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What's Going On At Pine Gap? Part 2.

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Subject: What's Going On At Pine Gap?      Part 2.
June 2, 2010.

This talks about the obtaining a crash UFO a
little smaller than a Boing jet plane.


The second volume of bizarre collections of wild
UFO c-nspiracy fodder appearing under the title
The Matrix II: The Abduction & Manipulation of
Humans using advanced technology" thanks "Nexus
Seven" for selections from his 1989 unpublished
manuscript Top S-cret/Apotheosis - A Multilateral
Set of Hypotheses. This unlikely connection may be
the inspiration of the Apotheosis story.

Such tales, while curious are proof of nothing.
They however give substance, albeit of a dubious
kind, to the widely held belief that se-ret UFO
activity and research has been carried out for
years at remote sites and restricted areas in
various locations including South Australia
(Salisbury, Woomera, and the Nullarbor), Northern
Territory (Pine Gap), and New South Wales (near
Nowra and the St. George Basin on the south


Pine Gap (code named 'Merino') located near
Alice Springs and described as a "Joint D-fence
Space Research Facility", has long been a subject
of concern and attracted some mystique,
principally because of its clandestine role in
intelligence gathering. Much is known about its
sensitive role as a ground station for the US
defence satellite programme and its part in the
N-A and C-A presence in Australia. With this sort
of shadowy activity, it should not be surprising
that Pine Gap has become a focus of a number of
apocryphal UFO related stories.

The now defunct Nation Review reported on Pine
Gap's role in "scifi research" in its "S-ying
Around" column, in 1974. William H. Martin stated:
The Pine Gap research facility near Alice
Springs has managed to keep sec-et, until now, one
of the most unbelievable research projects in the
world. The U-ited States has been carrying out
continuous research into electromagnetic
propulsion (EMP for short) at Pine Gap since it
was established in 1966 ...

I understand that last minute flaws in the
design and operation of the EMP vehicles have
probably put the completion date back by four
years (to 1979). Research into electromagnetic
propulsion began in the Un-ted States soon after
world w-r two. After some successful results it
became necessary to move the experimentation from
populated areas to more remote spots....

Security aspects of the EMP project have
included hypnotic and post hypnotic keys implanted
in personnel prior to their acceptance into the
project ....

William H. Martin was apparently a pseudonym for
a writer on intelligence matters and the name of a
major NS- defector, perhaps the pseudonym was an
inside joke. Nothing further appeared on that
curious account, except for Stan D-yo's airing of
the same story in his book The Cosmic Con-piracy"
in 1978. He was a proponent of top secr-t "flying
saucer" research or what he referred to as
"electro gravitic propulsion systems".

Retired NA-A scientist and UFO researcher Dr.
Richard H-ines alludes to an undated newspaper
story, describing how a Perth newspaper received
two visitors claiming to be Pine Gap employees.
They allegedly spoke of "electromagnetic devices
which manifested themselves as UFOs and even alien
beings at Pine Gap." Professor John F-odsham of
Western Australia was told of the experience of 3
roo shooters.

They alleged that at about 4.30 am, one morning,
from a ridge overlooking Pine Gap, they witnessed
a camouflaged door open up within the facility. A
circular metallic looking craft rose vertically
and silently and then took off at high speed.

Another source told me he knew of at least 3
separate UFO crashes in Australia. They were
allegedly the focus of an operation devoted to
retrievals of the objects and any beings present.
Australian and US mi-itary teams intent on
"contact" apparently used individuals with
histories of UFO encounters to help identify
possible event locations. My source claims these
individuals apparently come from mil-tary ranks.
One alleged incident was described in great

My source describes the following extraordinary
incident, in which he claims to have been a direct
participant. I have not been able to verify this
story due to concerns that any attempt to check
his bonafides may draw unwanted attention to him,
a frustrating or convenient Catch 22, depending on
your point of view. While the details seem
unbelievable, I have heard various elements of the
story as features in other unrelated episodes.
This does not validate the story but it makes it
at least a fascinating yarn that may yet yield
confirmatory details.

In about 1977 a UFO, first seen as a purple
green "fireball", was observed to "crash" near the
South Australian, Western Australia border, some
distance north of the Eyre Highway. A retrieval
team was on location within hours and confirmed
the presence of a large damaged object, completely
unlike any conventional aircraft. Smaller than a
Boeing, it had something of a triangular
appearance. There was charcoal colored debris

The team quickly verified that two men had
already entered the crashed UFO. One of them,
indicating he was with the transport division of
the Australian a-my, had emerged from the craft in
a somewhat dazed condition. He stated that one of
the UFO occupants was still alive. He was
subjected to immediate decontamination procedures.
The man's companion was apparently determined to
be a US citizen. He was separated from the
Australian and taken into custody.

Allegedly he was determined to be AWOL and was
taken back to the US. The Australian ar-y
transport driver was subjected to standard
interrogation procedures. He was returned to his
vehicle and escorted to his destination and then
relocated to Exmouth for two weeks of intensive
interrogation and debriefing designed to ensure he
was not a security threat to the operation.
The retrieval group verified the presence of two
beings inside the craft.
One was deceased. The other indicated signs of
life, uttering a slight squealing noise possibly
indicative of being in pain. Both appeared to be
pot bellied, with arms that seemed thinner and
longer than normal. They were both about 4'6" to
5' in height. Their eyes appeared to be wider than
normal and looked black. No ears or hair was
noticed. My informant did not participate in the
actual removal of the beings and craft but
verified that the site was totally cleaned up
leaving no evidence of any crash incident.

The retrieval operation was allegedly part of a
joint US-Australian operation to recover alien
technology and lifeforms. Military personnel who
had been assessed and determined to have a history
of verified UFO sightings, were used in an "outer
cell" operation to locate apparent sighting "hot
spots". Once the site was verified as active the
retrieval/contact team was sent in. Operations of
this nature were alleged to have occurred in the
Nullarbor area and near Marble Bar. My source
claimed he was aware of 4 apparent UFO crash

My source insists that what he told me and an
associate is true. A certain bitterness enters his
recollections, given what he claims to have gone
through. There is much that I cannot describe
because of concerns about his well being if the
stories are true. He said to me, "You might think
this sh-t, but it is true... All my stories would
be verified." When I indicated that I would like
to air these stories for the purpose of possible
verification, and I indicated concern about
possible repercussions for him, he had some

He was concerned that there were things he had
said that perhaps he should not have said,
particularly to my associate who first heard his
story in a non investigative setting. But then
finally he concluded, "If they get wind of me,
stiff s-it!" This might be mere bravado or a nice
flourish for a yarn spinner. Which is appropriate
I cannot yet be certain. There was much in this
story that troubles me.

Intriguing as this account is, it has not been

Some possible tantalising links have surfaced
that may be connected. For example, I have seen a
JIO document originally classified SECRE- that
confirmed the Joint In-elligence Organisation
maintained a -ecret document resource called the
BOLIDE file. It seemed to be anchored to the
premise that "UFOs" could involve the chance of
retrieval of Soviet hardware and therefore
contribute some useful intelligence.

It appeared that JIO had a "rapid intervention"
capability as they had been able to institute
prompt widespread ground searches in suspected
"hardware" crashes. They did this through "special
access" channels. This operation may be similar to
US activity operating under the code name Project
Moondust. Could this have been involved in the
operation described by my source?
Clearly further confirmatory information is
required before any definite conclusions can be


Best selling author, Timothy Good, argues for a
cosmic "cover up" in his books, Above Top S-cret:
The Worldwide UFO cover-up, Beyond Top Se-ret -
The Worldwide UFO Se-urity Threat, and Alien
Liaison - The Ultimate Se-ret. The anecdotes I
have described so far hint at such a scenario down
under. Other stories go further, much further.

Part 2.

John Winston.   johnfw@mlode.com

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