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Three Year Old Says His Planet Is Coming.

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Datum: 28.05.2010 15:44
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Subject: Three Year Old Says His Planet Is Coming.
May 27, 2010.

This talks about a three year old child who says
his planet is coming.


This is interesting


MY PLANET IS COMING....and other wisdom from a
three year old.

I wanted to share a daily experience I have, being
a father. Now, for those of you who have children,
you know that at any point, you could be privy to
just about anything coming out of their mouths.

The situation with my children is a little
different. People have all kinds of names for
them. I don't subscribe to "Indigo Children",
"Crystal Children", etc. Labels limit the reality.

I am blessed with not one, but 4 of these beings.
All of them having something to say about why
they are here and what is going to soon happen to
the planet. Protecting them became a priority, so
they have been homeschooled, and taught the
ancient way. They are a precious gift.

Each one, starting as soon as they could talk,
around age 1, started describing where they come
from and what they are here for, and what is
going to happen. Imagine your 2 year old telling
you the planet will turn over, that the volcanoes
will erupt all over the place, that the "people
will all fall down", and that everything will
change very soon. They talk of ships coming to the
earth to take people to a safe place. And now my
second son, now 3, has been telling us for a year,
"My planet is coming!"

For those of you paying attention. You can see it
on Google Sky. You can see it on N-sa's SOHO and
Stereo pics. You can see it's effects on the
magnetosphere on a daily basis as it twist the
earth's field (it never used to do that).

Every day he tells me,
"My planet is coming!"

what color is it?

Where is it?
"It's near the sun, so you can't see it very well,
but soon you can."

When? I can't get an answer, because time is not
the same to him as to us.
He says sometimes, "in three minutes" for
example, so this is useless to pursue. He lives
in a different relationship with time and space.
every night when he goes to sleep he goes to his
planet, and his "Population" and makes sure
everything is OK, and then comes and tells us
about it.

His POPULATION! He used this word for the first
time when he was 2 and a half. We never even use
the word. He spoke it all on his own, talking
about his planet coming.

He says that when his planet comes here, it will
be a good thing, that there will be fire in the
sky, everywhere, and that the ocean will become
huge waves, and many things will change on the
Earth, but the children will be safe.

"The bad people will go away," he says.

It is hard to be detached from the devastation
that is occurring all around the world. Many here
on this site clearly don't take it seriously, or
take themselves or life seriously. I am not
speaking to them. I am speaking to those who are
paying attention. Who live with their hearts open,
who are looking for the clues to take them to the
next level, always. Every day, to grow, to be
better people, to love more, to live more. Time is
so short.
This is not the time to quibble.
For those of you in the Gulf of Mexico states, my
heart goes out to you. I know your lives are
changing before your eyes. We all have very
difficult decisions to make in the days to come.
The most important thing we can do is to listen,
to p-ay, to ask where we need to be and what we
need to do, to be of the highest service, and to
provide for those we love until this acceleration
takes us all through the singularity.

I can say this. At the behest of our children, we
have sold everything and moved to a safe location.
Here, we can grow food year round, have fresh air,
water, and nourishment as long as that is
necessary. It is my hope that you have done the
same. If not, it is never too late.

He reminds us that all we need to do until his
planet comes is "Play". that is, for him, to be in
the moment, to enjoy life, and to love whatever he
does, whether that's play in the ocean, play in
the garden, plant seeds, it doesn't matter.

Life is precious. Let us not waste it on trivial
things, the mundane. If you knew that you had a
year to live, what would you do? Well, if you
don't KNOW, or you can't accept the inevitability
of the calendar, whichever one you use, PRETEND!

Live as though...

It puts things into perspective. It makes you
laugh more, listen better, and enjoy the present
moment, because that is all we have. We are on
holiday at the moment.

The interesting thing is what happens when
seemingly random statements and events begin to

For instance, what happens when anomaly after
anomaly takes place in the scientific community,
within NA-A, with the magnetosphere, and of course
with the earth, all corresponding with what the
children speak of--not just mine, but many, as you
may read in this thread, all over the planet.

Obviously, you have to take the child's
conditioning into account. Not many are allowed to
be "themselves" past 3 anymore, and most are
subject to horrendous amounts of conditioning even
before they can talk. But that is another
subject-- conscious parenting is a lost art, and
the cultural conditioning today is not an easy
thing to reckon with.

I would say this-- most children have more to
teach adults than adults have to teach them, if
you let them.

You are not listening.

The children are here to introduce US. Not the
other way around.

Je--s taught as much.

If you cannot be as children, if you cannot even
listen to the children, then where is the kingdom
of g-d?

I will say this - they know more of C-rist than
most adults I have encountered on this planet, and
this is not a good thing. That is why I am here.

Who are the "bad people"?

I asked this question. He said they are "people
without love in their hearts."

Listen everyone, the truth resonates at a deep
level within. That can be scary to some, I
understand. You are not resented. It is simply
where you are. At a certain point, you will cease
being a mouthpiece for the conditioned world and
you will wake up to a moment of truth-- an
experience of Awe, one beyond words. Time will
seem to stop. You will gasp for air. The heart
will feel as though it has stopped beating in your
breast. In that moment, may I remind you to

Separation is the source of the duality on this
plane. The duality gets stronger as the
acceleration takes place. It is in the face of
adversity, of trial, of challenge, that the truth
within us takes form within our hearts and is
manifest for all to see. This is why we must work
so diligently to let go, to purify the
consciousness that suffers the dualistic state at
the mercy of the ego. To live in the "sea of
tranquility" it is simply a matter of letting go.
Nature teaches this, which is why immersion in the
natural world is such a great hea-er.

There is no need to teach the children. They know
more than you or I. Have you not been paying
attention? It is not important to share with them
what we know or think is coming, what is going to
happen, but to ask the questions. When we speak to
a child, they hear, better than most adults.
They are as a sponge. The younger they are, they
have no filters. They are wired to absorb, to
learn as quickly as possible, to emulate, to
They live in an altered state most of the time.
How sensitive is this state of being? How many
parents know this, care for this?

Conscious Parenting 101. Were it a pre-requisite
for conception, this world would be a vastly
different experience.

I know this is a frightening time for many. Many
feel powerless. Alone, Stuck with no way out. But
look around. You have all found friends here,
people you resonate with. You are never alone.

Is the End coming? The Beginning? Remember, for a
person watching a birth from the outside, it is
the beginning of a new life. For a fetus, it is
the end of life in the womb. Try to step outside
yourself, and gain a new perspective.

My girl is 6 and couple days ago she tells me
over 3 months all people and animals are de-d.

Hi OP,

When my daughter was 3, she ran into my room one
morning all excited! She had to tell me her dream.
She said she was in heav-n, and went through a
turning hole. There she saw a-gels dressed in
white. There was a leader an-el on a white winged
horse. She said He had white hair and a crown,
wore all white, and had the bluest eyes. She kept
talking about His beautiful blue eyes. Then she
said for me not to worry, they will come and save
us from the lava. She said they love us all very

There had been other times when she has described
heav-n to me, and she has always said from a very
young age, that she was on earth to help.

My wife had a vision of she and I caring for many
children and some families aboard a craft of some
kind. There was a river inside the ship, and a
waterfall that purified the air inside, and every
day at a certain time all the people gathered to
watch the river overflow or 'flush out' the
water/air/breathing system(???). She said we were
caretakers of many children on this craft which
just sort of hovered at maybe 20-30 thousand feet
and slowly drifted from place to place. The roof
of the craft was a clear dome.

Then she had another vision where we were with the
same people, but now leading them through a
suburban neighborhood street, going into each
house in order, scavenging for whatever people had
left when they all fled. As our group combed the
houses on the street, it was clear that the owners
had all left quickly, and none of them were around
as it was de-d silence but for us. So maybe some
kind of evacuation? Anyway there were lots of
useful tools, me-icines and food which we were
finding and we felt very safe and protected,
according to her.

Then there was another vision she had where she
and I were in a hammock, peacefully watching the
sunset while many families and happy people played
and enjoyed themselves. These three visions were
described by her in great detail in the morning
after we woke up or in one case she had written it
down and I read it when I came home from work.  I
was able to question her about the visions and she
described them in good detail as to what the
picture of her vision was. I f-ar that it is all

I believe the OP's story because I also have had
what I call my "cosmic wanderings"; I'm a
cont-ctee. 25 years ago I was already practicing
astral projection and have recalled many specific
experiences from those journeys and countless
others since.

One involved the "saviour ships" and I remember
clearly witnessing the gov-rnment- sanctioned
landings, the long rows of white tents where
people were pulsed aboard the craft. Upon
entering, I.D.'s were checked, medi-al records
were examined and specific concerns addressed. But
the line moved steadily and without the usual
human  delays.

Part 1.

John Winston.  johnfw@mlode.com

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