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What's Going On At Pine Gap?

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Subject: What's Going On At Pine Gap?
June 1, 2010.

Not too much is known about what is going on in
Australia at a place called Pine Gap.  Here are
some people who think they know something about


The Australian M-litary & G-vernment Role In
The UFO Controversy
Introduction to the Author - Mr. Bill C-alker
The author is a leading Australian UFO researcher
and a contributing editor to the International UFO
R-porter and The Australiasian U-Ologist Mgazine.
An industrial chemist with an honours science
degree from the University of New England he has
worked in quality assurance and laboratory
management. His book, The OZ Files (JW This book
seems to be telling the truth although the author
of this material doesn't think it can be proven as
being true.) - the Australian UFO Story, was
published in 1996. He coordinates the NSW based
UFO Investigation Center (UFOIC).


THE ULTIMATE SE-RET - fact or fiction: THE
by Bill Ch-lker
(Copyright B. Ch-lker - 1996)


This article expands on some material which
appears in the book The OZ Files - the Australian
UFO Story.
The author can be contacted at:
P.O. Box 42,
West Pennant Hills,
NSW, 2125, Australia
by phone on Sydney 9484 4680
or via email:


The UFO "coverup" argument sustains an
extraordinary controversy. At its heart is the
quest for proof of the Ultimate Secr-t. The
Ultimate Secre- purports to be this: UFOs are
real. They are extraterrestrial in origin. The
extraterrestrials (or ETs) are already visiting
us. Some of their craft have crashed and been
retrieved into mil-tary custody. In some cases
open contact has taken place, in a covert setting,
a form of "alien liaison".

Alien technology, retrieved either through
"crashes" or direct "exchanges", has been
examined, subjected to attempts at reverse
engineering, and is being used in -ecret advanced
technologies, such as extraordinary advances in
aircraft design. Gov-rnments, particularly the
U-ited States, know this and have kept it from us.

There has been a concerted campaign by some of
the parties involved in the cover-up to bring
things out into the open. Some participating
individuals have started to come forward. This
process is gathering momentum. Extraordinary
disclosures are at hand. The implications are mind
boggling. Your rational reaction to all this will
inevitably be complete scepticism or outright

If it is not, you are presumably a UFO
enthusiast, many of whom enshrine this sort of
material like an article of faith in the litany of
uncritical belief that pervades much of the
popular interest in UFOs. The famous Roswell "UFO
crash" and the notorious M--12 saga are the
cornerstones of the "ultimate se-ret" in the
Un-ted States.
Ultimately, there is no absolute proof of any of
it. It is impossible to say with any certainty
just what is going on. We could be dealing with:
real extraterrestrial contact a cosmic Watergate
in which Churchill's wartime maxim of
counterintelligence may rule, namely: "Truth is so
important it must be guarded by a bodyguard of
lies", delusions and lies on a large scale,
motivated by either hoaxer or aberrant mentalities
in its grandest expressions, one of the biggest
hoaxes in history, a Space Age technological
expression of the urban legend syndrome, cosmic
folktales which moved my friend Jerome C-ark to
label such stories as "soldiers' tales, or the
horrendous sec-ets I learned in the service", some
sort of extraordinary clandestine intelligence
gambit, an exercise in disinformation and
deception a paranoia and conspiracy buff's garden
of delights.

It is possible we could be seeing a combination
of any or none of these posibilities. Such tales
are not limited to the US. Here too in Australia
we have had our share of these seemingly
apocryphal stories. The number of them is
striking. Most of them are unknown to even the
most seasoned UFO enthusiast and are told here for
the first time.

In trying to unravel the convoluted trail these
tales have left, I almost feel like the fictional
FBI special agent Fox Mulder of the hit TV series
"The X Files", as a maze of mirrors lead off in
bizarre directions, supported by even more bizarre
and unbelievable stories.
We met at a location in Parramatta on August
1st, 1990. The topic of confidential discussion a
strange tale about extraordinary activity at an
Australian mil-tary research facility. I had
requested a face to face meeting with my
informant. She was telling me a startling story
told to her by a senior R-AF mechanic.

According to the tale, sometime prior to 1985,
the mechanic had been selected, along with various
other personnel, to work on between 12 to 14
strange "craft", held at a secure hangar facility.
Most of the "craft" were very unusual in
appearance like "Star Wars" type craft, with
strange projections underneath. Only one was round
in appearance, and was apparently 12 feet in
diameter. Some of the objects had been opened.
Some seem very complex, others were very simple
looking, with what appeared to be hydraulics,
seemingly totally inconsistent, with their
apparent purpose space travel.
The selected personnel were apparently very
frightened of this work. They did not know what
they might encounter. Creatures had been recovered
from some of these craft. They were reportedly
several types, but the mechanic was best informed
on 2 "males", who were identical to human beings
externally, but had completely different internal
organs, save for smaller lungs. The entities were

The mechanic took his partner, my informant out to
the boundary fence of the complex and pointed out
the hangar facility where he had been forced to
work. He was convinced that the "craft" were not
from this world. My informant, a journalist,
accepts the story her former partner told her. She
herself saw a UFO in the Salisbury area and seemed
convinced of some sort of connection with the
strange claims of the RA-F man. I asked the woman
to put me in contact with him, but to date no
confirmation from him or anyone else for that
matter has occurred. Other stories however
continue to emerge.

The facility in question was the Weapons R-search
Establishment (WRE) at Salisbury, a RAA-/Defence
Science and Technology Organization (DSTO)
operation, where AUSTEO (Australian Eyes Only)
se-urity prevails. The Defence Re-earch Center at
Salisbury (DRCS), north of Adelaide, is
Australia's largest research and development
complex, with 3 key defence labs (Avanced
E-gineering, Electronics research and w-apons
systems research), employing more than 2700
scientists, engineers, technicians and back up

These labs are also connected with smaller
facilities elsewhere, such as the Aeronautical
Res-arch Laboratory (ARL), Melbourne. DRCS has the
advantage of -AAF Edinburgh A-r Force Base next
door, with its important research and aircraft
testing facilities. One of the most interesting
developments to come out of DRCS was Project
Winnin or the Hoveroc, an anti ship m-ssile decoy.
It is a hovering cigar shaped solid fuel rocket
that can be launched and then hovers and provides
controlled sideways movement an extraordinary


Another source, a well known TV journalist, told
me of a story he had heard. Sometime during the
seventies a TV crew camera man known to him had
allegedly been at Salisbury as part of a me-ia
contingent, apparently involved in a corporate
film, or some such similar project, for the R-AF.

During their presence at the facility they
wandered off without a milit-ry escort. They came
upon a hangar which housed a saucer type of craft.
Their examination of it was cut short with the
arrival of milita-y se-urity who hurried them away
very quickly and pressured them to not disclose
what they had seen. Such stories are of an
apocryphal nature and do not invite a lot of

In isolation they are just provocative stories.
When such stories start to pop up on a regular
basis, it is reasonable to ask what is going on
are these tales legitimate or are they the stuff
of "urban legends".


APOTHEOSIS - fact or fiction?
An Australian businessman, who travels
extensively overseas, told me that he had been
shown the title page and introduction of a
document purporting to describe an Australian
operation called either Operation or Project
APOTHEOSIS. Apotheosis means either exaltation to
the rank of a g-d, the glorification of any person
or a deified or glorified ideal, perhaps a fitting
title? The document allegedly referred to
"modules" and "aliens" being ready for transfer
from an Australian facility.

The business man indicated to me he believed the
facility in question was Salisbury! He claims to
have sighted the document in Britain, via a
Ministry of D-fence contact. The "briefing report"
was allegedly dated around 1986 or 1987, and was
from a Air Vice M-rshall M-ckay to a General
Ri-hards, at least that's what he recollects. I
have discussed this material with a number of
people who might be privy to this sort of

No one was able to confirm these details to
date. My source even suggested rather ominously
that it might prove hazardous to pursue the
APOTHEOSIS connection. Such concerns have not
materialized. The only connection to UFOs I have
found to date with the word Apotheosis comes from
a less than convincing source.


Part 1.

John Winston.  johnfw@mlode.com

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