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Information From Ruth. Part 2.

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Datum: 01.06.2010 07:46
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Subject: Information From Ruth.            Part 2.
May 31, 2010.

This mentions the oil spill.


Wildlife movement will become more evident as the
months go by.  Let us say this:  When inhabitants
of cities and towns that are situated near one of
these volcanoes see the larger animals fleeing
into their neighborhoods, it will be a warning to
pack up the essentials and take a vacation inland
somewhere.  Human beings who are using their new
awareness will also sense the frequencies of the
volcanoes and know that something is starting to
happen. This applies especially to residents near
Yellowstone.  Thank you for the question and
observation, Juli


The Masters have given some knowledge and
teaching regarding the state of the world and
humanity's place in all this.  Please read it

MASTERS:  It is obvious that this is a time
of great confusion, changing attitudes, weather
anomalies, earth movements and g-vernmental
shake-ups.  It is really not a matter of why,
since this is a pattern of universal
indoctrination for all developing planetary
occupations.  If that sounds a bit far out, it is
time for you to realize that there are untold
universes, universes that are, even now, being
created in the far reaches of time, universes that
have been eased out of being, and universes, like
your own, that are still in the early stages of
development from our point of view, of course.
Humankind has had the advantage of being helped by
many sources of knowledge and experience, from the
time the planet cooled enough to support life.
Yes, beings from other planets /galaxies have had
a hand in the development of human beings, under
the guidance of the Creator of All Things.
Learning to protect themselves from the weather
from wild animals, from each other, was the first
lesson, and is still the underlying factor in all
human personalities.  Today, in too many places,
it is simply a matter of surviving, in any way you
can.   During the ages, this factor evolved to a
desire for power and wealth.  Today, this desire
has become a driving need that has divided
humanity into financial categories that is keeping
alive the inability of too many populations from
living a life that is comfortable and safe.

You have been told in the last
few years that the increasing frequencies in your
Solar System have resulted in the increase in
mental abilities and this is true.   Scientists
are racing toward the secrets of the universe and
trying to find new ways to create the energy you
need so badly now.  New concepts of life in the
deepest sense are being explored, as well as ways
to clone animals and even human beings.  Some of
that has already been done, as you are aware, but
there is a d-vine barrier that will prevent humans
from creating humans.  The intensive knowledge of
creation is not allowable to those who do not have
the universal knowledge or energy to complete such
inventions of nature.  The current work being done
with cellular structures will be limited to the
laboratories for a long time.  On the other hand,
the knowledge of space and your own universe is
expanding  along with the ability to understand
the realities of the time and space you occupy.
Although the billions of dollars that need to be
spent to gain access to the outer reaches of space
are not available to your go-ernments at this
time, your great-grandchildren will be able to
pick up this exploration and eventually travel to
the planets in your Solar System.   The outer
reaches of the universe are not open to your

That raises the question of
who, then, does come into our atmosphere in alien
ships?    The ships that are seen by humanity are
usually energy creations that are used to more
ably travel in your atmosphere.   The essence of
life forms that populate the outer planets and
galaxies are more of an energy consciousness than
of matter, and, for that reason, find it a simple
matter to travel where they wish and communicate
in any form they wish when they need to make
contact with humans.

That is also why the ships seen by your airplanes
are seen for a short time - then disappear.    The
ships that have landed or crashed on Earth are
from an outer galaxy, whose occupants are
exploring the universe in their own time.
Obviously, they are very advanced and will be seen
for many years as humanity climbs up their ladder
of knowledge.  We see a group of them around your
planet in the next few years that will cause a lot
of fear and excitement, but we need to assure you
that they are not coming to take over humanity or
the planet.  Your scientists will learn a great
deal from them if they decide to contact the
scientific communities of the world nations.

As global concern continues
to rise over the financial positions of
gov-rnments, it is obvious that almost all
countries are skating on thin ice.  This is a
situation caused by those who have spent their
lives trying to gain excessive wealth and power
without the inner or outer knowledge of how to
handle such responsible positions.  The negative
energies that surround your planet have only to
give an indication that there is the opportunity
to be the top dog, so to speak, and off they go.
On the bright side, humanity is finally waking up
to this fact and declaring that enough is enough.
The mobs of people that fill the streets of many
capitols in the world decry the failures and
demand intelligent leaders that will provide
sensible and effective gover-ments that will bring
fair directions for all.  This is being seen even
now in the U.S. as people are, perhaps overly
concerned about the amounts of money being spent
by govern-ent, but are determined to be heard.
Middle East countries have been so terribly hurt
that even the best intentions of some leaders are
under fire.   Dear ones, this is the time foretold
of the great changes in your world, not only in
the ground under your feet, but in the
understanding of how to live together in harmony.
This obviously is not happening over night, but
will take many years as the young people of today
become the leaders of tomorrow.   You are becoming
aware of the many exceptionally bright and
sp-ritually gifted children that have come into
the world, and continue to do so, as their S-uls
have been selected to i-carnate at this time to be
the bigger part of these changes in humanity's way
of thinking and living.   It is important now to
accept this fact and see that children of all
nations are given the best education possible.
Each of you do what you can to expedite this way
of thinking, even if that means paying more t-xes
or even volunteering to help in classrooms.
It is a time to be very
careful with your personal expenses, not
overspending for unnecessary items or trying to
keep up with the Joneses (yes, people are still
trying to do that), for the financial situations
of the coming years will bring some very difficult
decisions along the way.   It is the time for
people to help people, seeing what is needed and
finding ways to educate those who are simply
unable to understand how to take care of their
finances.  Try not to go into tailspins over the
market reports as they will continue to go up and
down for some time yet.  Realize that there is
always a point where the middle norm comes into
play.  The current predictions of huge financial
crashes in the next few months are all over the
internet and are, to some extent, only possible
probabilities.  Keep your eyes open, keep spending
down to a minimum, and you will survive.

The Gulf oil spill that
is creating havoc and fear in the hearts and minds
of millions of residents alone the coastlines of
this great body of water is taking over the media
broadcasts and printed material of every kind.
This is being fairly well done, to the extent that
at least some real facts are being given.  As you
well know by now, this situation will not be
resolved for months.  In the meantime, homes and
businesses in these areas are being impacted or
even destroyed by the invasion of oil and gases.
We do see the oil company finally accomplishing a
closure of the oil vent, but this will take longer
than even expected right now.  This will indeed be
a challenge to these people.  We will help by
sending strong inner guidance to those who will
listen and start making other arrangements for
their living accommodations and income-producing
life styles.  This kind of tragedy pulls people
together as never before.  Be careful about
donating money for assistance, for there are lots
of frauds being put together to simply gain wealth
for themselves.  Stay with nationally-stabilized
fund-raising groups that will really put your
money to good use.
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Part 2.

John Winston.  johnfw@mlode.com

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