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What's Going On At Pine Gap? Part 3 of 3.

Von: John Winston (johnfw@mlode.com) [Profil]
Datum: 03.06.2010 17:54
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Subject: What's Going On At Pine Gap. Part 3 of  3.
June 3, 2010,

This talks about a person who was taken inside
Pine Gap.


One of the most bizarre and unbelievable stories
I have come across involves a man who claims not
only alien contact and abduction, but to have been
taken aboard a UFO and flown into a base beneath
Pine Gap, where evidence of "alien liaison"
between aliens and the m-litary and g-vernment was
occurring on a cosmic scale!

"Greg", as I will call him, had a very strange
story to tell me. The circumstances of its
telling, were almost as strange as the details it
contained. It is a story of alienation in the
sense that we were dealing with an individual
caught up in a complex milieu of his own making,
with its basis either in fact or fiction. If true,
albeit unlikely, we are dealing with an alien
nation and alien liaison. This situation may have
been more about the inner self of "Greg" than any
alien reality, but I'll let you be the judge.

On December 22nd, 1992, I received a call from a
woman. She indicated her 22 year-old husband -
Greg - had a big interest in UFOs, but that an
event that had occurred the previous night had
alarmed Greg. He reluctantly came to the phone and
confirmed the story his wife had related, namely
that he had seen 2 strange looking men standing in
the front yard of their country NSW home at about
8.45 p.m. The weather was clear but the men seemed
to be wearing long dark coats like rain coats. He
turned to come inside, then found they had
suddenly disappeared.

A strange story? The "real" reason for Greg's
concern emerged slowly in the conversation that
followed. He had not shared this with anyone, even
his wife. These were not just "men" - they were
"men in b-ack" (M-Bs) a bizarre aspect of the
fringe world of UFO paranoia, the sinister UFO
They were watching him, it seems, because he was
trying to break away from  a near life long "alien

They came into his life at a troubling time. At
five, Greg's father had died. Some children have
"imaginary friends", Greg had his "men in bl-ck".
They were friendly, normal looking human beings.
They appeared in numerous settings in his room at
night, in the park to play, or at a pool. It was
all innocuous stuff. Then later as the
"relationship" developed, the "men" gave Greg a
device like a hand held computer device, that
showed moving color scenes, like a miniature TV.
This was allegedly in about the late seventies.

When he was about 12 he started having the
experience of finding himself in a strange room.
He found he was onboard a craft. He had no idea
how he got there or how he got back. This happened
a number of times, where he wasn't aware of going
and returning, only of being there onboard a UFO.
He was escorted by a group of normal looking human
beings. Then the experiences started to change.
The "men in bla-k" would approach him like before
and ask him to meet at certain rendezvous points.
There he would be driven to a bush setting, where
a craft would be on the ground. He would go
onboard and be taken on rides and shown things.

At about 14 he had the first sense of "them",
other life forms on the UFOs other than the human
beings, little aliens. It seemed he was being
"groomed" for some form of "service". Everything
started to change, he claimed. The craft would
then be actually going to s-cret bases. Greg told
me, "I had their trust. But when I started
realizing what sort of mistake I had made ... when
I had seen things being done, I wanted to get out.
I didn't know how to handle it."

He found he was not alone in this sort of
cultivated relationship. He became aware of a
number of people like himself who seemed to
participating as well in these "alien adventures".
Greg claimed that what alarmed him about his
"alien liaison" relationship was what he saw going
on at the se-ret bases he claims he went to. He
claims "abductions" were occurring. He described
seeing people being subjected to cruel abduction
procedures in the bases.

He saw the beings involved as ultimately cruel
and ruthless and began to fear for his own safety.
His perception was that he was being evolved into
a "men in blac-" type role. His descriptions of
activities and places vary from the elaborate to
the vague. Greg described his first trip to the
Pine Gap under ground facility. It is both simple
and exotic, perhaps the stuff of fantasy, or

"(It was) viewed on an image screen, not
through windows. The screens would automatically
switch off. The thing took over and guide you
through the actual opening. Its a big opening...
It would split.

Two pieces would slide open... Its like your
travelling through a tube .... (for about) 15 to
30 seconds before you actually come to the base
itself. The actual complex had ships there the
height almost of telegraph poles. The roofing
system was much higher...."

In the base there were men working on "repairs",
laboratories, glass houses, food storage areas,
and other facilities. Greg claimed that it was his
intention not to continue with this "alien
liaison" relationship. He feared for his safety.
That was the story that I unravelled from him. The
alleged "men in -lack" presence stepped up. One
Christmas Day, 1992, both Greg and his wife saw 3
men in the adjacent paddock, at 8.45 p.m. They
disappeared suddenly, leaving no trace of their

Greg's wife called again on December 28th in a
state of panic. Greg had gone out into the
backyard. As he returned his wife saw what seemed
to be a flash and "explosion" that seemingly
knocked Greg off his feet and left behind a
burning hole, which lasted 10 to 15 minutes.
Photos were taken of the burning hole, which I
have copies of. To Greg the significance of this
event was that "they" were intimidating him into
compliance and submission.

When Greg and his wife holidayed at a location
near Sydney, I took the opportunity, in company
with friend and psychologist, Dick W-rburton, to
met with the couple. We wanted to see if this was
the stuff of fantasy or delusion. Greg's wife had
not been made privy to the "alien liaison"
material but was clearly supportive of him.

Dick and I were in a quandary. Greg did not seem
to have had exposure to the kind of UFO literature
and material which could have inspired this type
of story. However, we were uncomfortable with the
dynamics of the situation and the bizarre and
elaborate tale described. As we stopped at a
service (gas) station on the outskirts of the town
on our late return to Sydney, I wryly said to
Dick, "If there is any truth to this story, we
might not make it back to Sydney." We did make it
back to Sydney without incident. Perhaps that
mirrors the perspective we should hold on this

I tried to keep in contact. I received a
Christmas card from them for 1993. After that
there has been no further contact and I have lost
track of them. It would be easy for us to
rationalize all of this as the product of story
telling on the part of Greg. We were never
absolutely certain of the ultimate status of the
affair, except for the reality that there was not
a shred of compelling evidence to back up the
whole bizarre milieu.


Given the intriguing but apocryphal nature of
these and many other stories, there can be no
doubt about why many researchers have wanted to
penetrate the mil-tary restrictions on examining
the gov-rnment UFO files. I have done that and
gone somewhat further, tracking down key players
in the govern-ent secr-t involvement in the UFO
controversy. That story is substantially different
to the strange tales you have just read.

The official story I have been able to put
together is based on direct access to their files
and numerous discussions with participants in the
official and confirmable story. One thing should
be stated. With regard to the R-AF Directorate of
A-r Force Intelligence files I am satisfied that I
have had access to a generally unbroken record of
files reaching back to the 1950s. I have accessed
the old Department of A-iation files. Other files
remain to be examined that have bigger obstacles.
These include the JIB/JIO (now Defence
Int-lligence organization) files and ASIO files.

Attempts have been made to examine any holdings
they may have without success. As far as I am
aware the RA-F files are the most detailed
holdings of official files, but without access to
possible holdings with JIO and ASIO it is
impossible to be certain if this is the case.

Enquiries Into Official Involvement / Ufo's The
Ultimate Se-ret / The Drury UFO Affair / Air
Marshall Sir George Jon-s

Part 3 of 3.

John Winston.   johnfw@mlode.com

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