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I'm Eating Rat Poison.

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Subject: I'm Eating Rat Poison.      May 25, 2010.

Yes folks I'm eating rat poison but by reading
the following information I may learn how to
quit eating it.


Subject: How far will they go to poison your
From: "Nutrition and He-ling - Christine O'B-ien"

Why Most Health Foods are a Waste of Money

You can take vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
by the handful and still suffer poor health.  Now
we know why.  Our diets lack a vital food -- a
type of nutrient that even alternative doctors
don't know about.  Thanks to this supplement, a
mother's lifelong migraines disappeared, and a
man with "terminal" kidney c-ncer was alive 15
years later.  There's more:  It's the number two
pain reliever in Germany after aspirin.  It
outperforms prescription b-ood clot dr-gs and even
helps 9 out of 10 autistic children.
How can ONE supplement possibly do all this?  Just
ask yourself: What if you were getting NO vitamins
in your diet?  You'd be very sick.  This nutrient
is just as important and you're getting almost



Dear Reader,

It's been linked to nearly 50 deaths. Girls who
take this substance have developed bl-od clots and
sometimes faint after that first shot. There are
fears that it could cause infertility.

India cracked down on its use after four girls
died and many others experienced epileptic
seizures and stomach disorders.

The latest party dru- to hit the scene, worrying
parents and pushing law enforcement into action?

Nope. I'm, of course, talking about Gardasil.
Despite mounting reports of dangerous side effects
(over 15,000 girls have reported adverse effects)
-- and dea-hs -- it continues to haunt us. And now
d-ug marketers are trying to figure out how to
hook even more girls.

The U.K.'s Daily Mail reports that a national
campaign (using tax payers' money) is offering
teen girls shopping vouchers to receive the
three-jab course of an HPV vaccine. No parental
consent is necessary, and I wonder how much
information about the potential dangers these
girls are being handed along with that shopping

In British Columbia, Canada, a team of researchers
talked  to parents of 6th grade girls and
discovered that they're hesitant to subject their
daughters to the HPV vaccine.
Why? Doesn't matter. The takeaway from this study
was that policymakers should be "implementing
strategies to ensure optimal HPV vaccine uptake."
All in the name of protection.

Meanwhile, the story we're not hearing in the
mainstream is  that even the lead researcher in
the development of  Garadsil herself is starting
to speak out against the vaccine. Dr. Diane H-rper
has said that the -rug will do little to reduce
cervical ca-cer rates and that the drug has gone
basically untested in girls under 15, yet doctors
are recommending it for girls as young as nine.
That's right -- nobody even bothered to find out
if it was safe  before shooting up our daughters
with the stuff.

Still, M-rck pushed to make the vaccine mandatory
in all  states. Why? Simple. They never followed
girls for any longer than three years in safety
and efficacy tests.
Can-er takes 20 years to develop. We may have only
seen the beginnings of the side effects and dea-hs
associated with this dr-g.

Made mandatory, Gardasil would fall under the wing
of f-deral vaccine protection laws. If the vaccine
turns out to be harmful -- Well, MORE harmful
Mer-k cannot be touched.

Seems like a perfect storm to me. Shopping
vouchers and stern talks from doctors will lead
more and more girls into the doctor's office for
their Gardasil shot. How many more will d-e? How
many will we discover have been left infertile
after receiving the vaccine?

We won't find out until it's far too late for
those girls.
And if Merc- has their way, nobody will be able to
do a -arn thing about it.

Yours in good health,
Christine O'Br-en

P. S. Frequent angina attacks? Keep reading for a
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Beware of America's Vitamin D Fraud

Vitamin D is cramming renowned m-dical journals
with amazing anti-aging studies... But before you
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many of today's most popular vitamin D sources.

Avoid the fraud and discover a true vitamin D hero
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Can you get rid of angina attacks?

Q: I've had angina for years, but lately it seems
like the attacks are getting worse. Is there any
way to make them less severe, or -- even better --
get rid of them entirely?

Dr. Wright: Angina pain is usually due to
ischemia, which means lack of bl-od flow. Angina
attacks are brought on when the arteries that
serve the heart narrow and go into spasm. Since
rapid infusions of magnesium can quickly relax
bloo- vessel spasms anywhere in the body, it's
ideal for this situation. Over the last 30 years,
I've treated dozens of angina patients with rapid
intravenous infusions of magnesium (given along
with vitamin B6). These infusions always put an
end to the angina attack, and with repeated
infusions on a regular basis, angina pain almost
always fades away permanently.

Obviously, since this treatment involves IV
nutrients, it requires the help of a physician
skilled and knowledgeable in natural medicine. To
find one in your area, contact the American
College for A-vancement in M-dicine at (800)532-
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Bear in mind we are not addressing anyone's
personal situation and you should rely on this for
informational purposes only.
Please consult with your own physician before
acting on any recommendations contained herein.

On blood thinners? Get this...

Your doctor has you on a daily dose of RAT POISON.

The shocking truth about warfarin 'they' don't
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being given is called warfarin.)

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Should Receive HPV Vaccine, Experts Say," Science
"shops 'bribe' for cervical can-er jab for
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and "a Public Health Experiment," The Daily

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