transition that
the 2nd wave will complete in the ascension. We
just have to BE in the inner worlds while we sit
in meditation twice daily.

Otherwise, those of us of the Vanguard have
completed our missions. Our mission was to bring
the hidden ancient wisdom and teachings forward,
to start the awakening, to bring into the main
stream the need for e-olution, consciousness
awakening, the methods to do so, the understanding
that all Creation is One, that we manifest our
destiny, that we are here for a very special
ev-lutionary process, and to help those who had
the eyes to see and the ears to hear prepare in
body, mind, and soul. We brought the books and the
tools. We are the 144,000 - the Tribe of 12 x 12.
We are the preparers of The Way. We have completed
our mission. We are literally in the process of
retiring from all of this world, as more of us
seek lives of almost peaceful hermits, in the
world but no longer of it. We are passing the
torch. It is time, and the Time is Now.

The 2nd wave, which is basically the generation of
our mature children, need to step into the
forefront Now. Slowly the 2nd wave emerges. Too
You have been slightly spoiled children. You
didn't have to seek out The Teachings, you were
spoon fed it by us and your seeking was made easy
with the speed of internet. That's beautifully
okay. But it's your time to stand firm in the
Knowing and step forward, not hesitantly, but with
confidence and humility. You CAN SO DO IT! Not
only is it an honor, it is your responsibility
now. You will do well, very well, the outcome is
already Known on higher realms, but it must be
activated here. It can only be activated here. And
the Time is Now.

Some of you are already sp-ritually strong, but
there's a certain amount of ego getting in your
way. Look honestly and you will balance that out.
Otherwise it will come around and bite you hard
from b-hind. Some of you have not yet found your
power. You are hesitant; you are unsure of
yourself; you are still preparing. There is no
time left. You must have faith in your Self and
Creator, after all, the All That Is approved you
for bringing forth that which needs to be brought
forth in this momentous time. Reach out assuredly,
grab that leadership which so long ago, long
before you ever i-carnated the first time on this
planet, you agreed to do. Bring your Knowing In
Truth to the forefront. You have the power of All
That Is with you. Know it.
Act on it with the wisdom you have learned and
that which is in your heart. Own your personal
spiritual strength, according to Free Will and the
Highest Good of All, and Know that the Creator,
the Source of All Being is standing with you. You
cannot fail.

Your mission is nothing short of taking us through
the final steps of ascension, transformation and
creation of the human species - from physical to
an entirely new Being in all of Creation - one
several dimensions more evolved in one swift
swoop. One who is both sp-rit and matter, a
physical Light Being, filled with the GOLDEN Light
of God Consciousness, immortal and perfect.

Immortality is at our finger tips. The veil is so
very thin. We can often see and hear the other
side, home. We're not quite yet there... so close,
yet so far away. We can almost touch it, and it
brushes us daily. We feel our family on the other
side touching us, gently, beautifully, wondrously.
And we ache so much to be back in that perfect
harmony, with all our soul family intact, no
longer separated. It's been such a long journey,
many millenniums. So close, so close, so close.
But we have many challenges to face between now
and then. We have entered the time of triage.

Know 2nd wave that your personal spi-itual power
will come, but In Truth you need to bring it
through quickly. You need to bring it Now. Step
up. Parroting what the Vanguard has already
brought in is not going to cut it. Your work is a
step beyond ours and must provide more than that
which has gone before. It must be a step up and
forward. It's yours. Run with it. You're ready. We
taught you well. You have so much more to bring.

We love you. We're proud of you. And thank you for
being our beautiful children. The success of the
greatest moment all of Creation since the
Beginning is yours.

We are honored.


Standing in the Golden Light,
All My Relations in Love and Light,
Turtle Woman, Oma

(copywrite 2010 - no changes, additions, deletions
of any kind, in any way, manner or form. Not
proofed well, but let it stand as is) - Being in a
changing world, in a state of love, understanding,
and compassion.

H A P P Y S P R I N G !
Jane S-gal

Do all the good you can, by all the means that you
can, in all the ways you can, in all the places
you can, as long as you can, because YOU make a

Part 2 of 2.

John Winston.  johnfw@mlode.com

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