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Lady Goes To Mars In A Globe.

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Datum: 05.06.2010 01:03
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Subject: Lady Goes Mars In A Globe.  June 4, 2010.

Here's a lady who got in a Glove space craft and
went to Mars.


Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2010
Subject: ARTIST: Rayelan in her Golden Globe on

ARTIST: Rayelan in her Golden Globe on Mars

Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Thursday, 3-Jun-2010

Pics on url

Article by one of our informed sources
is below. I will post the golden globe that
another artist drew for me when I find it. I have
NO idea where he found that photo of me. But
that's what I would have looked like at the time
I was taken to Mars.

Years ago Rayelan spoke about her trip
to Mars with an old man from the N-VY as her
guide. That her trip entails a window view and
upon landing she exited the craft down a stair
mechanism into an underground base nearby. The
experience was like a dream, she says, but upon
awaking, her shoe had red dirt on the bottom. She
recalls travelling to Mars in an orange-gold
looking craft that shaped like a globe.

In another citation Rayelan talked about
the globe crafts again, and that Gunther told her
that they have models that are even larger, about
the size of battleships (aka mother-ships), and
that these large crafts can carry one of the
globes. And this procedure is sometimes used to
launch the globes to another planet in the SOL
system, but that the globes could lit off and
perform the task on its own. The mother-ship is
not large enough to take a craft inside; instead
the craft docks using a locking mechanism.
The crafts Gunther spoke about belong to a
terrestrial group Rayelan identifies as Faction
Years ago I did verify that such a group exist,
and was told of one group that they support
silently. This group I often refer to as the
Patriotic Bloc which actively operates in the
United States and other countries. And no, their
members/followers do not know anything about
Faction-2; it is fiction to them.

The craft in the photo-rendition I did
with photoshop is about ninety percent factual
based on my own knowledge. The photo is a
combination of Rayelan's rendition and my
knowledge of a craft with a similar design. The
design in the image that I merged with Rayelan's
interpretation was shown publicly in 1970 by an
American astronaut, but I don't know if he knew
what they were at the time. I've deleted one
feature from the design I know about and added
the 'stand/lift' as depicted in Rayelan's design
which I represent as the craft's off-planet
propulsion system. As shown in the photo, the top
of the craft houses the navigation system and
pilot compartment, and the section below that
houses the passenger compartment, and below that
section are the heartbeat components of the
spacecraft. Today these crafts are slightly
different and have been upgraded.

The globe's body is made from the metal
platinum and also a brass - like metal for the
little globes around it, which today houses
components that generate shielding, etc. The
United States is not a large producer of the metal
platinum. I say this because there are several
medium and large size mother-ships in the fleet
and a few thousand globes. A large contingent of
the space fleet patrols the Earth twenty-four
hours a day seven days a week. Sometimes they
give light shows in the sky, and when things get
serious on the political front, for example, like
a world war breaking out into the open, several
hundred of these crafts take up positions over
nuclear missile sites of the aggressor. I have
seen this happened twice after the year 2000 and
the sight was chilling. Their power is supplied
using a small n-clear reactor to animate the
gravitic propulsion mechanism, life support
systems, shielding, avionics, weapons, etc.

The small fleet of globes that are
capable of traveling off planet keeps the
gravitic propulsion active all the way to the edge
of the Earth's magnetic field where upon a
different type of drive system takes over.
Although the mother-ships do not have the
capability of travelling off planet, they are
extremely fast in the Earth's atmosphere and are
used to transport cargo and supplies for the
globe crafts.

Rayelan's interpretation of the craft
resting on a stand/lift I found to be of great
interest, because such a design is shown to exist
500 years into our feature belonging to an Earth
ship called Orion. The script behind the German
television series 'Raumpatrouille' was transmitted
to a German author by an extraterrestrial group;
but the writer believes that it all came from his
own mind. The series is a sci-fi drama of
prophecies which is mostly unknown to the western
world. It foretells about Earth man building
cities under the ocean, the pollution of the
planet, the removal of borders, a one world
government, the Earth's population dying, earthman
building the spaceship Orion, the delta-crafts
relocating to Mars; Earth and Mars at w-r. With
Mars sporadically launching delta-crafts to
attack the Earth.
In the series the delta crafts are called Frogs.
The dying Sun is acknowledged. (And Faction-2
operatives are pushing the thought in public that
the Sun will eventually die and that man has to
push forward in science to develop technologies to
assist him when that time comes. But the date
given by these operatives is incorrect, because
the Sun will start to show signs of waning far
sooner like 2300AD.) The development of an
anti-matter weapon by Earth scientists in this
future timeline. The total annihilation of Mars
using the anti-matter weapon developed, and the
television series ends, which leads to the
rebirth of man on the Earth by contacts with
beings from Sirius. An updated craft of the Orion
class will journey to the Sirius region in search
for our forefathers. The craft's stand/lift is
shown 19 seconds into the video:

Raumpatrouille episode seven shows the
testing of an anti-matter weapon called 'overk-ll'
The name overki-l refers to the transmutation
stages in the up-development. The violent beam of
the overkil- weapon transmutates the matter until
the matter disappears:

To develop an anti-matter weapon the
seven-fold synthesis of matter has to be
understood. This is the path that the Russians
are pursuing, the transmutation of matter, while
the CERN project in Europe is looking for the last
undiscovered particle in the universe called in
theory the 'Higgs Boson':

John Winston. johnfw@mlode.com

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