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Encouraging Words From The Space People.

Von: John Winston (johnfw@mlode.com) [Profil]
Datum: 04.06.2010 06:34
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Newsgroup: alt.slack alt.flame
Subject: Encouraging Words From The Space People.
June 3, 2010.

Here are some words that are meant to encourage



From: michael q-insey
Sent: Monday, May 03, 2010

SaLuSa  3-May-2010

You cannot fail to have noticed that of late, the
pressure on the authorities to bring out the truth
has intensified. As more of you are making your
own enquiries so the questions become more
frequent, and they cannot be ignored. Brave
individuals now stand up and talk their findings,
and it adds to the knowledge that already exists.
Care must however be taken, as the d-rk Ones have
many stooges who will spread misinformation to
bring about confusion. Your intuitive powers
should enable you to know when such people face
you, and you can dismiss their attempts to
mislead you. We are not alone in the battle to
bring you the truth, and we know that many of you
have identified a number of sources that c-hannel
truthfully in the Light. It is in fact too late
for the last cabal to stop the incoming tide that
will sweep away the dross and lies, that have
brought about your problems. For many years you
have respected those you have appointed to look
after you. Fortunately, you have since seen
through their plan to enslave you, and bring it
about by creating chaos and taking away your
sovereign rights.

Once we can come out openly much more will be
added to your understanding, and any last minute
attempts to divert your attention away from the
truth will be quite futile. Believe us Dear Ones,
our allies are making rapid headway to enabling
disclosure to come out, and you do not have much
longer to wait for it. There is absolutely no way
it can be prevented, and you would do well to bide
your time until it does. The forces of Light are
too powerful to be held back, and your help in
remaining focused on it will be of great help. All
of your troubles will eventually be overcome
through the changes that are planned, and you will
find it well worthwhile.
Subconsciously each one of you knew that this
cycle would end in a victory for the Light. It has
meant that you have inwardly accepted the promise
of an end to duality. It is the Creator’s Plan
that it should be so and who would dare to suggest
otherwise. All eventually makes its way back to
the Light, and it is now your time to change track
to one that provides you with fulfillment. It is
Ascension by name, and the energies being beamed
to Earth will see you taking this wonderful
opportunity to take a quantum leap forward.

There are many unnatural incidents that have been
deliberately caused to create dissension and
unrest. However, this is a time for steady nerves
and to resist doing anything that would bring
about retribution. Keep calm and resolve to come
out of this testing time with a peaceful response
no matter what happens. Soon the Light will emerge
as a true force that will change your present
destiny, even although it appears to be getting
more chaotic.
Be assured that we are not idle when you are under
threat, and we will minimize its affect as far as
possible. As much as we would like to, we cannot
just intervene every time you are facing
difficulties. Sometimes events have to be allowed
to work themselves out quite naturally.

Clearly there will be some fear once we are
introduced to you, as over a long period of time
we have been depicted as some marauders from outer
Space. If we had any plan to take over your Earth,
clearly we could have done so easily at any time
we wished. Those of you are familiar with our
messages know otherwise, and that our positive
energy carries with each word as you read them.
Let your intuition be your guide and we are sure
you will accept the truth that they carry.

There is understandably an air of depression
around you, as it is seen that much of which you
have come to rely upon is breaking up. However,
beneficial changes are about to commence, so we
encourage you to spread the word when you get the
opportunity. The old paradigm no longer carries
energies that are suitable for the new cycle that
will lift you into the higher dimensions. Thus
there has to be monumental changes, and we are
waiting in readiness to apply the plan that will
carry you forward. By witnessing the decline and
collapse of the old systems, you are seeing how
inadequate they have been and how they have been
used against your best interests. The revelations
in this connection have hardly begun, but the
shocking truth will come out. You will be
astonished to find that you gave up your freedom
so easily, but the ways of the da-k Ones have been
very insidious. They have manipulated both people
and the Constitution to further their ambition to
gain global power. Like a c-ncer it has gradually
spread around the world, but of recent time their
tentacles have been cut and their influence is

Humans have been brought up to do as they are
told, believing that their leaders truly represent
them. Now you are realizing that the power lies
with you if you would but use it. People power is
real and does not need shows of aggression, as
this simply aggravates a situation. By all means
demonstrate peacefully to get your message over,
and you will find that it will reverberate down
the halls of power. Hitherto you have been kept in
the dark about what is really going on, but with
many dear souls who have come to Earth to bring
Light it is changing very quickly. You are finding
that by example they are encouraging you to speak
your truth, and when sufficient are doing so a
beautiful energy will travel around the world
lifting people up. You are powerful beyond your
present understanding, so believe in what you do
and as we so often ask, keep your focus on the
future that you desire.

We do not tell you that you are sovereign beings
without reason. You are not meant to be
subservient to anyone, and when you move into the
higher vibrations you will find all are treated as
equals. As Beings of Light you will live in
harmony with each other, and more importantly you
will put others first. It therefore creates a
perfect environment where all your needs are
satisfied and no one suffers lack of any kind.
Your first experience of such a wonderful
existence will come before Ascension, as you are
already working towards a new paradigm that will
deliver all the changes leading to great benefits.
You are loving and happy so-ls given the
opportunity, and we shall ensure that it comes
with our First Contact. You will be informed of
what is in store for you, and it will provide you
with stability and lasting peace.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and on behalf of the
Galactic Federation send our love and blessings
for your speedy return to the Light.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Qu-nsey.

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