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Particulate pollution , hedge funds , Reporters, Violent crime

Von: mcs (mcsantpollution@yahoo.com) [Profil]
Datum: 18.04.2008 10:39
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Where are our role models , politicians and we need election reform! Most of
the following problems are ignored by TV and Newspaper and  Press reporters
and politicians I ask why . Why can't they stop controlling the issues! Why
do they have to censure me? What is going on in this country?
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The people in the US especially
who are constantly exposed to the dangers of moderate or worse particulate
pollution like in Philadelphia and to lesser extent from Pa.are at a much
higher risk of getting illness and asthma if anyone sane wanted to compare
rates of illness in clean air city versus an area like mine who gets one of
the most days of particulate pollution that is below good, (moderate or
worse) then most cities in the country. Remember total amounts are sometimes
not as important as just NOT getting clean air most often ! For the elderly
, Yg, and retired and  people sensitive to asthma and respiratory disease,
and just plain people worried about rates of ill health and etc for your
families,,,..what health officals and epa are looking away from is one of
the most scariest  and disheartning things I ever witnessed in my life. I
say to myself what has happened to the US to default to not protecting
people? I see PBS do specials about other countries and they are getting
healthier with average age of death much higher then US. They have little
unemployment and virtually no violent crime.I assure you instead of control
so the rich can get richer, they reward capitalistic business ventures
without robbing or harming their poor . They set good role models for the
community. I tried to make a difference in this life. Slowly we are making
changes for cleaner environment in the Us but its taking to long and too
many people are exposed to much dangers from coal and car exhausts and green
house gases.. We talk about global warming and pollution but still too many
people are living in situations that won't sustain health and amazingly our
health officals won't designate the dangers associated to the pollution  but
everything but ( mysterious cancer, heredity and environment but without
naming or studying particulate pollution). I listen but can't believe what I
hear. TV news would rather censure me  on free speech message boards they
run and tell you about selling meds to people exposed and who watch their
programs  then to tell them why they need their touted hospitals and
pharmacies. When is doing the wrong things a community value? Why can't
society reinforce the right stuff. We are slowly defaulting to harming
people for people to maintain control and to grow rich.

Hedge funds, and money market people have completely ruined free trade in
stocks almost encouraging insiders to react to them before investors.In one
of the most amazing examples of a company who increased market share and
sales for the past decade while the stock has tanked the most STKL insiders
seem to have sold while the stock tanked for no reason. Absolute no FTC
action. I could understand bad news, but day after day of tanking with no
bad news and FTC couldnt' determine anything going wrong?
Things like this also bankrupt ideals and morals and societies when judge
uphold this mess of  a system
Finally violent crime where somehow people are suppose to be happy about
living in a country where the biggest concern for many is to watch who you
are near and when. and who was shot and how many. We are one of the most
violent societies but here again control has refused to acknowledge this
about the us and reporters afraid to press the candidates. Guns and police
ulitmately have little affect on these issues. We need a wide range of
discusssions on this basic right for people to expect a safe society but
nothing much is done for that to happen .

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