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Microwave's glass shattered. What the heck?

Von: Ant (antant@zimage.com) [Profil]
Datum: 13.04.2008 17:48
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Hi! I hope these are the correct newsgroups to talk about microwaves
(not ovens).

This morning, I found out that the kitchen's microwave's door glass
shattered overnight (there's a hole on the glass and some shattered
pieces on the floor). It wasn't used/on overnight and was used yesterday
for dinner.

Does anyone know what the heck happened? I did a quick Google search and
found out this is not so rare since GE's microwaves does it too. I can't
seem to find anything on Sanyo's microwaves' glass shatterings. I did
find http://bringgoodthingstolife.org/ (6/28/2007) with a video of a
news report. The microwave is a few years old (don't remember the exact

No one is hurt though, but that was scary. I am never going to be in
front of a microwave! I did notice one of the fire alarm was beeping
every five minutes, but I don't know if that was related or if it just
whining about low batteries. Also, the weather has been a lot warmer
during the daytime 90+ degrees(F) and 50s at night (maybe temperature
related to explode the glass?).

Thank you in advance. :)
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